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As a former project manager for a large construction firm I can say that I am more than familiar with the rules and regs regarding site safety and street use permits. Also, if you feel that a contractor is in violation, call the the contractor to let them know and then follow that up with a call to the city if you’re not satisfied with the contractors response. Beyond that, you can steer clear of the site.

In another post, where you feel that I spend all of my time with a nail gun (speaking of assumptions) you conflate my lack of outrage for the the OP’s situation with my response to another respondent’s dislike for my comprehensive reply, which he considers crass, since I don’t believe a the maps referenced would necessarily be reliable or update enough to be considered evidence. A pretty lame rhetorical trick, really. I have no emotional connection to this.

I’ve played illegal parking roulette and lost (never been towed, though, but my daughter has). Alas, public streets are just that…public. Private lots are, conversely private. Moreover, the towing notices and signs that say “parking for resident only” are pretty explicit, wouldn’t you say?

So, fair or unfair, the OP’s son is stuck with the consequences of poor decision making.
That the OP has chosen not to have cars towed from their driveway is on the OP. I stated much earlier that it was certainly their right to do so and I certainly would.

Since you’ve chosen to malign my character in this thread I will say simply that I do care for my neighbors but that care has limits. My complete lack of outrage in this thread is due to the fact that the OP’s son, the person in this thread, took a gamble and lost. Lost big. All he had to do was inconvenience himself a bit and park legally a bit further away and walk a bit. I believe that the property manager had every right to have the car towed. That said, it may not have been necessary and may even have been spiteful. I don’t know, and, more importantly, neither do you. We are only seeing an extremely narrow sliver of the situation, the one that the OP wants us to see.

You may now burn me in effigy and take quotes out of context.

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