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Delridge-area problem properties: A call for “quick demolition”

We reported Thursday about a stirring of hope that some high-level city attention may finally be given to a problem that’s been plaguing the Delridge area in its redevelopment throes: Even as some of Delridge’s old homes make way for new construction – particularly townhouses – some houses sit abandoned for years, and become magnets for trouble — like the one above, which sits prominently over the northbound Delridge approach to The Bridge. While, as we reported last night, the city says it was cleared and “secured” a few weeks ago, the proprietor of nearby Skylark Club and Cafe (WSB sponsor) pointed out in a new e-mail discussion (including city councilmember Sally Clark, who promised to come tour the area) that it was also reportedly “secured” last year, too (after a small fire we reported here, attributed to transients). And North Delridge Neighborhood Council co-chair Mike Dady says he would like to see this lead to changes that can help areas beyond Delridge, too:

My hope is that we will see Council Member Clark and Diane Sugimura follow through and visit Delridge within the next couple weeks. But my greater hope is that we don’t just have a band-aid or quick-fix put on wound that is affecting not just Delridge, but many other parts of the city. These are properties that are in the hands of absentee property owners, speculators or developers who allow them to sit vacant, completely unattended or monitored, and looking like, well…..looking like a pile of you-know-what and attracting problems that are in some cases beyond the imagination.

It seems to me that the City Council and the Mayor’s Office needs to revise the Seattle Municipal Code to allow quick demolition and removal of problem prone structures as it is nearly impossible to keep trespassers out of vacant building, even if it is boarded up with plywood, lumber and lag bolts. Allowing houses without water service turned on and functional plumbing to become de facto shelters for transient or homeless people is not an acceptable solution to that very separate and difficult issue.

To allow these dilapidated properties to remain as is, for many, many years in some cases, creates a public safety problem, wastes citizen energy and is a drain on DPD, SPD, SFD and KC Public Health budgets and staff time.

Mike Dady
North Delridge Neighborhood Council Co-Chair

It’s not just the vacant houses that he’s concerned about, but also the occupied ones that are literally trashed outdoors – like this junk pile spotted recently behind a multiplex in the 4800 block of Delridge (map):

The discussed city-involved tour of Delridge hasn’t been scheduled yet, to our knowledge, but we will continue to follow up. You can also bet this will be on the next NDNC agenda – the council meets the first Wednesday of each month, so that’s 6:30 pm April 1st, Delridge Library.

SATURDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE: A date for the tour is now set for early April, according to Mike Dady, and at least one citywide media outlet may be along, after reading about it here.

Habitat for Humanity’s High Point work gets mayoral help

March 18, 2009 10:51 am
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That’s Mayor Nickels, lending a hand this morning to a project that’s had tons of volunteer help — Habitat for Humanity‘s High Point project (here’s more information on what’s being built there). You can help too – here’s how.

Signs of the times: Seen around West Seattle (pre-snow)

Hard to believe, but 24 hours or so ago, it was sunny, and your WSB co-publishers were wandering around taking photos. We didn’t get a chance to publish them last night but they’re still fresh enough today, so here goes. Above, that’s renowned local sign-painting artist Japhy Witt, detailing coins in the window of … where else … West Seattle Coins, at California/Oregon in The Junction, under the Senior Center – here’s one he’d already completed:

Japhy told us he’s likely detailing vintage bills for the wider window between the two coins. You’ve seen his work at many other West Seattle businesses, including — right across SW Oregon from this project — Shadow Land (here’s WSB coverage from 2007). Other signs that caught our eye included one at a Harbor Avenue development that now has a name:

If you can’t read the sign, it’s “Indus Work/House.” (That last part has an interesting historical connotation, but then again, elsewhere in new-ish West Seattle real estate, so does The Dakota.) And on the other side of the real-estate fence, bright-yellow signs around North Delridge pointed to an “auction” – we followed them, and found this house on SW Nevada, west of 30th SW:

The signs included this web address – the specific listing says the auction is 10 am 2/20, onsite. The yellow sign in the window says minimum bid is $50K. (Here are the latest local foreclosure stats, from Seattle Bubble, which reports King County’s foreclosure total in December – more than 600 – was the second-highest ever [last July, 730, was the highest, in the stats SB uses].)

