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West Seattle Crime Watch: Robbery reported at Admiral Safeway gas station

9:59 PM: Police are searching the Admiral District after a robbery was reported a short time ago at the Admiral Safeway gas station. Per police radio, the robber is described as white, male, about 50 years old, medium height/build, wearing a brown/camouflage ski mask, brown jacket, blue jeans. He is reported to have shown a gun in his waistband and is possibly headed southbound through the alley from there. If you have any information, call 911.

10:14 PM: Still searching. K-9 team too.

UPDATE: Why the Guardian One helicopter was over eastern West Seattle

8:24 PM: In case you’re wondering about the Guardian One law-enforcement helicopter over eastern West Seattle – they’re helping police with a call about a person who is allegedly violating a court order near 24th/Thistle, according to the dispatch.

8:28 PM: Police say the situation is under control; G-1 is leaving.

Auto-theft spike, what happens to stolen cars, and more @ West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network

The only monthly meeting with coffee and home-baked treats (pumpkin crumble this time) is now on hiatus until the new year. Here’s what happened when the West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network met Tuesday night at the Southwest Precinct:

CRIME UPDATE: Precinct commander Capt. Pierre Davis said auto theft remains a big issue. We noticed that earlier in the day, looking at the slides from the most recent downtown SeaStat intradepartmental briefing (MVT = motor-vehicle theft):

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Don’t need that unused/expired medication? Saturday’s your day to get rid of it

Quick reminder now that the weekend is in view: Saturday is the twice-yearly Drug Take-Back Day, and you’re invited once again to take unneeded/expired medication to the Southwest Precinct (2300 SW Webster) to get rid of it, 10 am-2 pm. Keeping it around could be a danger to someone in your household and/or a target for burglars. Last time around, SPD says, dropoffs at its precincts including this one totaled half a ton!

UPDATE: Driver jailed after allegedly hitting at least 4 other vehicles near Ercolini Park

10:42 PM: If you’re west of The Junction and wondering about the police response in the Ercolini Park area – radio communication indicates police are investigating a driver who is suspected of hitting at least four other vehicles, including an SPD car. The civilian vehicles that were hit are reported to be along 48th SW near Oregon. No injuries reported.

11:38 PM: Photo added. The pickup in the photo was subsequently being towed. We’ll follow up with SPD in the morning.

10:49 AM: Per online records, the 60-year-old driver was booked into King County Jail for investigation of DUI.

FOLLOWUP: Street robbery followed bus confrontation, police say

As promised, we procured the police report about the Thursday street robbery that led to a search through south Morgan Junction and three arrests in west Gatewood.

(WSB photo, Thursday)

The report says it all started on board a bus headed northbound on Fauntleroy Way. The victim – 18 or 19, not a juvenile as first reported – said he got on board at the ferry dock. He said he was confronted on the bus and asked where to buy “weed.” The victim said he didn’t know but that the people who asked him continued staring at him. He felt uncomfortable so he got off the bus at Fauntleroy and Myrtle. They followed him. He crossed the street and they kept following him. Two of them demanded he give them his stuff and swung at him with closed fists. He tried to get away from them by going into nearby retirement center The Kenney but its doors were locked. So he ran north and wound up in the yard of a nearby house. Witnesses told police they saw the victim being beaten and kicked in the yard. The victim said they tried to steal his backpack and eventually got away with his iPhone and Gucci belt. The robbers/attackers then ran eastbound and by then police had been called. Three suspects were spotted at the Morgan Junction McDonald’s. When police arrived there, the three took off running eastbound. Patrol and K9 officers tracked them into the west Gatewood neighborhood where three juveniles were arrested near 41st SW/Heights Place SW [map]. The report says all three were booked into the juvenile-detention center. The victim, meantime, got his phone and belt back; police say he was curled up on the ground in “great pain” when they found him and that SFD medics recommended that he go to a hospital but he declined. We’ll follow up next week to see whether charges will be filed.

Simple ways to make your home safer, plus Q&A with police, @ West Seattle Crime Prevention Council:

October 17, 2018 11:34 pm
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Home safety was the spotlight topic at the final West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting of the year, Tuesday night at the Southwest Precinct, so we’re starting with what the ~15 people in attendance heard from Jennifer Danner, the precinct’s crime-prevention coordinator:

She began by going around the room and asking people what they wanted to know about. Most had questions about video and cameras. Danner reminded everyone that she can do home-security assessments. She started with some myth debunking – “when a door is kicked in, it’s not the door that breaks, usually it’s the frame.” Changing the length of the screws with which your door is fastened is an easy, cheap way to help secure it, Danner said. When it comes to locks, exterior doors should have deadbolts – there too, the length is important; an inch-and-a-half throw is even better than the more-standard inch.

