Crime Watch

West Seattle crime/safety updates are here, plus important links for keeping yourself and your family safe. If something happens and you want to get the word out (AFTER you’ve reported it to police), please e-mail us (call/text 206-293-6302 if it’s breaking news). 

CLICK FOR SEATTLE POLICE’S ONLINE-REPORTING SYSTEM (but call 911 if it’s happening now!) 

FOR CRIME WATCH STORY LINKS – scroll down past this next box, which features the “Tweets by Beat” West Seattle incidents coming from SPD via Twitter (IMPORTANT NOTE: These represent classifications of calls – not necessarily confirmed crimes – and the classifications do not always reflect what the incidents turn out to be [or not be] – the SPD automated system also often lists the “reported” time as later than the actual time it was called in):



3/18/2019: Man shot in bar bathroom

3/17/2019: Stolen baseball gear

3/16/2019: Mailbox prowler on video

3/15/2019: Luring attempt and two other reader reports

3/14/2019: Gunfire in The Junction

3/13/2019: Tire taken; mailbox-break-in video; 911 at WSCPC

3/12/2019: Burglar sought; mailbox break-ins

3/9/2018: Stolen black BMX bike with whitewalls

3/8/2019: Stolen maroon Nissan pickup truck

3/6/2019: Smash-and-grab near park

3/6/2019: 3 guilty pleas in teen’s murder

3/5/2019: Silver Ford Excursion stolen

3/5/2019: Admiral arrest, Youngstown theft

3/4/2019: Crash after reported shooting threat

3/4/2019: ‘Hateful graffiti’; car, carport prowls

3/2/2019: Mural vandalized

2/25/2019: Police response in High Point

2/24/2019: Highland Park hit-and-run

2/22/2019: Ryan Cox sentenced

2/22/2019: 1st Ave. S. Bridge shooting; car prowler on camera

2/19/2019: Followup on 2 West Seattle armed robberies

2/19/2019: Stolen teal Accord wagon

2/17/2019: Police search after South Delridge robbery

2/17/2019: Car break-in

2/16/2019: Police search for burglar

2/16/2019: Police search for robber

2/14/2019: 3 Crime Watch notes

2/11/2019: Business burglary

2/8/2019: 88-year-old charged in deadly bus shooting, and what else we found out

2/6/2019: Silver Lexus taken after keys stolen in gym-locker theft

2/4/2019: Driver arrested for investigation of DUI after sledding teen hurt

2/2/2019: Black bicycle abandoned

1/29/2019: Gunfire investigation

1/29/2019: The case of the mystery basketball

1/28/2019: Two package thefts; burglary/tool theft

1/26/2019: Bus shooting in SODO

1/25/2019: Ryan Cox pleads guilty

1/23/2019: Highland Park gunfire

1/19/2019: 3 reader reports including the case of the leisurely package thief

1/18/2019: Search leads to arrest of robbery suspect

1/16/2019: Breakthrough in murder investigation

1/15/2019: Stolen Jeep Cherokee (found)

1/14/2019: Stolen blue Focus; mail theft

1/12/2019: Assault investigation at Hamilton Viewpoint

1/11/2018: Followups on Roxbury Safeway deputy assault, High Point gunfire cases

1/11/2018: Brief, unfounded police search in Arbor Heights

1/10/2019: One suspect turns herself in in Roxbury Safeway case

1/9/2019: 1 arrested in High Point gunfire investigation

1/8/2019: Shot-up sign; package theft on video

1/8/2019: 2 bicycles found, dumped/likely stolen

1/7/2019: Deputy hit by suspects driving away from Roxbury Safeway

1/7/2019: RV theft and home burglary

1/4/2019: Scam phone callers again

1/3/2019: Another green CR-V stolen

1/2/2019: Burglar steals Mom’s bike; police response @ Westwood

1/1/2019: Green CR-V, red purse stolen

12/26/2018: Stolen gray Leaf (update: found)

12/26/2018: DUI suspected in Sylvan Way crash

12/24/2018: Mail taken (security video)

12/22/2018: Keelan Malone ruled competent to stand trial

12/22/2018: Handmade items stolen from van; police on package-theft patrol

12/20/2018: Highland Park arrests; Beach Drive burglar on the run

12/20/2018: Hit-run on camera; dumped blue/green bicycle

12/19/2018: 2 arrested after late-night locker-room theft

12/18/2018: Black Pathfinder stolen in 1 minute

12/16/2018: Suspected gunfire in Riverview

12/16/2018: Package tampering

12/14/2018: Charges in Juneau Street Market attack

12/14/2018: Stolen white Jeep Grand Cherokee

12/13/2018: From false alarms to “porch pirates”

12/12/2018: First hearing for market attack suspect

12/12/2018: Stolen white Rad power bike (update – see comments – found!)

12/11/2018: Juneau St. Market attack/robbery

12/10/2018: Couple threatened with gun

12/9/2018: Stolen trailer; alley prowlers on video

12/7/2018: Store burglarized in 40 seconds

12/6/2018: Driver jailed after crash in Fauntleroy

12/6/2018: Man shot in South Delridge

12/6/2018: Business burglary; car prowl

12/5/2018: Helicopter search over South Delridge after shooting in White Center

12/4/2018: Bus incident; stolen cars; package-theft alert

12/4/2018: Wrong-way crash at east end of West Seattle Bridge, driver jailed

12/3/2018: Businesses vandalized; hit-and-run

12/3/2018: Is this camera found by police yours?

