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West Seattle Wind Watch: Looks like tomorrow afternoon

From the link we mentioned earlier this morning, where National Weather Service meteorologists elaborate at least twice daily on what they see heading this way, the newest “forecast discussion” is now published, including this excerpt, referring to tomorrow (Thursday): “FOR THE PUGET SOUND AREA…APPEARS THAT THE STRONGEST WINDS WILL OCCUR DURING THE LATE AFTERNOON AND EARLY EVENING HOURS AS A STRONG SOUTH TO NORTH PRESSURE GRADIENT DEVELOPS.”

High Wind Watch for West Seattle (and beyond)

Unless you moved here after Windstorm 2006 last December, you may be quaking like a leaf in the breeze at the prospect of the High Wind Watch alert just issued this morning — after all, West Seattle got hit the worst in that December-to-remember wallop, with most of us losing electricity for at least a few days. The city promises it will do a better job of getting out information this year regarding when the juice is coming back; crews have also been out for weeks trying to take some preventive action – we saw city tree trimmers along Cali just a few days ago. So get your batteries (laptop too!), your firewood, your blankets, your nonperishable food and drink, and hang on. As for the latest on whether Windstorm ’07 is really on the way, besides the usual collection of basic online forecasts (we like Weather Underground), here’s a great page to watch, with behind-the-scenes talk about what the real experts are seeing: The local National Weather Service “forecast discussion,” updated several times daily.

The cloud between the storms

Between bursts of rain this afternoon and evening, dramatic cloud formations graced our area in almost every direction. We missed the photo-ops but luckily WSB reader Anne did not — she e-mailed us this photo (thank you!) taken from the Admiral viewpoint:

cloudy seattle1.jpg

Wet walkers, warm hearts

October 7, 2007 3:09 pm
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Caught up with some of the Seattle CROP Walk’ers in the rain and the wind a little while ago just south of Alki Point. Hundreds of people from churches all over the area are braving the 3-mile Alki-area route today to raise money and awareness to fight hunger, locally (benefiting agencies include the West Seattle and White Center Food Banks) and worldwide.


Get ready

Remember last December? (If you’ve forgotten, or you weren’t here, browse the WSB December ’06 Windstorm category.) Time to get ready for this year — we’ll be offering lots of info on that shortly — for starters, the city just announced a new round of free “disaster prep” classes, including two next month in WS.

“You know it’s autumn in Seattle when …”

That’s what Mark Bourne wrote as the subject of the e-mail in which he sent us this photo, and really, we couldn’t say it any better.


We saw the signs

-On the door at La Rustica tonight: “Closed For Remodel/thanks for your patience.” (Interesting way to put it.)

-On the gate at Hotwire tonight: Sidewalk Cinema rained out one more time. This was supposed to be the reschedule of last month’s “Monty Python & the Holy Grail” rainout. When the raindrops started smacking the windshield just as we entered The Junction, we were mega-bummed, to say the least.

-On the window at Chuck & Sally’s tonight: The same “closed for several days” sign that’s been up for several weeks. City records show that someone filed a “land use code” complaint a few days after our early September report, but no indication exactly what they’re alleged to have violated, and no resolution of the complaint yet.

Spectacle in the sky


Seconds away from shutting down the computer, we checked e-mail one last time, and good thing we did: a note had just come in from Joe (thank you!!!!) with these spectacular photos of the lightning we’ve seen the past few hours. Joe’s full gallery of pix taken from what he described as “the west tip of Alki, facing southwest” can be found here.


Caught on camera! A short burst of summer!

We were so hoping to snag a pretty summer sunset photo tonight for the first time in a while. The clouds refused to cooperate. So instead, in case you didn’t get to go out and enjoy it, here’s actual proof that summer returned for a while this afternoon …. honest.


Lost summer?

For everyone looking for proof that the Seattle summer weather this year truly is as exceptionally lousy as it seems … our favorite non-WS bloggers, at Capitol Hill Seattle, have crunched the numbers one more time.

