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Pigeon Point project: Neighbor input needed NOW

November 27, 2007 10:03 am
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From Pigeon Point Neighborhood Council leaders: An urgent call to neighbors to find out if they want to meet this week with the principal/CEO of the firm behind a sizable housing development on 22nd SW (city info page here), because that executive can schedule a meeting either this week, or not till next year. The development centered at 3816 22nd SW (here’s a map) would include 14 housing units — 2 single-family homes plus 12 townhouse units. Neighborhood leaders need to hear by 6 pm tonight from anybody who would be interested in a meeting this week; if you’re in the Pigeon Point area and not already on its list, contact info is at the PPNC site.

Local students have an offer for you: Free website design

Do you have a West Seattle nonprofit organization or small business with no website (or not much of one)? Chief Sealth High School teacher Sam Reed, and some of his students, have an offer for you:Read More

Watch your windows: West Seattle peeper reported

Thanks to WSB community member “k” for catching this just posted by the P-I: police on the lookout for someone reported peeping into two separate West Seattle homes on Saturday night – here are the locations (click each blue marker for address specifics):

View Larger Map

California Ave upzone proposal: More from the proponents

upzonescreengrab.jpgReminder that this Thursday night (6:30 pm, West Seattle High School library) is the first major public meeting about the proposal to rezone both sides of California between Hanford and Hinds (and a bit further south on the west side of the street) to allow larger businesses and taller buildings (city map screengrab at right). Over the holiday, the major landowners behind the proposal (and four other site visitors) added comments to the original WSB report about the plan — since that report is almost 3 weeks old, there’s a 99.9% chance you haven’t seen the new comments, so here are the highlights:Read More

Theft alert: When something left at curbside is not a freebie

Over the weekend, this reader report sparked a discussion about curbside freebies. Today, we got e-mail from JG, wanting to share an alert about a curbside-donation thief:

Please tell people not to put out their pickup for Northwest Center until 7:30 am or a little before. I had mine out the night before and was woke up with headlights coming in my bedroom and saw a white car, late 90’s or early 2000’s model with a sunroof, stealing my donation. The passenger that took my donation was a girl with brown hair to her shoulders or a little longer. I should have gotten up right away but I hesitated for a couple minutes, then got in my car to see if I could find the car and get the license plate number. I know probably a stupid thing to do but I didn’t find them. This was around 1:30 last night.

We asked JG a couple followup questions — what was in her donation? (clothes & shoes) was it clearly marked as a donation so this wasn’t a case of someone mistaking it for a freebie? (yes, it had the Northwest Center tag on it). So … consider yourself alerted.

Fauntleroy Creek salmon update – and video

November 26, 2007 9:15 am
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The Fauntleroy Community Association website has posted a short video clip from the recent Fauntleroy Creek coho return – follow the link from the fauntleroy.net home page. And there’s new information beyond what’s posted with that video — we visited the fish-ladder overlook (across the street and up the bluffside staircase from the ferry dock) over the weekend and saw a note headlined “IT’S A WRAP,” indicating creek-watchers believe this year’s return is over — but they did count more than 90 fish during the week-long return, compared to none last year and 46 in ’05. Next step, according to that note – watching for fry in February.

From land-use land, post-holiday edition

November 26, 2007 6:07 am
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TOWNHOUSE GLUT? WHAT TOWNHOUSE GLUT? Not long after reading this article (which we also mentioned over the weekend), we found permit applications for another teardown-to-townhome project in north West Seattle, on 44th just south of Atlantic (map): it spans two addresses, 1506 44th and 1508 44th, and is next to what appears to be a similarly sized project for which permit applications were filed a few weeks earlier, 1510 44th and 1512 44th.

LAST CALL FOR DESIGN REVIEW ON 2 PROJECTS: The official notice on these came out last week but might have gotten lost in the pre-holiday rush: The Southwest Design Review Board meets December 20th — at Denny Middle School instead of the usual SW Precinct — for the “recommendation” phase on the townhouse/”live-work” proposal at 6053 California (where the martial-arts tenant just had its moving sale weekend before last) and 7901 35th, known for spiritual pursuits from the Seventh-Day Adventists to Temenos to Mars Hill bus parking, now proposed for auto repair (including a new 2-story building).

