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Sonics sighted in West Seattle

December 18, 2007 6:03 am
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No, not looking for a new arena site on all that suddenly vacant property; it was a special holiday-shopping spree at Westwood Village Target, according to the official Sonics blog.

West Seattle High School grad makes All-Ivy team

darius.jpgThat’s Darius Dale, posing during his senior year @ West Seattle High School for WSB contributing photographer Matt Durham, who reports that Darius has made the All-Ivy Football Team @ Yale (scroll down this page to “second team offense”). Matt recalls, “When I met Darius, he struck me as a gentle giant. He was very kind and intelligent, and students and staff appeared to have an high affection for Darius. If my memory serves me correctly I seem to recall Darius was carrying a 4.0 GPA at the time of the photo. On first impression he appeared to be such an outstandingly well-rounded teen that I attempted to recruit him into the fire service, telling him to finish college first.” This page details Darius’s achievements at WSHS and Yale, where he’s now a junior.

Congratulations to another West Seattle team!

Between the end of tonight’s bridge backup and the start of tonight’s election results … we wanted to take a moment to share this happy e-mail from Kathy Harper:

West Seattle Blog readers should know that West Seattle’s own Junior Football Team, the SWAC Cougars, won the Puget Sound Junior Football League Championship in the Bantam Division (Ages 9 to 12) with a victory over the Benson Bruins (7-6) this past Sunday in Auburn. These boys went nearly undefeated in their division with a final record of 9 and 1. They will go on to play the Puyallup Rough Riders in the Junior Football Super Bowl this Sunday in Sumner. Our season is almost over for this year, but join us next fall for another exciting season of football. Home games are played at the Southwest Athletic Complex on Thistle, across from Chief Sealth High School. SWAC is a nonprofit community organization that provides a healthy environment where youth learn teamwork, sportsmanship, and athletic skills. For more information, go to

We wish the Cougars good luck in Sunday’s big game!

Congratulations to Holy Rosary’s 7th-grade girls’ soccer team

November 3, 2007 11:39 pm
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Frank Coluccio just e-mailed this update on the Gators’ championship game, played today and mentioned here last Tuesday night:

After a very well played game that went into overtime, the final score, after regulation and the two overtime periods (a total of 70 minutes), was 2-2. CYO doesn’t have a penalty kick shootout after the overtime period so Holy Rosary and Sacred Heart will be Co-Champions for this year’s CYO 7th grade girls division. Holy Rosary jumped out to a 1-0 lead and Sacred Heart tied it up 1-1. Then the Gators went up 2-1 on a corner kick. Sacred Heart tied the score on a penalty kick with about 10 minutes to play. Both teams played their hearts out.

In it to win it

Frank Coluccio e-mailed WSB late tonight with a hearty “GO GATORS!” — on behalf of the Holy Rosary 7th grade girls’ soccer team, which has made it to the Catholic Youth Organization championship game, after defeating St. Bernadette of Burien, 3-0. The Gators play Sacred Heart for the title at Bishop Blanchet, noon Saturday.

Congrats to the ‘Cats

October 27, 2007 11:58 pm
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High-school football playoff victory tonight for West Seattle HS: Wildcats 26, Bishop Blanchet 7. Next weekend, WSHS plays Evergreen.

Friday late-night roundup

October 19, 2007 11:56 pm
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-Congratulations to the West Seattle HS Wildcats for making it into the Metro League football playoffs after their win tonight in the big cross-WS-rivalry game against the Chief Sealth HS Seahawks.

-Some readers wrote us earlier in the day worried about the White Center shooting. Teenage suspects are in custody. If you haven’t gotten around to looking up exactly where that happened, here’s a map. To get resident reaction, the P-I’s “online reporter” went to Papa Murphy’s in the nearby business district and talked with people including a man from Arbor Heights who, according to the resulting blog post, expressed his concerns about safety in south WS.

