Reply To: Late evening grocery delivery.


Ms Cinnamon

Gasp! So scandalous, clutch your pearls tighter lol. I’m not sure where you have beensince 2020 but using delivery services is actually a thing. There are people that hate shopping, don’t have time, etc. It’s hot, people are cranky, lines are long, no parking oh and the bridge thing. The majority of people I know dread leaving w.s. and they work outside of w.s.,driving to Costco feels like punishment,that is why they pay people to do it for them. Good for you for never forgetting to stop at the store after work. Some of us do forget, some realize they need baby wipes but baby is finally taking a nap.
If you find this post so outrageous then you haven’t read enough ridiculous rants on this blog. Move on instead of wasting your time and energy on something that doesn’t affect you. You could help your friends and neighbors in need with their groceries or errands. Volunteer delivering meals to kids in need. It’s apparent you have free time, use it wisely.
* Negative comments are not welcomed. Help others in need*.

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