Summer Movies on the Wall: The slate is set


Online and in “ballot boxes” placed at West Seattle businesses, hundreds of people offered suggestions for the Sidewalk Cinema Movies on the Wall series in The Junction coming up in July and August — now Lora Lewis, proprietor of Hotwire Coffee (WSB sponsor), which is next to the courtyard with the big screen you see above, confirms the slate is set — read on:Read More

Canceled-condo-conversion building Strata now up for sale


From our latest look at the commercial-real-estate listings: Strata on California (California & Graham, north edge of Morgan Junction) has just been put up for sale, $15,250,000. It was just last June that, after buying the then-Graham Street Apartments for almost $9 million, Mosaic announced the conversion plan (WSB coverage here); the sales pitch started in October (WSB coverage here); Mosaic canceled the conversion in late November (along with its plans to turn the West Ridge Park apartments on Delridge into “Gables” and sell them as condos too). The listing describes Strata as “luxury multi-family” and also notes, “The neighborhood is made up of mostly new townhomes, exciting newer restaurants, and upscale home and clothing retailers.” (And the ex-Chuck and Sally’s across the street.) Listing agent is McQuaid, which has sold a boatload of WS buildings in the past year or so (scroll here). THURSDAY AFTERNOON ADDENDUM: Thanks to Di for the tip that Strata’s having a “model furniture sale” this Saturday, according to this CL ad.

Morgan Junction apartment building for sale


It’s called “Gatewood Apartments” but this 22-year-old, 16-unit building at 6547 42nd SW (map) is in the heart of Morgan Junction, right behind Thriftway. Just listed at $1,950,000. (This isn’t in the listing, but city records show an “unresolved” condo-conversion application from 2006.)

Welcoming a new WSB sponsor: 4415 SW Stevens, for sale

Tonight, the traditional WSB welcome to another new sponsor – this time, it’s 4415 SW Stevens (map), greerbergehouse.jpga home that’s up for sale, with an open house 2-4 pm Sunday. The photo’s at left; here’s what its owners want you to know: “The house is a 1929 Tudor, located about a block west of the Admiral PCC. There are quite a few similar looking houses in West Seattle of approximately the same age, but what distinguishes this one is that it has been beautifully restored & completely updated. Our new ad in WSB references that we had the house earthquake-retrofitted, one of several things that make the house safer than many houses of its vintage. The house has new electrical wiring; all knob-and-tube wiring was removed or decommissioned & vintage light fixtures were rewired or are new. The plumbing is updated including new water lines. There is a new gas furnace & updated ductwork. The lower level is fully finished. In other words, this house has no creepy old wiring, plumbing or basement! On the aesthetic side, the house has many beautiful period details; mahogany woodwork, original glass doorknobs, fireplace tile, & hardwood floors have all been refurbished. A primary goal of our remodel was to restore and preserve Old World Charm. We replaced old aluminum windows in the living & dining rooms with period leaded glass windows including a beautiful antique transom window with hand-cut bevels. The house has beautiful tile work & many other charming details. The exterior of the house had yellow aluminum siding for many years. We had it removed & discovered the original cedar siding underneath. We had a master carpenter recreate the traditional doorway arch with hand-cut custom molding. The yard is beautifully landscaped thanks to the previous owner; we have been amazed at the variety of beautiful flowers & plants. We hope that people will stop in at one of our open houses! It’s a beautiful home in a great neighborhood. We’ve enjoyed the convenience of being able to walk to nearby shops, parks & schools.” Here’s the website the owners set up to share more info about their home and open houses, including the one this Sunday, 2-4 pm.

Guess what! We’re downtown!

March 27, 2008 11:29 am
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Thanks to Sue for sending the link to the Seattle Condo Tour, with a “Downtown Seattle Tour” coming up April 5-6, and featuring … Sylvan Ridge Townhomes (High Point) and West Water (Morgan Junction) … and even Burien Town Square. Participants will shuttle from Fisher Plaza downtown.