-We have been watching county Medical Examiner reports and online “King County deaths” lists for identification of the victim in last weekend’s 59th/Admiral shooting. Nothing public, even almost a week later, which seems unusual. However, the King County online register does reveal that the suspect is back in county jail, with bail listed as $500,000 and the charge as “murder 2” — as we first reported last weekend, he was only briefly in the county jail, then transferred to juvenile custody; this would suggest he is now charged as an adult — we are looking for verification in the online records.

Monday night miscellany

-Our city utility bills are all going up. (Side note, did you know you can report a missed trash/recycling pickup online?) TUESDAY AFTERNOON CORRECTION: The city has just posted a note that the original newspaper report was wrong; City Light is not proposing an increase.

Capitol Hill Seattle suggests we could cut those bills a bit and make an energy-saving statement by joining L.A. and S.F. in shutting off everything “nonessential” for an hour at 8 pm October 20. We’re in, how ’bout you? (And how about West Seattle’s Most Famous Politician; anybody asked him about this yet?)

The West Seattle Little League website now has a photo up of proud WSLL reps at the Safe last Friday night, accepting the big $100K Boeing/Mariners Care check for Bar-S Playfield improvements.

Endolyne Joe’s fans can take this as a hint of which food theme is likely to follow the currently featured “prairie” menu.

-Besides Trader Joe’s (someday, someday), this is the grocery chain we would most like to see expand into West Seattle.

Better bicycling

Just out of the inbox: the bicycling education/coaching company Cycle University is expanding into West Seattle, moving into space at the Senior Center. Its founder, pro rider Craig Undem, is based in WS. Full press release, including pricing details:Read More

Congratulations to West Seattle Little League!

The West Seattle Little League renovation project at Alki Point’s Bar-S Playfield just got a big boost — a $100,000 Boeing/Mariners Care Athletic Field Grant. The official press release says an official presentation is planned at Safeco Field this Friday night during a ceremony before the Mariners-Rangers’ game.

WS weekend lineup: Bumberwho?

You don’t need to go hang out in the shadow of the Space Needle to enjoy yourself this weekend. We’ve found 21 ways to have a blast here in WS (and environs), including the West Seattle Art Dive!Read More

HS football hits the field, before the kids hit the books

School doesn’t start for most local kids till next week, but high-school football starts now, as sure a sign of impending fall as the pumpkin-spice drink flavors that have just returned to you-know-which mega-coffee-chain. The Times site has comprehensive schedules for all local schools including the 3 high schools in WS — for Seattle Lutheran, the season-opener is Saturday afternoon; for Chief Sealth, it’s tomorrow night; for West Seattle, it’s Saturday night.

Beach volleyball history on Alki

August 25, 2007 7:15 pm
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Today’s beach volleyball on Alki wasn’t just any old sporting day at the beach — this was the first time the EVP Tour stopped @ Alki, and the first time Comcast taped beach volleyball for broadcast. We dropped by the women’s championship match in late afternoon; it featured local standout Bri Murray, one of the Northwest’s top-ranked beach-volleyball players:


Bri and her partner Wendy Stammer (from Tigard, OR) won the first set; we couldn’t stay to see how the whole match turned out, but expect to find it online later.


The weather was iffy, with light showers passing through early on, but the sun prevailed, gracing scenery including the Golden Princess passing by after sailaway for its Alaska cruise:


You may see some of the players around WS tonight, as an afterparty was planned at Rocksport. Video of today’s games is supposed to be available via Comcast Digital “On Demand” programming starting September 10th.

“Way to be!”

