Reply To: 34th and Hinds



I have kids and this still sounds absurd. Making this “Local access only” means exactly what to you? That you can only drive on that block if you reside there? What are your exemptions: Amazon delivery? Uber? Is it okay if there’s an accident or road work and traffic is detoured onto this street? Would you also claim the parking in front of your home is your right? Or, perhaps it’s okay for your friends and family, but not “others”? This comes across as very entitled; you choose to live in the city, and all the city streets are maintained by all the people who live in the city. If you want private access only, it sounds like a gated community would fit the bill. Many residential streets in the city are narrow and “one lane” if cars park on both sides. It would make more sense if you petitioned the city to make parking illegal on one side of the street or the other to solve the “one way” issue. You cannot make a public city street private. From the city website:

“Streets and sidewalks are for everyone’s use. They add value to private property by providing access to the property and a way to get to other places in the city.

When property is developed, property owners dedicate part of the land as “public right-of-way” for streets, sidewalks, utilities, and similar public uses.”