Crime Watch

West Seattle crime/safety updates are here, plus important links for keeping yourself and your family safe. If something happens and you want to get the word out (AFTER you’ve reported it to police), please e-mail us (call/text 206-293-6302 if it’s breaking news). 

CLICK FOR SEATTLE POLICE’S ONLINE-REPORTING SYSTEM (but call 911 if it’s happening now!) 

FOR CRIME WATCH STORY LINKS – scroll down past this next box, which features the “Tweets by Beat” West Seattle incidents coming from SPD via Twitter (IMPORTANT NOTE: These represent classifications of calls – not necessarily confirmed crimes – and the classifications do not always reflect what the incidents turn out to be [or not be] – the SPD automated system also often lists the “reported” time as later than the actual time it was called in)



9/19/2021: Wheels, catalytic converters stolen

9/18/2021: Two vandalism reports

9/18/2021: Stolen car down embankment

9/16/2021: Gatewood Elementary intruder

9/14/2021: Another catalytic converter; lockbox

9/12/2021: Building burglarized again; car prowler

9/12/2021: Another broken business window

9/10/2021: Another catalytic converter; car prowls; bikes found

9/9/2021: North Delridge gunfire

9/9/2021: Shooting victim in Gatewood

9/8/2021: Woman shot south of The Junction

9/7/2021: Confirmed gunfire; stolen cars found; wheels taken; prowler returns; dress dumped

9/7/2021: Stolen trailer (update: found)

9/5/2021: Gatewood vehicle vandalism

9/4/2021: Catalytic-converter theft

9/4/2021: Dumped mailboxes

9/3/2021: Catalytic converter; window damage

9/2/2021: Two stolen bicycles

9/2/2021: Racist vandalism at elementary school

9/2/2021: Stolen bike, found figurines, burglary arrest

9/1/2021: 2 stolen vehicles – white pickup, red Miata

8/31/2021: Summit Atlas ‘possible threat’

8/31/2021: Early morning gunfire; police chief’s plea

8/29/2021: Garage burglar; park vandalism

8/28/2021: Gunfire

8/27/2021: Racist vandalism

8/27/2021: Catalytic-converter theft

8/26/2021: Bike stolen outside store

8/25/2021: Burglary; stolen trike

8/24/2021: Gunfire at 5-way investigated as ‘road rage’

8/24/2021: Bike stolen from garage

8/23/2021: Stolen car dumped; 2 followups

8/22/2021: Red Subaru stolen again

8/21/2021: 35th/Barton 7-11 robbed

8/21/2021: Catalytic converters, again

8/20/2021: Lucky 5 robbed again

8/19/2021: White Harley stolen

8/19/2021: Stroller thieves

8/17/2021: More beachfront window-smashing

8/16/2021: Stolen red Subaru; catalytic converters again

8/15/2021: More catalytic converters

8/15/2021: Catalytic-converter theft

8/14/2021: Kayak stolen

8/14/2021: Alki gunfire

8/12/2021: Business burglary on video; dumped-likely-stolen bike, suitcase

8/12/2021: Garden art stolen; coffee-shop window smashed

8/11/2021: Business owner’s alert for others

8/10/2021: Garage burglar takes bicycles; bike stolen from bus; another catalytic converter gone

8/9/2021: Alki “shooting” maybe wasn’t; threat arrest

8/9/2021: Catalytic-converter thief speeds off; backyard barbecue stolen

8/7/2021: Prowler tries to steal scooter

8/6/2021: Rape sentencing

8/6/2021: Police video released in deadly White Center shootout

8/6/2021: Charge filed against burglary/car-theft suspect

8/6/2021: Twice-stolen pickup truck

8/5/2021: SWAT officers kill suspect who SPD says fired first

8/4/2021: Stolen green pickup; more catalytic-converter theft

8/4/2021: Stolen car “returned”

8/3/2021: Car stolen in burglary

8/3/2021: Admiral gunfire? Plus, Highland Park prowler

8/2/2021: Car windows smashed; porch prowler

8/1/2021: 2 reader reports

7/31/2021: Roxbury shooting victim was rapper Gonzoe

7/30/2021: Pickup stolen, tools taken, more

7/29/2021: Man shot, killed near Roxbury Shell

7/29/2021: Recognize the Canna robbers?

