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READER REPORT: Fisher Scone truck in Admiral

Thanks to Laurie for the tip! If you want a taste of the State Fair without going to Puyallup, you can catch up with the Fisher Scones truck at Metropolitan Market (42nd/Admiral) in West Seattle until 4 pm today.

BIZNOTE: West Seattle’s newest restaurant/bar Little Donkey opens Wednesday

(WSB photos)

After a few soft-open trial runs, including tonight, the new restaurant/bar Little Donkey plans to officially open tomorrow (Wednesday, February 21) at 3401 California SW. As we first reported when Spiro’s ended its 31-year run in the corner space 14 months ago, it’s a venture with partners including Ben Jenkins (Shadowland, Dumplings of Fury) and Mike Meckling (Woodinville Cut Shop, Neumos), both West Seattleites. It’s all ages, except, of course, at the bar.

You can see the menu here – overseen by chef Enrique Vargas, who’s worked in the industry for more than 20 years and is originally from Mexico City:

The drink menu is perusable online, too. For starters, Little Donkey will open at 3 pm – but soon they’ll be offering weekend brunch starting at 9 am, launching not this weekend, but the weekend after (March 2-3).

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: The Little Donkey team tells us they’re not opening until 5 pm tonight and Thursday.

NOMINATION TIME: 2024 Westside Awards

Just in from the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce – it’s nomination time for the businesses, organizations, and people you’d like to see recognized with this year’s Westside Awards. Here’s the announcement we received:

The West Seattle Chamber of Commerce presents the annual Westside Awards in May and the nomination process is now open for submissions. The Chamber is seeking nominations in the following categories:

1) Business of the Year
2) Not-for-Profit of the Year
3) Emerging Business of the Year
4) Westsider of the Year

The community is invited to submit nominations online here: loom.ly/qS8SmDE. The deadline to submit nominations is Tuesday, March 12, 2024, by 5 pm.

The Westside Awards honor leadership in entrepreneurship, innovation, and community impact, highlighting the achievements and contributions of businesses, organizations, and individuals within our West Seattle community.

“The Westside Awards represent the heartbeat of our community’s resilience,” said Rachel Porter, executive director of the West Seattle Chamber. “The Awards showcase the extraordinary contributions of businesses and individuals who make West Seattle such a vibrant, thriving community.”

Mark your calendar for the annual Westside Awards Breakfast to be held in person on Wednesday, May 22, 2024. The West Seattle Chamber will honor the award winners as well as the awardee finalists at the Awards Breakfast — event details to follow at wschamber.com.

“Our Chamber has a long history of recognizing leadership,” notes Porter. You can take a look back at the previous Westside Award winners in each category online, by visiting wschamber.com/westside-awards.

BIZNOTE: Original owner wants to bring back Ephesus Restaurant

Six months ago, we reported on the closure of Ephesus Restaurant (5245 California SW), which had previously been taken over by new ownership that changed the menu from Turkish to Greek. Now, its original owner wants to bring back the original Ephesus. We learned this after a tip from Mark that someone was painting inside the building. We went over and found Hasan Ocak, who told us his plan is to reopen the restaurant he founded in 1995. The space needs a lot of work, though, he said – noting he’s already made six dump runs with debris – so he’s not sure about a timeline.

BIZNOTE: West Coast Willow now open in north Morgan Junction

West Coast Willow is now open at 5902 California SW. That’s the space vacated when Good Sister moved south to 6959 California, as reported here in December. West Coast Willow is right next to WSB sponsor Moon Room Shop and Wellness, and says that together they’re creating a “holistic corner” of the neighborhood, dubbing it the “Juneau Junction.” West Coast Willow explains, “We have a dreamy wall of bulk herbs (over 60 different herbs and spices), tea blends (which we will be blending on site for sipping and changing up weekly or more) and accessories, tinctures (made on site), candles, oils, smudge sticks and beautiful products from local makers such as flower essences, soaps, and roller balls. We also carry organic beauty products made on site by Nicole Leitner, our owner and local esthetician who has been working in the neighborhood for the last ten years.” They do facials and Reiki, and plan to offer classes and workshops. “Our goal is to inspire people to follow their intuition and feel confident in making their own herbal remedies and ritual practices.” Hours are 11 am-5 pm Sundays, closed Mondays, 10 am-6 pm Tuesdays and Saturdays, 11 am-6 pm Wednesdays and Fridays, spa days (by appointment) Thursdays.

