Reply To: Your thoughts on the WA State Care Fund-Payroll Enforced Deduction



this may be a good deal only if you are planning on working for another 10 plus years otherwise i feel it is not.
The OP stated she recently retired and her husband plans on working only another 5 years those 5 yrs of him “paying into” this plan he will not be able to use any of it because if understood correctly the State is not going to pay out until Jan. 2025 but you will of had to of paid into it for 3 to 6 yrs??? not sure this part is confusing. With that said that money is as good as flushed down the toilet!
You also said our whole system needs an overhaul so why should us people that have worked hard all these years and have paid into the “system” fix something that won’t do any good for us?
This was on the ballot last November and the voters rejected it, how can legislation just overturn our vote?
The Wa. Care Fund is just not right especially for the near to retirement people.