Updates from real-estate and land-use land

Been gathering these most of the week, as other news kept getting in the way … So, it’s the Saturday “better late than never” collection of real-estate and land-use notes:

ANOTHER APARTMENT BUILDING FOR SALE: 9020 35th (map), $2,025,000 (here’s the listing). Right next door to the scheduled teardowns-to-mixed-use at 9030 35th. We always make a point of reporting apartment-building listings, because they’re often a prelude to some sort of future change, such as what’s happened here:


CONDO-IZED AFTER ALL: We’ve been watching the building shown above, West Aires at 6001 California SW (map), ever since it was up for sale last year for $2 million-plus. King County property records show it’s stlll owned by the people who bought it for under $1 mil in 2006, but they’ve apparently taken a new spin – selling individual units. Over the months, we’ve received several e-mails inquiring about West Aires’ status; each time we checked the city records for any sign of a condo-conversion application, but found none. Guess those aren’t always needed (or at least not always posted online), because as tipster Greg pointed out (thanks!), the shingle’s up and units are for sale. “Fabulous 2 & 3 bedroom condos,” says this listing.

FROM LAND-USE LAND: The permits have been granted for the 6002 Admiral teardown and the townhouses (permits at 6002 and 6004); that’s on this site, at 60th/Admiral:


Not far away, 2771 59th SW (across from Alki Elementary) appears in the latest Land Use Information Bulletin; comments will be taken till 4/2 on that teardown proposal for 2 homes and one 3-unit townhouse. Comments are also open till 4/2 for early design review on 4145 Beach Drive and environs; we mentioned recently that it’s getting an “administrative” review, which means no hearing — this page explains why (the developer wants a “departure” — exception — from setback requirements). And the same LUIB finally presents official notice of the upcoming 4/10 Design Review Board public meetings for the Harbor Properties proposal at 38th/Alaska and the Conner Homes proposal at California/Alaska/42nd, both hearings already mentioned here (with more details on the develelopments) when they appeared on the city website more than a week ago.

Two new names, one in The Junction, one on Alki Point


First one: If you haven’t seen these banners yet — Morton’s Pharmacy in The Junction is being taken over by Pharmaca, a chain that bills itself as an “integrative pharmacy” and already has stores in Madison Park and Wallingford. (Thanks to Krista for the tip.) The other new name — remember the Rip Tide condo conversion on Alki Point? We now know the building’s new name is Lighthouse Point. Here’s its website; news of the name actually emerged when the developers called to ask if it’s OK if they link WSB to the community section of their website. (If you’re curious – we were – the site lists only a few prices so far, in the $200K vicinity.)

Got a house you’d like to see saved?

From the WSB inbox, sent by Kelsey Diller:

I am writing to ask your help to save homes in West Seattle from being torn down. I was inspired to start a company, Orbit Homes LLC after watching my neighbor’s home get scheduled for demolition. After compiling a competent team of specialists I am now looking for a charming home located in West Seattle that is 18 ft. high or less and no more than 27 ft. wide to fit on a property I bought to move a house onto. If you know of any homes that may be within this size range please call me at 206 554-1622 and become a part of saving the environment and preserving West Seattle’s flavor.

Real-estate updates, Beach Drive and beyond


That’s yet another new sign on the big lawn in front of the “Painted Lady,” SatterleeHouse2DON.jpgaka Satterlee House (inset right), in the 4800 block of Beach Drive, this time for Ewing and Clark, at least the third time it’s switched listing agents since we started watching it a year and a half ago. Current price, $2.2 million. As we reported earlier this month, the proposal to build three houses on that lawn is going before the city Hearing Examiner in a few weeks; the Landmarks Preservation Board has a say because the Satterlee House is an official landmark, and its ruling is what’s being appealed. One more Beach Drive real-estate note: The fourplex at 4131 Beach Drive is up for sale, $3,050,000, and the listing says it’s in the process of condo conversion. And regarding real-estate in general – it’s been reported that prices are falling more slowly in Seattle than the rest of the country; if you want to track West Seattle real estate, WS realtor (and WSB sponsor) Bill Barna is now offering a regularly e-mailed “market tracker” report. Click here to e-mail Bill for the Market Tracker; or you can see a sample version here. (He also has an automated “new listings e-mail” service that we find useful to monitor for local listings which might be worth noting here.)

