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Torch rally on Alki

November 4, 2007 3:17 pm
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Pic from the torch rally on Alki this afternoon — featuring a symbolic Olympic Torch that’s making its way around the world to raise awareness about what activists want China, host of the next Olympics, to do to help end the genocide in Darfur (detailed explanation here about why it goes on; info here on how to take action):


9:30 PM UPDATE: Info about the man in our photo, thanks to Ruth from Save Darfur/Washington State:

His name is Marial Nhiel – he is from Yirol, Sudan, and is 27 years old. He arrived in Seattle as a refugee in August 2007. Marial’s leg was deliberately shot off by a Northern Sudanese soldier when he was a seven year old boy. He is married with twin children, age 5 years, one boy and one girl, who are currently living in Kenya. He was brought to us by Maury Clark, a local Sudanese advocate. Marial was here to carry the torch for his countrymen and women, to show his support for their safety.

The view from Jefferson Square

2 things noted on a pass through Jefferson Square‘s northwest corners: first, West Seattle’s sixth not-in-a-grocery-store Starbucks (first mentioned here in August) is progressing rapidly in the ex-Infinity Espresso spot:


Second, looks like some progress on the Junction Plaza Park site, with the green-gray of spray-on grass, just in time for the holidays:


Congratulations to Holy Rosary’s 7th-grade girls’ soccer team

November 3, 2007 11:39 pm
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Frank Coluccio just e-mailed this update on the Gators’ championship game, played today and mentioned here last Tuesday night:

After a very well played game that went into overtime, the final score, after regulation and the two overtime periods (a total of 70 minutes), was 2-2. CYO doesn’t have a penalty kick shootout after the overtime period so Holy Rosary and Sacred Heart will be Co-Champions for this year’s CYO 7th grade girls division. Holy Rosary jumped out to a 1-0 lead and Sacred Heart tied it up 1-1. Then the Gators went up 2-1 on a corner kick. Sacred Heart tied the score on a penalty kick with about 10 minutes to play. Both teams played their hearts out.

Tree talk

November 3, 2007 7:02 pm
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Yes, already. New lot coming to the West Seattle shoreline, according to this CL post. We’re planning Christmas-tree price checks again this year, by the way. 8:10 PM ADDENDUM: Just noticed the organization for one of West Seattle’s best-known tree lots, run by Holy Rosary School in the parking area south of Admiral Safeway, is well under way.

West Seattle bicyclist shot on Delridge

Peter McKay tells the frightening story on his blog. His account doesn’t mention West Seattle or the shooting location, nor was there a 911 call about an assault with weapons (apparently medics were called to his home), so this didn’t hit our radar till the P-I just posted about it, saying it happened on Delridge near Barton this past Thursday night.

Alki Ave updates

Looks like we have a name for the store coming to the last remaining space in the ex-Alki Market (next to All the Best Pet Care, two doors down from Cactus): According to a construction permit just granted by the city, it will be “Alki Urban Market.” A little further east, the windows at the former Coyotes on Alki (former Chez Million, former Lighthouse, former Point Grill, that’s as far back as we go) are now brown-papered (photo below) — no construction permit for this site so far, and no revelations are to be had for a peek through the window — though it’s been widely speculated that might be where Pegasus Pizza could/would move when the construction project on their site begins. (Or maybe this mystery restaurant?)


Ways to get in a wintry mood

November 3, 2007 10:00 am
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TONIGHT: Another indie movie is having its Seattle premiere at Admiral Theater – with a bonus offer: Admiral manager Steve Garrett says every paid admission to Sentimental Values,” a snowboarding movie, gets a free lift ticket to Stevens Pass. Tickets for tonight’s show at 10 pm are available online in advance ($8; go here) or $10 at the door.

TOMORROW: With only 7 1/2 weeks till Christmas, you can start stockpiling decorations at the various bazaars around WS (check our Weekend Lineup for the latest) and by stopping at the West Seattle Kiwanis booth on the east side of the Farmers’ Market tomorrow. WSB reader Bonnie e-mailed to let us know they’re selling ornaments to benefit the West Seattle Hi-Yu Festival, best known for all sorts of summer fun from The Parade to Concert in the Park and a whole lot more.


The ornaments are $25 each and, as supplies allow, will be sold at the Kiwanis booth for the next two Sundays, as well as at the West Seattle Moms’ Holiday Bazaar next Saturday (11/10), 2 pm-5 pm (address is on the WSB Events page).

One last act by “Art Attack”

Hands down the most memorable story we’ve had the privilege of telling you this week has been that of “West Seattle Art Attack,” an anonymous local glass artist who, while working on creations for nonprofit-benefit sales, decided to plant the not-quite-perfect productions in local yards. (Previous reports here, here, here, and here). WSAA’s heartstrings (ours too) were tugged by one comment below the 1st post, from Barbara, who wrote that she longed for a pumpkin in honor of her anniversary, Halloween, because her husband’s been in Iraq for their last two anniversaries. Well, as of tonight, she has one:


WSAA contacted WSB to ask if we could mediate a pumpkin delivery for Barbara. So we did; then she sent photos, as well as thanks for the pumpkin and for the anniversary card included by WSAA (in the bag seen below) — it wished Barbara and husband a happy anniversary, on behalf of everyone in WSB-land.