BIZNOTE: Sweet treats for sweethearts

February 14, 2024 9:54 am
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(WSB photo, November 2023)

Before we get to the rest of what’s up today, one biznote for ice-cream lovers – Colleen at Shug’s Mini (California/Charlestown) sends word that they’re open a bonus day today “for a special Wednesday Valentine’s Day treat.” Hours will be noon to 9 pm. Those are the regular Shug’s Mini hours Thursdays-Sundays, and, Colleen adds, “We will have specials throughout the weekend to help celebrate love, family and friendship.”

BIZNOTE FOLLOWUP: Opening date set for Sebastiano’s

That’s a look inside Sebastiano’s, the wine shop/wine bar about to open at 3278 California SW. We reported last month on Sebastiano Tecchio‘s plan for the cozy space where he previously managed Molly’s Bottle Shop. Now he sends word that he’s planning to open this Wednesday, February 14, at 2 pm. He says Sebastiano’s will be “focused on natural and organic wines from around the world, with a good selection also of domestic and local wines.” Hours will be 2-8 pm Wednesdays through Saturdays, noon-6 pm Sundays, closed Mondays and Tuesdays.


BIZNOTE FOLLOWUP: All the Best Pet Care’s new West Seattle store is open

The photo is from All the Best Pet Care, announcing that their new West Seattle store is open (at Maris, 4722 Fauntleroy Way SW). We first reported last August that All the Best had permit filings for the space, and the company confirmed it in October, saying this is their 17th store around the region. In West Seattle, it’s the eighth pet-focused retail shop, joining Pet Elements, Addy’s, Next-to-Nature, Mud Bay, Pet Pros, Petco, and Pet Supplies Plus. All the Best had a shop on Alki 2007-2009 (where Outer Space Seattle recently closed). Today’s announcement says, “West Seattle residents are invited to stop by and ask for a free Valentine’s treat for their dog or cat now through February 14. A grand-opening event is planned for March.” Hours and other info are here.

P.S. Also on the way to Maris, according to permit filings, is Club Pilates.

BIZNOTE: Mission Cantina announces it’s closing ‘after 19 amazing years’

The owners of Mission Cantina in The Admiral District (2325 California SW) say their restaurant/bar will close permanently in a little over a week. Here’s the announcement we received tonight:

After 19 amazing years, Mission Cantina must say “adios” to the West Seattle neighborhood we have long adored as family. This decision was not one arrived at easily. Due to rising operational costs, changes in the economy, and an evolving hospitality landscape, we are announcing Saturday, February 17th will be our final night.

Our beloved community has supported us, and we are proud to have supported our community in return. We have been lucky to host first dates that became engagement parties and then marriage celebrations, followed by childrens’ birthdays, then became supporters for school auctions, and we even had our logo on the backs of Little League jerseys … all for the same wonderful families.

Mission has been a gathering spot in the Admiral neighborhood for almost two decades, the venue for two weddings, many live music shows and multiple celebrations of life, and we loved every minute. We thank the West Seattle community, and all of Seattle, for being part of our journey, through good times and challenging times. We are especially grateful for our amazing team members – past and present, our dedicated Missionaries who came for dinners and tasting events, our nearby neighbor businesses, the West Seattle Chamber, and the Admiral Neighborhood Association for being there for us when we needed you most.

Please come in and support our amazing staff during this farewell week.

We will miss every one of you, West Seattle.

Peter Morse, Shawn Padilla & Tina Padilla

Bhina Wolf Atelier LLC: Welcoming a new West Seattle Blog sponsor

Today we’re welcoming Bhina Wolf Atelier LLC as a new WSB sponsor. When new sponsors join us to advertise their local businesses to you, they get the opportunity to tell you about who they are and what they do – here’s what Bhina Wolf Atelier LLC would like you to know:

In the heart of Seattle, nestled amidst the vibrant design community, lies Bhina Wolf Atelier LLC, an Interior Design Studio that breathes life into spaces, weaving dreams into reality. Founded by Bhina Agnihotri Wolf, whose roots trace back to lineage of artisans, the studio is a testament to her journey of resilience, passion, and unwavering commitment to her craft.