7/28/2021: Westcrest Park gunfire; apartment break-in attempt; mystery bullet hole

7/28/2021: Vandal/thief blamed for water-pressure problem that affected 1,300+ West Seattle customers

7/27/2021: Store robbery, plus 2 followups, including 9 catalytic converters found in 1 suspect’s car

7/26/2021: Stolen e-bike – without battery! – and related advice for bike owners/buyers

7/24/2021: Early-morning arson; more catalytic-converter theft

7/23/2021: Guilty plea in rape case

7/22/2021: Neighbor’s 911 call leads police to suspected catalytic-converter thief, and 2 other notes

7/21/2021: 2 gunfire reports; Fairmount-area attack; another axe arrest

7/21/2021: Man shot under 1st Avenue South Bridge

7/20/2021: Park steward tries to fight car prowls at Westcrest Park Off-Leash Area

7/20/2021: Business robbery; burglary arrest; bicycle theft

7/19/2021: Tools stolen from Nino Cantu Southwest Athletic Complex

7/19/2021: Tire-slashing attempt

7/18/2021: Business-burglary attempt

7/18/2021: Stolen (then found) Sienna

7/16/2021: 2 reader reports

7/13/2021: Carjacking investigation

7/12/2021: Catalytic-converter theft; abandoned bicycle

7/10/2021: Axe-attack charge, mailbox break-ins, tennis-court vandalism

7/9/2021: White Center fire was arson, investigators say

7/7/2021: Cars vandalized; axe-attack followup

7/6/2021: Abandoned bicycle; two hit-runs

7/5/2021: Axe arrest

7/3/2021: Armed robbery at Lucky 5

7/2/2021: Peel & Press burglarized again; catalytic-converter thieves’ getaway car

7/2/2021: Stolen blue Subaru

7/1/2021: Alki shooting suspect charged

7/1/2021: Another OfferUp holdup; thief scared off

6/30/2021: West Seattle warrant in raids

6/30/2021: Arrest in Alki shootings

6/29/2021: Police’s beach plan post-shootings

6/29/2021: Four shot on Alki

6/28/2021: Hit-run injures pedestrian, neighbor interrupts catalytic-converter theft, man follows woman; more

6/27/2021: Stolen blue Jamis bicycle

6/26/2021: Shoplifting arrest, porch theft, abandoned bike, car prowls

6/26/2021: Stolen food trailer

6/25/2021: Alki gunfire

6/25/2921: Stolen motorcycle

6/25/2021: Catalytic-converter theft-linked Mercedes found, impounded

6/24/2021: The case of the Mercedes-driving catalytic-converter thieves

6/23/2021: Business burglarized again

6/22/2021: Stolen Accord

6/21/2021: Shoplift turns violent

6/21/2021: Stolen construction trailer; looking for crash clues

6/21/2021: Gunfire damages Admiral business

6/20/2021: More catalytic converters stolen; car vandalized

6/18/2021: Police search in The Junction

6/15/2021: West Seattle murderer sentenced

6/14/2021: Car deal gone bad; catalytic-converter theft

6/14/2021: 2 Crime Watch reports, and motorcycle officers at Don Armeni

6/12/2021: Thieves thwarted; window shattered

6/12/2021: Threat investigation

6/11/2021: 2 killed, 2 hurt in White Center shooting

6/10/2021: Drive-by gunfire

6/8/2021: West Seattle Runner break-in

6/7/2021: House shot at; guns seized; hit-run

6/7/2021: Truck stolen again (since found), assault arrest

6/6/2021: Car prowl at Westcrest Park

6/5/2021: Alki Kayak Tours break-in

6/5/2021: Stolen contractor’s van (since found)

6/5/2021: Westwood stabbing

6/4/2021: Arrest near EC Hughes Playground

6/4/2021: Fauntleroy arson

6/3/2021: 4-figure shoplift arrest

6/3/2021: Catalytic-converter theft interrupted

6/2/2021: Hit-run

5/29/2021: Stolen blue Mazda (found)

5/29/2021: Two cases of multiple car prowls

5/27/2021: 2 cars to look for; SWAT standoff followup

5/26/2021: Park car break-ins; catalytic-converter theft on video; garage break-in prevention advice