12/2/2018: Now 10 confirmed sea-lion shootings

11/30/2018: Man arrested after fight in The Junction

11/30/2018: Suspect charged in luring case; stolen items to watch for

11/30/2018: Robbery suspect found by detective who thought he was just out looking for video

11/30/2018: 12th/Trenton gunfire

11/29/2018: Stolen maroon Subaru

11/28/2018: Burglary alert; thief on cam; seen this quilt?

11/28/2018: Suspected DUI driver arrested after hit-run rollover injures 3

11/28/2018: Bail set at $100,000 in luring attempt

11/27/2018: Business-burglary attempt on camera

11/27/2018: Student ‘inappropriately approached’ at bus stop

11/26/2018: Stolen green CR-V; mail theft

11/26/2018: Graffiti vandalism targeting Jewish families

11/23/2018: Stolen red/black Honda del Sol

11/22/2018: More car break-ins/windows smashed; local police say it’s “a priority”

11/21/2018: Stolen red CR-V; car break-ins on north side of Junction

11/20/2018: Green Subaru Legacy wagon stolen; jacket stolen; precinct’s prevention tips

11/20/2018: More illegal dumping

11/19/2018: Two officers injured following domestic-violence call near 27th/Roxbury

11/19/2018: Robbery suspect arrested minutes after holdup at Westwood Target

11/19/2018: Two blue bicycles stolen in garage, car break-ins

11/16/2018: Pizza-shop employees robbed, including one in West Seattle

11/15/2018: Federal investigation into sea-lion shootings

11/15/2018: Dumping; vandalism

11/12/2018: Gunfire at 24th/Kenyon; 2 turn up later with gunshot wounds

11/12/2018: Car prowls at Lincoln Park

11/8/2018: Doorstep theft on video; safety training signups

11/7/2018: Police update at Southwest District Council

11/5/2018: About the Holy Rosary-area harassment situation

11/4/2018: Gunfire? Plus, prowler/peeper

11/3/2018: Early-morning mail theft

11/2/2018: Early morning mail theft

10/30/2018: Two more stolen vehicles – work truck (found already) and red Civic hatchback

10/30/2018: Stolen burgundy Civic, stolen orange bike

10/29/2018: Followup on Admiral Safeway gas-station robbery

10/28/2018: Stolen black Highlander (found by a reader!); broken windows; car prowl

10/28/2018: Stolen silver VW found; two more thefts – blue Del Sol and black Civic

10/27/2018: Stolen silver VW (subsequently found by reader)

10/26/2018: Admiral Safeway gas station robbery

10/26/2018: Teenage street-robbery suspects charged

10/26/2018: Auto-theft spike and more discussed @ West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network

10/24/2018: Suspect charged with murder in Delridge double shooting, three years later

10/24/2018: Police at 35th/Barton, plus two stolen ’97 Hondas – green Civic, black CR-V

10/24/2018: Bike reunion, plus two found, plus video of two others being stolen

10/23/2018: Ryan Cox trial delayed again

10/22/2018: One bike dumped where another was taken

10/21/2018: Hit-and-run driver sought after south Alki crash

10/20/2018: Stolen white SUV; casing on video; cars prowled

10/19/2018: Followup on street robbery

10/19/2018: Smashed windows; found (stolen?) items; Junction’s new Business Block Watch

10/18/2018: Arrests after Morgan Junction-area street robbery

10/17/2018: Crime updates & safety advice at WS Crime Prevention Council

10/17/2018: Car break-in at Lincoln Park

10/15/2018: Public Safety Survey now open

10/15/2018: Followups on Saturday night’s South Delridge incidents

10/13/2018: Shooting investigation on 17th SW

10/13/2018: Investigation in South Delridge

10/13/2018: Scooter dumped

10/12/2018: Two reader reports with video

10/11/2018: Assault suspect arrested in Arbor Heights

10/8/2018: Car break-in at park

10/6/2018: Delridge/Juneau gunfire

10/5/2018: Gregory L. Thompson sentenced

10/5/2018: Newest delay in Kierra Ward case

10/3/2018: Stolen bike, purple (adult) trike; car prowler takes prescription sunglasses

10/2/2018: Crime Prevention newsletter

10/1/2018: Mural vandalized; burglary arrest; mailbox theft

9/30/2018: Burglary/sexual-assault suspect found incompetent

9/29/2018: ‘Fat tire’ bicycle found

9/28/2018: Starbucks burglary; Toshi’s robbery

9/27/2018: Stolen blue Schwinn Chameleon kids’ bike (update – found by police!)

9/27/2018: Delridge robbery

9/25/2018: Stolen silver Integra

9/24/2018: Window shot at in Gatewood

9/22/2018: Stolen blue ‘trike’ bicycle, generators

9/21/2018: Police search after Harbor Ave 7-11 holdup

9/20/2018: Car prowl; plus, string instrument found – stolen and dumped?