Alki Statue of Liberty Plaza Project: Looking for $80,000 more


Holiday weekend’s winding down, time to get back to the news. We’ve got updates in the works on some ongoing major West Seattle issues/stories, including, right now, the latest on the Alki Statue of Liberty Plaza Project. As we reported here last Monday, the approved ’08 city budget includes the $50,000 that city leaders announced for a new pedestal just before the recast statue was placed atop the old one in September. The group raising money in hopes of surrounding that new pedestal with a plaza has just updated its blog (read it here) with the latest on fundraising efforts for the plaza project (last public meeting about it was September 13; here’s our detailed report from that night). In the new blog update, project committee co-chair Paul Carr writes, “… we may need another $80,000 or so, just to be on the safe side”; we e-mailed to see if that meant cost estimates had changed. Paul’s reply to WSB: “The estimate is still the same; as far as we know, the $157,000 is the construction estimate. However, even though no one on our committee is making a dime (no salaries or other labor costs), there still are fund-raising expenses. The Fiscal Sponsor takes a small percentage for being the Fiscal Sponsor and keeping charge of the money, we have printing costs: brochures, etc. Bottom line: If we can raise another $80,000, we estimate we can safely do everything the community wanted.” The Sealady Blog update also mentions a “gala dinner” for the project in the works coming up in late December @ the Alki Duke’s. (If you are just coming in on the statue/plaza story, all our previous coverage is archived here.)

Shadowland menu revealed

Drawing a lot of gawkers in The Junction today: The menu and wine list for Shadowland are now posted in its front window (NE corner of California/Oregon). Sample from the “small plates” lineup: Cassie, $6, ingredients listed as “white cheddar, macaroni, love.”

West Seattle holiday shopping: It’s a party

November 25, 2007 11:16 am
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As you head out today, to the Farmers’ Market perhaps, or just to enjoy the sunshine, you might want to poke your head inside some of your favorite West Seattle shops. holidaypresent.jpgWe’ve started to hear from more stores planning special events during the holiday shopping season (like the early-early-bird Black Friday sale we covered @ Friends & Company); to name just a few, Husky Deli is having a holiday open house 5-9 pm next Friday (11/30) that’s also a 75th anniversary celebration (historic photos here); much-appreciated WSB sponsor Click! Design That Fits in the Admiral District is planning December “Late Night Thursdays” with treats on 12/6, 12/13, and 12/20 where they’re staying open till at least 8 pm (or longer; “we just hang around until people leave,” Click! co-owner Frances Smersh told WSB); less than a block from Click!, Shanti Salon and Spa has a holiday open house with refreshments 6:30-8:30 pm Thursday 12/13; the Junction Association says a variety of retailers are planning promotions during Hometown Holidays next weekend; between Admiral and Alaska Junctions, Saturday night shopping parties are the plan at basic green box, with wine and cheese. We’re going to drop by as many WS businesses as possible to keep track of what’s planned for the holiday season, but with so many of them, we’d also love to hear from local retailers directly, and from shoppers who hear about upcoming events. E-mail or call us; here’s all the contact info.

What’s hot tomorrow at West Seattle Farmers’ Market

November 24, 2007 8:36 pm
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The “fresh sheet” is back after a week away. And this is a good chance to remind you, the Farmers’ Market continues in full 10 am-2 pm swing through the end of the year; then in January and February, it’s the winter edition, 11 am-2 pm. Now, the tastiness:Read More

Tree time: Holy Rosary Christmas Tree Lot opens

Now you know the holiday season is really here — West Seattle’s most famous nonprofit Christmas tree lot just opened at noon today, in the parking lot south of Admiral Safeway as usual. We stopped by for video as the volunteers were finishing final preparations late this morning — first clip, some of those volunteers hard at work pre-opening:

Here’s Scott Willhite talking about some of what’s new at the lot this year, plus where the tree $ goes:

The Holy Rosary lot has its own website with more info. (By next weekend, by the way, we’ll be surveying all WS tree-sellers for our annual price-check.)

