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Star Play @ High Point Commons
Jul 31 @ 2:00 pm

>Dacha Theatre brings you a delightful pair of devised outdoor plays, touring the Puget Sound region this summer with offerings for all ages.

First up is Star Play, a sweet musical lark that sparkles brightly for audiences ages 1 to 100 light-years old. This play is visible to stargazers and theatre lovers from parks all over Seattle beginning July 23.

A wondrous, galaxy-sized adventure for all ages, Star Play is a storybook romp through the night sky that follows Pleione, the seventh brightest Pleiades sister, as she charts a course through the Milky Way to save the red giant Betelgeuse from going supernova. A Dacha original, this clear-eyed and starry-skied play with music embraces the singular magic of space and the power of storytelling — all while connecting the dots on some of your favorite constellations (old and new)!

Star Play is created and directed by Kate Drummond with Dacha Theatre, with original music by Kyle Levien.

Second up and intended for audiences ages 10+, Dacha’s summertime spectacular, Dears in Headlights asks you to keep your arms, legs, and laughter inside the vehicle at all times. Drive-ins and walk-ups are welcome starting July 30.

Dears in Headlights invites audiences back to the drive-in theatre for an evening of movie magic – only this time, the silver screen is replaced with a troupe of live actors! Accompanied by an FM radio soundtrack, this fully devised and larger-than-life love letter to classic cinema combines pastiche, clowning, vignettes, and physical theatre to create a playful, immersive experience for viewers with and without cars. Whether you’d rather scare yourself silly with a horror movie or laugh along to a rom-com, you’ll be delighted by this original take on a beloved summer pastime.

Dears in Headlights is created and directed by Mike Lion with Dacha Theatre, with clown direction by Audrey Spinazola.

The Dacha summer tour opens July 23rd with Star Play, and closes August 22nd with Dears in Headlights, with performances around the Puget Sound area.

Tickets are available on a sliding scale, with tiered pricing for walk-ups and vehicles ranging from $25-50. A pay-what-you-can option is available for all performances. Tickets are available online at dachatheatre.com/summer.

Find a tour calendar, production team information, and more at dachatheatre.com/summerpress21.

Founded in 2016, Dacha Theatre is a Seattle-based theater company that specializes in devised, immersive, and playful work. The summer tours mark Dacha’s return to in-person programming after a year of vibrant virtual work, including Secret Admirer (Spring 2021), and :robot_face: (Fall 2020).