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NEED FOOD? 2 more chances to get it from Food Lifeline

From Food Lifeline in South Park:

Food Lifeline announced today that it will continue to distribute thousands of emergency food boxes to anyone needing help keeping food on the table during this crisis.

Food Lifeline – 815 South 96th Street (Two this week)

*Wednesday, May 20th, 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
*Friday, May 22, 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

This schedule is also available on the homepage of

ANYONE can have access to this food. This is a confidential distribution, so there will be no paperwork or qualification. Food Lifeline is only asking for zip codes to track its efforts.

Here’s a map to FL’s South Park location.

ART: One more day to support South Park Arts AID online auction

We’ve been so busy spotlighting other ways to help, we haven’t had a chance to mention the South Park Arts AID auction until now – but it’s not too late; you still have a full day left to bid!

Last month, the reality of our situation began to sink in, and the pandemic was hitting artists especially hard. For so many, their livelihood relies on human interaction, and the government support was unreliable or nonexistent. South Park Arts wanted to help. The tight-knit community had weathered many storms together, and this was no different. The obvious solution was to buy lots of art. This auction features those pieces. So when you buy this work, you’re supporting not only the artist but you’re refilling the reserves of an art organization to provide for future assistance.

What – an amazing online art auction of painting, photography, collage, home goods, watercolor, letterpress, sculpture, stained glass, even body armor. Yes, body armor.

Who – featuring talented SPArtsAID recipients

When – Through Monday, May 11th at 7:30 PM

Where – from the comfort of your home

How – Go to to bid on the pieces.

Why – Because we could all use some beauty and community right now.

WEST SEATTLE BRIDGE CLOSURE: Extra SFD truck, medic unit on the way

(Seattle Fire Department photo of Ladder 13 in 2010)

Not long after the West Seattle Bridge‘s sudden shutdown, we and others started asking whether West Seattle would get additional SFD resources, as happened during the Spokane Street Viaduct Widening Project (east half of the bridge) in 2011-2012. The early answer was: It’s being discussed. New answer today: Yes. In addition to West Seattle-based Medic 32, SFD will station Medic 26, staffed with two paramedics, at Station 26 in South Park. And joining WS-based Ladder 11 will be an extra truck, Ladder 13, to be based at Station 37 in Sunrise Heights. The announcement says, “Beginning in June, these units will be in-service for responding to emergencies 24-hours per day, seven days a week.” (Ladder 13 was based at Station 11 in Highland Park during the SSV project.) The SFD announcement adds, “The new medic unit and ladder truck are coming from SFD’s reserve apparatus located at the City’s Fire Garage. The department will continue to have other apparatus on reserve to support scheduled maintenance and for any unforeseen mechanical issues. The funding required for staffing the two new units, apparatus maintenance and fuel, and room accommodations at the fire stations is approximately $2.5 million for the remainder of 2020 and will be covered from existing resources.”

NEED FOOD? 3 ways/places to get it – school bus, Food Lifeline, KBM Commissary

May 8, 2020 10:51 am
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A variety of efforts to keep people from going hungry during the economic crunch continue. Here are three local reminders/updates:

TODAY & WEEKDAYS, DELIVERY BY SCHOOL BUS: For students/families who can’t get to the Seattle Public Schools locations that are distributing meals 11 am-1 pm on weekdays, there are now school-bus deliveries to set routes. If you are in south West Seattle, here’s the stop list/map/schedule; the one for north and west West Seattle is here.

TODAY, FOOD LIFELINE: As previewed yesterday, you can go to FL’s HQ on the south side of South Park 2-5 pm toaay as they distribute 20+-pound boxes of emergency, shelf-stable food. The only information you’ll be asked to provide is your zip code.

SUNDAY, KBM COMMISSARY: Again this weekend, the kitchen in Delridge is offering free meals to anyone in need. Here’s the weekly update from Keith Mathewson:

I am happy to announce that last week we were able to distribute nearly 1200 meals. Even with that amount demand still exceeded what we were able to provide. As nearly everyone is aware of the supply of meat is scarce as a result this week will be baked vegetarian Ziti with rosemary focaccia. We were fortunate to have Merlino’s Foods partner with us to provide high quality ingredients.

