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Open-and-shut case

Stopped by the new Pacino’s Coffee on Delridge to check out an e-mail tip from a Pacino’s customer who stopped by two days running, found it closed, and wondered what was going on. There’s now a printed sign on all of its windows saying CLOSED FOR FURTHER IMPROVEMENTS/SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE/THANKS FOR YOUR BUSINESS/SEE YOU SOON.

While we’re talking pets …

September 10, 2007 9:05 pm
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Finally heard from Lady Di-Pet Chaperone regarding her plans as her current Admiral location (site of the 2310 Cali project) gets closer to demolition. She says she’s expecting to be able to stay there at least another 9 months, but is actively looking for someplace new.

They labored, and their store was born

September 9, 2007 10:29 am
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Less than a week after we spotted their store-in-progress during a Labor Day afternoon walk along Cali, the folks at On The Way Maternity e-mailed us to say they’re now open:

Thanks to all that gave us such a warm welcome at this year’s street fair. Also, we would like to thank our wonderful neighbors at C&P Coffee House, which is one block south of us, for all of their help. We carry designer maternity wear, nursing wear, Medela breast pumps/accessories, maternity pillows, feeding accessories, Phil and Teds strollers, and many more items.

The store will be open 7 days a week
10 am-6 pm

5446 Cali Ave. 938-2229 (938-BABY)

Jumping between Junctions

The paint store & interior-design folks of Authentic Home have finished their move from Morgan Junction to The (Alaska) Junction. We like the bright blue they painted their new location (formerly home to Emerald City Locksmith), so we’re happy they sent us this photo of owner Kathy Banak standing out front:

Authentic Home.jpg

In the new location at 4151 Cali, Authentic Home plans to be open 9:30-5:30 M-F, 9:30-4 Saturdays.

Seen during a holiday stroll

From Admiral Junction to Morgan Junction on foot, much to be seen. Including:

-Dangerous driving at Cali/Genesee and Cali/Fauntleroy. At the former, a car turning right/north onto Cali (by Divina) almost took out a bicyclist that the driver would have seen with a good look south before the turn. The bicyclist shouted indignantly for a while, the driver paused, then both finally continued on. At the latter — a car almost took us out, turning right/west onto Fauntleroy (by the Corner Inn) as we stepped into the crosswalk. We’re not much for shouting so we just glowered.

-Banner up for a new business in the mixed-use building at 5446 Cali: “On the Way Maternity.” According to its city business-license classification, it’ll sell clothing. Doesn’t look too close to opening; various renovations are under way inside.

-In The Junction, the former Hollywood Video etc./future megaproject site along Alaska now has a “coming soon/Office Depot” banner on the fence. (Why not “coming soon/QFC” too?)


Days turn into weeks, how quick they pass …

(… to paraphrase the line that’s 40 seconds into this cool old song.) In this case, the passing of time to which we refer involves Chuck & Sally’s Tavern north of Morgan Junction. It’s been more than two weeks since a reader first e-mailed us about a hand-lettered sign at C & S saying CLOSED FOR A FEW DAYS/COOLER PROBLEMS; today, that sign is still there. Tried calling; got only a fax tone. E-mailed the property owner; no reply yet. That corner (Cali & Graham) is jumping these days, with future townhouses on the NW corner and a condo conversion on the SE corner (the future “Strata”), so some tavern fans have been wondering about the future of the little blue building The Stranger once fondly called a “TV-laden little dive.”

While things are quiet: Looking ahead

Many big things coming up this month in WS. Here are a few we haven’t mentioned yet …

WEDNESDAY — First day of school for Seattle Public Schools (and many private schools too). Note that Cleveland HS is no longer in the Boren building on Delridge; its own new building is done. However, South Lake HS continues its temporary stay in the old Hughes building; and Fairmount Park Elementary will be empty after closing in June.

THURSDAY — Shoppers go wild! It’s the Fall Fashion Affair in The Junction, 7-10 pm at Sweetie, Edie’s, Clementine, and Carmilia’s.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16TH — The Northwest Hope & Healing Breast Cancer Half Marathon, with an added 5K Walk/Run if the half-m is a bit much. Sign up now at Capers in The Junction or get the registration form online and send it in.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18TH — First-ever fundraising breakfast for Southwest Youth & Family Services, 7:30 am @ Salty’s on Alki. Read more at the SWYFS website about all the people their programs help.

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22ND — Annual dinner & auction to raise $ for the Log House Museum, 5 pm @ Alki Masonic Hall in The Junction. Call the LHM for tickets (938-5293).

Selling by the seashore

Two retail notes from Alki this afternoon: First, if you look down 61st, you’ll see this umbrella right by the Homestead:


Thanks to the Alki Beach Community group on Yahoo! for tipping us to the little produce stand now set up under that umbrella. Fruit on one side, vegetables on the other, all organic, obtained from Charlie’s Produce. According to what Homestead owner Tom Lin told the ABC group, its operator is a UW student named Eric. First place on Alki you can buy uncooked food since Alki Market shut down again. Speaking of that space …


… that’s the scene next to Cactus, as the future All the Best Pet Care continues getting ready for business. This will be West Seattle’s northernmost pet-stuff store, joining (north to south) Mud Bay, Next to Nature, Petco, Pet Elements, and Pet Pros.

For the first time since Spanky’s went out …

… there’s a sign on Cali prominently advertising “adult” merchandise.


