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West Seattle crime/safety updates are here. If something happens and you want to get the word out (AFTER you’ve reported it to police), please e-mail us (call/text 206-293-6302 if it’s breaking news). Note this is NOT a real-time page – if we’re covering a crime story right now, find it here. 

CLICK FOR SEATTLE POLICE’S ONLINE-REPORTING SYSTEM (but call 911 if it’s happening now!) 

FOR CRIME WATCH STORY LINKS – scroll down past this next box, which features the “Tweets by Beat” West Seattle incidents coming from SPD via Twitter (IMPORTANT NOTE: These represent classifications of calls – not necessarily confirmed crimes – and the classifications do not always reflect what the incidents turn out to be [or not be] – the SPD automated system also often lists the “reported” time as hours later than the actual time it was called in)



1/18/2022: Incidents at Roxbury mini-mart, Admiral Safeway

1/17/2022: Gunfire investigation

1/17/2022: Stolen white Subaru Forester

1/17/2022: Car broken into in park lot

1/16/2022: Another catalytic-converter theft

1/15/2022: One-minute business burglary on video

1/14/2022: Building burglary; catalytic-converter theft; warrant arrest

1/13/2022: Food-delivery driver carjacked

1/12/2022: Armed-robbery investigation

1/11/2022: Brewery prowler; business-district vandalism; car with gunfire damage

1/10/2022: Package-theft alert

1/9/2022: Graffiti vandalism

1/8/2022: Stolen-car suspect charged

1/5/2022: ‘Halloween shooter’ not identified yet

1/4/2022: 1 arrested in stabbing near southeast West Seattle gas station

1/3/2022: Two potentially related school burglaries, and two other incidents

12/30/2021: Building-burglary attempt; shoplifter sprays store security guard

12/29/2021: Auto-theft arrest; another stolen car found crashed; abandoned bicycle

12/28/2021: Mountain to Sound Outfitters burglarized 3 times in 1 week

12/27/2021: Lafayette Elementary break-in leaves ‘a lot of vandalism’

12/25/2021: Pickup stolen (since found)

12/24/2021: Bicycle found

12/23/2021: Business, home burglaries

12/22/2021: Prime time for car prowling

12/22/2021: Burglary suspect charged here, plea-bargains in Nevada

12/21/2021: Stolen red Ford pickup

12/20/2021: Weekend robberies

12/18/2021: Seen this stolen company box truck?

12/18/2021: Burglary, arson, vandalism at church

12/17/2021: Quarter-million-dollar burglary

12/16/2021: Burglary attempt

12/15/2021: From the ‘dumped/likely stolen’ file: Nishiki bicycle

12/14/2021: Car prowler; building burglar; big police response

12/13/2021: Teacher reports threat call

12/13/2021: Stolen sports cards

12/12/2021: Man attacked in North Delridge

12/10/2021: Recognize this dumped/likely-stolen bicycle?

12/9/2021: Mace-attack suspect charged; theft victim hit again]

12/8/2021: Burglary arrests; business-incidents suspect followup

12/6/2021: Maced by car prowler; another vehicle break-in; two West Marginal business burglaries

12/4/2021: Stolen hardtop; package theft

12/3/2021: Another window broken at Floors Plus NW; inflatable decorations stolen

12/2/2021: Charges filed in business incidents

12/2/2021: Robberies, mail theft, warrant arrest

11/30/2021: Threat suspect arrested again

11/28/2021: Break-in attempts

11/25/2021: White-nationalist group vandalizes mural

11/24/2021: Stolen blue Chevy Silverado pickup; tent theft

11/24/2021: Garage, car break-ins

11/24/2021: Gunfire

11/23/2021: Burglar steals customized three-wheel hand-operated bike

11/22/2021: Highland Park Way crash car-theft/kidnapping suspect charged, and has high-profile West Seattle history

11/22/2021: Another business window broken

11/21/2021: From the ‘dumped and possibly stolen’ file: Shoulder bag, with PlayStation

11/20/2021: Suspect in post-car-theft burglary arrested, two states away

11/19/2021: West Seattle doctor convicted of pandemic-loan fraud
11/19/2021: Home-invasion robbery; building burglary

11/18/2021: Crash following theft of car with toddler inside

11/18/2021: Gunfire investigation

11/17/2021: Child-molesting suspect charged with two felonies

11/15/2021: Bail set for child-molesting suspect

11/13/2021: Gas theft, broken windows

11/12/2021: Store robbery

11/12/2021: Stolen (then found) Chevy pickup

11/10/2021: Still seeking suspect in post-car-theft burglary

11/9/2021: Suspect arrested for Junction incidents

11/8/2021: Catalytic converters stolen in garage

11/7/2021: Safety petition after garage attack

11/6/2021: From the dumped-likely-stolen file: Jewelry and bicycles

11/6/2021: Car-theft victim burglarized hours later (Sunday update added)

11/5/2021: Why the helicopter was over West Seattle

11/5/2021: Can you help catch suspects in 2 violent incidents?

11/5/2021: Stolen black Audi

11/5/2021: Station 36 firefighters ask for security improvements after attacks from above

11/3/2021: Halloween shooter sought; catalytic-converter thieves’ car; keepsakes stolen in storage break-in

11/2/2021: Stolen F-150 pickup truck; catalytic-converter theft on video

11/2/2021: Bike thief leaves another behind – again; catalytic-converter theft

11/1/2021:Stolen F-250 pickup truck

11/1/2021: 2 store robberies; fire-station damage

10/30/2021: Stolen yellow Nissan Juke

10/28/2021: Armed shoplifter; broken-glass mystery; more

10/26/2021: Police hope mask description will help solve robbery

10/25/2021: One bike stolen, one left behind; car prowler; suspected intruder arrested

10/24/2021: 2 early-morning shootings

10/22/2021: Shed break-in attempt; car prowl; bullet damage

10/21/2021: Fairmount Park-area gunfire; car prowl; dumped-likely-stolen bicycle

10/20/2021: Porch prowler; south stats

10/16/2021: Robbery investigation

10/14/2021: Hit-run, catalytic-converter theft

10/13/2021: 2 stolen vehicles (1 found), car prowl

10/12/2021: Police standoff at 35th/Avalon

10/11/2021: Tool Library burglary

10/11/2021: Warrant served by SWAT team; window-smashing arrest

10/9/2021: Stolen bicycles; store robbery

10/8/2021: Stolen Crown Victoria (update: found)

10/8/2021: More gunfire on SW Charlestown

10/7/2021: Construction-site burglary arrests

10/6/2021: Charges filed in two cases

10/6/2021: Stolen Kia Soul

10/5/2021: Residence hit by gunfire; hit-run

10/4/2021: Would-be catalytic-converter thief gets the boot

10/3/2021: Parking-lot vandalism

10/3/2021: Driver of stolen car arrested for ramming police cars, building

10/3/2021: Dumped-and-likely-stolen – vintage water skis

10/2/2021: Stolen pickup

10/2/2021: Playground assault

10/1/2021: Restaurant burglary






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