This week, meals were made by West Of Chicago Pizza and Los Panes Bakery with the help of the staff at KBM and will be handed out on Sunday from 4 pm to 6 pm; all who are in need are welcome to come.

KBM is at 5604 Delridge Way SW. Mathewson has been funding the project but help is welcome – here’s the crowdfunding page. And a reminder, some of the KBM-based businesses are also selling from a streetfront window, as noted here, and are part of our ongoing West Seattle list.

UPDATE: Pedestrian hit, injured by driver in South Park

4:51 PM: Avoid (corrected) 10th S./S. Cloverdale for a while. A driver has hit and injured a pedestrian. Police are there investigating, and SFD is there to treat the victim.

5:04 PM: Correction – the SFD log shows this is at 10th S/S Cloverdale. The latter is the main east-west through South Park. It’s just reopened, per police radio communication. We’ll be checking with SFD on the victim’s condition.

NEED FOOD? Emergency boxes available for all on Friday at Food Lifeline

Food Lifeline in South Park is usually a place where food is stored and distributed for organizations such as food banks – but tomorrow, anyone in need of food is invited to a special direct distribution that has just announced:

Free Food Distribution for Everyone

Friday, May 8th
2:00 pm. – 5:00 pm

Food Lifeline
815 South 96th Street

Come by Food Lifeline to pick up an emergency food box for yourself and/or your family. Food Lifeline will be distributing 2,000 boxes of shelf-stable food items to help you and your family during this difficult time. This is for ANYONE in the community that needs help. Your zip code is the only personal information required.

Each box will include up to 25 pounds of food such as canned fruit/vegetables, canned meats, non-meat protein items, and breads/grains. Here’s a map. This will be primarily a no-contact drive-up distribution between FL’s two warehouse buildings, while supplies last.

WEDNESDAY: District 1 Community Network talks about the bridge and more

The West Seattle Bridge is on the District 1 Community Network‘s monthly agenda, tomorrow night at 7 pm, online – not an SDOT presentation, but rather a community discussion. D1CN is a coalition of community members from a variety of groups and organizations, but anyone from West Seattle or South Park is welcome. Here’s the agenda:

Introductions and Approval of Minutes 7:05

Announcements 7:15

WS Bridge (7:30 – 8:00)

*WS Bridge Update – WSTC, Deb Barker & Larry Wymer

*WS Bridge Alternative Routing – SPNA Aley Thompson

*WS Bridge Discussion – Brainstorming

West Seattle Bike Connections – Bob Winship (8:00 – 8:15)

Racial & Social Justice Tool Kit – Randy Wiger (8:15 – 8:30)

Call for New Proposals (8:30)
New projects or activities that we want to launch

You are welcome to join the meeting via Zoom or by phone (call 669-900-6833; meeting ID: 222 985 415; password: 625318).

WEST SEATTLE BRIDGE CLOSURE: How it’s affecting South Park

(WSB photo: South Park Bridge just before its June 2014 opening)

The West Seattle Bridge closure isn’t just a West Seattle problem. That point’s been made far and wide already, but you probably haven’t heard it yet from this viewpoint – that of your neighbors in South Park, whose bridge (just six years old) is now one of two main alternatives for crossing the Duwamish River. The already-increased traffic has led to this letter to the city from a coalition of South Park community organizations, which we’re publishing with permission:

Dear Mayor Durkan, Councilmember Herbold & Director Zimbabwe,

The community of South Park is extremely concerned about the long term or permanent closure of the West Seattle Bridge and the potential for the lower Spokane St. bridge to also be shut down. We recognize that this closure will impact neighborhoods across West Seattle and within the Duwamish Valley. Our neighborhood is being promoted as a detour for the 100,000 drivers seeking an alternate route. During this time of reduced traffic, we are already seeing an increase in vehicle traffic, speeding and neighborhood cut-throughs. Residents of South Park have extremely poor health outcomes when compared to other neighborhoods. Our neighbors and children have high rates of asthma which has proven to reduce our life expectancy. Years of increased traffic will only perpetuate this inequity. We live in a valley that naturally traps pollution. Everything must be done to prevent additional pollution from coming here. Historically, our community has been disenfranchised and underserved by City and County services. We must have a voice in developing solutions to this long-term problem.

