Riverview Playfield barrier-replacement meeting

June 6, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
12th SW & SW Holly

We will be having our second meeting to discuss replacement options for the creosote treated log barrier at Riverview Playfield, Thursday, June 6th. This will be an onsite meeting starting from the north end of the park at 12th and Holly at 6:30pm.

Our first meeting produced some wonderful ideas. We are making rapid progress in identifying challenges and opportunities and soon will be providing Parks with recommendations so please let your voice be heard!

RVP Barrier Replacement Planning Meeting #2
Goal: To identify alternatives to the utility pole barriers (and new chain link fence) that reinforces/defines the boundaries of Riverview hayfields/Park in a way that keeps cars in designated car areas, enhances pedestrian safety and maintains the sense of openness and welcome that neighbors cherish
Review challenges & opportunities regarding the park boundary – did we miss anything?
Brainstorm ideas for approaches to reinforcing the boundaries of RVP – do we want to maintain any section of the new chain links fence (Parks would like an answer on this soon as they have a bid on removal of the fence posts on hand. Carol Baker informed us the fence will be removed and installed in another park)?
Discuss maintenance and other potential impacts of design alternatives
Come up with our preferred plan for barrier treatments for RVP
Where are we now and what next?

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