Another crash closes 35th SW

This one is just a few blocks north of the scene of last Saturday’s deadly crash: 35th SW is closed between Willow and Myrtle because of an accident that appears to have involved two cars, at least one with heavy front-end damage; didn’t look like serious injuries. Map:Read More

All aboard, one last time


Last call for the Elliott Bay Water Taxi … it’s started the afternoon/evening runs, and when it heads from Seacrest back downtown at 11 pm tonight (in a scene likely to resemble the lovely photo above that WSB reader DQ sent earlier this month), that’s it till 2008. But remember that next Thursday is your chance to have a say in making sure the WT has a strong future — or do it online if you absolutely can’t be there in person. (We’re awaiting the proposed King County Ferry District operating/funding plan to be discussed at next Thursday’s hearing, and will post details here as soon as they’re available.)

More Halloween vandalism

Angela e-mailed WSB to ask if what happened to her happened to anyone else:

I don’t have photos yet, but someone sprayed our neighborhood on 59th between Alki Ave and Admiral with graffiti. Our garage was hit Halloween night, and now there’s a giant silver crown on the garage door. The same crown was painted across the street at the playground as well.

I’m curious to know if anyone else “got tagged” Halloween night?

I just moved here a month ago thinking this was a great area to live in, and I still feel that way, despite the murder that took place at the end of our street and recent vandalism.

Not just another accident victim

In the six days since a longtime West Seattle resident was hit and killed on 35th near Fire Station 37, we have learned more about the victim, 85-year-old Oswald Clement, and we wanted to highlight the fact that those organizing a memorial service for him are hoping to hear from others with memories:Read More

Townhomes long after the teardowns


It’s been four months since we last checked on this empty lot in the 6000 block of California, north of Morgan Junction. Just discovered a couple new permit applications came in only days ago for a big grouping of townhouses and “live/work” units here — Knoll Development is seeking permits for four addresses: at 6021, at 6025, at 6029, and at 6031.

34th Dems recommend Nelson to succeed McDermott

Nelson-Sharon.jpegJust in from the 34th District Democrats‘ website: Sharon Nelson of Maury Island, chief of staff for West Seattle’s King County Councilmember Dow Constantine, was chosen tonight as the 34th DDs’ recommended choice for State Representative. (Photo at right, courtesy 34th DDs.) If the King County Council goes with the recommendation to appoint her, Nelson would succeed Joe McDermott, appointed to the State Senate last month after Erik Poulsen quit. Read more about Nelson here. The 34th DDs say the KC Council’s decision could come as soon as Monday.

Thursday afternoon notes

-Some especially excellent comments today, and we want to call your attention to them in case you don’t usually read the comment sections of WSB posts. Below our report about the Northwest Art & Frame broken window, we just heard from “TR,” the early-morning dog-walker who spotted the damage and called authorities. And after this post updating the “West Seattle Art Attack” pumpkin surprises, we heard from people (Randie and Ben) at two of the houses “hit” by WSAA. Thanks to everybody for coming to WSB and adding new information!

-Several people e-mailed us yesterday about a mysterious sign near “Walking on Logs,” close to the relentlessly patrolled area where political signs have been turning up, and coming down. Last night we did pull over to check out that sign — it is a printout of the city sign ordinance, with the relevant section highlighted in a marker color that we can’t help describing as “angry red.” We’ll see shortly if they have gone after the signs just put up by a certain City Council candidate who seems determined to let us all know she (hearts) The Viaduct. (Including in-person sign-waving at 35th & Fauntleroy this morning.)

-If you’re interested in acupuncture, a reader e-mailed us recently suggesting that more people might want to know about a community acupuncture clinic at The Mount on Monday afternoons, run by Angie Hughes. “Reasonable price and an underutilized resource,” according to the reader, so we’re tacking it up on our equivalent of the virtual bulletin board, with this post.

Bail reduced for 59th/Admiral shooting suspect

At the court hearing we reported on last week, the lawyer for the 17-year-old suspect in the October 13th fatal shooting at 59th/Admiral said he would argue for his client to be set free on his own recognizance, released to “home detention,” or at least for his bail to be reduced. Then, earlier this week, we told you the lawyer’s rationale for that request — he contends his client was sexually abused for years by the man he is accused of shooting, has no history of violence, and would not be a danger to the community. Today, we have just learned from court documents posted online that King County Superior Court Judge Michael Trickey did grant a bail reduction earlier this week — cutting the amount of bail the suspect would have to post to get out, from the original $500,000, to the new amount of $200,000. However, according to the online jail roster, he is not out yet. He’s due back in court next Wednesday.