Our community members have raised the following concerns:

● Speeding and increased traffic in the neighborhood (Cloverdale, 14th & Dallas Ave S.)

○ Concerns about the safety of children crossing Cloverdale to get to school, the library, the community center etc.

○ Concerns about vehicles “whipping” onto Dallas Ave S. after crossing the bridge endangering pedestrians and cyclists (Dallas leads to the Duwamish Trail – a safe cycling route to downtown).

○ The increasing traffic back-up at the intersection of 5th & Cloverdale
● Increased pollution due to the increase in traffic
● The need to mitigate the impact on the already slow and often delayed 132 & 60 bus service

We would like to put forth the following recommendations:

● Transfer car trips from the West Seattle Bridge to transit, bike and walking trips to reduce pollution.

● Increase access to bus service. If West Seattle buses are rerouted to the First Ave or South Park bridges, some portion need to stop in South Park to provide us with better, faster bus service if we are to bear the brunt of the impacts of additional buses here. We also recommend the use of electric busses to reduce pollution.

● Safe pedestrian crossings
○ Lights for crossing at 10 or 12th & Cloverdale.
■ High-density new construction coming online in 2020 will bring even more neighbors to this area.

○ A light or highly visible crosswalk where Dallas Ave S. and the bridge meet to increase safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

○ A light or four-way stop on Dallas Ave S. near RAM Mounts at Thistle/Dallas/12th streets. Traffic cutting through the industrial area from Marginal Way has led to cars speeding down a residential street that already has a dangerous 4-way stop. We appreciate the Your Voice Your Choice intervention at this intersection, but it will not be enough to prevent accidents with increased traffic.

○ Crossing guards at 8th & 7th & Cloverdale for school children.
○ Improvements at 14th & Henderson.
● Improved Bike Connections
○ Protected bike lanes on the 1st Ave to downtown corridor are especially essential if the low bridge closure were to cut off access from the Duwamish Trail to downtown. A protected crossing across East Marginal from (and to) the First Ave Bridge is immediately needed for this bike route. More people will be biking and this connection is crucial.

○ Continue the funding, planning, and development of the Georgetown – South Park trail project
● Detours should keep traffic on major thoroughfares
○ Police should do consistent traffic stops to address speeding

We look forward to collaborating with SDOT and our West Seattle and Duwamish Valley community to develop solutions to this crisis.

n Community,

South Park Neighborhood Association – Aley Thompson & Robin Schwartz
Concord Elementary Parent Teacher Association – Robin Schwartz & Gladis Clemente
Concord Elementary School – Miguel Sansalone & Cesar Roman
Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition – Paulina Lopez
Duwamish Rowing Club – Mike Merta
Duwamish Valley Affordable Housing Coalition – Maria Ramirez, Robin Schwartz & Analia Bertoni
Duwamish Valley Safe Streets – Jesse Moore & Peaches Thomas
Duwamish Valley Youth Corps – Carmen Martinez
Duwamish Valley Port Community Action Team – Bunthay Cheam, Edwin Hermandez, Maggie Angel Cano & Hannah Kett
ECOSS – Cluny McCaffrey
Seattle Neighborhood Group – Jake Hellenkamp & Dennis Diaz
Somali Parents Education Board – Muna Hussein
South Park Area Redevelopment Committee – Meredith Hall, Bill Pease & Aley Thompson
South Park Arts – Jen Nye, Wendy Woldenberg & Bill Pease
South Park Merchants Association – Rocio Arriaga
South Park Senior Center – Dagmar Cronn & Dat Giap
Villa Comunitaria – Analia Bertoni

Side note: The South Park Bridge is owned and operated by King County, though most of the rest of South Park is part of the city of Seattle.

