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Delridge Deluge: More photos

Yet more photos coming in from Longfellow Creek, Allstar Fitness, and environs; we don’t want to add them atop the commute info, since that’s the most important stuff for a while longer, so we’ll be adding them one by one here; keep scrolling down to check. First, from Tim — along the creek, near SW Genesee, close to the 13th hole of West Seattle Golf Course:


From Kathy, another look at Allstar Fitness, awash in floodwater (let us know if you hear whether it plans to reopen tomorrow; we’ll check in the morning too):


Chris M also sent us this link to some good shots in his Flickr gallery.

More photos of Delridge flooding, plus a street closure

ADDED 2:25 PM: “The creek has burst free!” reports Kristin, who took these photos on Juneau between Delridge and 26th, and says 26th is closed.

2:12 PM: Mike actually captured the fabled “car swamped to its roof” we heard about in the lot at Allstar Fitness (2:38 PM UPDATE: reader reports, it IS closed because of the flooding) – that’s the car in the background:

Thanks again to everyone who’s sending WSB info and pix to share. ADDED 3:50 PM: Yet another picture of the now-iconic flooded car at Allstar, this time from Lea Kuchan:

Beach Drive slide update: Here’s what it looks like

As mentioned below, Beach Drive is blocked by a mudslide in the 6000 block. 1:40 PM: Photo just in from Dawson (thank you!), who confirms this is close to the area where the city granted a permit for slope-side trees to be cut earlier this year (previous WSB report here):

Here’s our photo, from a bit closer up:

Urgent Reader Recommendation Request: Basement help

Some WSB readers still might not be able to post comments because of our ongoing tech work but if you are seeing this – you should be able to – and Cali in Seaview would appreciate advice:

> We are looking for a good service to call to help us with our basement flooding. We have tried everything all morning, it is not stopping. I am sure there are other people going through the same thing. Any help would be much appreciated.

Beach Drive reported closed by slide

December 3, 2007 12:26 pm
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Included in this city press release: a report of a slide closing Beach Drive in the 6000 block. (map here)

More West Seattle storm updates

(Please scroll down to the bottom of this post for the latest info; today we are updating in chronological order rather than reverse chronological) Can’t say this often enough: If you don’t HAVE TO drive, don’t. The water’s accumulating faster than even the best drains can handle it. Looks like bridge access from Delridge to the high bridge is back; the Fauntleroy/Graham trouble spot is open but the water is very tricky to navigate – here’s photographic proof:

Please e-mail us with info on any flooding trouble you are experiencing or seeing, so we can share it. Newest note is from Greg Daly, who says:

We had 4″ of water in our basement this morning due to a plugged up drain,
so I thought readers might be interested (as I was) in local weather stations. There are two between Lincoln Park and Alki, you can watch the rain totals update live if you’re so inclined.

Here are the weather station links Greg mentioned: first one here, second one here. 11:07 AM UPDATE: From Vickie:

I was driving to work about an hour ago trying to figure out which way to go through Delridge…the Allstar Fitness parking lot is completely flooded to the point where at least one car is totally submerged, you can just barely see its rooftop in the lower part of the lot. At the time I drove through the water in the lot was almost equal to the side street next to it and beginning to overflow into the street itself.

11:10 AM UPDATE: The WSB team member who’s currently roving with cameras verifies this, says the creek is definitely spilling over in spots, and also says the street is closed by Nucor/Allstar, and that someone at Nucor told him the plant is closed too (if anyone has info to the contrary, please e-mail us; we’ll try confirming by phone as well). 11:50 AM UPDATE: From Erin: “Just got back from dropping my husband off at the airport – we had read earlier that W Marginal was flooded so we took the high bridge to I-5. There are long back ups (all the way to I-5) trying to get IN to the airport due to flooding, so please inform your readers to take 509/518 if that route is now open, or to leave plenty early.”