Boozeless Bamboo (temporarily)

Thanks to WSB reader Venkat for the tip that Bamboo Bar & Grill on Alki is mighty dark tonight — because of a big orange notice posted out front from the Washington Liquor Control Board: Liquor license suspended. We went by for a closer look; too dark for us to make out the exact dates on the notice – looked fairly short term — but we could read that the suspension was for “furnishing alcohol to minors.” We can’t find a press release about the suspension on the Liquor Control Board website, but did see info there that Bamboo was fined $350 for the same thing in May, then fined $1500 for the same thing in October. SUNDAY NIGHT UPDATE: Looks like the suspension’s over; Bamboo’s open again.

West Water, the latest: Ex-apartments are apartments again

Thanks to Tanaya for pointing this out in a new comment on our “West Water, the video” post: The massively marketed condo conversion on California Ave south of Morgan Junction is already offering units for rent. Maybe that’s par for the course with big conversions? Interesting, whatever the case.

Fauntleroy Creek update: The coho comeback continues

November 23, 2007 9:00 am
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New update at fauntleroy.net: Almost 100 spawners counted at Fauntleroy Creek so far!

From the Black Friday front lines in West Seattle

So a particular chain retailer at Westwood Village had this incredible laptop deal. Got there when they opened at 6 am … 100 people in line, plotting near-military strategy for bargain reconnaissance. We retreated. Friendlier crowd at the one Junction store that opened its doors at 5 am, the rubber-stamping store Friends and Company, where we caught up with proprietor Doris Goulet and her early-bird shoppers during the first half-hour:

You’re feeling thankful – ready to feel helpful?

November 22, 2007 9:31 pm
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One week from Saturday, one of West Seattle’s biggest events of the holiday season will start — Hometown Holidays in The Junction. We brought you details in this report last weekend; you can also read the full Hometown Holidays press release at the end of this post. First, here’s your chance to be part of it — we received this from Erica Karlovits, president of JuNO (Junction Neighborhood Association):

For folks living in the Junction and interested in getting involved with JuNO, we have a great opportunity for involvement:

Hometown Holidays is coming . . . The Junction comes to life on the first Saturday in December. Events include the Dickens Carolers, the Annual Tree Lighting, Santa photos for you and for your pet, and great deals in local shops. Plus events at the West Seattle Farmers’ Market!

Volunteers are needed to staff the refreshment and information table during the Hometown Holidays event on December 1 and 2. JuNO has agreed to take on this responsibility and is inviting anyone that is interested in joining to contact wsjuno@yahoo.com – This is a great opportunity to support your community, meet neighbors and take part in a great event.

Please let me know if you are interesting in meeting your JuNO neighbors and volunteering at this event.

Thank you!

Erica Karlovits
Junction Neighborhood Organization

For even more details on Hometown Holidays plans, here’s the West Seattle Junction Association‘s full press release:Read More

What Seattle Police do — and what citizens think about it


WSB reader Patrick e-mailed that photo today with this eyewitness report: “Yesterday about 6 police cars pulled up at Chief Sealth when students were let out; they questioned 2 students for about 15 minutes, looked in the bushes where they were questioned, and let them leave.” We don’t have information on what that was about — but it reminds us, you might not have heard about the survey released just before City Hall shut down for the 4-day holiday weekend: It’s the “biennial survey of attitudes toward police” in the Neighborhood Policing and Crime Survey Report. Here’s the page where you can find a link to the complete report as well as various summaries. We browsed it to look for West Seattle specifics; not many of those to be had, but we were quite interested in page 13 of the report, where traffic offenses and graffiti/vandalism — both discussed extensively, repeatedly, here at WSB — were identified as the crime problems noticed most frequently by citizens. On a related topic, WSB reader LyndaB passed along word that everyone is invited to the Police Chief’s Citywide Advisory Council meeting on December 11th (6:30 pm, West Precinct, which is actually downtown) to get details on the Neighborhood Policing Staffing Plan that the police department will start implementing in January.

Where to get your Thanksgiving morning latte (etc.)

