I’ve lived at Alki Beach for 20 years and have seen the same issues. No one pays attention to what lane they are in. I think most people have no idea that there ARE separate lanes for wheels and pedestrians. There used to be painted words and “sharrows” on the paths, but most of those were worn away long ago, and never maintained or improved.

People ignored them anyway and lollygagged in the bike lane. To get around that, the cyclists started using the street, which is not safe for them. I’ve also seen more runners using the street, and that’s not safe, either.

In other parts of the city, green paint is used to designated bicycle lanes. It seems to work well. The green has become immediately recognizable as indicating a bike lane. That might be a start. I like the yellow dashed line idea, too. I wonder how other beach parks handle their traffic and if someone has created a good plan that we could adapt to our situation. I don’t think people associate running with bike lanes, so it would take some education to get people to understand that. But separating runners from pedestrians out for a stroll is a good idea.

Thanks for bringing this up, Jeff. It is way past time for the city to address this. Many people come to Alki for recreation and exercise. That’s a good thing. But with the crowds there comes a high degree of disorder. Good space planning and graphic design could go a long way toward making this area safer and more user friendly.

I don’t know if this is an issue for Parks or SDOT or ?? But I hope that someone who reads these posts will point us in the right direction.