Bad break, followed by a Good Samaritan


If you’ve been through The Junction today, you may have noticed the broken front window at Northwest Art & Frame. Manager Debbie just told a WSB team member that they don’t know when or how it happened — obviously sometime Halloween night — but they do know this: Somebody out walking their dog very early this morning noticed the broken window. Nobody of course was at NW A & F at that hour, but the dog-walker found somebody to tell, next door at Bakery Nouveau. They in turn called the Seattle Fire Department, which sent a crew, who cleaned up the broken glass, and put up some temporary covering (Debbie says Bakery Nouveau gave them treats in appreciation). Whoever the dog-walker was, NW A & F is very appreciative.

Update on how to show your support for the Water Taxi

November 1, 2007 6:50 am
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As we reported earlier this week, a hugely important date in the Water Taxi’s future comes next Thursday (11/8), 2 pm @ the county courthouse, when King County Councilmembers — wtrtxi.jpgmeeting as the King County Ferry District board — have the one and only public hearing about what the KCFD should be doing in the year to come. In-person testimony is the most impressive, but if you absolutely can’t be there, the online form for your Water Taxi “testimony” is now ready, as promised by West Seattle’s KC Councilmember Dow Constantine. Find it here. Councilmembers will be especially interested in hearing your personal Water Taxi stories and why you support it, as well as affirmation for the positive effects of using boat transit to get traffic off the roads (and, in the case of the Vashon foot ferries that KCFD also will run, getting traffic off the state ferries from Vashon and therefore off already-busy WS arterials like Fauntleroy). P.S. Two things — remember tomorrow’s the Water Taxi’s last day of the year; also, check back here for more on the proposed operations/funding plan for the Ferry District, once it’s made public later today.

On the block

Just received two notes in the past few minutes (thank you!!!!) about “PUBLIC AUCTION” signs up at the ex-GEE/ex-Huling site. As we reported last week, an auction was indeed part of the plan to enable the Gees to officially clear out by the end of November. 6:30 PM UPDATE: Thanks to Mike for finding this webpage about the auction and sending this photo:


Bye-bye, Thai?

thai1.jpgSomeone e-mailed us a few weeks ago saying they had heard Thai on Alki (1325 Harbor Ave, next to Alki Tavern) was going out. So we’d been keeping an eye on it; drove by last night and, for the first time, noticed the interior looked fairly empty except for people doing some work; went by this morning to try to find out more — the signage is gone (as shown at left), the place looks cleaned out. No permit applications for anything at the site, no note on the door; the phone is answered with an announcement that sounds like business as usual, but it didn’t allow message-leaving. Looking up the corporate registration for the company that holds the business license, we found the name is the same as someone who had a Craigslist ad up a few weeks ago (pointed out to us at the time by a reader) selling restaurant items (the ad’s not cached in Google but one line of text from it that is, includes the Thai on Alki number). Another tidbit noted during research: The parcel has been owned since 2004 by “Salty’s Properties.”

“West Seattle Art Attack” caught on camera


OK, maybe “caught on camera” isn’t entirely the best phrase, since this photo (and others) came from “West Seattle Art Attack” him/herself — and proves they have accomplices — shown here at one of the five houses where they say they left pumpkins last night. (Catch up on what this is all about by reading yesterday’s first post and later update.) Ahead, see if you recognize the four other distinctively decorated homes “hit” last night — plus, beneath the photos, one caveat from WSAA:Read More

Halloween’s here: West Seattle highlights

October 31, 2007 9:31 am
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(Jack-o-lanterns designed by Ryan & Abby, carved by Lisa & Abby) The big day/night has arrived. Many Halloween happenings are on our WSB Events page; some biggies include:

MORE BUSINESS TRICK-OR-TREATING: The merchants of the Admiral District are offering treats 3-6 pm today; Westwood Village businesses are welcoming trick-or-treaters 5-7 pm.

GROWNUP FUN: Many WS establishments are partying tonight, including Skylark, where the “Come as You Aren’t” Battle of the Bands sounds like a hoot (full lineup here); and northeast West Seattle will be alive with the sights and sounds of Skeleton Theatre, 6-9 pm.

HIGH POINT HAPS: Check out the full list on the Events page – some great stuff going on in West Seattle’s award-winning development, including a canine costume contest at 7:30.

LATER: We’ll be mentioning some legendary West Seattle haunts, including the most unlikely-sounding one we’ve come across so far. Save your faves for comments on that post!

Ercolini Park: They (you) did it!

October 31, 2007 7:15 am
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Just two days ago, we told you about the fundraising deadline today for matching funds to make Ercolini Park (48th/Alaska; photo above from last summer) a true park when construction work begins shortly — and we have word from Bill Barna that, thanks to one last big donation — $2,800 from Wanda Pommer — they made it! Bill and everyone at Friends of Ercolini Park send out a huge thanks to everyone who helped them reach the goal and says the big thing now is to make good on commitments of volunteer time (also vital in the “matching funds” process); as Bill explains, “It is also important to remember that all the volunteer hours that were pledged have actually been assigned a dollar value. If the volunteers don’t make good on their contributions some of the park features may suffer. So, PLEASE, everyone who committed time … make good on your pledge.”