So many years, we have found ourselves driving around in search of someplace to get espresso, early, before we start crafting the homemade stuffing and all that. So in hopes of saving you a similar gas-wasting experience, here’s what we have so far, in alphabetical order, for tomorrow’s West Seattle standalone-coffee-shop hours, from a combination of in-person visits and phone calls:

Alki Bakery, closed
Bakery Nouveau, closed
Bird on a Wire, open 8 am-1 pm
Bubbles on Alki & on Delridge, closed
Caffe Ladro, open till 2 pm
Capers, closed
Coffee to a Tea with Sugar, closed
Cupcake Royale, open 8 am-2 pm
Diva, open till 1
Easy Street, 9 am-1 pm
Freshy’s, open 8 am-1 pm
Hotwire, closed
Java Bean, open 7 am-2 pm
Original Bakery, closed (Friday too)
Red Cup, closed
Revolution, closed
Sleepless (DRIVE-THRU), 7 am-2 pm
Starbucks (all WS locations), open normal start time (drive-thru is earliest @ 4:30 am) thru 4 pm
Tully’s Alki, 7 am-4 pm
Tully’s Morgan Junction, 6:30 am-2 pm
Uptown Delridge, open 6 am-3 pm
Uptown Junction, open 6 am-4 pm

We weren’t able to get through to C & P or Cafe Rozella – anyone who knows, let us know; we’ll have to run by later and see if signs are on the door. 9:30 PM ADDENDUM: No clues to be had on the Rozella doors; a comment on this post says C & P is open in the morning, though. THURSDAY MORNING ADDENDUM: Added Diva; went by to check, they’re open till 1.

Fleeting new role for the mayor: Grocery-bagging

We mentioned earlier in the week that Mayor Nickels was going to wander over to his neighborhood supermarket, Metropolitan Market in Admiral, to help promote MM’s new reusable bags. He made good on his promise this morning and helped bag a few groceries – our WSB videographer was there to get the proof:

This also gives us an excuse to mention the West Seattle supermarket hours for Thanksgiving Day again: Metropolitan Market is open till 2 pm, Thriftway till 4 pm, QFC till 6 pm, the Safeways are open regular (24) hours, PCC is closed. ADDED 7:30 PM: Another clip from the Metro Market event, with the mayor joined by Terry Halverson, CEO of the Metropolitan Market chain (which is HQ’ed in West Seattle):Read More

Help West Seattle High School students: Adopt a traveler!

November 21, 2007 10:30 am
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We were lucky to grow up with some opportunities to travel, around the U.S. as well as to a few other countries. Nothing too fancy, but still — as you know if you have been able to travel — it changes your perspective on your own slice of the world, in so many ways, that carry on throughout your life and enhance your ability to “think global/act local,” among other benefits. With that preface, here’s a chance to help some West Seattle teenagers gain that perspective as they prepare for the journey into adulthood: At West Seattle High School, the Travel Club is looking for partners and supporters to help make sure everyone who wants to join a 10-day student trip to Italy and Greece next spring can go. A nicely written press release appeared in the WSB inbox – so we’re sharing that, and the information that follows it about how you can help, including fundraising events that are just a few weeks away:Read More

B(u)y the books: City budget success story

Two weeks ago, we told you about local library advocates’ call to let city councilmembers know the new budget needed to give libraries a better deal. This morning, two days after councilmembers approved a budget (which we reported here), Sarel Rowe from Friends of Southwest Branch Library, one of those advocates, sends everyone these words of thanks:

The City Council passed a $2 million increase for The Seattle Public Library materials budget in 2008. In addition they passed funding guidance requesting a baseline for future materials budget proposals of $1.5 million more than that included in the proposed 2008 budget. Your readers were instrumental in this progress. Thanks to you we can all celebrate renewed materials vitality at our branch Libraries.

For more info, Sarel points us to the Friends of the Seattle Public Library site. And you can celebrate by checking out any of West Seattle’s four branches: Southwest, Delridge, High Point, and West Seattle (Admiral). (They’ll be closed on Thursday and Friday for the holiday, though.)