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Update on Seacrest diving death

August 2, 2007 12:06 pm
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The name of the diver who died at Seacrest last Monday is now public: Wayne Hernandez, who was 43. The article does not mention a hometown but public databases for King County list only one person of that name/age, from Redmond.

Another crosswalk in the city’s crosshairs

WSB reader/commenter (and blogger) Chas Redmond writes to tell us flyers have just gone around announcing the imminent demise of the 35th SW crosswalk at Kenyon (photo), hot on the heels of the Java Bean crosswalk removal….


Chas elaborates on this better than we could, so we’re quoting verbatim from his e-mail:

SDOT appears to be on a crosswalk-removing rampage – again claiming that “safety is our highest priority” and that un-signalized but marked crosswalks do not meet Federal standards based in part on a 2002 Federal Highway Administration study. So, the latest victim is the marked crosswalk at Kenyon and 35th Avenue SW. Oh, SDOT also says that “it is also important to note that, according to Washington state law, a legal pedestrian crossing exists at every intersection regardless of whether or not a crosswalk is marked. Thus pedestrians will continue to have a legal right to cross at this intersection.”

What they don’t state is that they are removing more and more of the visible signs of pedestrians, giving drivers even more incentive to ignore pedestrians. Irrespective of whether or not un-signalized crosswalks are safer or not, marked crosswalks remind motorists that there other users of the roadway or intersection and removing them is one more notch on the belt of automotive traffic at the expense of pedestrian traffic. Responses can be made by calling SDOT’s comment line at 206-615-1608 or e-mailing “walkandbike@seattle.gov.”

But be it known that the flyer states emphatically “SDOT will be removing the crosswalk at 35th Avenue SW and SW Kenyon Street.”

“Sharrow” shocker — or is it?

West Seattle bicyclists, you tell us: Is the fact that “sharrows” weren’t included in the Cali repaving truly the outrage this Slog post infers it is, or should be?

Latest on the Delridge shootings

The P-i has finally picked up on the one we reported here yesterday, with a story looking at whether the two recent shootings might be related.

Two art fairs to look forward to

July 27, 2007 9:13 pm
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The Alki Art Fair, of course, is now just hours away … you can’t miss the signs all over WS …


Then in a couple weeks, there’s a second Art Fair in West Seattle — this one on August 11th at C & P Coffee south of The Junction. It’s their first one ever, and they’re looking for more participants; e-mail the C & P folks to find out more.

More information on Delridge shooting

July 27, 2007 12:30 pm
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The Times says the victim is a student at SSCC; both the Times and P-I updates say the gunshots may have followed some kind of squabble over a ring. No particular description of who they’re looking for, just that a red minivan might have been involved.

Spooky kitty

Honestly, we are huge fans of felines, but this WS cat sounds a little creepy.

Gatewood townhouse tussle gets a citywide spotlight

Less than a week after we told you about the deal that ended the fight over the clump of townhomes going up (one nearly complete building, shown below) at the SW foot of Gatewood Hill, the situation gets ink in this week’s Stranger (one correction, the church wasn’t demolished; the property had belonged to Gatewood Baptist Church across the street and was sold along with it, but the developers re-sold the church to Seattle International; also the arrival of equipment wasn’t the first word of the development — we posted here 3 months earlier when the permit applications were filed). P.S.: You can expect work to start any second now on the final disputed row of townhomes (permit just issued); the selling agents have just planted a big sign plugging the “Seattle Townhome Team“; and developer Dan Duffus is on the panel for a city-organized “Forum on Housing Affordability” this Friday.


Slog takes on Alki nightlife, again

The Stranger’s bodacious blog paid a visit to The Beach and concluded that anyone whining about Alki nightlife trouble should pretty much just shut their pie hole. They checked back on last year’s controversy spots; guess they hadn’t heard about this year’s radio-fueled controversy spot, which the Alki Beach Community group on Yahoo! has been discussing for a couple weeks.

