Reply To: Late evening grocery delivery.


Ms Cinnamon

I posted with no other intention other than giving people useful information. My friend and I (both healthcare workers) were conversating over the topic of delivery services. Sunday being her day off was spent being frustrated driving in horrible traffic from Cap Hill to South Center. She placed an online order from a pet store thinking it was going to be an easy an get in get out process. What she learned was that she could have avoided all that traffic both ways, not dealt with employees just by paying a delivery service to pick up her order. She uses one service for grocery but wasn’t aware a different service offers pick up to that pet store. We all learn from everyone or should be willing to try. For some time is money, for her that time was spent away from her disabled husband. @aa If people aren’t an inconvenience or a threat to you there’s no need to question their advice, we’ve all struggled it’s better to learn from the mistakes of others.

P.s. She had a fan delivered that evening from a local store.