Delridge ramp to West Seattle Bridge closed; other woes

December 3, 2007 6:25 am
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Traffic reports say you can’t get to The Bridge from Delridge because of deep water that even has a car stuck in it. Also, WSB reader “K” warns everyone to check their basements — after waking up to flooding woes. 6:43 AM UPDATE: Also, if you use the The Viaduct, alternates might be a good idea because the Battery Street Tunnel is reported to be closed. There is one slight bit of good news – the National Weather Service says the strongest winds today will be “mainly north of Seattle” — so looks like we are “only” going to have to deal with the rain. 7:13 AM UPDATE: It’s likely slow going no matter where you are coming from — part of our team is trying to make it to The Bridge on Fauntleroy and reporting a delay that starts around Graham — because of very deep water, with city crews on the scene. Going to try to divert to 35th; will let you know if trouble ensues there. 7:30 AM UPDATE: Gave up on the 35th idea, still slogging along Fauntleroy past ex-Gee/ex-Huling — here’s the city cam:

7:45 AM UPDATE: Longfellow Creek is “as high as we have ever seen it,” says one nearby resident. Radio traffic report says cars are backed up on Admiral trying to get to The Bridge, too. 7:55 AM UPDATE: Our team member made it to The Bridge and says the left lane is closed, eastbound, roughly parallel with where you exit for Admiral on the other side – looks like a stalled car, tow truck getting in place, traffic moving OK eastbound once you get past it. 8:05 AM UPDATE: Just in from a reader: “West Marginal Way is closed about half way between the bridge and 509 (and there are several very deep very wide puddles even before the closure). This closure hasn’t made the traffic reports yet as far as I can tell. I found this out the hard way this morning.” 8:35 AM UPDATE: Natashia just e-mailed, “Both lanes of northbound 35th are backed up to one road before Morgan. I turned around to head back home, and had to miss turning left onto my road because southbound lanes were traveling tight & aggressive. Be careful out there — and be nice!! :)” (Here’s the traffic cam for 35th, NB cars coming toward the camera) 9:05 AM UPDATE: We’re heading out to check on flooded spots. If you need to drive somewhere, this is one of the best updated lists of “incidents” that we’ve seen.

Snowy Saturday: Miscellaneous updates

Just back from the West Seattle Community Christmas Tree Lighting in The Junction. Great crowd — couple hundred, we’d estimate — despite the rain/snow slush mix falling from the sky, and soggy slushy mess underfoot. (The big outdoor heaters, the type you find on restaurant patios, really helped!) We’ll post video a little later. Meantime, speaking of video, two people have e-mailed us with links to videos they’ve put on YouTube showing today’s West Seattle snow — this one is from Adam Dorsey, this one is from Steve Heck. One more big round of thanks to everyone who’s sent photos, video links, info, etc., for us to share during this snow day; next up – rain and wind, they say.

Continuous updates: West Seattle snow

FINAL ADDITION, 9:25 PM: WSB contributing photographer Matt Durham captured two classic images today at Fairmount Park, images of the snow inspiring pure enjoyment: First, 14-year-old Cecilia Silva, trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue as the flurries began:


Second, a Brittany Spaniel romping on the Fairmount field:


(Prints of Matt’s WSB photos and his other work are available through his site, MattDurhamPhotography.com.)

TWELFTH REPORT, 5 PM: The weather service’s latest “forecast discussion” says we should see a few more hours of light snow before something resembling rain moves in. And we have another round of photos — first one is from Jana in Upper Fauntleroy, verifying our report that Vashon was coming back into view before nightfall – following three are from Adam, showing Whale Tail Park, activity at Alki Playfield, and sand covered with snow at Alki Beach:





ELEVENTH REPORT, 4:09 PM: Might be some hope it’s slowing down – looking west over the Sound, Vashon is visible for the first time in more than 2 hours. Meantime, more photos: First, a WSB photo of Santa Claus himself dancing in the snow with a Hi-Yu Princess at Hometown Holidays HQ, where we will be attending the Christmas Tree Lighting tonight (ceremony starts @ 6, Dickens Carolers @ 5:30) come h**l or high water … er … snow; second one is from Britnie along California Ave, also in The Junction; third one is from Andrew in Gatewood, same spot where he photographed Zoe enjoying the first few flakes earlier (scroll way down on this post for that photo):




TENTH REPORT, 3:40 PM: Just back from a chilly yet fun round of snowball-throwing – try it if you haven’t already. Thanks to everyone for the continued stream of photos: first, David Hutchinson sends a new view of Alki Ave and the bathhouse; second, Amy from Fauntleroy sends a view she says would normally show the ferry dock:



NINTH REPORT, 3:10 PM: Snow up here is only falling at flurry speed right now, but from all over West Seattle, we have lots of new pix – three for starters — from top to bottom, we have daPuffin‘s dog Mani in Arbor Heights, barely recognizable under the snow; Eddie‘s photo from just west of The Junction; and Stephen‘s overview of the Hometown Holidays corner:




EIGHTH REPORT, 2:55 PM: Photo from Creighton on Genesee Hill, where he says it’s “only getting snowier”:


SEVENTH REPORT, 2:40 PM: Been watching a 911 call at Avalon/Genesee (map); reader report from Alice says it appears to be a vehicle vs. pedestrian collision, and it’s causing traffic trouble, so stay away from that area. Team member who’s down at Morgan Junction Thriftway says the roads are OK down there.

