Reply To: Painted Stone Etiquette



This is a thread about the West Seattle phenomena that I will now call, “PAINTED EMO STONES”. These are nice, decorative, small painted stones that were part of a few people’s yard landscaping decision to have in West Seattle. However, over time they have migrated throughout the landscape – I even have a couple that I have picked up on walks, myself.
They are adorable with bright institutional colors and sayings of complete random kindness, they can be irresistible to not want to have a better look, etc.
Note: The few “Painted Emo Stones” that I have I did not abscond with, and were not on any actual personal property, or were not being used seriously as landscape (were there only left to be seen as such).

Anyway, are West Seattle’s PAINTED EMO STONES a dangerous phenom? Do they harken of a summer too warm, or global issues such as this that are out of our control, yet that we have to keep in mind? Are they bad for migrating salmon, and the whale populations due to paint toxicity and their nearness to the sewer drains by the sidewalks that lead to the sea?

~ What Do They Do, Those “Painted Emo Stones”?