9/18/2018: Stolen eBike

9/17/2018: Gas station/minimart robbed

9/16/2018: Stolen white Chevy Tahoe

9/14/2018: Hearings in two high-profile cases

9/12/2018: Stolen white Corolla and car seat

9/11/2018: Three bicycles stolen, two others found

9/10/2018: Junction arrest after guns-drawn search

9/8/2018: Car prowler on video

9/4/2018: Stolen black CR-V; stolen red and green bikes

9/4/2018: Stolen kayak, stolen/found bicycles and other reader reports

9/3/2018: Stolen blue bicycle

9/3/2018: Bicycles found, likely stolen/dumped (update: one reunion! The one NOT yet reunited is red)

9/2/2018: 1 in custody after police callout in Junction

9/2/2018: Empty boxes found from three delivery addresses in one not-nearby West Seattle spot

8/30/2018: Guardian One helicopter over Westwood; stolen car (found)

8/30/2018: Door-kick burglary

8/29/2018: Package thieves on video; prowler in yellow convertible

8/29/2018: Firefighter helps catch hit-run DUI suspect

8/29/2018: High Point murder suspect arraigned

8/29/2018: Pellet-gun incident in The Junction

8/27/2018: Stolen blue car, moped

8/25/2018: Stolen black BMW; car break-in

8/25/2018: Hoax call brings police to South Admiral home

8/23/2018: Cat shot twice with BBs

8/23/2018: Spiral notebook to watch for

8/22/2018: Silver/black Ford Fusion stolen

8/20/2018: Three notes

8/18/2018: Three reader reports including two found bicycles

8/17/2018: Sunglasses stolen in car prowl

8/17/2018: Charges in Harbor Ave standoff

8/16/2018: Why the Guardian One helicopter was over North Delridge

8/16/2018: Home-built moped stolen

8/15/2018: 16-year-old murder suspect charged as adult

8/15/2018: Shoplifters on video – recognize them?

8/14/2018: Murder suspect arrested

8/12/2018: Stolen crab boat; stolen white Honda scooter

8/11/2018: Photos of suspect sought in High Point murder

8/10/2018: Harbor Avenue standoff

8/9/2018: High Point shooting

8/8/2018: Stolen blue/black Cannondale bicycle

8/8/2018: Police search after driver flees crash scene

8/8/2018: Found Sawzall & found bicycles

8/6/2018: Stolen business truck (found)

8/6/2018: Stolen gray 4Runner (found)

8/3/2018: Restaurant burglar; gas theft; two stolen vehicles found

8/2/2018: Seen any of these stolen items?

8/1/2018: Stolen white Toyota pickup truck

8/1/2018: Stolen maroon Accord; plea bargain for repeat offender

7/30/2018: Homicide victim identified

7/29/2018: Broken (car) windows

7/28/2018: Shooting victim found outside Arrowhead Gardens

7/28/2018: Homicide investigation in 8400 block of 1st Avenue S.

7/27/2018: Shooting victim turns up at Delridge apartment complex

7/26/2018: Ryan Cox plea bargain?

7/26/2018: Police response on Puget Ridge; missing child found

7/25/2018: Hand-built bicycle stolen

7/24/2018: Police update on South Delridge stabbing

7/23/2018: Stabbing victim identified

7/20/2018: Deadly stabbing

7/20/2018: Stolen green Nissan Maxima

7/20/2018: Stolen blue Jetta, plus, red Camry found

7/19/2018: Peeper, creeper, stolen red Camry, battery theft on video, more

7/18/2018: Helicopter, K9 search after gunfire in Westwood

7/16/2018: Ryan Cox found competent to stand trial

7/16/2018: Pursuit on 35th SW; stolen Yamaha dirt bike; found Diamondback bicycle

7/15/2018: Alley arson; window warning

7/13/2018: Kierra Ward found incompetent to stand trial; plus, two reader reports

7/12/2018: FYI from SPD – Level 3 sex offender moves to Admiral area

7/11/2018: Stolen green Honda Civic

7/10/2018: Stolen silver Honda Civic (found)

7/9/2018: Black Honda Odyssey stolen from disabled mom with 3 autistic kids

7/9/2018: South Park murder arrest

7/9/2018: Stolen blue Ford pickup truck; car prowls

7/8/2018: 1 arrested after apartment fire

7/7/2018: ‘Who the hell steals from a yard sale?’

7/4/2018: Stolen bike rack

7/3/2018: Police search in Admiral

7/3/2018: Utility shutoff scam, again

7/3/2018: Shooting victim in Arbor Heights

7/2/2018: Three reader reports, plus prevention advice

7/1/2018: Police search in South Delridge

7/1/2018: Stolen blue Honda; paint vandalism

7/1/2018: Stolen red Subaru

6/29/2018: Break-in suspect charged with 2 felonies

6/28/2018: Short standoff near precinct

6/28/2018: Suspect in custody in south West Seattle break-ins

6/27/2018: Stolen black Yamaha motorcycle

6/26/2018: Car break-in

6/25/2018: Bowling ball stolen; car vandalized; robbery report

6/23/2018: Found black-and-white bicycle; burglary reports; hit-run; more

6/22/2018: Neighbors meet with precinct captain after string of burglaries

6/21/2018: Early morning gun incident; car prowler on video

6/20/2018: Burglaries, car prowls, two followups including the fish-theft case

6/20/2018: Bicycle alerts – two stolen, one found

6/18/2018: Student arrested; burglary attempt; arrest followup

6/18/2018: Bicycle, swim bag found (likely stolen and dumped)
6/17/2018: Stolen black Chrysler 300; car prowls