Window security – “You always want to add one more thing to your window,” since most windows can be broken into from the outside.

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UPDATE: Toddler found alone in Highland Park

11:58 AM: Tweeted by Seattle Police: “Officers located an unaccompanied 2-year-old boy near 8th Ave SW and SW Henderson a short time ago and are looking to reunite him with his parents. If you’re missing a child, please contact the SW Precinct at 206-733-9800 or 911.” Working to find out more.

12:47 PM: We went to the precinct to ask at the front desk. The child was spotted around 9:30 am by someone who called 911. Parents/guardians apparently not found yet, as he is now in CPS custody.

2:46 PM: No further info on circumstances but we did just get word there’s been a reunion.

4:10 PM: And a clarification – Southwest Precinct Operations Lt. Steve Strand tells us that while the child’s mother was found, the child remains with CPS for now “for safety reasons.”

Got opinions on crime, safety, policing? 2018 Seattle Public Safety Survey now open

Every year, Seattle University oversees the citywide Public Safety Survey about crime, safety, and policing, with findings that are then reported to SPD – and you. If you’d like to take this year’s survey, it’s now open – go here to start (and note the variety of language options). Want to know more first? Here’s the announcement published when results of last year’s survey were released.

P.S. If you want to talk about crime/safety in a more immediate manner – remember that tomorrow (Tuesday, October 16th) brings the last West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting of the year, 7 pm at the Southwest Precinct (2300 SW Webster).

FOLLOWUP: Saturday night’s South Delridge incidents

Saturday night, in the span of less than two hours and 4 blocks, police investigated two incidents that sent people to the hospital. What exactly had transpired wasn’t clear in the early going, so we requested and obtained both SPD report narratives this morning:

8800 BLOCK OF DELRIDGE: Here’s our Saturday coverage. The police report says the initial call to 911 was from someone saying she’d been called by her sister, who said her boyfriend had been stabbed and the suspects were “still there.” Police went to the apartment and found no one there – but they did find blood and broken glass. Outside the building, they found the girlfriend’s mother.

While they were talking to her, they found out that medics had been called to treat an injured man a short distance south, at Delridge/Henderson. He turned out to be the man who the girlfriend had said stabbed the victim, according to her mother. The man at Delridge/Henderson claimed his wounds were from trying to defend himself. In the meantime, the K9 team investigating near the original scene finally found the victim, who flagged them down. He was described as intoxicated and uncooperative, and made various claims about how he became injured. Then police found the girlfriend, who told police she used to date the alleged attacker, who is a longtime friend of her current boyfriend, and that the two men started arguing about the relationship. It turned violent, she said, with the former boyfriend breaking a bottle over the head of the current boyfriend, then stabbing him with a piece of broken glass, and trying to strangle her. The 35-year-old ex-boyfriend was eventually arrested and is in the King County Jail for investigation of assault.

9200 BLOCK OF 17TH SW: Here’s our Saturday coverage. According to the police report, a man knocked on the apartment door of a woman he knows in this building and said he had been shot. Police found him lying on her couch with a bullet wound to the left hamstring. The report said he was uncooperative, refusing to answer questions about the circumstances or location of the shooting. The acquaintance said she hadn’t seen anything but did hear a gunshot that seemed to have happened in the building’s parking lot; another person later told police he had been outside at the time and saw a group of five or six people who scattered after what sounded like a shot; a “light-colored mid-sized SUV” left the area shortly afterward. Police did not find any shooting evidence in the area. The report notes the Gang Unit is investigating.

UPDATE: Shooting investigation on 17th SW, 1 to hospital

10:39 PM: Another “scenes of violence” response in South Delridge: This time, per dispatch, someone showed up in the 9200 block of 17th SW [map] and said they had been shot in the leg. Updates to come.

10:43 PM: Police arriving at the scene – reported to be in an apartment-building parking lot – are getting reports that a vehicle might have been associated with the shooting, possibly a light-colored SUV.

10:57 PM: The 30-year-old victim is reported to have a gunshot wound to his left leg and is being taken to Harborview by SFD medic unit. No further description of circumstances or suspect(s).

UPDATE: Police response in South Delridge

(WSB photos)

8:59 PM: SPD and SFD have a “scenes of violence” callout in the 8800 block of Delridge. Updates to come.

9:05 PM: This was initially described as a possible stabbing and police have since reported finding ‘the mother of the victim’ but no word on the victim’s status. The SFD response has closed.

9:16 PM: Per scanner, another call a couple blocks on Delridge is being linked to this one.