Growing up surrounded by the craftmanship of her grandfather, a skilled carpenter, Bhina’s childhood was imbued with a deep appreciation for the artistry of transforming raw materials into cherished pieces of furniture and décor. This early exposure ignited a fire within her, sparking a lifelong fascination with design and creativity. However, life took unexpected turns for Bhina when she embarked on a new chapter of love in a foreign land, only to tragically lose her husband. Amidst the throes of grief and despair, Bhina found solace in her art, channeling her pain into a newfound purpose – the pursuit of creating beauty and harmony in the world around her.

Bhina grew up in New Delhi, the capital city of India, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in interior design. She brings 13 years of experience working on large-scale hospitality projects in Kenya, as well as a variety of luxurious residential spaces in major cities.

Collaborating on projects with Seattle-based Architectural firm Bailly & Bailly, they specialize in residential projects, ranging from one room to entire houses, offering services from designing, styling, and decorating to consultation on furniture and procurement.

At Bhina Wolf Atelier LLC, the designers believe that your home is your haven, you make your whole set of memories right there in every nook and corner of the gorgeous house you have made. Every detail is meticulously curated, every element thoughtfully chosen, to create an environment that inspires, enchants, and delights.

But beyond the realm of interior design, BWA is a symbol of hope, resilience, and the transformative power of art. It is a reminder that amidst life’s greatest challenges, there lies an opportunity for growth, for reinvention, and the creation of something truly magnificent.

At BWA we all come from different countries and cultures. We all epitomize a fusion of artisan legacy and contemporary innovation, offering custom-made designs tailored to the client’s unique narrative.

10% of the profits from our organization go to our own foundation. We are working toward our nonprofit organization, which will soon be registered. It’s about sponsoring the education of children who are Dalits, orphans, and cannot afford education in India. Also, we try to be an active donor to Food Lifeline. Our commitment to community engagement extends beyond design, as we collaborate with these entities to foster meaningful connections and contribute positively to the social fabric of our neighborhoods.

Bhina Wolf Atelier LLC is based in West Seattle. Here’s how to contact them to discuss your project!

We thank Bhina Wolf Atelier LLC for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here; email patrick@wsbsales.com for info on joining the team!

BIZNOTE: High Point Walgreens’ temporary closure

February 8, 2024 1:24 pm
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1:24 PM: Thanks for the tips. Multiple readers have asked why the High Point Walgreens is closed right now. We went there to check on the situation; the entrance is closed, no signage. One reader says someone there earlier told them the door was inoperable because of a burglary attempt, and that the store had been waiting for a repair crew; we haven’t been able to verify that – the door did not show obvious damage, and there’s no police calls to that address listed for last night or this morning. We’ll go back to check again in a few hours; if you see the store open sooner, please let us know (text to 206-293-6302 is optimal) – thank you!

2:57 PM: A texter says the store has reopened. Also, the “temporarily closed” message is no longer on the store’s website.

YOU CAN HELP: Order from Dream Dinners West Seattle, help students

February 8, 2024 9:00 am
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Dream Dinners West Seattle (longtime WSB sponsor) is not only offering you the chance to enjoy home-cooked meals with much less effort, they’re also offering the chance to help local students. Order three dinners from Dream Dinners West Seattle, use a special code, and Madison Middle School‘s WEB program (explained here) benefits. From the announcement:

Help support Madison’s W.E.B. (where everyone belongs) program! We are teaming up with Dream Dinners West Seattle again this year and they’re donating a portion of their sales to Madison. By helping WEB and a local small business, your money has a DOUBLE positive impact in our community, and you’ll have some quick, easy meals ready. If you’re interested, please put MADWEB in the special instructions when you order and Madison will get a portion of the sales!

P.S. If you are not interested in Dream Dinners at this time, we are asking for donations of $10 (or more) to keep WEB going strong. If you can help, here is the donation link.

Here’s the fundraiser flyer. Place your order before February 24.

BIZNOTE: New Westwood Village gym finally opening

(WSB photo, January 8)

One month after those trucks brought in the equipment for Westwood Village‘s new gym Fitness 19, it’s finally about to open. Thanks to Christopher for the tip that Fitness 19 has announced it’s opening its doors tomorrow (Wednesday, February 7, 8 am), after passing its SFD inspection. As we first reported one year ago, it’s opening in the three-years-empty 24 Hour Fitness space on the breezeway. According to its website, the fitness chain has locations in 12 states.

