Reply To: Why would you do that.



I’m not not sure whether there is a private lot or not in the location but if there is then the property manager is within their rights to tow.

If it was illegally parked in an alley then it needed to be a police authorized tow. In this case, if it was not a police authorized tow then the tow company broke the law and, while those costs are recoverable it can take time if not money and that doesn’t change employment status.

Your complaint about construction personnel and their hogging up street parking is unreasonable. They have to park somewhere to do their jobs and as for trailers and the like they must pull use permits. Speaking as someone who used to park on the street to work on construction sites all I can say is suck it up. Public streets in an area with a burgeoning population is a lucky commodity. Especially since Seattle has decided that developers don’t need to provide off street parking. Construction is messy and contractors do what they can to alleviate it but it’s messy. As for public safety, well, cross the street.