6/17/2018: ‘Prank’ leaves iconic cow damaged

6/17/2018: Early-morning police activity, including east Arbor Heights search after 76 minimart holdup, and South Delridge burglary

6/16/2018: Student robbed; white Jeep Cherokee stolen; package taken

6/15/2018: Gunfire on Puget Ridge; suspect found dead

6/15/2018: Fish recovered in raid for unrelated case

6/14/2018: Fish delivered, then stolen

6/12/2018: Alki murder followup

6/11/2018: Reports from Gatewood, South Admiral, Hansen View

6/10/2018: Face to face with a would-be burglar

6/8/2018: Admiral stabbing case update; car-prowl reader report

6/7/2018: Stolen black BMW

6/6/2018: Early morning West Seattle raid part of DEA regional drug-trafficking sweep

6/6/2018: Masked confetti-gun attacker and three other reports

6/5/2018: Car-prowl loot to watch for, including a specific CD

6/5/2018: 35th/Thistle crash, followed by search and arrest

6/4/2018: Police search in Fauntleroy

6/4/2018: No arrest yet in Alki Avenue murder

6/2/2018: Man stabbed to death along Alki Avenue SW

6/2/2018: Hit-run driver sought after leaving injured victim behind; white Subaru Forester stolen; home burglarized

6/1/2018: Street-robbery victim injured

5/30/2018: Car-prowl victim gets stuff back

5/29/2018: Thieves in trucks take bike, tools

5/29/2018: Dumped – stolen? – items

5/23/2018: Six reports

5/23/2018: Alki murder still unsolved, 1 year later

5/22/2018: Package thieves

5/20/2018: Store hit again; repeat offender jailed again

5/18/2018: Police/WSP response on the bridge

5/18/2018: Robbery suspects sought

5/18/2018: Burglaries near Fairmount Park

5/15/2018: Stolen blue Civic; dumped purse, items

5/14/2018: Stolen red Accord (update – found!)

5/11/2018: Followups on Kierra Ward, Gregory Thompson cases

5/10/2018: Stolen blue-green Civic; stolen Cannondale bike; stolen percussion instruments

5/10/2018: Latest from police and Parks in aftermath of West Seattle Stadium shooting

5/9/2018: Stolen red Subaru Impreza

5/8/2018: Man shot and killed in West Seattle Stadium parking lot

5/8/2018: Hit-run help needed; two found bicycles

5/7/2018: Police search in Delridge

5/7/2018: Police at Chief Sealth IHS

5/6/2018: Bar forced to close for the night because of damage done by would-be burglars

5/6/2018: Mini-mart burglary; carport prowlers

5/3/2018: Dumped items; stolen car piece

5/2/2018: Police search for assault suspect

5/1/2018: Four short reports

4/30/2018: Busy night for vandals

4/28/2018: Early-morning burglary attempt; dumped purse/bag

4/27/2018: Green Subaru Legacy stolen; two car prowls in one night (video)

4/26/2018: 5-year-old’s Kent 1800 bicycle stolen

4/25/2018: Thompson’s bail increased; boathouse burglar Paul Story sentenced; car prowler; hit-and-run

4/25/2018: Police response at Don Armeni

4/24/2018: Gregory Thompson back in jail, and how officers found him

4/23/2018: Stolen white RAV4; hit-run in Junction parking lot

4/22/2018: Red Honda motorcycle stolen, and photo of the pickup truck used to take it

4/22/2018: Car break-in at Westcrest Park and extensive reader alert

4/20/2018: Burglary attempt; tire theft; truck and trailer followup

4/20/2018: Three court updates

4/19/2018: Stolen truck and trailer, car prowls, followup on gun/drug arrest

4/18/2018: Those two other Outbacks have been found – but another one’s been stolen, and a Nissan Pulsar too

4/18/2018: ‘Oscar’ the Jeep Cherokee found; white, blue Subaru Outbacks stolen

4/17/2018: Helicopter/ground search for auto-theft suspects

4/15/2018: Stolen green Jeep Cherokee

4/15/2018: Five reports including stolen tan Subaru Legacy and what’s next at Crime Prevention Council

4/13/2018: Seattle Police undercover operation in White Center arrests 2, nets drugs, stolen gun

4/12/2018: Another warrant out for Gregory L. Thompson

4/11/2018: A costly crisis – youth violence

4/11/2018: Keepsake bag taken in burglary

4/10/2018: Ryan Cox case delay

4/7/2018: Stolen green Cirrus

4/6/2018: Mailbox break-in on Alki Point

4/6/2018: DUI crash investigation; package taken

4/4/2018: 2 followups, one alert

4/4/2018: Level 3 sex offender moves into the area

4/2/2018: Investigation at 35th/Webster

4/2/2018: Corner memorial for local man killed on Queen Anne

4/1/2018: Textbook, notebooks taken in smash-and-grab; stolen car found

3/31/2018: Stolen beige Accord; tools taken from truck

3/30/2018: Helicopter help with auto-theft arrest (video); Admiral break-in; blue bicycle found

3/29/2018: Recognize this suspected thief?