BIZNOTE: Different kind of automotive merging

Thanks to Ian for the photo and tip. The former Service King at 4501 38th SW is getting new signage today – for Crash Champions. The two collision-damage-repair chains announced a merger a year and a half ago. Crash Champions’ 500+ locations now include more than 30 in this state, half of which are listed online as former Service King sites.

Separate from this, we noted in 2017 that the land holding this business and the auto-parts store next door had been sold to an Eastside investor for $4.4 million; we noticed today that the owner’s website shows a future mixed-use project for the site, though there’s nothing about it (yet) in the city permit system – we’ll follow up.

BIZNOTES: Valentine’s menu; seafood specials; HomeStreet’s latest spotlight

February 4, 2024 8:34 pm
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Three biznotes:

MORE VALENTINE’S FOOD: The latest venue to send word of a special Valentine’s menu is Camp West in The Junction (4539 California SW). They’re offering a special three-course prix-fixe menu (see it here) for $60/person. On Valentine’s Day, 4-9 pm, that’s all Camp West will offer; it’ll also be an option for the subsequent four days, February 15-18. They recommend reservations, which can be booked online. (Anybody else with Valentine specials? Let us know!)

SEAFOOD SALES: Planning a home-cooked Valentine meal? Or Super Bowl or Lunar New Year or … hey, no special occasion necessary. WSB sponsor Seattle Seafood Center (717 S. Michigan in Georgetown) has extended sales on crab, lobster, and ahi tuna.

HOMESTREET SPOTLIGHT: Every month, HomeStreet Bank in The Junction (4022 SW Alaska; WSB sponsor) spotlights another local business/nonprofit, with a display and an invitation to customers to enter a drawing. Last month’s spotlight was on Sports Medicine Northwest:

(HomeStreet’s Joyce Leslie, center, with Sports Medicine NW’s Alicia Pond and Dr. Skylar Pond)

Sports Medicine NW’s co-proprietors stopped by HomeStreet on Friday for the monthly drawing. This month’s spotlight at the bank is on Mighty House Construction.

Before your next trip to the slopes, learn about taking care of your skis/snowboard at West Seattle class

As that WSDOT camera view shows, there’s plenty of snow in the mountains (today Stevens Pass reported a four-foot base). Taking care of your skis and/or snowboard will keep them in good shape, so that’s why Mountain to Sound Outfitters (WSB sponsor) is offering another class:

Unlock the secrets to maintaining peak performance on the slopes with our “Intro to Waxing Class!” on Wednesday, February 7th at 6 pm. Led by our expert shop manager, Chia, this workshop will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to keep your gear in top condition. The class includes:

Expert Demonstration – Our skilled shop manager will guide you through the art and science of ski and snowboard waxing. Learn essential techniques and gain insights into the importance of proper waxing for maximizing your equipment’s performance.

Understanding Wax Types – Dive into the world of waxes! Learn about different types of waxes and their specific applications based on snow conditions, temperatures, and your skiing or snowboarding style. Discover the right wax for your needs and preferences.

Equipment Maintenance Tips – Beyond waxing, our expert will share valuable insights into general equipment maintenance. Discover how small adjustments and care can make a big difference in your overall experience on the slopes.

Community Connection – This class is not just about waxing; it’s an opportunity to connect with fellow shredders in the community. Share your passion for winter sports, swap stories, and make new friends who share your love for the mountains.

Register here. The $10 fee can be used as a credit toward buying your own waxing supplies at M2SO, which is in The Triangle at 3602 SW Alaska.

BIZNOTE: Here’s why the El Camion food truck vanished in Fauntleroy

Our photo from the 9200 block of 45th SW in Fauntleroy is more about what’s not in it than what is. It’s the spot usually inhabited by the El Camion food truck. Over the weekend, multiple readers wondered where it was and if it was coming back. Our archives reminded us that El Camion left the spot for some maintenance work around this time last year, and that’s what’s happening now too. Reached by email, El Camion management told us, “Currently we are having the transmission repaired because it currently only goes into first gear and reverse. We don’t have any time estimation at this point because they are still assessing the problem and trying to procure parts. This is a very slow time of the year for us at that location and financially, it’s hard to make ends meet and stay open, so we are using this opportunity to have repair work done.” The truck has held that spot in the heart of Fauntleroy’s Endolyne mini-business district since July 2019.