SIXTH REPORT, 2:35 PM: Now the snow is sticking on the road, at least up here. One member of the team just headed down the hill and will be back with a road-conditions report (and Thriftway crowds). Here are two more WSB reader photos — first, Lisa spotted a hummingbird seeking protection from the snow; second, Ashley‘s photo from SW Orchard (Gatewood):



FIFTH REPORT, 2:20 PM: Two more photos (as the snow intensifies up here again) — first one from David Hutchinson looking out at Alki, second one from Dunsany in Highland Park:



FOURTH REPORT, 2:10 PM: It’s lightened up a bit on our hill. Meantime, here’s the view Jan sent from Admiral:


THIRD REPORT, 1:55 PM: Even up here on the highest hills, while it’s sticking on plants and cars, the street is still “bare and wet” – not quite cold enough at this point for anything else (our temp gauge says 35) …

SECOND REPORT, 1:30 PM: Starting to stick. Just got this WSB reader photo from Andrew near 36th/Morgan, captioned “Zoe in the snow” – keep the pix coming, we’ll post ’em all here as a running commentary of WS in the snow:


FIRST REPORT, 1:07 PM: At least, it’s snowing here in the higher elevations of south West Seattle. Some of these flakes are coin-sized, though not sticking much so far; hard to photograph but here’s an early shot looking down California from Upper Fauntleroy (send your pix as the day goes on!):


West Seattle Weather Watch: Latest “forecast discussion”

The local meteorologists with the National Weather Service usually update it in the wee hours – here’s the latest. We’ll of course be on intensive snow patrol if those flakes really start to fall. Meantime, in the calm before the expected storm, let’s start the day with a great photo by WSB contributing photographer Matt Durham:


Matt’s caption: Kite designer Gregory S. Kono tests a “Rockaway Bikini” kite he built from scratch. The maiden flight was successful Thursday morning as cold winds whipped across Alki Beach. Gregory Kono, owner of West Seattle’s “Kono Design,” has been teaching kite-making workshops since 2002. Classes and more information can be found at Gregory’s website at www.konodesign.com.

(Prints of Matt’s WSB photos and his other work are available through his site, MattDurhamPhotography.com.)

West Seattle Weather Watch update

Here’s what the local meteorologists at the National Weather Service posted late this afternoon. Seems like the crux of this is the fact that cold air is moving in, and it’s going to collide with what the NWS calls a “weak system” – so we’re not necessarily looking at Snow Panic ’07.

Flakes in the forecast, again

Didn’t happen the other day. Maybe it won’t happen this time. But you never know, so we are duty-bound to pass along the city’s “we’re getting ready just in case” press release, as well as the latest forecast, which says there might be a little snow tomorrow afternoon/evening; a few flakes might be extra-festive for tomorrow night’s West Seattle Christmas Tree Lighting (Farmers’ Market parking lot, with Dickens Carolers @ 5:30 pm and tree-lighting ceremony beginning @ 6, more details to come in the West Seattle Weekend Lineup, posting here by 2 pm) during Hometown Holidays in The Junction. Bundle up (and bring Warm Clothes Drive donations to help others do the same).

West Seattle snow on the way?

You may have heard the first stirrings of Snow Suspicions ’07. Here’s a link to the National Weather Service‘s updated forecast (posted at 3:30 pm) – the outlook for the metro area says “local accumulations of an inch or so (are) possible, mainly on hilltops away from the water.” The “forecast discussion” further refines the metro outlook to “Seatac southward” — but you just never know until it hits (or doesn’t). By the way, we had a “snow day” exactly one year ago today; go to our November ’06 archive page and scroll down a bit to read the 11/28/06 posts. (No photos, sorry, we weren’t camera-equipped way back then!)

West Seattle wind woes are over, stream of great photos isn’t

We feel quite lucky to be able to share excellent photographs with you from this photogenically stormy day. Our newest three are from longtime West Seattle photojournalist Matt Durham (his new collaboration with WSB is noted here) — two more from the spray-riffic Constellation Park zone, and then a third reminding us why today was a “holiday” in the first place — Matt’s captions are beneath each photo:


Cold spray from white-capped waves greeted adventure-goers at Constellation Park just south of Alki Point. Waves slammed into the sea wall during an afternoon middle tide.