3/29/2018: Armed robbery reported in Junction

3/28/2018: Smash-and-grab car break-in in Admiral

3/28/2018: Subaru stolen with car seat, tricycle inside (update – found!); stolen mail found; precinct newsletter

3/27/2018: Stolen black Sierra pickup truck

3/27/2018: Stolen green Accord wagon

3/24/2018: Suspect allegedly starts fire in Southwest Precinct officer’s car; Lincoln Park car prowl; double stroller dumped (update: stroller’s owners found!)

3/23/2018: Two arrested after early-morning domestic-violence incident at Cottage Grove Commons

3/22/2018: Stolen burgundy Accord; found backpack; more

3/21/2018: Stolen white Subaru Legacy, and two followups

3/20/2018: Two burglaries, plus a wanted suspect back in jail

3/20/2018: Stolen Nissan 200SX

3/19/2018: Police at Westwood Village

3/18/2018: Three court-case followups

3/18/2018: Stolen 2-tone brown Dodge Dakota pickup truck

3/16/2018: Post-office box theft reported

3/15/2018: Confirmed gunfire; prowler; car prowls

3/14/2018: Search leads to shelter-in-place at Sealth/Denny; stolen pickup truck

3/13/2018: Stolen silver-and-black Chevy Avalanche

3/13/2018: Stolen CR-V (found!); car prowl; crime-prevention assessment offered free to businesses

3/12/2018: Tip-jar theft

3/11/2018: Hit-run driver; burglary reports

3/10/2018: Stolen dark-blue diesel VW Golf (update: found!)

3/9/2018: Admiral stabbing case update; packages taken; truck abandoned (update: truck retrieved)

3/9/2018: Restaurant owner charged with theft, accused of not paying $5+ million in sales tax

3/8/2018: Arson investigation after car burns by Southwest Athletic Complex

3/8/2018: Gunfire damages car on Pigeon Point

3/7/2018: Gunfire in High Point, followed by standoff

3/5/2018: Double-murder suspect charged; bikes stolen from garage; trailer taken

3/4/2018: Driver arrested after Olson crash

3/3/2018: White Center double-murder suspect in jail

3/3/2018: Stolen black Audi

3/1/2018: Charges filed against both suspects arrested outside local 7-11s

2/28/2018: West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network gets CPTED briefing

2/28/2018: Police search in Morgan Junction

2/27/2018: Burglary suspect arrested outside Highland Park 7-11

2/26/2018: Paintball attacks; Charlestown 7-11 arrest followup; more

2/25/2018: Stolen silver Saab

2/24/2018: Keepsake watch stolen in car prowl

2/24/2018: Tools stolen

2/23/2018: Bellevue PD at Charlestown 7-11; two cases of music-equipment theft; bike thief pleads guilty

2/22/2018: Chased, arrested, released, and other crime reports

2/22/2018: West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting report

2/21/2018: Blue pickup truck stolen in North Shorewood

2/20/2018: Westwood Village police response; confirmed gunfire; burglary suspect charged; more

2/19/2018: Thrice-stolen red CR-V; musical equipment stolen; more

2/19/2018: South Park shooting followup – 16-year-old victim has died

2/19/2018: DUI investigation after driver hits pedestrian

2/16/2018: Arson investigation at Fauntleroy Lofts

2/16/2018: Puget Ridge raid subject charged, back in jail

2/16/2018: Stolen white 2010 Ford Edge

2/15/2018: Double stroller stolen

2/14/2018: Another phone-grab robbery

2/14/2018: Man arrested at vacant house, car-prowl loot found

2/13/2018: White Center stabbing leads to helicopter search over WC and South Delridge

2/12/2018: Pills, guns seized in Puget Ridge raid

2/12/2018: Stolen? White Cannondale mountain bicycle found

2/11/2018: Admiral stabbing defendant’s trial pushed back to March

2/9/2018: Red and silver Subaru Baja stolen, red Ford F-150 found

2/8/2018: Attempted burglary near Lowman Beach Park

2/7/2018: 16-year-old boy shot in South Park

2/6/2018: Seattle Public Schools employee charged with child rape

2/6/2018: High Point man charged with buying sex from 16-year-old

2/6/2018: Stolen red Ford F-150 truck

2/5/2018: Officer-assault suspect was awaiting trial in West Seattle burglary

2/4/2018: Officer stabbed in hand while detaining tagging suspect

2/4/2018: Stolen gold 1995 Honda Accord

2/2/2018: Families at Denny and other schools notified of former Seattle Public Schools employee’s arrest

2/2/2018: Followup – stolen boots and other items reported by reader, found by another reader

1/31/2018: Another grab-and-run theft, and 3 other reader reports

1/31/2018: Two men shot in South Park

1/30/2018: Grab-and-run theft; two car prowls

1/29/2018: Suspects arrested after alleged car-theft attempt; one bike stolen, one bike found