2 South Park businesses among city’s first Small Business Stabilization grant recipients

The city has announced recipients of $25,000 grants through what so far is a one-time-only pilot “stabilization” program. Two South Park businesses are on the list. From the announcement:

The City of Seattle launched the new Small Business Stabilization Pilot Program to help vulnerable micro-businesses remain in business after a destabilizing event. In 2019, Mayor Jenny A. Durkan directed the Office of Economic Development (OED) to develop a strategy to help micro-businesses better navigate the impacts of rising commercial rents, displacement, and destabilizing events. All eight Small Business Stabilization Pilot Program grantees are women and minority-owned businesses.

Small businesses make up 95 percent of Seattle establishments and provide nearly 200,000 jobs. During a time of unprecedented economic growth in Seattle, the City recognizes that many small businesses experience unique challenges that put the health of their business at risk, particularly Seattle’s low-income microenterprises. These challenges are particularly acute for women and minority-owned businesses, and businesses owned by immigrants and refugees. …

The Mayor’s Small Business Stabilization Pilot Program awards $25,000 to eight local businesses who meet the following criteria:

Business consists of five employees or less;
Business owner is at or below 50 percent of the Area Median Income;
Business suffered a loss of income due to a destabilizing event, like property destruction, construction impacts, or potential displacement;
Business can feasibly be stabilized; and
Business is preferably located in a neighborhood experiencing high rates of displacement. …

Grants may be used to cover the day-to-day operating expenses of the business, such as payroll or losses due to destabilizing events. In addition to funding, grantees will be provided with stabilization coaching from an OED Small Business Advocate and financial coaching from an expert. Advocates will support business owners in determining the best use of grant funds and will act as liaisons to connect businesses with additional resources, such as lease education, marketing and branding support, City permit navigation, and credit counseling. ..,

The eight awardees of the 2020 Small Business Stabilization Pilot Program funding are:

Dayspring & Fitch Funeral Home, 4200 S Othello St., Unit 123, Seattle, WA 98118
Dora’s Daycare, 906 23rd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144
El Buen Sabor, 8456 Dallas Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108
iConcept Signs, 700 S Orchard St., Seattle, WA 98108
Muy Macho Taco Truck, 8515 14th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108
Seattle’s Best BBQ, 450 Third Ave, Seattle, WA 98104
Villa Escondida, 2203 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98121
Yearby’s Hair and Nail Design, 4501 S Lucile St., Seattle, WA 98118 …

These grants are awarded through one-time funding secured for 2019; the City’s 2020 Budget invests $300,000 to sustain this program through 2020. OED will evaluate the Pilot Program later in 2020 to determine potential future operations.

The recipients were chosen from among businesses that applied in a process that concluded back in November.

FABULOUS FINALE: Last-ever South Park Art Under $100 on Saturday

(Photo courtesy South Park Arts)

Holiday shopping can be a celebration all its own. While you’re out shopping local this Saturday, save sme time in the afternoon/evening to travel a bit east and visit the last-ever South Park ArtsArt Under $100” extravaganza. The announcement:

It started small in 2004 with just three artists and a garage party in South Park. Today, 15 years later, Art Under $100 has evolved into the holiday party of the season with amazing, accessible art still at its very core. And this particular Art Under $100 takes on a bittersweet significance. AU100 2019 will be the last one, so carve out Saturday, November 30th on your calendar: not to be missed.

It’s a big finale, so wear your finest and funnest outfits and spend the day with us. You’ll be blown away by paintings, sculpture, glass art, metalwork, ceramics, textiles, and so much more. You’ll see the neighbors you miss all year, buy treasures you can’t find elsewhere, support 70 local artists, reminisce, imbibe, create, and connect. You might even dance.