5/24/2021: Supermarket robbery; tires/wheels taken; bicycle stolen

5/24/2021: 2 bicycles – 1 stolen, 1 found

5/23/2021: SWAT standoff across from Lincoln Park

5/22/2021: Car prowled; 2 dumped bicycles; shots suspected but not confirmed

5/21/2021: Building break-in; phone scam; dumped bike

5/20/2021: Help solve a building-garage burglary

5/19/2021: Robbery arrest; business burglary

5/16/2021: Store robbery

5/16/2021: Burglars damage coffee stand

5/12/2021: Stolen electric bike

5/12/2021: Stolen silver Tacoma

5/12/2021: Shooting at 16th/Roxbury

5/11/2021: Bicycle theft on video; safety alert

5/8/2021: Building break-ins; found cash drawer; hit-run smashes signs

5/7/2021: Mailbox prowler; building break-in; burglary suspect charged

5/6/2021: Stolen Trek bicycle; fire-setting arrest

5/6/2021: Ryan Cox update; building-burglary arrest; how to help White Center vandalism victims

5/6/2021: Crash after sheriff’s deputies’ pursuit

5/4/2021: Assault arrest

5/3/2021: Recognize these burglars?

5/2/2021: 2 more catalytic-converter thefts; car prowlers

5/1/2021: Robbery attempt with gunfire; storage burglary; car break-in

4/29/2021: Ryan Cox back in jail

4/28/2021: Gunfire investigation; would-be catalytic-converter thief interrupted

4/27/2021: Ryan Cox released

4/25/2021: Store robbery; stolen van (FOUND)

4/23/2021: Alert in catalytic-converter theft case; another charge filed against suspected mail thief

4/22/2021: Gunfire damage at veterinary clinic

4/22/2021: 2 shot near 1st Ave. S. Bridge

4/21/2021: Stolen vehicle, tools, wheels

4/19/2021: Charges filed in three cases

4/19/2021: Stolen Bianchi bicycle

4/18/2021: Hit-run driver sought

4/18/2021: Repeat mail-theft suspect back in jail

4/17/2021: Shooting victim found at Delridge/Andover

4/17/2021: Flower thief

4/16/2021: Another stolen white van

4/15/2021: Car-attack charges; Rite Aid robber photos

4/14/2021: Robbery, ID theft arrests

4/14/2021: Merchandise-laden white van stolen

4/14/2021: Westwood robbery; vehicle arson; dumped-likely-stolen Peugeot bicycle

4/12/2021: Yet more catalytic converters

4/11/2021: North Delridge gunfire investigation

4/10/2021: Stolen red truck (found); more catalytic-converter thefts

4/8/2021: Shoplift-turned-robbery; purse-snatching suspect charged; catalytic-converter theft thwarted

4/8/2021: Woman assaulted; suspected arson

4/5/2021: Stolen silver Accord (found)

4/4/2021: Purse-snatching; catalytic converter taken; gun arrest; another alert about repeat mail-theft suspect

4/3/2021: Suspected DUI crash on Sylvan Way

4/2/2021: Two thefts

3/29/2021: Shoplift turned robbery

3/28/2921: Suspected DUI crash at 49th/Admiral

3/27/2021: 1 person shot near Roxhill Park

3/26/2021: Mail-theft suspect out again

3/24/2021: Another catalytic converter stolen; 2 back in jail; arrests

3/22/2021: Stolen red Harley

3/21/2021: Plates stolen; discs stolen; peepholes painted over

3/20/2021: Mail theft; car vandalism

3/19/2021: 5 followups

3/18/2021: Pepper-spray carjacking; midday hit-run

3/17/2021: Car thefts thwarted

3/16/2021: Parking-lot smash-and-grab

3/15/2021: Recognize this abandoned car?

3/14/2021: Bus-stop robbery; garage burglary

3/13/2021: Gunfire arrest; car prowled thrice

3/12/2021: SWAT standoff at Camp Second Chance

3/11/2021: Shooting at 30th/Roxbury

3/10/2021: Two death-threat cases

3/8/2021: Two stolen Hondas

3/8/2021: Arson alert; tree theft

3/6/2021: Upper Morgan search, arrest

3/4/2021: Stolen silver Legacy

3/4/2021: Stolen blue Jetta

3/5/2021: Robbery, burglary cases turn violent; hate-crime followup

3/2/2021: Attempted burglary, harassment arrests; 3 car break-ins

3/1/2021: Westwood Village burglary arrests

3/1/2021: Gunfire hits home, car

2/28/2021: Burglarized business owner’s request

2/27/2021: Gunfire investigation

2/27/2021: Burglars sought; catalytic converters taken

2/26/2021: Arbor Heights SWAT response; stolen bicycle

2/26/2021: Two stolen vehicles

2/25/2021: Another gas-station vehicle theft

2/24/2021: Junction police response; coffee-shop burglary

2/23/2021: More catalytic converters targeted

2/22/2021: White Center business burglary; harassment arrest

2/21/2021: Crime Prevention Council hears from City Attorney

2/19/2021: 35th/Avalon investigation; stolen car; catalytic converter taken

2/18/2021: Mail-theft suspect charged; Westwood Village burglary suspects out; plus, 2 reader reports