1/28/2018: Purse theft at gas station; packages taken; another street robbery

1/27/2018: Red CR-V stolen again

1/26/2018: Arrest after incident at Chief Sealth IHS

1/25/2018: White Center double-murder suspect identified, sought

1/25/2018: Stolen red Honda del Sol

1/24/2018: Update from police @ West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network

1/24/2018: Reader finds stolen 4Runner

1/22/2018: Burglaries, car prowl, suspected skimming

1/22/2018: Ryan Cox found incompetent to stand trial – right now

1/22/2018: Stolen silver Subaru Outback; street-robbery followup

1/21/2018: Stolen black Toyota 4Runner

1/20/2018: Street robbers take phone in Morgan Junction

1/20/2018: Burglar on video

1/19/2018: Car-prowl reader report; plus, updates on murder, robbery court cases

1/18/2018: Reader report of car break-in; charges filed against Junction purse-theft suspects

1/17/2018: Junction business burglarized

1/16/2018: Phone theft; purse-theft update; another bicycle found (photo)

1/15/2018: Car ‘completely cleaned out’; Trek bicycle found

1/14/2018: Purse-snatching in The Junction

1/12/2018: Stolen maroon Subaru Legacy, black BMX bicycle inside

1/10/2018: Car broken into, speakers stolen

1/9/2018: Black work bag taken in store-lot car prowl

1/8/2018: Stolen black Ducati Monster Cromo motorcycle

1/7/2018: Possible gunfire heard in Highland Park, South Delridge

1/6/2018: Early-morning shooting in South Delridge

1/6/2018: On White Center Now – coverage of double shooting in WC

1/5/2018: Car prowls in North Delridge, Admiral

1/5/2018: Followup on Puget Ridge home-invasion robbery – images of possible getaway car

1/4/2018: Stolen blue CR-V (later found by a reader!); Admiral attack suspect followup; tools stolen on Pigeon Point

1/4/2018: Home-invasion robbery on Puget Ridge

1/4/2018: Gunfire investigation in Roxhill Park area

1/3/2018: Red CR-V stolen (then found by a reader!); garage break-in followed by discovery of stolen items

1/1/2018: Bicycle stolen in Alki area

12/31/2017: Car seats dumped – stolen?

12/27/2017: Stolen motorcycle (2015 Honda Grom, black with orange)

12/27/2017: Getting stolen ski boots back, with police on “civil standby”

12/26/2017: Seen these suitcases? Plus, mail taken & dumped, and a dog-toting package thief

12/25/2017: Stolen midnight-blue Veracruz

12/22/2017: Pretrial evaluation ordered for Ryan Cox

12/21/2017: Keepsake watering can stolen from local shop, and other reports

12/20/2017: Camera thief caught on camera, stolen bicycle, car-window vandalism, package theft on video

12/19/2017: Stolen car found; car prowl; bicycle found

12/17/2017: Rock incident; stolen Element found; comparing neighborhoods by per-capita crime

12/16/2017: Package open, dumped in Sunrise Heights

12/13/2017: 2004 black Honda Element stolen; car break-in during school concert

12/13/2017: Robbery followup; package thief nets cat food

12/11/2017: South Delridge robbery, police search

12/11/2017: Junction street-robbery followup; stolen car found; package thief – recognize the car?

12/9/2017: Street robbery; mail prowler

12/6/2017: Honda Accord stolen in mid-move

12/6/2017: Level 3 registered sex offender moves to Highland Park

12/5/2017: Photos of rock-throw car prowl, plus three burglaries

12/4/2017: More package-theft alerts, plus a prowler

12/1/2017: Street-robbery suspect charged

12/1/2017: Another stolen car recovered, with arrests

11/30/2017: Case updates; mail thief on video

11/29/2017: More package theft – and some kindness

11/29/2017: Stolen car followed into North Admiral neighborhood, 2 arrested

11/28/2017: Street robbery and hit-run leaves 2 hurt

11/28/2017: Stolen Land Cruiser, found star, crime-prevention newsletter

11/27/2017: Construction-site burglary; home burglary; Christmas lights stolen

11/26/2017: Wreath thief; another bicycle found

11/25/2017: More tire slashings; propane tank stolen; bicycle found

11/24/2017: New details of robbery arrests

11/23/2017: Police search after street robbery

11/23/2017: Burglary, and two other reader reports

11/22/2017: Burglary suspect charged

11/21/2017: Vehicle sought in deadly hit-run; car found with missing wheels; package theft; scam/fraud prevention advice

11/20/2017: Bail set for suspect accused in burglary that awakened sleeping family

11/18/2017: Stolen silver Chevy Sonic; vandalized window; backyard theft attempt

11/17/2017: Court updates

11/15/2017: Gun found in Sound; packages stolen

11/14/2017: Reader reports – stolen silver CR-V; punctured, siphoned school-bus gas tanks

11/13/2017: Police search in South Delridge

11/10/2017: Helicopter search after deadly shooting in White Center

11/10/2017: Another Accord stolen – and the one from 11/6 left behind

11/9/2017: Level 3 sex offender notification

11/8/2017: Little red wagon stolen

11/7/2017: Police find stolen Prius, arrest suspect

11/6/2017: Stolen gold/ivory Honda Accord

11/5/2017: Guitars stolen in Gatewood (photos)

11/5/2017: Kite-surfing gear stolen in Arbor Heights

11/4/2017: Stolen black Prius

11/3/2017: Package thieves, including a repeater; sign mystery

11/2/2017: Trespassers; bicycle found; rider pursued by driver on Alki Trail

10/31/2017: Locker-room theft victim chases thief

10/30/2017: Stolen black Honda Civic

10/28/2017: Alki hit-run

10/27/2017: Police search; gunfire suspects arrested; recognize this backpack?

