INCLUSIVITY: The Esoterics in Concert

May 18, 2019 @ 8:00 pm
Holy Rosary Catholic Church
4210 SW Genesee St. West Seattle
Sarah Lewontin

The Esoterics will continue its 26th season, focusing on choral programs that explore poetry and music inspired by virtues of integrity that are so crucial in these divisive times.

In the second program, The Esoterics will explore the human power of togetherness, INCLUSIVITY. This performance will trace the origins of “otherness” in the first moments of infancy, and explore how these emotions develop into exclusion, both interpersonally and in society. The resulting divisiveness and xenophobia cause persecution, violence, shunning, and the loneliness of exile. In the face of such conflict, the program will advocate for philoxenia–the acceptance of strangers and desire to show hospitality–promoting the idea that we are stronger together, as an interdependent human community.

Singing texts in English, Hebrew, Indonesian, Mandarin, Quechua, and Spanish by Chairil Anwar, José María Arguedas, Li Ba, e. e. cummings, Vivian Eden, Bai Ju-Yi, Amy Beth Kirsten, Salman Masalha, Li Shang-Yin, Donald Woods Winnicott, Malala Yousafzai, Xu Yuan-Zhong, Chen Zi-Ang, The Esoterics’ INCLUSIVITY will feature music by Eric Banks, Melissa Dunphy, Sivan Eldar, Marisa Sharon Hartanto, Ted Hearne, David Lang, Kala Pierson, Christopher Theofanidis, Augusta Read Thomas, and Chen Yi.

The Esoterics will offer three performances of INCLUSIVITY.

Please join us as we promote acceptance and interdependence.

Program list:

  • Know the Rules (2019) by Eric BanksTogether (2012) by Melissa Dunphy
  • The song about the child (2015) by Sivan Eldar
  •  Doa [A prayer] (2014) by Marisa Sharon Hartanto
  • What it might say (2015) by Ted Hearne
  • Make peace (2016) by David Lang
  • Mother of exiles (2018) by Kala Pierson
  • November prayer (2007) by Christopher Theofanidis
  • !hope (2017) by Augusta Read Thomas
  • Two Chinese folksongs (2003) by Chen Yi

General admission ticket prices are $25 at the door ($22 in advance). Discounted admission ticket prices are $18 at the door ($15 in advance) for students, seniors, the un(der)employed, and the differently-abled. Active singers in other choral groups may also attend for $15. Advance tickets are available online at (through BrownPaperTickets).

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