2/18/2021: Found bicycle

2/18/2021: Stolen Subaru; business burglary

2/17/2021: Another pharmacy robbery; stolen car

2/17/2021: Suspected mail thief jailed again

2/17/2021: Burglary arrests at Westwood Village

2/16/2021: New information in reverse-RV hit-run

2/16/2021: Another business robbery

2/15/2021: Two pharmacy robberies

2/11/2021: Police alert about mail-theft suspect Jason A. Turner

2/11/2021: Two Delridge crashes with side stories

2/10/2021: Stolen work truck (found)

2/9/2021: Stolen red/gray car (found)

2/9/2021: Catalytic converters again

2/6/2021: North Delridge gunfire

2/6/2021: Stolen-car-on-side crash, arrest; loot to look for

2/5/2021: Stolen car, 2 stolen bikes

2/4/2021: Rape charge in bus-stop attack, and more

2/2/2021: Vandalized mural to be restored

2/1/2021: Repeat offender charged in $3,111 shoplift, and more

1/30/2021: Burglary, gunfire

1/29/2021: Junction robbery-rampage suspect charged

1/29/2021: Condo break-ins, park car prowls

1/28/2021: Man charged with attacking partner twice in 3 days

1/27/2021: Scammer hits local restaurants

1/27/2021: Police search in Highland Park

1/26/2021: Robbery arrest

1/26/2021: Grocery-store robbery

1/25/2021: Arrests in store robbery, burglary; break-ins and attempts at businesses

1/24/2021: Riverview robbery; ‘gold AK-47’ found in car

1/23/2021: 2 stolen vehicles

1/23/2021: 2 robberies, 1 arrest

1/22/2021: Car prowl

1/21/2021: Police search after store robbery

1/21/2021: Stolen pickup truck (found)

1/21/2021: Another drugstore robbery; park car prowls

1/20/2021: Stolen BLM banner, prowler, robbery

1/17/2021: Junction mural vandalized

1/16/2021: Vehicle-theft attempt; abandoned bicycle

1/15/2021: Business burglary; school theft and vandalism; prowler; scam call; community meeting with police

1/13/2021: 2 bicycles stolen; car break-in; police leadership change

1/11/2021: Crime stats, bike theft, catalytic converter theft

1/9/2021: Tire-slashing suspect arrested

1/9/2021: Arson; truck stolen (update: found); pickup prowled; more

1/8/2021: Package/mail theft, including an arrest; camping gear taken in burglary

1/7/2021: 10 years since the unsolved murder of Kaari Higgins

1/7/2021: Warning-shot arrest; stabbing suspect charged; alert for runners

1/6/2021: Suspect arrested; package thefts

1/5/2021: Suspect charged in North Shorewood shooting/crash case

1/4/2021: Tire theft; tires slashed; bike wheel found; letter carrier harassed

1/3/2021: Man stabbed; tires vandalized; mail stolen; car prowled

1/2/2021: Stolen blue pickup, champagne Accord

12/31/2020: ‘Road-rage’ arrest; robbery followups; laundry-room burglar

12/30/2020: 2 street robberies; burglary suspects sought; 2 followups

12/30/2020: Stolen silver/blue Tahoe

12/29/2020: No, prosecutors won’t call you to demand money

12/27/2020: Trailer theft on video

12/26/2020: Green CR-V taken; stolen mountain bike recovered; abandoned pink bicycle found

12/24/2020: About the big police response in High Point

12/24/2020: Crash reveals stolen packages; bicycle taken

12/22/2020: Business burglars take truck, bonuses, booze; car smash-and-grab; toolbox turns up; helicopter search

12/20/2020: Blue Dodge Ram truck stolen from house where another vehicle was taken one day earlier

