Reply To: End School Mask Mandate (and unmask the poor kids outside!)



I hands down don’t agree with your reply. Because kids don’t seem to mind, (embrace it? not the kids I know) doesn’t mean we should forcibly make them wear a mask for no reason. Yes play is close, but droplets blow away nearly immediately in the fresh breeze. And in the rare instance communication does happen, kids don’t get that sick with COVID. I see the need for masking indoors right now (although also see the end in near sight) and my kids and I fully embrace the responsibility of putting them on inside, but just because they don’t seem to mind wearing them outside doesn’t mean we should make them. In reality, they do mind – the masks get wet in minutes, snotty, hot, uncomfortable. They can’t understand each other or see facial expressions. I’m not going to make my kids wear them just to play-cate to do-gooders who are the ones playing into politics. It’s funny you say that, because I think the mask thing, especially outdoors, has turned into a righteous left wing deal – like they’re saving the world when there really is no need. I voted for Inslee, am vaccinated, will get my kids vaccinated, and hate Trump. And I also feel like I and others like me need to start speaking up for the kids so they don’t need to unnecessarily wear masks outside, and are able to take them off inside so this doesn’t go on unnecessarily for ages. Don’t you think children would love seeing each other’s smiles outdoors, and soon be able to remove them indoors? They can be excited and want those things and still embrace empathy and responsibility. Both things can be simultaneous.