9:25 PM: We have finally made it to the scene. Some police at Delridge/Trenton, more – plus an ambulance – at the business corner of Delridge/Henderson. One person found there will be taken to the hospital, police tell us, but they’re not certain yet if it’s the person injured a couple blocks north (where radio exchanges earlier mentioned blood found in an apartment). No one in custody and we’re now seeing a K-9 team arriving.

10:23 PM: Per radio exchange, police have yet to finish sorting this out. They’re talking to others who had some role in whatever happened, and an SFD unit is headed back to the original Delridge/Trenton scene.

UPDATE: Assault suspect arrested after police search in Arbor Heights

10:19 AM: If you’re wondering why police are currently searching in Arbor Heights: The search, including a K9 team, is in a wide area centered on 41st/100th but also stretching to the south and east. They’re looking for a woman suspected of assault in what’s described as a case of domestic violence. Partial description: 36-year-old white woman with dark hair, wearing a red shirt. If you have any information, call 911.

10:56 AM: No further updates; we’ll be checking later with police to see if they ever found the suspect, whose workplace was reportedly going to be checked too.

11:09 AM: SPD Det. Mark Jamieson tells WSB that the suspect was taken into custody and is being taken to King County Jail to be booked for investigation of assault.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Police investigating Delridge/Juneau gunfire

(WSB photos)

9:20 PM: Thanks for the tips. Big police response right now at Delridge/Juneau as police investigate gunfire. No injuries; officers have more than a dozen evidence markers in the street (Juneau east of Delridge) and some damage is reported at Longfellow Creek Apartments on the other side of the intersection.

9:54 PM: Photos added. Police were too busy for further comment; no info so far on suspect description(s).

UPDATE: Police investigating Admiral incident that sent 1 to hospital

2:57 PM: Several people have asked about an incident that brought police and fire to California/Admiral this morning. We talked with police a short time ago and they stress that the investigation is continuing but here’s what they have so far: Det. Mark Jamieson says 911 started getting calls around 11:20 am about a “possible robbery or assault” situation near the Wells Fargo branch at 2358 California SW. A man was using the ATM when “three young people approached him – they had words, and at some point they started to assault him.” That’s when the man picked up a rock and hit one of them in self-defense. He also pulled out a handgun as they scattered – no shots were fired but that too was in self-defense, so far as police have found. Officers were arriving by then and detained the man while sorting out what had happened. They also found two of the suspects, including the one who was injured, and he was taken to the hospital to be checked out. Det. Jamieson says they believe they know the third one’s identity. The full report should be available by tomorrow and we’ll be following up.

4:25 PM: We’ve heard from the victim’s wife. She said he was pushed to the ground during the attack and was going to a doctor to be checked out.

ADDED WEDNESDAY MORNING: As mentioned in comments, we have obtained the full incident report, with names redacted by SPD. You can see it here (PDF).

Talk with local police Wednesday at next Coffee with a Cop

October 1, 2018 12:47 pm
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(WSB photo from 2017 Coffee with a Cop)

If you have a concern/question for local police but haven’t been able to get to the regular evening meetings – we just got word that they’ll be at Westwood Village Starbucks (the standalone shop on the east side of the center) this Wednesday (October 3), 1-2:30 pm, for National Coffee with a Cop Day.

UPDATE: Family says Jackie Dupras is the person found dead near South Alki stairway

ORIGINAL REPORT, 5:38 PM: After tips (thank you), we went to the 3600 block of 60th SW, in South Alki, where police were on the scene after a person was found dead. So far, it does not appear to be a homicide investigation; after the officer on scene said he couldn’t comment to media, we contacted SPD media relations, and they have no word of a homicide investigation there (or anywhere else). Neighbors told us the body was found by a landscaper who had been working in the sloped back yard of a house while its residents were away this afternoon, near the SW Spokane stairway between 60th and 61st [map]. A vehicle from the King County Medical Examiner’s Office (at right in our top photo) arrived while we were there; it will be up to them to identify the person and determine the cause of death.

8:05 PM: We have just learned from family and friends of Jackie Dupras, the 74-year-old West Seattle community activist missing for two weeks, that they have been told she is the person they found. Jackie’s husband Ed Dupras said the Medical Examiner came to their house this evening to tell him. As we have reported, Ms. Dupras had been diagnosed with dementia. Her husband says authorities believe she may have become disoriented after wandering into that area and unable to find her way out. Family and friends had been searching and posting/sharing flyers since news of her disappearance started circulating week before last.

VIDEO: Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best cites crime-reducing goals in budget pitch

(SPD presentation starts 1:16 in)

In her Thursday afternoon appearance during the City Council’s first-round budget review, Police Chief Carmen Best revealed three goals for crime reduction in the year ahead: Cutting auto theft, residential burglary, and commercial robbery. She said that residential burglary had hit the Southwest and South Precinct areas particularly hard, so she wants to bring it down five percent in those areas, while reducing vehicle theft by five percent citywide, and reducing commercial robbery by two percent.