New public-school boss makes WS one of her first stops

July 10, 2007 12:18 am
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districtsuperphoto.jpgDr. Maria Goodloe-Johnson (official district photo at right) has started work as Seattle Public Schools superintendent, and the P-I and the Times both note that she stopped at two schools on day 1, including West Seattle HS. (The writeup starts with a great aside about what was apparently her first trip on The Viaduct — which by the way got a status update in this Times article, in case you haven’t seen it already.)

Lincoln Park parkers, beware

According to the map and list accompanying this P-I article, one of the Lincoln Park lots has had the 5th-highest number of car break-ins reported citywide in the past 18 years. (Although the number cited during that span, 452, “only” equals out to roughly one every two weeks.)

Fiery 4th in WS

We’ve received reports of several overnight fires blamed on fireworks around WS, but the one in the High Point vicinity was by far the biggest. News coverage includes this P-I article, an update from the Times, and a KIRO update with links to video. We’re glad to hear nobody was hurt, but honestly, this is why personal fireworks are banned in cities like ours. Fun, sure; dangerous and damaging, unquestionably, no matter how hard you try to keep it safe.

In the news

-Deadly diving accident near Alki Point tonight; here’s coverage.

Here’s the P-I report on the Charlestown Cafe picketing.

-The P-I also just got around to the warning about the guy who attacked the same woman, in the same area of WS, twice.

Honor for High Point

June 20, 2007 7:21 pm
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You don’t hear the word “cottage” around here much, unless it’s deployed as spin on a dinky house’s for-sale listing, but tonight it’s part of an honor for High Point — Cottage Living magazine has chosen HP as one of its Top 10 Cottage Communities for 2007.

Cool coverage

What better time than a sunny day — on the brink of “official” summer — to contemplate “the region’s hidden ice-cream shops” — that’s what the UW Daily does in this article, with Husky Deli featured prominently.

3 quick notes

–Sidewalk Cinema has finalized the list of what it’s showing during the West Seattle outdoor movie series in July and August.

–The Seattle Chinese Garden project near SSCC in east WS just got $1.2 million from one of Seattle’s sister cities (Chongqing, China).

–The P-I paid a visit to our gas-war intersection (Fauntleroy/Alaska, still both below $3 as of our last driveby a few hours ago).

Lucky to be alive

June 15, 2007 2:02 am
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Earlier this week, we grumbled to ourselves there just wasn’t much WS news to share with you; but tonight, it just won’t stop. Looks like WS is home to at least two members of this local family who survived a scare while hiking in Canada.

WS in the “weeklies”

Seattle Weekly gets snarky about our lack of parking paystations, suggesting it’s ’cause Hizzoner lives here (but what is UP with the quote about “no kids with blue mohawks”?). Meantime, The Stranger includes two WS churches (#10 and #17) in this odd little roundup.

Job cuts in West Seattle

We must admit we didn’t know this manufacturing business was here in WS (in the business-but-not-retail zone east of The Junction) till this story just turned up about 90 people losing their jobs there.

Details on the Delridge development boom

Big article in today’s Times about the West Ridge Park condo-conversion project and Delridge-area housing development in general. Notable infobits in the article include the WRP developers’ expectations that only about a dozen of the 200-plus tenants will buy their units.

Trader Joe’s rumor watch

The ol’ Trader Joe’s rumor just keeps swishing around WS like a glass of Two-Buck Chuck in a Nisqually-length earthquake. An intrepid reader just e-mailed the company again, hoping perhaps for a pleasant surprise, and shared with us the following response. (Personally, we find the “check back in fall” rather intriguing!)

“At this time, we do not have any confirmed plans for Western Seattle. Feel free to check back sometime this fall for any updates.

Thanks for shopping with us,


Trader Joe’s Customer Relations”

Toddler hurt in Delridge fall

According to this short report, a toddler is in critical condition after falling off a balcony. No address specifics in that report, but the online Fire Department log lists a major medic call in the 5400 block of Delridge (near Brandon) this afternoon.