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Fauntleroy ferry schedule changes, again

January 16, 2008 11:00 pm
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Hours after state Transportation Secretary Paula Hammond took a ferry ride today from Southworth to Fauntleroy today to listen to commuters’ concerns about the sudden two-boat schedule, the ferry system announced changes: Starting Friday, they’re tweaking the afternoon/evening schedule to reduce the current hour-and-a-half-plus gap between sailings to Southworth. Full details in the WSF press release.

Date set for next Westwood meeting on Denny-Sealth

January 16, 2008 10:04 pm
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Quick headline (more to come) from tonight’s joint meeting of the Delridge and Southwest District Councils: The Westwood Neighborhood Council announced it’s set the date for its next community meeting on the Denny-Sealth project — Feb. 6 Feb. 5, Southwest Community Center CSHS Commons. (THURSDAY NIGHT UPDATE: WNC says it had to change the date to Feb. 5 after getting word today that school board rep Steve Sundquist couldn’t make 2/6.)

Play ball! West Seattle Girls Softball’s on deck too

January 16, 2008 8:32 pm
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In the past week, we brought you registration information for West Seattle Pee Wee baseball and West Seattle Little League. Tonight, we want to tell you about West Seattle Girls Softball, for which you can register right now, online, continuing through mid-February. Here’s what the league is all about:Read More

Signs of a slowdown — the good kind


The city has just put up these speed-limit signs in the Alki alley that’s just west of 59th (map). Alki Community Council president Jackie Ramels tells WSB the neighborhood campaign to get these signs was led by Steve Cuddy, who also successfully pushed for the speed bumps on 59th, which is a major street between Alki Ave and Admiral Way but is a particularly bad place to speed since it runs along the south side of Alki Elementary, Alki Playfield, and the Whale Tail Park/tennis courts area. Speaking of the ACC, it meets tomorrow night (7 pm @ Alki Community Center), with guests scheduled to include City Council President Richard Conlin and the owner of the soon-to-open Alki Urban Market, Thampipillai Thilakarajah (featured in this WSB report, a shorter version of which also appears in the brand-new Alki News-Beacon). You don’t have to be a member to attend.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Police pursuing robber

Quick Southwest Precinct update: Diva Espresso (on Fauntleroy west of Avalon) was robbed this morning; police say they know who they are looking for and hope to make an arrest soon.

More on Morgan Junction park: Proposed design options


As promised last night, we have the renderings now of the three design options shown at last night’s city Parks Department public meeting about the Morgan Junction park-to-be. The one above, dubbed “Pianoforte” (because of a piano-type shape), was the most popular with meeting-goers. Here are the other two (and a few more meeting details):Read More

Update on City Light tree-trimming: Meeting date now set

We first told you last month about Seattle City Light‘s plan to do extensive tree-trimming around West Seattle power lines this year, including the utility’s promise it would set a public meeting. The date for that meeting, and details on what neighborhoods SCL will focus on, just arrived in the form of this news release:Read More

New look at proposed Salty’s hotel


That rendering by CB Anderson Architects is the first look at what the proposed “boutique hotel” south of Salty’s on Alki might look like, along with potential improvements for the main restaurant, such as a new glassed-in deck. Thanks to Derek for first spotting it in the Daily Journal of Commerce (whose articles are only available online to subscribers) and thanks to Eileen Mintz from Salty’s for subsequently tracking down a copy for us to share with you. As Richard Anderson of CB Anderson told the DJC, the project is still in “dream” stage, and this is a very preliminary look at what it could resemble — no formal applications have been filed with the city. One more Salty’s note: The “Under the Alki Moon” wine dinner last night introduced the new cookbook “Good Ciao!”, on which Salty’s co-owner Kathryn Hilger Kingen collaborated with Italian chef Roberto Russo and Salty’s chefs. Read more about it here.

Red Cup Espresso update: Message from Angelia’s husband

angelia2.jpgEight days after Red Cup Espresso owner Angelia Paulsen‘s tragically early death in a car crash, her husband Sean O’Dea e-mailed WSB early this morning to ask us to share this with you:

I cannot possibly find the words to describe or thank everyone for the level of support that has been offered to us at this time. I have had hundreds of people come to me with offers of help with anything I could possibly need. This has come from merchants, customers, neighbors and friends. It feels like the entire community has stepped up at at a time of overwhelming grief, and overwhelmed us with care and love. We are doing our best to keep the shop open, and will be open every day from 6 am to around 2 pm. As soon as I can, I plan to have it back to regular hours. I know how much Julian and I loved Angelia, and am extremely touched and honored by the love and respect shown to her memory. Thank you all.