WHAT: Art Under $100
WHEN: Saturday, November 30th
VIP Hour – 1:00 – 2:00 pm $25 ticket includes bubbly, chocolate, stress-free shopping
Free Entry – 2:00 – 8:00 pm
WHERE: Seattle Design Center : 5701 6th Avenue S on the edge of SODO in Georgetown

• Plenty of parking
• DJ Doctor David spins the records
• Art Raffles throughout the event
• Food trucks
• Wine, Beer (from Georgetown Brewery), a signature cocktail, and non-alcoholic beverages
• Hands-on projects to take home courtesy of the Makery, an art lab that uses up-cycled materials
• Check out

YOU CAN HELP: Community fundraising for murdered South Park man

Early Sunday, someone fired a gun outside a home in South Park. A man in his 50s who had lived there for 19 years was hit and killed. He lived there with his wife, daughter, son, and 13-year-old grandson. Your South Park neighbors are circulating word of crowdfunding to help the family. If you would consider helping, the page is here.

From ‘scary trail’ to ‘gorgeous’ murals, mayor’s budget-season South Park stroll

Back from talking climate on an international stage in Europe, Mayor Jenny Durkan visited South Park on Tuesday to gird for potential budget battle back home. Public-safety concerns were in the spotlight as Police Chief Carmen Best and Fire Chief Harold Scoggins accompanied her on a walking tour with the Duwamish Valley Youth Corps. The sights ran from gritty to pretty, the former embodied by the “scary trail” (photo above) running along Highway 99 south of 8th and Trenton, where Youth Corps members said they had found four needles during a recent cleanup event. For the latter, she got to see three murals the Youth Corps, led by Carmen Martinez, created in and around Duwamish Waterway Park.

The mayor pronounced the murals “gorgeous.” Corps members explained they had worked with artist/storyteller Roger Fernandes to create the mural telling the Duwamish River’s story, past, present and future.

Between the murals and the trail, a photo-op outside South Park Library:

Serious moments too. The mayor took questions from the teens at the South Park Neighborhood Center pre-tour:

Among those questions, one Youth Corps member voiced worry about the upcoming renovations at the South Park Community Center, and that they’d be “pushed out.” The mayor and Seattle ParksChristopher Williams reassured them that the work would be done in phases and that other locations were being sought for temporarily displaced programs. Another teen asked if there could be a police station closer to South Park than the Southwest Precinct; Chief Best said response times are actually on par with what the rest of the city experiences. South Park is one of the communities where “emphasis patrols” were added earlier this year, and the mayor’s proposed SPD budget would continue that.

WEST SEATTLE NEXT WEEK: The mayor and chiefs are expected to visit West Seattle next week for a similar tour; we’re awaiting specifics on when and where.

PHOTOS: South Park’s 2019 Fiestas Patrias parade

West Seattle’s two international schools were among the dozens of entries in the annual Fiestas Patrias parade in South Park on Saturday.

The parade and accompanying festival are a celebration of Latin American heritage and culture. Many nations and traditions had representation:

Grand Marshal was Jorge Baron of the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project:

Some entries carried the theme of immigrants’ rights:

Local issues, too:

As usual, many 2-wheeled and 4-wheeled entries – no motorcycles this year, but the Toros BMX Club was there:

So were cars with hydraulic displays that had one child near us asking “How do they DO that?”

Horseback riders concluded the parade:

The parade is presented by Sea Mar Community Health Centers, which is headquartered in South Park.

WEEKEND PREVIEW: Fiestas Patrias parade Saturday

September 13, 2019 3:14 pm
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(WSB photo from 2018 Fiestas Patrias parade)

You only have to head a short distance east tomorrow morning to enjoy South Park’s Fiestas Patrias parade, a celebration of Latin American cultures. It starts at 11 am Saturday southbound from Sea Mar HQ on 12th Avenue South north of Henderson, then east on Henderson to 14th Avenue South, north to South Cloverdale, west on Cloverdale to 8th Avenue South, north on 8th to the South Park Community Center, where a festival starts at 1 pm and continues all afternoon (here’s the schedule).

VIDEO, PHOTOS: Lucha Libre Volcánica’s annual show in South Park´

(WSB photos by Patrick Sand)

It’s not summer in South Park without the masked wrestlers of Lucha Libre Volcánica putting on a show. Today was the day.