This motorcyclist has a cold ride home after soaking his clothes in the spray of today’s wind-driven waves along Constellation Park.


Two flags were set for our veterans at Forest Lawn Cemetery (map) today. In years past, volunteers used to line every veteran’s headstone with an American Flag in a gesture of thanks and appreciation.

(Prints of Matt’s WSB photos and his other work are available through his site, MattDurhamPhotography.com.)

A hard day’s work

When you think about the Seattle Fire Department fireboats – the first image that comes to mind may be those beautiful pastoral summertime shots of the boats spraying lovely arcs of water at the Maritime Festival or similar occasions. And then, there’s this:


Yes, that’s the fireboat Leschi, photographed by Eric Bell off Constellation Park today — here’s another of Eric’s shots, from a moment when it wasn’t quite so swamped:


P.S. Eric has not only a website with more of his photography, he also has a show at Alki Mail and Dispatch right now (“Images of the Palouse“).

Wet ‘n’ wild at Alki Point

November 12, 2007 3:01 pm
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Just in from Adam on Alki – taken at the popular wave-viewing spot along Beach Drive south of Alki Point (north end of Constellation Park):


Thanks to Adam for sending us photos; we’d love to see yours, any time! 3:05 PM UPDATE: The National Weather Service just canceled the High Wind Warning for our area – looks like the worst of the storm hit everywhere BUT the Seattle urban area – we got lucky this time.

Not exactly Storm Panic ’07, so far


A camera-wielding WSB’er headed out to look for signs of storm trouble — and returned with the photo you see above. If there’s anything more dramatic happening around WS, we haven’t seen or heard about it yet. We went down to Beach Drive south of Alki Point, where the tv reporters have been trying their hardest this midday to look windblown, but it wasn’t much different from the conditions we captured on video yesterday afternoon. Nonetheless, we won’t get complacent yet, as the National Weather Service’s High Wind Warning remains up till 4 pm. Here are a couple links we mentioned earlier, repeated by popular demand: City update on power outages here; current Alki Point windspeed here. 2:15 PM ADDENDUM: Traffic notes – there’s a Seahawks Monday Night Football game tonight, so beware if you have to drive through downtown/Sodo (at least the traffic is reduced with many people being off work/school today); also, traffic at the Fauntleroy ferry terminal might be heavier today because the Bremerton-Seattle run is down to one boat.

Storm watch, second update: Now it’s a High Wind Warning

Thanks to Lou for pointing out the upgrade in the Weather Service alert: Our area is now under a High Wind Warning till 4 pm today. For anyone interested in the hyper-geeky detailed meteorological information, here’s the link for the Weather Service’s latest Forecast Discussion, usually updated four times daily (mid-morning, mid-afternoon, mid-evening, early morning).

Storm watch: First Monday update

Hope you are able to stay home and stay safe on this Veterans’ Day just in case the wind does indeed kick up as the forecast suggests: High Wind Watch up from 10 am-4 pm in the metro area (latest forecast here), right now projecting south wind 30-40 miles per hour during that time with possible gusts to 60. There’s been a power outage already, according to the city’s updated list (link here): described as fewer than 100 customers, North-South boundaries are Edmunds to Brandon, East-West is Beach Drive to 49th, start time 5 am. Let us know what’s happening where you are as the day goes on – photos welcome too. 8:45 AM ADDENDUM: Greg sends this link for current wind speed at Alki Point (usually the gustiest in WS). 10:10 AM UPDATE: The power outage link above no longer lists any West Seattle outages; an extensive Burien outage from earlier is described as “100% restored.” Timely reminder — this Thursday night, the city has a SNAP (Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Prepare) class at Alki Community Center, 7 pm, with lots more info to help you get ready for power outages, earthquakes, you name it (read more here).

Blustery Monday on the way, including a High Wind Watch

November 11, 2007 4:32 pm
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Think the wind’s been a little wild the last 12 hours or so? Forecast says tomorrow will be even windier — with a high-wind watch now up, and talk of possible gusts to 60 mph in late morning — though here’s hoping the sustained winds will not be October 18-like. (By the way, while the mental image of a blown-into-the-street garbage-can lid is flying by, it’s a good time to note that recycling/trash/yard waste picks up as usual tomorrow even though it’s a government/bank/parking holiday tomorrow.) 5:55 PM ADDENDUM: For those who didn’t make it down to the water today, here’s a little video from the waterfront stairs on the north end of Schmitz Viewpoint along Beach Drive — nothing spectacular but you can hear the wind and see some spray: