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Meditate for clean water with The Woo-Woos @ Lowman Beach Park
Feb 25 @ 2:30 pm – 3:00 pm

My meditation group “The Woo-Woos”, formerly known as “Krystal Kelley & the woo-woos”, has been playing our crystal bowls down at Lowman Beach.

Our passion is to meditate for healing. It is our intention at present to meditate for clean water.

We recently partnered with Leon MacLaughlin at Clean Water Foundation www.cleanwaterfoundationwa.org . Together, The Woo-Woos and Clean Water Foundation (among many others) are helping raise the vibrations to help bring clean water to the Hopi & Navajo Tribes. The United Nations in Paris just endorsed this project and tweeted about it. https://twitter.com/neil_dhot/status/1362037623028670469

When we meditate at Lowman Beach, We have had many people ask us when we are coming back so, so we wanted to invite anyone from the community to meditate with us at Lowman Beach and help raise vibrations for a very important project. Here is our upcoming schedule:

Thursday, February 25th 2:30-3:00