An outdoor movie in September! Yay!

sidewalk-cinema.jpgSign on the gate @ Hotwire says last night’s rained-out showing of “Monty Python & the Holy Grail” WILL be rescheduled for “a Saturday in September,” no date yet, we’ll let you know the second we hear. Meantime, in the rainout post on his Sidewalk Cinema blog, movie maestro Philip notes that next Saturday’s “Edward Scissorhands” showing will have an 8 pm opening band, Pagasys (hear them here).

Scenes from a soggy Sunday

August 19, 2007 2:38 pm
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Within just a few minutes’ time — the view westward from Alki Avenue; the view south from Constellation Park:


Rained out, again

sidewalk-cinema.jpgWhat kind of a summer IS this? For the second time in a month, the Sidewalk Cinema outdoor movie next to Hotwire is rained out tonight. We’re dejected, as we were completely looking forward to “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” and the live opening band. We’ll let you know if and when we find out about a rescheduling date; in the meantime, “Edward Scissorhands” is scheduled for next Saturday night — cross your fingers for cloudlessness.

Summer rain, by the numbers

July 22, 2007 11:39 am
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If you would rather peruse some stats than simply rage at the sogginess, our friends at Capitol Hill Seattle are looking back at the past decade. (We have no memory of the soaked summer of ’97. Maybe that’s a good thing.)

“Chicken Run” rainout

July 21, 2007 9:08 pm
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Even in Seattle, who in the world could imagine that if you wait till late July to schedule an outdoor-movie series, the first one would be rained out? Well, it happened in The Junction tonight; sign on the gate @ Hotwire says “Chicken Run” is rescheduled to Friday, August 10th.


July 21, 2007 8:27 am
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The rain stopped, the cloud ceiling rose. See you at The Parade!

And to all a good night

Now, the real challenge: Sleeping in a house that hasn’t let go of the afternoon heat yet. In case you face a similar challenge, here are three final photos for the day. First, the incredible neon sunset, photographed from the top of Gatewood Hill:


Next, a view of Duwamish Head before the sun went down, photographed by Bill Barna:


And from 35th and Roxbury, a tropical — and appropriate — window decoration.


OK, off now to stuff ice cubes in the pillowcase …

Exactly six months ago today

Are we SURE we really want to whine about the heat (97 at the official gauge at Sea-Tac as of 4 pm, a new record for this date)? Consider what had hit us half a year ago (photo from Upper Fauntleroy, Jan. 11, 2007):


It’s the big one

July 11, 2007 11:11 am
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… big high temperature coming … It’s 7 degrees hotter than it was this time yesterday (Boeing Field 84 now, 77 24 hours ago). Our refuge suggestion this hour: Indoor swimming @ Southwest Pool & Community Center. (Public swim coming up at 1:30 pm!)

Even cooler pix

People in WSB-land who haven’t passed out from heat exhaustion yet (78 at midnight! 12 degrees above San Diego!) were nice enough to send photos that might cool you off a degree or two.

First, from Luckie, a “party island” spotted off Alki on pirate day:


Second, from Jerry at JetCityOrange, a decorated tree in the window at Sleep Country in Westwood Village (we’re sorry we didn’t snap the inflatable snowman we saw the other day at Renton Honda, would have been a nice accompaniment):


Send us your pics, thoughts, tips, rumors, whatever, anytime.

Weather on the water

5 pm temperature check: 89 at Boeing Field and Sea-Tac. Regarding ways to stay cool, the windsurfer we spotted in WS waters this afternoon (photo below) sure had the right idea. On the water is always the coolest place to be — check out this personal weather station on Beach Drive. If you don’t have your own board (or boat), maybe a ferry ride – here’s the Fauntleroy-Southworth schedule.


There’s always eBay

If you’re still in the market for a fan or air conditioner you’re not completely out of luck, but you’re running out of choices.

Here’s the mini-AC shelf at the Delridge Home Depot as seen just before noon.


And as of lunchtime this is what the fan aisle at Target looks like.