BIZNOTES: 3 from The Junction – fitness plus chocolate x 2

January 26, 2024 11:20 pm
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Three biznotes before the night’s out, all in The Junction:

FITNESS TOGETHER WEST SEATTLE: As previewed here last night, longtime WSB sponsor Fitness Together West Seattle threw a party tonight to celebrate their expansion at 4546 California SW – more room not just for their specialty, personal training, but also for small group classes. Owner Bryan Habas and team cut the “grand reopening” ribbon to start tonight’s open-house celebration. Even if you missed the party, you can contact FTWS to ask about their deals (noted in our preview).

And you might want to move a bit more as we shift into Valentine-chocolate season – here are two related Junction notes:

CUPCAKE ROYALE’S DEATHCAKE: The coffee-and-treats shop a couple doors down from Fitness Together, on the northeast corner of California/Alaska, wants you to know that Deathcake is back: “Three beautiful layers of sea-salted chocolate decadence, our award-winning chocolate cake, and Stumptown™ espresso ganache. Each Deathcake comes in its own jar, perfect for warming!” You can pre-order one now for shipping, or get it at the shop starting February 1st.

THE BEER JUNCTION’S CHOCOLATE BEER WEEK: Set your calendar reminder now – starting Valentine’s Day, The Beer Junction (4511 California SW) celebrates chocolate beers for what’s actually a week and a half, through February 25. Proprietor Corey Leitch says, “Looking for some fun to kick off (or finish up,) your Valentine’s celebrations this year? Join us for a festival of decadent confection inspired beers that are better than any box of chocolates! We will have beers from Fremont, Structures, Perennial, Oskar Blues, Belching Beaver, Double Mountain, Bottle Logic, Mother Earth, Block 15, Boulevard and Oakshire on tap from 2/14-2/25.”

Got a biznote? Email westseattleblog@gmail.com – thank you!

Alki Arts (in Morgan Junction): Welcome, new West Seattle Blog sponsor!

Today we’re welcoming Alki Arts as a new WSB sponsor. When new sponsors join us to advertise their local businesses to you, they get the opportunity to tell you about themselves – here’s what Alki Arts would like you to know:

Alki Arts proprietor Diane Venti says her mission at her new location in Morgan Junction, at 6030 California Avenue SW, remains the same as it’s been since her first gallery opened on Alki in 2010 – to provide original art from local artists at a reasonable price. She says that if you’re looking for something to put over the mantle that makes a statement, she can help you do that without breaking the bank.

To find art for Alki Arts, Diane tours shows in the Pacific Northwest to find the highest caliber of professional art created by people who aren’t necessarily famous, but have years of experience creating work for shows and art tours. Diane says that means you’ll find art at Alki Arts from established artists with impressive resumes. Every month, Diane brings in new groups of artists to exhibit at Alki Arts. Some of the featured artists have been showing at her galleries for more than a decade; she also brings in new and upcoming artists.

Alki Arts is also an event space, and you can go there to enjoy music, too – Diane has launched an “Intimate Concert Series” (see the schedule on the website).

Alki Arts is open 12 pm-6 pm Tuesdays-Saturdays and by appointment; it’s closed Sundays and Mondays. Diane also works with private clients.

We thank Alki Arts for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here; email patrick@wsbsales.com for info on joining the team!

BIZNOTE: Fitness Together West Seattle celebrates expansion with ‘grand reopening’ Friday

A West Seattle Junction business (and longtime WSB sponsor) is expanding and celebrating.

A little over a year after Bryan Habas took over Fitness Together West Seattle (upstairs at 4546 California SW), he’s excited about adding more room to serve clients. He explains, “We are expanding by leasing and renovating the 770sf of office space adjacent to us to add to our 1080sf. We have connected the two spaces now and it will give us a lobby/reception area, separate staff break room, and an exercise space large enough for small group classes.”

Bryan adds, “This will give us 3 total separate semi-private workout spaces and we will be able to take new clients at some of the most popular time slots again (before and after typical work hours) which we haven’t been able to offer for a few years because we were at capacity.” The small-group classes are an addition to what Fitness Together West Seattle has been offering, though his trainers have experience with them: “We will limit class size to 5 or 6 to maintain the personal touch and connection with our clients.”

Visit the studio Friday night (January 26) starting at 5:45 pm for a party and a peek at the expanded space. And check out the deal FTWS is offering if you’re thinking about personal training services: “We are offering 50% off the first month of a membership or 15% off any package of sessions up to 50.” Contact info is here.