That’s the salute rowers got as they passed the finish buoy this morning at the Sound Rowers-sponsored Great Cross-Sound Race from Alki to Bainbridge and back. Here are the 60-plus participant boats as they lined up just before the 9 am start:


Less than 52 minutes later, the winner finished the 7 1/2-mile course. Here he is, Evan Jacobs (who with a partner finished first last year too), coming ashore:


Next to finish, the team of Todd Silver and Rainer Storb (fifth place last year). As the dozens of others continued to arrive at the finish buoy, each one got the hearty “Way to be!” and an air-horn blast from race managers at a tent by the bathhouse. Alki spectators’ side note: A few other inspirational feats of physical achievement will be making their way along Alki, on land, soon — Courtney wrote to tell us that it’s just been announced that the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk will include Alki this year, with a cheering station to be set up in the 1700 block on Sunday, September 9th, between 7:40 and 10:15 in the morning; we also heard today from organizers of One Race/One Village, a fundraiser 5K happening on Alki on October 6th.

WS weekend lineup: Cross your fingers for sunshine

Last weekend in August, and we just can’t bear to see any more rain. We’ve got rowing & volleyball at Alki, the Art in Nature Festival, a narrated history walk around eastern WS, and a job fair (today!) … 31 ways to have fun without leaving the peninsula:Read More

Muscle beach

Dropped by the Bench Press and Dead Lift Championships happening right now at Alki (between the Bathhouse and the sand). We caught a couple of the more senior lifters in action (their ages were announced with their names), lifting somewhere around 200 pounds. First, Richard, 75 years old, before and during his lift:


This is Leroy, 67, before and during:


Goodnatured crowd on hand, some sponsor freebies, and demonstrations between lifters’ “flights” — as we left, a group of young martial artists was about to show their stuff. ALSO HAPPENING IN WS RIGHT NOW: The first annual C & P Coffee arts & crafts fair, till 3 pm. One WSB reader already has written in with a rave review – “some great stuff.”

A place of their own

August 9, 2007 10:48 am
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7:30 tonight @ Delridge Community Center, the West Seattle Skatepark Action Committee meets; WS-based city skatepark advocate Matt Johnston says it’s open to anyone wanting to join (or find out more about) a group of people “working hard to create safe public facilities for skateboarders in West Seattle, that respect the communities they are placed in, and provide healthy and active places for kids and big kids to enjoy this popular sport.” (You can read more about where WS falls into the Citywide Skatepark Plan here.)

Santa(s) spotted in West Seattle

August 3, 2007 9:53 pm
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Somewhere in Georgetown right now, there’s one whale of a party, at the finish line of a bicycle race that started a few hours ago at Redline (ex-Legends). We didn’t heard about it, or its uniquely named sponsor club, till late this morning, when we read about it at Metroblogging Seattle and added it to the weekly WS Weekend Lineup. We’re nothing if not curious, so a member of Team WSB went over tonight with camera in tow, and was immediately drawn to the St. Nick wanna-bes in the crowd…


More pix after the click:Read More

Avoid Freeway Fright ’07 — golf instead!

brucekingfirstatejuniorgolforg.jpgTen days till Freeway Fright ’07. You can skip the first day entirely by staying right here in West Seattle and golfing for a good cause: the first-ever Seniors for Juniors Golf Tournament @ WS Golf Course. 1 pm August 10th, hosted by local sportscasting legend Bruce King (photo right, from the Fir State Junior Golf Foundation site). Read all about it here, including how to register. (Getting in on this entitles you to more than golf — it’s a full day of fun, including refreshments, entertainment, and dinner.)

Teeing up for a good cause

July 5, 2007 5:08 pm
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Learned a few new things while looking around for more of what WS people are up to online: A software enterprise involved in some cool concerns is located at Luna Park, and it’s got a sponsorship deal going with a charity golf tournament later this month.

WS Little League update

Big games tonight for two teams in WS Little League, which has been hosting a regional All-Star Tournament at Bar-S Playfield (atop Alki Point): The 10-11 team moved on to the state tournament and plays in Kirkland tonight; the 9-10 team is in a double-elimination round and has a must-win match tonight (6 pm @ Bar-S). The 11-12 team has two wins under its belt too; good luck to all!

Another WS claim to fame

Until this article turned up in today’s Times, we had no idea WS is home to a champion “competitive eater.” The article mentions he’s got a blog; looks like this is it.