Sean had previously posted in the comments section — up to 111 as of early this morning — following our original report on the accident.

Statue of Liberty Plaza Project confirms it’s reached $ goal

That’s what project co-chair Libby Carr told WSB by phone tonight, at the group’s deadline for wrapping up active fundraising. Co-chair Paul Carr followed up with this e-mail:

We dropped off a letter to the Mayor’s Office late today informing them that we have more than met the goal. Counting the money from the City ($50,000) and what NPA says they can throw in the pot ($10,550), we have almost $175,000. We’ve raised about $115,000 in the last four months. The benches and landscape plaques are all sold or spoken for, and we are going to continue the brick sale (including the “specials”) until the brick company calls for the brick order; we estimate that will be two weeks to a month. We’re doing that partly because people asked for it, and partly because all construction estimates are just that-estimates. Someone has already suggested adding some bench backs-those are not currently in the design. There may be other changes by the City. It would be terrific to have a cushion.

We will have a more formal report to put up on the Sealady website in a
couple of days …

You can find that site here. And to catch up on how this has all developed since last summer, check the WSB Alki Statue of Liberty coverage archive here.

Another high-profile West Seattle case also has gone to trial

January 15, 2008 11:09 pm
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We reported earlier that the Dillard/Coxwell trial has begun. Per the P-I, the Ephraim Schwartz (47th/Admiral crash that killed Tatsuo Nakata in 11/06) trial also is under way.

Funeral for murdered boy set for West Seattle church

One of the headlines from tonight’s West Seattle Community Safety Partnership meeting — the Southwest Precinct is working on security for a high-profile funeral that will be held in West Seattle next week. Lt. Steve Paulsen told the WSCSP tonight that the funeral for Deche Morrison, the 14-year-old found shot dead in South Seattle last Friday, is set for Tuesday at Freedom Church (35th SW & Roxbury), and Lt. Paulsen says you can expect to see a sizable police presence in the area. There are security concerns because police have not arrested anyone yet in this killing, nor in the killing of another teenage boy; the gang unit reportedly is looking into both. (More of the WSCSP meeting toplines tomorrow.) ADDED 12:30 PM WEDNESDAY: For those who had asked what time this will be happening next Tuesday — 11 am.

West Seattle Crime Watch: The crane caper, and more

From the files at the Southwest Precinct (and no, it’s not that there’s been a lot of crime lately, this is just our first run through the reports since last Thursday): handcuffs_2.jpgWe start with someone who went to great lengths AND great heights to commit a crime. Sometime between Thursday night and Monday morning, at the megaproject construction site on 42nd north of Alaska, someone stole two mobile radio/phones worth $750 from a crane cab — meaning, according to the police report, that they had to climb a chain link fence, go down a 30-foot wooden ladder into the big construction hole, then up a 20-foot mud hill to reach the crane, and after that, up 150 feet to the cab (and of course back down again). Next, followups on a few incidents that readers reported here in the past few days, including a drive-by shooting and the alleged Starbucks groper:Read More

2 more in ex-Huling scam/theft case now on trial

January 15, 2008 3:44 pm
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gavel.jpgAccording to the daily calendar for King County Superior Court, the much-delayed trial is finally under way for Adrian Dillard and Ted Coxwell – the two former Huling Bros. salesmen accused of the most serious charges in the scandal that came to light almost exactly one year ago. A week and a half ago, their ex-co-worker Paul Rimbey was sentenced to nine months in jail for his role in what happened.

Beach Drive bypass for sinking sidewalk


Thanks to Dawson for pointing out changes to this area along the southbound lanes of south Beach Drive — the sinking sidewalk is now marked as “closed,” and yellow barriers are up enabling walkers/runners to use part of what would have been the parking lane. We’ve walked that stretch before, always trepidationally, considering there’s a steep slope on the other side of the hedge bordering the now-closed sidewalk.