West Seattle Foot & Ankle Clinic: Welcome, new WSB sponsor!

Today we welcome West Seattle Foot & Ankle Clinic as a new WSB sponsor, with urgent-care appointments available now!

West Seattle Foot & Ankle Clinic is West Seattle’s independently and locally owned podiatric care clinic. Our board-certified doctors provide the highest level of foot and ankle care possible, while treating patients as a whole. We strive to take time, listen carefully, and educate each patient. Currently owned and operated by West Seattle resident Dr. Matthew LaBella, our clinic has been dedicated to serving patients in West Seattle since 1979.

We have urgent care appointments available most days. Call us at 206-937-4700 to schedule an appointment with a trained, board-certified specialist to address your foot and ankle care needs.


West Seattle Foot & Ankle Clinic sees patients for foot and ankle pain related to use, injury, deformity, and/or acute infection. We see patients of all ages for:

Foot/Ankle Pain
Foot/Ankle Injuries
Heel Pain
Ingrown Toenails
Diabetic Foot Evaluations
Custom Orthotics
Foot/Ankle Fractures
Achilles Tendon Issues
Overuse Injuries of Foot/Ankle
Arthritis of Foot/Ankle
Flat Feet/Over Pronation
Gait Issues Related to Foot/Ankle
Fungal Toenails/Skin


West Seattle Foot & Ankle Clinic is staffed by Dr. Matthew LaBella and Dr. Ryan Schwanke. Both are board-certified in foot and ankle surgery and have outpatient surgical privileges at St. Anne hospital in Burien and in the Providence Swedish health system. Dr. LaBella and Dr. Schwanke are highly regarded practitioners in Seattle and throughout the region.

Our medical and administrative support staff is comprised of mostly West Seattle residents who are passionate about caring for our patients. We see our patients as neighbors and friends in the West Seattle community. To learn more about our staff, visit wsfac.com/staff.html


West Seattle Foot & Ankle Clinic is contracted with most major insurance and has an experienced billing manager dedicated to helping our patients maximize their insurance benefits. For more details, visit more at wsfac.com/insurance.html

Contact & Hours

West Seattle Foot & Ankle Clinic is located at 4520 42nd Ave. SW, Suite 34. Our phone number is 206-937-4700. Our hours of operation are Mondays-Thursdays 8 am-5 pm, Fridays 7 am-noon.

We thank West Seattle Foot & Ankle Clinic for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here; email patrick@wsbsales.com for info on joining the team!

WEST SEATTLE LIGHT RAIL: Business at likely station site sends open letter ‘reaching out to our community for support, solidarity, perhaps even some shared strategies’

If Sound Transit keeps West Seattle light rail on its current schedule, construction could start in 2027 – three years away.

That might seem like a long time (especially considering seven years already have passed since the ST3 ballot measure that laid the groundwork for it), but for those with homes and businesses in its path, the clock is ticking. The Sound Transit Board won’t finalize the West Seattle station locations and routing until after the Final Environmental Impact Statement is published in the “middle” of this year, but is already focusing planning on likely station sites – including this one at the north end of Delridge Way.

Near the arrow labeled “north to West Seattle Bridge” is the current site of music venue/restaurant/bar The Skylark, whose owner Matt Larson sent an open letter to the community last night. We saw it via their mailing list and obtained permission to republish it:

Hello Skylark Friends, Family, Beloved Patrons,

I hope this message finds you well, and I want to take a moment to share something close to our hearts—something that directly impacts the heartbeat of our community.

You’re likely aware of the impending West Seattle Light Rail Extension, a reality that is drawing ever closer as we are directly in its path. However, what may not be as widely known are the challenges faced by businesses like ours, as well as our dear neighbors at Mode Music, Alki Daycare, and countless others in the West Seattle and Seattle area.

The city, in recognition of the impact this extension will have on local businesses, is offering support in the form of moving, storing, and hooking up our equipment. While they have committed to covering up to $50,000 in associated costs, it’s important to understand that this sum, though significant, falls short of the financial hurdles we would face. This would certainly not cover paying ourselves and our staff during the downtime, any buildouts that would most likely be necessary, the exponential increase in rent, plus all of the other costs that would be incurred with such an undertaking.