Updates from land-use land (and real estate too)


FIRST, THE REAL ESTATE: Yet another West Seattle apartment building is up for sale, with listing copy suggesting it might make a good condo conversion (though the pace of those seems to have slowed in the wake of the Strata and West Ridge conversion reversions). The photo above is from the listing, which is for the Siberay Apartments west of The Junction at 4546 45th SW (map), 17 units, $2,100,000.


LAND-USE UPDATE – 4502 42ND: The preliminary plan for this 7-story project on the site of several old houses (photo above) at 42nd and Oregon didn’t get a good reception at its first Design Review Board meeting in October (WSB coverage here). Developers have now applied for the official land-use permit to build it, and the city webpage says they’ve paid for the notice and public-room rental required for the next Design Review meeting — but that’s not listed on the city website anywhere, yet. Keep an eye out for that to be scheduled shortly; we’ll let you know when we see it.

LAND USE REMINDER — 5020 CALIFORNIA (AND 9030 35th): The California Ave project is Spring Hill, the mixed-use building, not to be confused with Spring Hill, the restaurant. Its next Design Review meeting is coming up this Thursday, 8 pm, Denny Middle School (following a 6:30 meeting about 9030 35th SW, a smaller project first reported here). Recent WSB coverage is here (first Design Review meeting) and here (follow-up “open house”).

From the land-use files: Another teardown-to-townhomes site


That’s 2312-2314 44th SW in North Admiral, with applications just filed for demolition of this building and replacement with five townhomes split between two buildings. According to county property records, the doomed duplex is exactly a century old, and sold last month for $750,000. The multiplex immediately south is an ex-apartment building that converted to condos last year.

Another Alki building for sale


The latest listing: 2112 Alki (map), a newly built 6-unit apartment building, offered for $4,200,000 with a description that uses the word “condominium” twice. (We reported the listing of another Alki building just last Friday.) 5:14 PM ADDITION: While taking the above photo to add to this post, we noticed prominent signs out front, CONDOS FOR LEASE.

Alki building for sale – next door to the Shoremont


Just spotted the listing for 2514 57th SW (map), 9 units, $3,200,000. Here’s the official listing page. If the address doesn’t sound familiar, it’s the condo-conversion building (with failed inspections listed on this city page), right next door to the Shoremont and the adjacent “Mediterranean home” that just changed hands to a different construction company (latest WSB update here). APRIL 7 UPDATE: The owner of The Sidney e-mailed WSB to point out that, as per the same city page in the original report, the building has since passed its inspections. Mackenzie Pinch says one unit in the building has just been purchased, and has a second sale pending, after doing a lot of work on the building: “It was once owned by my late great Uncle Sidney Pinch in the ’70s, bought by my father; now I have purchased it with a business partner. It is with pride and history that I have chosen to keep the name the Sidney there, and I have kept him in mind when making this property hugely improved than the way it was when he passed. I believe he would be proud to see how I have entirely remodeled the building.”

Junction development updates: New crane; new townhomes


When West Seattle’s first big construction crane in years started taking shape on New Year’s Eve at Capco Plaza (along Alaska between 41st and 42nd), it was a big deal with reader photos and all sorts of hoopla. Today (photo above), we happened onto West Seattle’s SECOND big construction crane in years taking shape one block south at Mural (aka “the former Petco parking lot”) and while there were a few spectators, pretty much zero hoopla. (Although now we do recall a Harbor Properties exec saying at the West Seattle Chamber lunch the other day that excavation at the Mural site had almost “bottomed out.”) Anyway, for crane fans, we’re making note of the occasion; here’s another pic:


We were actually in The Junction to take a look at this site on the SW corner of 41st and Edmunds (kitty-corner from the south side of Jefferson Square):


An application’s just been filed this week to tear down that house and build a 5-unit townhouse project.