12/19/2020: Stolen silver Camry and three other reports

12/18/2020: Stolen white Ranger, late-night package theft

12/17/2020: Man shot at Westwood Village

12/17/2020: Couple shot in Highland Park, police suspect road rage

12/17/2020: Hit-run victim’s family looking for help IDing driver

12/16/2020: Car break-ins; porch theft

12/15/2020: Stolen red CR-V; truck-theft updates

12/13/2020: Catalytic-converter theft again; car prowler leaves loot trail

12/12/2020: Stolen Stingray bike; found bike

12/11/2020: 2 stolen pickup trucks

12/10/2020: 5 reports

12/9/2020: Hate-crime charge filed

12/8/2020: Driver crashes stolen car into Delridge pole

12/8/2020: Stolen vintage Honda motorcycle

12/7/2020: Another auto-theft alert

12/7/2020: North Shorewood crash, gunfire; I-5 rock attack

12/3/2020: Hate-crime arrest; package theft on video

12/3/2020: Delridge animal-cruelty case followup

12/2/2020: Charges filed in Alki alley shooting

12/1/2020: Alki shooting followup; peeper; burglar

12/1/2020: White CR-V stolen with dog inside

11/30/2020: Catalytic-converter thieves strike again

11/29/2020: Man shot while driving in Alki alley

11/27/2020: 2 stolen cars to watch for

11/27/2020: Stabbing at Delridge bus stop

11/27/2020: 2 burglaries; shooting followup

11/25/2020: Package thief; auto theft

11/23/2020: Teen assaulted, harassed in park; package theft

11/21/2020: Gunfire; smashed-glass theft/vandalism

11/20/2020: Animal-cruelty suspect charged

11/19/2020: Stolen white Impreza

11/18/2020: Convicted killer charged in attack

11/17/2020: Weekend gunfire followup

11/17/2020: Man shot at “nuisance house

11/16/2020: Stolen car crash; street robbery; more

11/15/2020: Stolen Ford F-350 pickup

11/15/2020: Stolen gold CR-V; stolen tree

11/14/2020: Triangle gunfire

11/13/2020: Stolen blue Legacy wagon

11/10/2020: Car prowl loot; gunfire incident

11/9/2020: Mailbox break-ins

11/7/2020: Hit-run murder suspect Steven Abrahamson in jail

11/6/2020: Security guard cart-jacked; gunfire followup; more…

11/5/2020: Caffe Ladro window-smashing suspect charged, 2 months after similar rampage at QFC

11/3/2020: Police investigating reported carjacking

11/3/2020: Stolen white Dodge pickup

11/2/2020: Business burglar search; auto-theft suspect jailed

10/31/2020: Why police were at Caffe Ladro

10/30/2020: Stolen blue Wrangler; car break-in/theft attempt

10/30/2020: Gunfire investigation

10/30/2020: Stolen blue Silverado

10/29/2020: Stolen car, guns, drugs seized; USPS vehicle break-in; firefighting gear stolen; possible stolen items dumped

10/28/2020: Man beaten in South Delridge

10/28/2020: Stolen blue Wrangler; store robbery

10/27/2020: Car-prowl alert/advice; store robbery; W. Marginal crash followup

10/26/2020: Fauntleroy/Edmunds shooting followup; 35th SW gunfire

10/25/2020: Stolen Honda motorcycle (update – found!); another apartment-garage break-in; found red Razor scooter

10/25/2020: Alki Avenue crash, investigated as DUI

10/24/2020: Burglar steals family keepsakes

10/23/2020: Shooting east of The Junction

10/22/2020: Another catalytic converter stolen

10/20/2020: Stolen white Passat (UPDATE: Found)

10/19/2020: Why Guardian One was over South Delridge/White Center

10/19/2020: Alley holdup; stolen red Civic; found plate

10/16/2020: Followup on Delridge animal-cruelty case

10/16/2020: Gatewood gunfire

10/16/2020: 2 more stolen bicycles; another apartment-garage break-in

10/15/2020: SWAT raid at 17th/107th

10/15/2020: More than 200 animals found at Delridge home

10/14/2020: Stolen custom bicycles; car prowler sought; auto-theft alert

10/12/2020: Another stolen e-bike

10/12/2020: Weekend gunfire, robbery followups

10/11/2020: Stolen silver CR-V, 2 other thefts

10/10/2020: More catalytic-converter thefts

10/10/2020: Junction robbery, South Delridge gunfire

10/6/2020: Stolen black Liberty; car thief returns to scene; abandoned Schwinn bicycle

10/5/2020: Double-shooting followup, yard theft

10/3/2020: Burglary; stolen gray Audi, red bicycle

10/3/2020: Stolen cargo e-bike; abandoned bicycle; hit-run driver leaves stolen car behind

10/3/2020: Pickup truck stolen (then found)

10/2/2020: Stolen bicycle; abandoned motorcycle

9/30/2020: Police @ school; 2 car break-ins; 2 more found bicycles; more…

9/28/2020: Stolen Jeep Cherokee

9/26/2020: Mural repeatedly vandalized – and restored

9/25/2020: Neighborhood prowled, e-bike stolen (then found)

