Lifelong Recreation: Practicing Gentleness in Every Chapter of Your Life

October 12, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am
High Point Community Center
6920 34th Ave SW
WA 98126

Seattle Parks and Recreation invites anyone 50+ to join in this Lifelong Recreation event. Increasing the awareness for self-care is the goal for this practice. Practicing healthy self-care is the first step in becoming a healthier caregiver for our family and friends.

On the day, we’ll concentrate on cultivating four areas of gentleness practice:

  1. Seeing: Emotional Clarity:  Increasing your self-awareness through paying attention to physical and emotional expressions in your everyday life
  2. Hearing: Genuine Communication:  Connecting your head and heart to practice gentleness
  3. Feeling: Authentic Confidence:  Practicing gentleness through resolving conflicts between your head and heart
  4. Reality Check: Practicing gentleness to be part of your daily routine.

The event is scheduled to be led by Laura Tsang, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Lifelong Recreation programs focus on physical activity, social engagement, education, arts, creativity, and healthy lifestyles. Recreational programs are designed to serve adults of all abilities–those who are physically active, those who are just becoming active, and those who have age-related limitations. Lifelong Recreation programs are aimed at increasing individual health and wellness while fostering a stronger, healthier community. Many of our participants boast about completing a half marathon each year, making meaningful social connections, losing weight, increasing flexibility and balance, and traveling to regional destinations. Join the fun if you’re 50+!

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