This looming inevitability not only disrupts our daily operations but also poses a significant obstacle when it comes to the future of our businesses. Even if one wanted to sell their business at this point, selling at their true value becomes impossible under these circumstances. Furthermore, we find ourselves in a challenging position as we await the letter informing us of the timeline for evacuation — ranging from 1 to 5 years (but probably closer to 1-2) — and the undetermined period we’ll have to vacate thereafter.

I share this not to debate the merits of the light rail or delve into the politics surrounding it. At this point, it’s an unavoidable reality we must collectively navigate. As the only music venue in West Seattle, one of the few all-ages venues in the city, and a hub for community events and LGBTQ gatherings, we’ve proudly been part of this vibrant community for over 16 years.

We’ve weathered storms together—from the challenges of the past years to enduring the bridge closure. Still, as we strive to find our footing amidst the rising costs of everything, the prospect of relocation without the necessary support feels disheartening, to say the least.

I share this not seeking sympathy but understanding. Our story is one of resilience, and we’re reaching out to our community for support, solidarity, and perhaps even some shared strategies for navigating this uncertain path.

In the meantime, I just ask that you perhaps pay an extra visit to us here and there! Support the other businesses and if you have something to offer, I know we are all ears and open to help, thoughts, ideas, or just moral support! We want to be here for you and we don’t want West Seattle to lose something very unique that will be terribly difficult to replicate or replace.

Thank you for being the heartbeat of West Seattle. Together, we’ll find the rhythm to face the challenges ahead and preserve the spirit that makes our community truly special.

With Gratitude,

Matt Larson
Owner, Skylark Cafe and Club

As Matt’s open letter notes, The Skylark is not the only business in this situation. But he felt this was the time to make a plea to the community. If you read our daily “what’s happening today/tonight” lists, Skylark events are a mainstay, including weekly open-mic, trivia, and bingo, plus live bands almost every Friday and Saturday. The venue is also a restaurant and bar. He’s owned it for a decade. Two years ago, we talked with Matt about The Skylark’s pandemic-survival story.

Fauntleroy Gardening Co.: Welcome, new West Seattle Blog sponsor!

January 23, 2024 11:07 am
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Today we’re welcoming Fauntleroy Gardening Co. as our newest WSB sponsor. When new sponsors join us to advertise their local businesses to you, they get the opportunity to tell you about themselves – here’s what Fauntleroy Gardening Co. would like you to know:

Are you looking for an exterior space to match the detail of your home’s interior? Do you want to extend your living space out into the garden? Fauntleroy Gardening Co. has distinguished itself in designing, installing, and maintaining gardens that invite the visitor into their spaces and encourage them to linger, relax, and unwind. Established in 2006 and based in West Seattle since 2014, Fauntleroy Gardening Co. welcomes new homeowners and established West Seattleites as we continue to grow our roots deeper in the neighborhood.

With over 20 years of horticultural and design experience, we provide our clients with unique garden design that closely aligns with their desired aesthetic, style of home, and natural surroundings. Our work ranges from containers to mixed borders, estate gardens to urban oases. In addition to fine pruning, seasonal color updates, seasonal cleanups, garden restoration, garden coaching, design & installation, we also specialize in garden maintenance.

Once your new or restored garden is in place, you’ll want to keep it looking beautiful with regular maintenance. Our clients rely upon and benefit from our team’s knowledge and expertise to assess the garden, create a game plan for its care, and implement it over time. Fine pruning techniques are used to whip neglected maples, rhododendrons, and other ornamentals into shape and keep them looking beautiful from season to season.

For those whose love of gardening exceeds the space that they have, let us tempt you with lush and lovely custom containers. Check out the container portfolio on our website for examples of containers that our clients love. We’re deeply invested in the care, maintenance, and betterment of our clients’ gardens as well as our community. That’s why we take the time to seek out local community organizations who share our values of preserving/protecting Puget Sound ecosystems, and enrich them through education and good old-fashioned hard work. We have partnered with New Start Community Garden (aka Shark Garden) by donating Fauntleroy Gardening Co. volunteer hours, and we look forward to expanding our local volunteer network as we continue to grow as a company.

We know that there are many landscaping companies out there and perhaps you’ve worked with one only to have been underwhelmed. Give FGC a call and let us show you what it means to work with a professional gardening company. Check us out on Instagram @fauntleroygardeningco, then head over to our website fauntleroygardeningco.com where you can see our portfolio and contact information. We look forward to meeting more of our West Seattle neighbors as we continue planting the seeds of great design.

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