10/26/2017: Assault in Westwood

10/26/2017: Stabbing suspect arraigned; car prowl reported

10/25/2017: Safety alert from local schools, after kids were followed from Metro bus

10/24/2017: Two 17-year-olds charged as adults in gunfire/eluding case

10/24/2017: Cigarette dispute sends 1 man to hospital, 1 to jail

10/24/2017: Stolen white Subaru Outback

10/23/2017: Cannabis shop burglarized 3 times in 1 week; two Sunday night/Monday morning car prowls

10/22/2017: 3 reader reports, plus – stolen trailer found by reader!

10/20/2017: Three charged in Westcrest Park murder

10/19/2017: Updates on three court cases

10/19/2017: Arrests in Westcrest Park murder

10/19/2017: Double hit-run on Puget Ridge

10/18/2017: West Seattle Crime Prevention Council report

10/18/2017: Teens arrested in Upper Fauntleroy after gunfire on Puget Ridge

10/18/2017: South Admiral burglary, Fauntleroy burglary followup, car prowl, car vandalism

10/17/2017: Police search for burglar by Fauntleroy Park

10/17/2017: Crowdfunding campaign for Admiral stabbing victim and family

10/16/2017: Public Safety Survey ready for you

10/15/2017: Dumped items – recognize any of them?

10/14/2017: Three bicycles, found in different areas

10/12/2017: Bail quadrupled, charges filed in Admiral stabbing

10/11/2017: Toyota Highlander stolen, found

10/11/2017: Two cases of suspected gunfire

10/10/2017: $100,000 bail for Admiral stabbing suspect

10/10/2017: Junction tagging vandalism to be cleaned up

10/10/2017: Woman grabbed on path behind Westwood Target

10/10/2017: Who left a dog to die?

10/10/2017: ATM theft followup

10/9/2017: 1965 Plymouth Valiant stolen; hole drilled in gas tank; more

10/8/2017: ATM stolen in Junction

10/7/2017: Stolen blue 1993 Honda del Sol

10/6/2017: Students encounter exposer while walking in Westwood

10/6/2017: Abel Linares becomes second suspect charged in Edixon Velasquez’s murder

10/6/2017: Bicycle found; car window broken

10/5/2017: Hearings for both suspects in Sept. 19th Westwood murder

10/4/2017: Motorcycle-riding burglar; prowler on video; stolen car

10/4/2017: Second arrest in Westwood murder

10/3/2017: Police search along Harbor Ave., with helicopter

10/3/2017: Shop burglarized

10/2/2017: Students approached while walking to school

10/1/2017: 20+ ways to deter property crime

9/29/2017: Car prowl; porch prowler

9/27/2017: Jason Bramblett charged in Riverview burglary case

9/27/2017: Crime updates at West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network meeting

9/26/2017: Cars vandalized; gunfire confirmed; more

9/26/2017: Stolen and dumped? Seen in Gatewood

9/25/2017: Search for burglary suspect in Arbor Heights

9/25/2017: Suspect in Riverview burglary has a long record

9/24/2017: Two vehicle prowls; store burglary; car vandalized

9/22/2017: Murder victim’s ex-girlfriend charged

9/22/2017: Backpack, likely stolen, found dumped in compost bin

9/22/2017: Stolen car, trailer, package

9/21/2017: Murder suspect’s bail set at $500,000

9/20/2017: Suspect arrested in 31st SW murder

9/19/2017: Man shot, killed on 31st SW in Westwood

9/18/2017: Three burglaries

9/16/2017: Package thief on video; doorbell-ringing would-be intruder

9/15/2017: Stolen bicycle; mailbox prowler on video

9/13/2017: Update on murder investigation

9/13/2017: Sunrise Heights package theft

9/12/2017: Police response on Delridge

9/12/2017: Suspected stolen/dumped items found

9/11/2017: Ryan Cox back in court

9/11/2017: Stolen white Subaru

9/9/2017: Sex offender released; three police reports; two reader reports

9/8/2017: Helicopter search after burglary

9/7/2017: Child approached after school on Delridge

9/6/2017: Followup on teen’s stabbing death at Westcrest Park

9/5/2017: 15-year-old boy dies after stabbing at Westcrest Park

9/4/2017: Dutchboy Coffee burglarized

9/4/2017: Search on 28th SW

9/3/2017: The case of the white Kia, in pieces

8/31/2017: Bike rack stolen

8/31/2017: Ryan Cox pleads not guilty

8/30/2017: Dumped tools; Cox case update; car break-in

8/29/2017: Found bicycle

8/28/2017: Genesee Hill burglary, bicycle theft, package theft, court-case followup

