Save the Ride Free Area! Public meeting & petition

September 4, 2012 @ 6:00 pm – 7:45 pm
Capitol Hill Public Library meeting room
425 Harvard Ave E
Seattle, WA 98102
Katie Wilson

Save the Ride Free Area! Sign the Transit Riders Union’s email petition to the County Council and attend a public meeting on Tuesday, September

On September 29th , the downtown Ride Free Area will be eliminated. This means longer delays, more congestion, hurting downtown businesses, and stranding low income riders. It’s an all-around terrible decision – that’s what happens when political maneuvering substitutes for transparent public process.

The Transit Riders Union is asking the County Council to reconsider their decision to eliminate the RFA. Visit to send an email petition letter to the county council members and county executive (direct link:

Want to learn more? The Transit Riders Union is holding a public meeting and workshop on the Ride Free Area:
Tuesday, September 4th at 6pm
Capitol Hill Public Library meeting room*
425 Harvard Avenue East
(served by Metro routes 8, 60, 49, 10, 11)
*This event is not sponsored by the Seattle Public Library

The Transit Riders Union is a democratic organization of working and poor people, taking control over our own lives, and building up the power we need to change society for the good of humanity and of the planet. We will fight to preserve, expand, and improve the public transportation system in Seattle and beyond, so that every human being has access to safe, affordable, and reliable public transit.

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  • k September 4, 2012 (1:40 pm)

    As a Metro driver let me tell you something: The ride free area is nothing more than a ways and means for drug deals. The city of Seattle is going to run some free shuttles for those THAT NEED IT. A good majority of passengers that ride the bus have Orca cards. Once you drive a bus you see who and who isn’t taking advantage of the system. As far as hurting downtown businesses, I cry foul. Metro IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for giving people free rides. If businesses want to increase their businesses then the downtown association should do something about getting and giving out passes to the residents that live downtown. Again, it IS NOT Metro’s responsibility to give people free rides. Period.

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