As noted when the citywide budget plan was rolled out by the mayor on Monday, the chief hopes to add 10 officers next year – beyond replacing those who leaving – and 30 in 2020. Councilmembers spent a significant amount of time grilling Best on staffing levels, saying they are hearing from constituents over and over again that the city doesn’t have enough police. The force currently numbers 1,457, she had said, “more deployable officers than it has ever had,” while acknowledging “we need more officers.” Recruiting, she said, is currently a big challenge.

Another number of note: The proposed SPD budget for next year is $363 million, a 10 percent increase, with most of the increase attributed to technology investments that have to be made next year.

SPD was the last department to present its budget overview in 2 days of presentations to the council. Councilmember Lisa Herbold‘s latest weekly update outlined where the process goes from here, including a public hearing at City Hall next Thursday (October 4th).

West Seattle Crime Watch: Police search after Delridge robbery

8:24 PM: If you’re hearing Guardian One, the helicopter crew has tweeted that they are helping Seattle Police search for “a robbery suspect that fled in a vehicle on Delridge Way SW from the Home Depot.” More when we get it.

9:04 PM: We checked the area and couldn’t find anyone still searching, so we stopped at the precinct to see what we could find out. The robbery was a case of shoplifting turned violent. No one in custody.

FOLLOWUP: Myers Way east-side cleanup has wrapped up

(WSB photo from late this afternoon)

As reported in our coverage of Mayor Jenny Durkan‘s Highland Park Action Committee appearance last night, the city says its cleanup of the east side of Myers Way – which, as noted here Tuesday night, involved dozens of city crews – only took three days. This formal notification is from the Southwest Precinct:

The SW Precinct would like to inform our community that the Myers Way encampment has officially been dismantled. Hundreds of pounds of trash and debris was removed and the encampment was entirely cleared out.

Although the individuals living there were offered many services that the City of Seattle has to offer, a majority of the encampment’s residents declined these offers.

The SW Precinct is working diligently to track the displacement of these individuals, and we encourage our community to stay vigilant and aware. Remember to report crime and suspicious behavior by calling 911, secure your homes and outbuildings by locking doors and windows, and get involved with your community via Block Watch and other community organizations.

Southwest Precinct crime-prevention coordinator Jennifer Danner, who sent the announcement, also reminds you that she and the precinct offer “free safety/security assessments” – e-mail her at jennifer.danner@seattle.gov to find out more.

Myers Way ‘monstrosity,’ crime-fighting emphasis, and Mental Health First Aid @ West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

For the fourth time in two weeks, the big headline in a community-meeting update from Southwest Precinct police leadership was the Myers Way east-side cleanup – now under way.

This time, the update was at the first West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network meeting since the group’s summer hiatus (most community groups skip at least a month of meetings in the summer). The meeting also included a briefing on Mental Health First Aid training. But first:

POLICE BRIEFING: Precinct commander Capt. Pierre Davis said they’re trying to “not spend a lot of time reintroducing ourselves to old problems … there’s a lot of frustration with problems that pop up over and over again.” He said RVs and encampments are a recurring concern and insisted “we go after them very vigorously until we get them gone.” He said they have been “dismantling that monstrosity,” referring to the illegal encampment on Myers Way where a major city-led cleanup is in its second day – we went by again this afternoon and saw 29 city vehicles large and small, including SPD’s Mobile Precinct.

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UPDATE: ‘Scenes of violence’ call in High Point

2:41 AM: Just checked this out after a tip. SFD and all but one Seattle Police officer had already cleared the scene in the 7100 block of 29th SW. SPD says it was a “person in crisis” situation and that the person has been taken to the hospital. We’ll add any followup information we get later.

12:53 PM: Update from SFD: The person who was transported was taken to the hospital in stable condition with what was determined to be a self-inflicted wound.

GONE 1 WEEK: Jackie Dupras, still missing

One week has now passed since West Seattleite Jackie Dupras was last seen by her loved ones. They are hopeful that someone somewhere has seen her or knows where she is and can help bring her home. One big way to help: Distribute this poster, online and offline, because she could be anywhere by now. She has been diagnosed with dementia.

Here is a printable PDF version of the poster. As noted, Jackie is 74 years old, 5’3″, 135 pounds, with red/gray hair. We’ve asked that family and friends let us know if there are any organized searches or other ways people could help – for now, the main thing you can do is to just be on the lookout anywhere and everywhere, and call 911 with any information.