9/24/2020: Statue head stolen

9/23/2020: Repeat offender charged after order-violation arrest

9/23/2020: 2 stolen bicycles, 2 abandoned

9/22/2020: Stolen Subaru; car prowls

9/21/2020: Suspect charged in hit-run murder, not yet in custody

9/20/2020: Arrest; mail theft; package taken

9/19/2020: Westwood gun incident; sign vandalized again

9/19/2020: Stolen black Corolla; stolen food truck (update: both found)

9/17/2020: Catalytic-converter thieves strike again

9/16/2020: Stolen beige Civic; Triangle window-smashing

9/14/2020: Triangle response; stolen rollerblades; abandoned bicycle

9/11/2020: Arson investigation; garage break-in; car prowl

9/10/2020: Motorcycle stolen; gas siphoned; window-smashing suspect charged

9/9/2020: Car arson; stolen gun found

9/8/2020: QFC window-smashing followup; two car break-ins

9/7/2020: 2 bikes stolen

9/6/2020: Window-smashing rampage at Junction QFC

9/6/2020: Stolen silver CR-V

9/6/2020: Park prowler(s)

9/4/2020: Park search; prowler report

9/2/2020: Building break-in; stolen statue

9/2/2020: Fauntleroy man arrested by federal agents, accused of bomb threat

9/1/2020: Stolen white Kia; police changes

9/1/2020: Stolen silver Subaru

8/29/2020: Another catalytic converter targeted

8/28/2020: Park robbery; motorcycle theft; building break-ins; package taken

8/27/2020: Suspected hit-run homicide car found in Highland Park

8/25/2020: Car and e-bike stolen in the same neighborhood, and vandalism nearby

8/25/2020: Police say body was hit-run homicide victim

8/26/2020: Stolen computer with irreplaceable memories

8/26/2020: Police release video in West Seattle hit-run homicide investigation

8/25/2020: Car and e-bike stolen in the same neighborhood, and vandalism nearby

8/24/2020: Police investigating after body found near Longfellow Creek

8/24/2020: Suitcase-bodies suspect charged with murder; second disposal site revealed

8/23/2020: 3 reader reports

8/22/2020: Gunfire investigation

8/21/2020: Junction smash-and-grab suspect charged; another catalytic-converter theft

8/20/2020: Bus-shelter mural restored

8/20/2020: $5 million bail for suspect in Duwamish Head suitcase-bodies murder case

8/16/2020: Gatewood gunfire; business burglary; theft attempt; plus, ‘dumped/likely stolen’ find

8/15/2020: Car prowler takes accessories

8/14/2020: Burglary suspect assists with his own arrest

8/13/2020: Paint vandalism

8/13/2020: Bullets hit house

8/12/2020: Stolen red CR-V; license-plate thefts

8/11/2020: Pandemic prowler

8/10/2020: Stolen e-bike

8/8/2020: Stolen scooter

8/7/2020: Catalytic-converter thefts

8/3/2020: Camping gear stolen

8/2/2020: After Alki shooting, precinct commander’s message to the community

8/2/2020: 2 shot at Alki

7/31/2020: Prowlers; scam call

7/30/2020: HPIC’s BLM banners stolen

7/30/2020: Puget Ridge gunfire; stolen car, backpack found

7/29/2020: Stolen white Honda Pilot

7/29/2020: Stolen boat recovered; dumped bag of tools (and more)

7/27/2020: Another gunfire-damaged car; stolen backpack to watch for

7/24/2020: Business burglarized, e-bikes and more taken

7/23/2020: Window-shooting victim wonders about others. Plus, prowler on video

7/22/2020: Can you help find these stolen items? Plus, trailer taken

7/20/2020: Arson suspect charged; gunfire incident; bicycle found

7/20/2020: Stolen bicycle, scooter; dumped bag

7/18/2020: Heavy … and stolen

7/16/2020: Police search in south Admiral

7/16/2020: Hit-run driver damages cars

7/15/2020: Wheels stolen – silver Lexus, blue scooter

7/15/2020: Another smash-and-grab, and a followup

7/13/2020: 2 businesses hit by thieves

7/11/2020: Stolen blue CR-V

7/9/2020: Recognize this thief?

7/7/2020: Another car prowler on video; abandoned kid-size bike

7/6/2020: Car prowls; stolen dinghy

7/5/2020: Stolen black Lexus

7/3/2020: Stolen gray pickup; stolen e-bike; dumped tote bag and groceries

7/2/2020: Pickup recovered; bike stolen again; package taken

7/2/2020: Police response after gunfire in White Center

7/2/2020: Police search; bike theft; 2 car prowls

7/1/2020: Doctor charged with federal crimes

7/1/2020: Victims found off Duwamish Head were shot to death

6/30/2020: 2 victims identified in “human remains” discovery

6/30/2020: 2 burglaries, one with a keepsake stolen

6/29/2020: Rape suspect arraigned

6/27/2020: Restaurant furniture stolen

6/26/2020: Stolen white Fiat; mystery car; dumped items

6/25/2020: Business break-in

6/24/2020: Stolen art merchandise; construction-site hit-run

6/22/2020: Brazen bike theft; car break-ins

6/22/2020: Stolen black Nissan Leaf

6/20/2020: Catalytic-converter theft; car prowl; signs stolen

6/19/2020: ‘Human remains’ found off Duwamish Head

6/17/2020: Stolen red TrailBlazer

6/17/2020: Stolen boat motor

6/16/2020: Business burglar on video

6/15/2020: Guardian One helicopter over Arbor Heights

6/12/2020: Another BLM banner stolen

6/11/2020: Treasure-chest thief; hit-run fence-crasher

6/11/2020: ‘Black Lives Matter’ support sign stolen

6/8/2020: Hit-run rampage trashes neighborhood

6/8/2020: Box of lost or stolen laptops found in Westwood

6/6/2020: Food truck break-in

6/5/2020: Stolen red Subaru Legacy

6/4/2020: Stolen white van

6/3/2020: One man shot in West Seattle Junction

6/3/2020: Teens robbed

6/1/2020: 5 notes

5/31/2020: Man stabbed; suspect arrested

5/28/2020: Red Loyale stolen (update: found!)

5/26/2020: Suspect charged in Peel & Press burglary

5/22/2020: Another car thief on camera

5/22/2020: Tool theft

5/21/2020: Car thief on video

5/20/2020: Helicopter-assisted search

5/20/2020: Car prowl; backpack found

5/19/2020: Busy night for car prowlers

5/18/2020: Keepsake watch stolen in burglary

5/18/2020: Stolen blue bicycle

5/17/2020: Bicycle thief on camera; stolen copper Jeep

5/17/2019: Stolen blue Subaru

5/14/2020: Stolen mobility scooter

5/13/2020: ATMs vandalized; stolen/found car

5/13/2020: Police response outside PCC

5/9/2020: Restaurant burglary

5/7/2020: Stolen blue Camry

5/4/2020: Burglary suspect arrested; vehicle break-in; dumped-and-likely-stolen tennis rackets

5/4/2020: Gray Toyota truck stolen

5/2/2020: Stolen wheels; car prowl; diaper theft

5/1/2020: Charges filed in High Point attack

4/30/2020: Helicopter search in Highland Park

4/29/2020: West Seattle teen jailed, charged with rape

4/28/2020: Suspect arrested in High Point was wanted for robbery, attack

4/27/2020: Police search in High Point
4/26/2020: Car break-ins; package theft

4/24/2020: Tool theft; two dumped-possibly-stolen bicycles

4/21/2020: Tire store steers police to suspected car thief

4/20/2020: What car prowler(s) left behind

4/19/2020: Parents charged in baby’s fentanyl death

4/18/2020: Stolen black Dakota pickup, with tools

4/18/2020: Stolen silver Altima

4/17/2020: Woman attacked, robbed

4/16/2020: Advice for preventing auto theft

4/15/2020: Car prowl

4/13/2020: What preceded gunfire

4/12/2020: Stolen silver Legacy, with kayak (update – found!); dumped-maybe-stolen bicycle. with cart

4/11/2020: Stolen white Infiniti

4/11/2020: 1 bicycle stolen, 1 found, and 2 other dumped items

4/10/2020: Arrests after search following gunfire

4/10/2020: Stolen bag and hard hat

4/8/2020: Stolen maroon Subaru Legacy; three vandalism reports

4/7/2020: Prowling report; prevention advice

4/6/2020: Stolen blue-green Accord

4/6/2020: Car prowler(s) take child carrier; “Welcome to West Seattle” sign vandalized

4/5/2020: Mystery Made burglarized; car prowlers take tools

4/5/2020: Brief search in North Delridge

4/3/2020: Stolen maroon Accord

4/2/2020: Break-in attempt at Lady Jaye

4/2/2020: Help for domestic-violence victims

4/2/2020: Woman assaulted, boyfriend arrested

4/1/2020: Stolen blue bicycle

3/31/2020: Stolen white Subaru Crosstrek; broken-glass break-in; scam alert

3/29/2020: DUI suspected in Alki crash

3/28/2020: Car break-in

3/27/2020: Guardian One helicopter over Arbor Heights and vicinity

3/27/2020: South Delridge stabbing followup

3/25/2020: Business burglary; mystery mower & Buddha

3/24/2020: Advice for closed businesses

3/22/2020: Stolen blue Accord; package taken; illegal dumping

3/20/2020: Stolen black Legacy; business burglary; 2 bicycles, dumped and likely stolen

3/19/2020: Stolen camper, quickly recovered

3/18/2020: Two thefts

3/17/2020: “Lack of activity” in usual hot spots, police say

3/15/2020: Suspect sought in bizarre incident

3/14/2020: Scam calls; stolen green Civic; found bicycles

3/14/2020: Stolen dark-green Nissan Altima

3/10/2020: Stolen teal Subaru Impreza wagon

3/9/2020: Gabriel Putnam’s trial beginning

3/5/2020: Stolen black pickup

3/3/2020: Car break-in

2/29/2020: All tires slashed

2/27/2020: Gym theft; garage break-in; shoplifting; Midas incident followup

2/25/2020: Car prowler’s puzzling take

2/24/2020: Hearings in 3 recent cases

2/23/2020: Former basketball coach pleads guilty

2/21/2020: White Center shooting; West Seattle burglary attempt

2/21/2020: Blue kayak stolen

2/20/2020: Gym theft; bike dumped

2/19/2020: Wire theft forces bridge light repairs

2/17/2020: Auto-theft suspect arrested at Westwood Village

2/16/2020: Gunfire at Delridge/Trenton

2/12/2020: Attempted burglary

2/11/2020: Video – package grab-and-run

2/10/2020: Charges filed in Alki shooting, Junction robbery, tool buy-back sting

2/9/2020: 2 stolen cars – red Explorer, blue Cavalier

2/8/2020: Mail theft; cars prowled; packages taken; tools recovered

2/7/2020: Alki shooting followup

2/7/2020: Sentencing for Edixon Velasquez’s killers

2/7/2020: Bail set for Junction robbery suspect

2/6/2020: Shooting suspect arrested

2/5/2020: Altered-shotgun suspect out of jail

2/5/2020: Junction robbery suspect arrested

2/5/2020: South Delridge car prowl

2/3/2020: Thieves take U-Haul and hitched car

2/3/2020: Backyard surprise; car prowl on camera

2/2/2020: 4 court notes

2/2/2020: Shooting on Alki Beach

2/1/2020: Car prowl

1/30/2020: School alert about reported luring incident

1/30/2020: Alleged drug dealer charged

1/29/2020: Stolen green CR-V

1/29/2020: Business burglars on cam, more

1/28/2020: Stolen silver Ford Ranger

1/28/2020: Police arrest 1 after warrants lead to drugs, guns, cash

1/27/2020: Stolen maroon Accord

1/24/2020: Burglary on video; mailbox break-ins

1/24/2020: Stolen gray Chevrolet Cruze

1/23/2020: Murder suspect charged

1/22/2020: Murder suspect arrested

1/21/2020: Tires taken; business burglary

1/21/2020: Gas-theft followup

1/20/2020: Home broken into while residents were asleep

1/18/2020: 4 reader reports – purse theft, purse found, saxophone found, tire-slashing

1/18/2020: Stolen silver Honda Pilot, tire-slashing

1/17/2020: Vandalism/theft blamed for fuel spill

1/16/2020: 89-year-old aboard-bus killer to be sentenced; 2 reader reports

1/15/2020: Stolen black Impreza

1/14/2020: Vandalism + mail theft on video; trends

1/14/2020: 7-11 robbery

1/13/2020: Car prowlers busy despite snow

1/11/2020: Stolen black Forester; Audi theft attempt; illegal dumping at church

1/10/2020: Home-invasion robbery; children approached

1/9/2020: Assault suspect charged

1/8/2020: Keepsake ring, purse, car, bike stolen

1/8/2020: Early-morniing search; car prowl; Gatewood alley incident followup

1/7/2020: Man arrested in Gatewood alley

1/5.2020: Prowler on video

1/3/2020: Another auto theft; car prowls

1/2/2020: Vehicles vandalized

1/1/2020: Man injured trying to help assault victim in The Junction






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