Their ring has popped up in multiple South Park spots in recent years – from Duwamish Waterway Park to a closed street to, today, the future South Park Plaza. The performances, however, haven’t changed – the luchadores work the ring in the Mexico-born style. Like so many variants of pro wrestling over the years, there are characters – heroes and villains – costumes, stage names. Like Santa Muerte:

Here she is in action against Nick Wayne:

Nick and Jet Knight ended that bout triumphant over Santa Muerte and her partner (accomplice?). The opening bout featured Rey Jaguar, El Tapatio, Alcatan, and Dragon Quetzal:

Here’s Rey Jaguar in mid-air:

And Alcatan from the same bout:

Lucha Libre has a lot in common with acrobatics. Check out these moves from Kid Cuervo, Spartano, and Halcon Negro‘s bout:

All the while, the announcer keeps up the running narration, and if not directly involved at the moment, the luchadores will encourage cheering – this is sport/theater that thrives on crowd engagement.

Today’s show was part of the first-ever South Park Barrio Party, which also included vendors, food, and music. Lucha Libre Volcánica – which is a school as well as a troupe – also performs around the region; you can check their schedule here.

Lucha Libre returning to South Park

(WSB photo, July 2018)

It’s not summer without a Lucha Libre (Mexican-style masked wrestling) show in South Park, and this year’s date has finally been announced: 3-5 pm Saturday, August 31st. If you’ve never seen Lucha Libre, it’s more theater than sports, with costumes, characters, and plotlines (heroes vs. villains). It’ll be part of a daylong open-air market festival (noon-8 pm), with vendors and other entertainment, at the future home of South Park Plaza, on the west side of the 14th Avenue South/Dallas intersection just before the South Park Bridge.

NEXT WEEKEND: Duwamish River Festival and post-festival boat tour

August 11, 2019 2:49 pm
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(WSB photo from 2018 Duwamish River Festival)

Kayaking will again be part of the Duwamish River Festival this year. It’s happening next Saturday (August 17th) at Duwamish Waterway Park on the river in South Park (7900 10th Ave. S.), noon-5 pm. This will be the 13th annual festival, and it’s always educational as well as entertainment, with information about the river’s history and the ongoing cleanups. Live music and cultural presentations are planned too, according to the festival coordinators at the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition – with performers/presenters including Hurati Mana, NW Tap Connection, Amigos de Seattle, Kalpulli Tlaloktekhuhtli, Angeles de MX, Thai Classical Music and Dance, among others. A free boat tour of the river is scheduled post-festival, 6 pm from Harbor Island Marina; preregistration has already maxed out but the boat-tour ticket page says, “A limited number of additional tickets will be available on a first-come, first-served basis” at the festival – check at the City of Seattle booth.

REOPENING: South Park Library sets the date

(Photo from

If the South Park Library is your nearest branch, good news – the renovations are done and it’s about to reopen. Here’s the announcement:

The South Park Branch of The Seattle Public Library, 8604 Eighth Ave. S., 206-615-1688, will reopen at 1 p.m. Monday, June 10, after being closed for two months for refurbishing and improvements. Patrons who picked up their holds at another branch during the closure should talk with a staff member if they need help to restore their holds pickup location to the South Park Branch.

A public celebration with refreshments and entertainment is being planned for the afternoon of Sunday, July 21.

“Our priority is to make sure our libraries meet the needs of the community,” said Chief Librarian Marcellus Turner. “These improvements will allow the branch to more effectively serve a growing, diverse community and support a wide variety of patron uses, services, and partnerships.”

About the Project

The 12-year-old branch closed April 15 for repainting and recarpeting. While the branch was closed, the Library made additional improvements to support the changing ways that patrons are using libraries and to make the branch a more enjoyable space to read, study and collaborate.

To meet the needs of the South Park community, this refurbishment delivers flexible, collaborative spaces with additional electrical outlets and more mobile shelving and furniture. These newly designed spaces will allow students to work together, while providing the Library and the community an opportunity to creatively use these flexible spaces for a variety of programs.

HONK! Fest West 2019’s opening night – and White Center on Saturday!