“Micropermitting”: From the pixels to the airwaves

Remember West Seattle architect and Design Review Board member David Foster’s beef about — guadalajaratownhouses.jpgand investigation into — so-called “micropermitting,” the loophole through which some big (and sometimes not-so-lovely) townhouse developments escape design review? Two weeks after the original WSB report (and followups here and here), KUOW picked up on it today, featuring Foster and someone who’d taken a different viewpoint in our original comments thread, High Point resident and real-estate agent Wendy Hughes-Jelen. Read the story and get audio links here.

A tale of two sales: Shoremont and Cal Ray


Someone on the Alki Beach Community Yahoo! group asked this weekend about the status of Shoremont, the old brick apartments at 57th/Alki (photo above) proposed for teardown-to-townhomes as first reported here last summer. We just happened onto new information about it, while researching a different apartment-complex sale that’s now the second half of this post. A recent list of “weekly top King County property sales” posted here says Cobb Construction just sold the Shoremont site to Lead Construction, for $2,200,000 (verified in county records). Further research doesn’t bring up much about “Lead Construction” but crossreferencing suggests it’s related to this firm (whose site mentions a “Lead Consulting” on this page). Meantime, this too has sold:


We mentioned back in October that this 18-unit apartment complex, the Cal Ray at 6000 California, was up for sale. The latest areawide sales report (scroll down to West Seattle) shows it’s sold, for a bit more than its listing price ($1,995,000 at the time of our original report; the sales report says it sold for $2,000,000, county records say $1,998,000). The listing flyer had mentioned “strong redevelopment potential” – but nothing’s been applied for at the site, so far. (Meantime, if you missed it over the weekend, we’ve learned of at least one more new apartment building in West Seattle’s future.)

Another West Seattle apartment building for sale

February 6, 2008 6:03 am
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We always note the bigger commercial listings, and this one just turned up: The Limrock 11, 4501 Admiral (map), listed at $1,750,000.

Condo conversion on Beach Drive


Kind of expected this one, once this waterfront building at 3633 Beach Drive went up for sale last April, and now it’s official: City records confirm it’s converting to condos. Upgrade work is about to start, judging by one permit that’s just been issued (which lists the owners as Alki Eight Partners, LLC, possibly hinting at what the future condos might be called; property records show they bought the building last month for $3,350,000).

Welcoming two new WSB sponsors tonight

Housing is a popular theme around here this week (and many weeks). Tonight we welcome a real-estate agent listing a West Seattle home, and we welcome an ad for new apartment homes in The Junction. First, the home: Jayson Cantu from Windermere R/E Wall Street has listed a home at 4415 SW Stevens — a sketch of it is part of his ad in our right sidebar. You can see a photo gallery at Jayson’s website (click here); you can call him at 206/851-1147. Now, the apartments — The MD is a brand-new apartment building “in the heart of The Junction,” now leasing 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom units; The MD too has lots of info online (click here). Thanks to Jayson and The MD Apartments for supporting WSB; if you’re interested in finding out how to join them and our other sponsors, here’s the page to see.

By request: Townhouse pix

During our discussion of townhouse design standards last Friday, ignited by Southwest guadalajaratownhouses.jpgDesign Review Board member (and West Seattle architect) David Foster‘s investigation of micropermitting (first report here; City Council President reaction here), it was suggested we should photograph some of the townhouse projects. So we did. Please keep in mind that unless otherwise noted, these are NOT examples of the practice he is concerned about – instead, the thought here was JUST to take a look at townhouse faces for some of the larger, newer groupings, for anyone interested in seeing examples of current West Seattle townhouse construction, somewhat side-by-side. Here’s a sample from a weekend morning drive: (PS: TUESDAY MORNING ADDITIONS AT BOTTOM OF POST)Read More