Denny-Sealth update: Teachers’ union resolution

This just in from Delfino Munoz, the Chief Sealth High School teacher who has been publicly voicing concerns about the current Denny Middle School-Sealth HS shared-campus plan:

The Seattle Education Association Representative Assembly just passed a resolution calling “…on the Seattle School Board and District Administration to direct BEX III/Facilities to provide an option for rebuilding Denny at the current Denny site…”

More details when we get them. ADDED 10:01 PM: Here’s the text of the final SEA resolution, from a doc forwarded by Munoz:Read More

First day of the first session for West Seattle’s new State House rep

Nelson-Sharon.jpegOur area’s newest state legislator has begun her first legislative session this afternoon in Olympia. 34th District State Rep. Sharon Nelson was chosen last November to succeed Joe McDermott, who moved up to State Senate after Erik Poulsen‘s resignation. Rep. Nelson talked with WSB this morning about what she’ll be working on and how she’s hoping to hear from you:Read More

West Seattle Bowl: “We’re not going anywhere”

The WSB inbox gets rumor e-mails every day. We always check them out, and if they’re true, we report it here; if they’re not, we usually don’t say anything, except in an e-mail back to the original sender. Today, there’s one that we do want to mention here, even though the subject says it’s NOT TRUE: Got e-mail last night from someone saying they’d heard from a reliable source that West Seattle Bowl would be closing. Wouldn’t be hard to imagine that could make sense — other bowling alleys in the city are closing (Sunset Bowl and Leilani Lanes), and in the case of WS Bowl, the Fauntleroy Place project going in next door is going to make life on that block a little messy for a while. However, we just dropped in to ask WS Bowl in person, and manager Andy Carl says, “We’re NOT GOING ANYWHERE — our lease is good till 2017.” In fact, he told WSB, he’s doing interviews with some citywide media later this week about the future of bowling alleys in the wake of those other high-profile closures.

Another West Seattle business on the move

Thanks to Tracy from T(ea) Gallery — who as we mentioned recently just closed her Admiral location soon to focus on her new downtown store — for a tip about another business on the move – she noticed a “for rent” sign in the window at Basic Green Box (3407 California) and wondered what’s up. We just heard back from Charlotte of Basic Green Box, who says they are moving in April — new location not confirmed yet; they’re looking at several spots. BGB is next door to yet another space that’s in transition, the former Leslie’s Country Store spot that is becoming The Bohemian (our last update on that is here; they’ve since posted the same info on their website and MySpace).

Reminder: Fauntleroy ferry cuts start today, possible bus effects

dock1.jpgAs mentioned here on Friday, the Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth ferry runs are down to 2 boats through mid-February, starting today, because repair work is reducing the number of ferries available systemwide. Here’s the WSF overview, which mentions added passenger runs between downtown and Vashon to try to relieve some of the potential pain. Here’s the new F-V-S schedule; looking at the always-cool WSF GPS-powered Vessel Watch, it appears that Issaquah and same-class Kitsap will be the two boats on the run, since Chelan is going into drydock. For non-ferry riders, the effects you’re most likely to notice will be potential longer backups along Fauntleroy during the evening commute — considering Southworth-bound drivers will have a long gap between the 4:40 and 6:20 departures — and possible bus delays/overloads that Metro is warning riders about.

Statue of Liberty Plaza Project nears fundraising finish line


Two days till the deadline for the Seattle (Alki) Statue of Liberty Plaza Project to finish fundraising and figure out if they have enough to cover the full plaza design that’s proposed. We checked in with the project’s co-chairs this afternoon to see where things stand:Read More

Reader reports: Gunshots last night near 44th/Hanford

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Two people just e-mailed WSB about this. The following account is from Luckie (thank you!):

Last night at about 7:50, three shots were fired on SW Hanford near 44th Ave, and then a car was heard speeding away toward California Ave. I immediately called 911, as did several other neighbors. This morning, I searched the area where I heard it happen, and found three bullet casings and a slug in the street. A neighbor’s car, parked on the street, now sports two bullet holes. We called the police non-emergency number, and an officer arrived about five minutes later. She gathered the evidence and took statements. I don’t wish to give any more details, but this car was a specific target—this wasn’t a random shooting.

We will be checking with the Southwest Precinct to see if there is anything more. MONDAY MORNING UPDATE: Lt. Steve Paulsen @ the precinct says, “We are working hard on this … [indeed] it was not a random event.”

Demolition watch: Two more sites on California Ave


That house is at 5933 California (map), immediately south of the townhouses going up on the former Guadalajara Hacienda site (as we most recently documented here). On Friday, the city granted a permit to tear down this 85-year-old house; more townhouses are on the way. About a mile and a half north on California, in the 3400 block (map), demolition equipment is likely to be seen soon here:


We first mentioned the impending teardown-to-townhouses status of this site in October. The demolition permit’s been in effect since November but we just noticed the fence.