Reply To: Why would you do that.



People are getting on the bandwagon without reading the post.

“The last one was Duos. Which their patrons would park in my driveway and walk down and we never once had them towed.

So a business & their clients get a pass but when it’s a homeowner, stick it to him?

As for me, I have had construction vehicles towed on a number of occasions from my property. 5 ton trucks are not cheap tows. They do it willingly. I’ll tell you, they sure sing a different tune when the shoe is on the other foot. I know who my neighbors are & I care about them.

You are lucky to have a son that checks on your well being. I too have an elderly parent that I keep tabs on. It’s a labor of love that too many people with disabilities, health issues, single parent households, or employment challenged have to navigate. Best wishes to both of you…