We noticed the new “adult DVDs” addition to the sign at the Short Stop market on the north edge of Morgan Junction several days ago and felt a little hinky about it, but then thought, nah, we’re just prudes. A day later, we got reader e-mail voicing concern, and we decided it’s worth raising the question here. The reader wrote, in part:

It’s lit up and elevated up on a big pole, which is unfortunate for the neighborhood. What’s next, strip clubs? Now when my family comes to visit, I’ll have to tell them “Take a right at the Adult DVD store.” 

Now, in fairness, this sign is not exactly next to a school or day-care center. Chuck & Sally’s Tavern is the second building to the north, Beveridge Place Pub is the next one south. But it is next to the site of a future park, and smack in the middle of a neighborhood in transition — with a big condo conversion and future townhomes also steps away. So what do you think? “Unfortunate,” as the reader wrote? Or no big deal?

Bye-bye, Box

starnailsbeautybox.jpgNoticed this week that 3256 Cali is for sale, the site best known for its little brick business duplex with the timeless Beauty Box sign on the south wall; appears its owner died earlier this year. Before we got around to mentioning the listing here, reader e-mail tipped us that the Beauty Box shop is closing next month; big sign in the window verifies it, GOING OUT OF BUSINESS/EVERYTHING FOR SALE. No development application filed for the site yet so far as we can tell from the city database.

Barber’s back

August 14, 2007 4:00 pm
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A couple weeks ago, we mentioned the note on the door of Rick’s Barber Shop. Rick himself posted a comment today to say he’s reopening tomorrow; since the original post has long since fallen off the home page, we wanted to spotlight it here:

Thanks ya’ll. This is Rick and I’ll be back as of August 15th. Sorry about the short notice, had friend stick a note in the window. A little vague but not sure of my return date until I return. Lots of legal and family (ill parents) matters so I’ll probably be scootin’ out again, this time with a better note in the window. Thanks for the health concerns. Just gettin’ old I guess but not as old as the folks – Rick

Sunday sunset, and more

We didn’t go to Westwood Village tonight in search of our semi-traditional Sunday sunset photo, much less infobits, but we found both …


The WV infobits: #1, West Seattle bestselling author Terry Brooks is coming back to the WV Barnes & Noble, August 28th @ 6:30 pm, almost a year after his last stop there; #2, the Pet Pros store in the old laundromat spot next to QFC is now open.

Coffee closure


Thanks to the WSB reader who sent e-mail to call to our attention the fact that, not long after its sale, Carosello Coffee (former Coffee Shoppe, former Casablanca) on 35th north of Holden is closed. Handwritten sign on its door says NEW OWNERSHIP, WILL REOPEN SOON. The business next door (also recently sold) has already changed from Koze to Northwest Montessori (which used to be on the grounds of the former Calvary Lutheran Church at 35th/Cloverdale, now Life Church Ministries, the congregation, previously known as Gatewood Baptist before selling its Cali/Othello building to developers who resold it to Seattle International Church … whew, sounds like a soap-opera recap).

South Morgan Junction on the move

July 31, 2007 4:31 pm
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If you’re looking for someplace to move a business, south of Morgan Junction is where you might want to be. In fact, space is available at the current home of Authentic Home, which is moving later this year to the north edge of The Junction (4151 Cali, former home of Emerald City Locksmith). Below the photo, some other changes in the same business area south of Morgan Junction, which covers two blocks north of Caffe Ladro:


In this block, the Tail Wag has rebranded itself as Stella Ruffington’s; in the block north of the photo, Chill is open, offering massages and “modern apothecary” (its website isn’t built out yet but the flyers at its storefront promise an intriguing mix of aromatherapy). All this within a stone’s throw of development/housing action we’ve reported on previously, including the SeventyOne apartments-turned-condos, the Housing Authority purchase of Riviera West, and the big clump of townhouses on former Gatewood Baptist church land across from the ex-GB/now Seattle International Church itself.

Wondering about Divina?

July 30, 2007 1:19 pm
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Several people have written us wondering what’s up with Divina, north of The Junction, since it looks rather empty from the outside. We stopped to check out the sign on the door; it promises they’ll be “back in August” with more “new, fun” stuff.

Gone fishing or just gone?

Sign on Rick’s Barber Shop along Cali south of The Junction says “barber shop closed until further notice.” Voice-mail greeting says the same thing. Don’t know how long it’s been there; we just happened to be walking through the between-junctions (TweenJun? nah, let’s not go there) area for the first time in a while & saw it.

Legend(s)ary no more

Alongside the bus stop on 35th, just south of Avalon, the Legends sign is down, the new Redline sign is up.


New name for the motel you love to hate

The ex-Travelodge on Alaska just west of 35th, where the sign had been under a blue bag for months, is now suddenly redubbed SEATTLE WEST INN & SUITES. (We know you won’t believe it without a picture, but it’s such a dark & stormy night, ours didn’t come out.)

Latest sign of change

The old Neilsen Florist building on the north edge of The Junction is one step closer to transformation into Shadowland: The neon just came off the old sign (photo below), and a knowledgeable source tells us it was offered to the Neilsen family. (This is just down the block from Shoofly Pie Company, which opens this Saturday, if your calendar’s not already marked!)


Westwood Village additions in progress

Next to QFC, the Pet Pros store-to-be (ex-laundromat) has a “help wanted” sign posted out front; on the south edge of WV, the suspense (?) is finally over regarding which of the new spaces next to Sally’s will be Giannoni’s Pizza and which will be Taco Del Mar:


Teeing up for a good cause

July 5, 2007 5:08 pm
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Learned a few new things while looking around for more of what WS people are up to online: A software enterprise involved in some cool concerns is located at Luna Park, and it’s got a sponsorship deal going with a charity golf tournament later this month.