8/28/2017: Ryan Cox refuses to appear for arraignment

8/25/2017: Driver reported to have approached children

8/25/2017: Bicycle stolen, business burglaries, more

8/24/2017: Westwood search ends in arrest; found bicycle

8/23/2017: Arbor Heights search ends in arrest

8/23/2017: Stolen car, bike theft on video, found frames, more

8/21/2017: How “open letter” dad got the bike back, and why suspect wasn’t jailed

8/19/2017: Gunfire in Highland Park

8/19/2017: Gunfire in South Delridge

8/19/2017: ‘Open letter’ dad says bicycle-theft suspect arrested

8/18/2017: Blue RAV4 stolen in Morgan Junction area

8/18/2017: South Park community-safety meeting set

8/17/2017: Dumped carrier; apartment garage break-in attempt; more

8/16/2017: Woman attacked south of The Junction

8/16/2017: Stolen gray Civic; package and bike rack taken

8/14/2017: Gatewood stabbing suspect Ryan Cox charged

8/12/2017: Business robbery, gym theft, mail stolen…

8/11/2017: Gatewood suspect again refuses to appear for bail hearing

8/10/2017: Three Crime Watch reader reports, including baseball break-ins

8/10/2017: Gatewood stabbing followups – how to help victim’s family; hearing for suspect

8/9/2017″ Gatewood stabbing: Suspect’s past, case’s future

8/8/2017: Gatewood stabbing

8/8/2017: Open letter to a bicycle thief

8/6/2017: Casing; more tagging vandalism

8/4/2017: Tagging vandalism, and fighting back

8/4/2017: Car window smashed

8/2/2017: Car, bicycle stolen

7/30/2017: More bicycle thefts, plus a car break-in

7/30/2017: 2 of 3 stolen bicycles still missing

7/29/2017: Packages, contents tossed

7/28/2017: Package-theft evidence dumped

7/27/2017: Package-theft evidence dumped

7/27/2017: Armed-robbery suspect nabbed 20 miles away; package theft on video; more

7/26/2017: Five reader reports, including burglary, would-be burglar on video, package thief on video, car prowl, South Park business vandalism

7/25/2017: Ex-bank manager sentenced for embezzling from vulnerable clients

7/24/2017: Another Alki search

7/24/2017: Stolen red Chevy truck

7/24/2017: Followups on Alki search, North Delridge search; confirmed gunfire

7/23/2017: Alki search

7/22/2017: North Delridge search

7/19/2017: Rack ripped off

7/18/2017: Two 2002-model cars missing

7/17/2017: Bicycle, carrier basket taken from cars

7/16/2017: Stolen red Jetta

7/14/2017: Burglary arrests; diving gear and Buddha statue stolen

7/13/2017: Burglary on video; tools taken from job site

7/13/2017: 2nd suspect charged in encampment murder

7/12/2017: Stolen red Civic

7/11/2017: Update: 3 motorcycles stolen at 2 West Seattle homes

7/10/2017: Followup – naked man’s Luna Park rampage

7/10/2017: Stolen laptop; threatening graffiti vandalism

7/9/2017: Boutique vandal caught on video; DJ gear stolen from trailer

7/7/2017: Mowers found – stolen or lost?

7/6/2017: Followup – charges in street robbery

7/4/2017: Stolen blue Volvo

7/2/2017: Home burglarized with loot including a black women’s Sportster Comfort 10 bicycle; illegal dumping on video

7/1/2017: Alki hit-run driver sought; bicycle abandoned (stolen?)

6/30/2017: Three arrests after South Delridge street robbery

6/29/2017: Tree drip bags stolen in Seaview

6/28/2017: Stolen kids’ bike

6/27/2017: Stolen 4Runner with disability plates; prowler on camera

6/26/2017: Hit-run crash; stolen, dumped bicycle

6/26/2017: Pursuit along West Marginal Way (and elsewhere), explained

6/22/2017: Garage burglar(s) take bicycle, tools, more

6/14/2017: Package thieves, car prowlers on camera; auto-theft suspect charged

6/13/2017: Followup on Puget Ridge crash/search/arrest

6/12/2017: Followup – bail set for car-theft suspect

6/12/2017: Stolen kids’ bikes; jury-duty scam call

6/10/2017: One arrested after stolen car ditched

6/9/2017: Car-prowl arrest, theft from work truck, 2 burglaries, prevention advice

6/9/2017: Stolen blue Subaru wagon; mailbox breakins

6/8/2017: Murder charge in beating death at encampment

6/7/2017: Auto-theft attempt; package-taker on video

6/6/2017: Hit-run search; car break-in; prowling suspect

6/6/2017: Suspect arrested in encampment death

6/5/2017: Gunfire reports investigated

6/5/2017: Hit-run leaves dog injured

6/5/2017: Death investigation at encampment between Myers Way and Highway 509

6/4/2017: Car-window-smashing rampage hits at least 10 vehicles on 49th SW south of Admiral

6/3/2017: Stolen van; car vandalism in Arbor Heights

6/3/2017: Early-morning gunfire report, heard near 12th/Barton

6/2/2017: Bicycle-theft attempt; car vandalized on Beach Drive

6/1/2017: Car-prowl suspect out of jail; gunfire reports; more

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