(WSB photo: One Love)

In three spots around the heart of downtown South Park, you can enjoy bold, brassy bands until 9 pm during the first night of HONK! Fest West, which moves to White Center tomorrow and Columbia City on Sunday. We’re just back from a quick trip to South Park to check out the early going:

(WSB photo: Filthy FemCorps)

This is HONK! Fest’s SP debut; tomorrow’s WC slate (1-6 pm) will be an encore from last year. Maps to the informal “stages” are in the festival guide (PDF); schedules are here.

VIDEO: Mayor acknowledges Duwamish Tribe, answers community questions @ South Park town hall

(WSB photos. Above, mayor with Duwamish Tribe member and local historian Ken Workman)

Once word got out two days ago that Mayor Jenny Durkan had scheduled a pop-up town hall/resource fair in South Park, the Duwamish Tribe sent a request to supporters:

Come and stand in solidarity with the Duwamish Tribe and add your voice to those requesting Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan support the Duwamish Tribe and acknowledge them as the first people of Seattle.

The mayor did just that, twice, while speaking and answering questions at the South Park Community Center. We recorded her entire appearance on video:

No open-mic questioning at the town hall – city staffers invited attendees to write questions on cards, and chose which ones to ask the mayor, who spoke with Spanish interpretation. We estimated at least 100 in attendance.

The subject of affordable housing came up multiple times. The mayor acknowledged concerns about displacement, insisting that she wanted to ensure that redevelopment “doesn’t push people out of the community … we want to help keep the community here and be your partners.” She invoked the plan to include “community preference” in some housing developments as an anti-displacement tool. (She also acknowledged the presence of two city councilmembers who have led on the issue, Lisa Herbold – whose district includes South Park – and Kshama Sawant.)

The mayor said that while “we want to build as much (housing) as we can, we wan it to be for the people in this community in a way that doesn’t add to gentrification and displacement.” She also said it’s important to have a “pathway for the community to own property in South Park.”

Asked about improving bus service to South Park, she acknowledged the concern but made no commitments, noting only that she had met a day earlier with new SDOT director Sam Zimbabwe to discuss how to “improve transit, biking, pedestrian” conditions “in every part of the city.”

What about a police precinct for South Park (which is served by the Southwest Precinct)? The mayor said that wasn’t anything she had discussed with SPD Chief Carmen Best, but she agreed a “consistent presence” mattered. Asked a bit later about a specific unsolved murder, she brought up Deputy Chief Marc Garth Green (at left in our photo with SW Precinct Capt. Pierre Davis):

Garth Green said the case in question was mostly awaiting DNA-evidence analysis and noted that some other cases already had resulted in arrests.

Community concerns were the subject of other questions, such as the hopes for a community-centric plaza and uncertainty about the South Park Neighborhood Center‘s future. Again, acknowledgments from the mayor, but no promises.

She repeated the Duwamish Tribe acknowledgment while answering a question about South Park’s pollution challenges, particularly air quality, saying air and water had been clean before their lands were taken away.

After a few more questions – including one about “missing middle” housing, which she said could be encouraged in a variety of ways – she wrapped up, cheerily declaring, “Let’s have a great summer!”, then lingering a while for one-on-one conversation.

3 DAYS, 3 NEIGHBORHOODS: Almost time for HONK! Fest West 2019

May 30, 2019 8:46 pm
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(2018 WSB photo)

Another quick weekend preview: Tomorrow night, HONK! Fest West starts three days of fun, free music in the streets in three nearby neighborhoods: 5-9 pm Friday at three spots in South Park, 1-6 pm Saturday at four in White Center, 2-6 pm Sunday at two in Columbia City. Bands, times, locations are all listed here. Haven’t been to HONK! Fest West (which visited West Seattle back in 2010)? It’s explained here.

Got a question for the mayor?

May 28, 2019 8:07 pm
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 |   South Park | West Seattle news

Mayor Jenny Durkan is visiting nearby South Park for a town-hall-style meeting this Thursday, around 6:20 pm after a pop-up city resource fair starting around 5:45 pm. The event set for the South Park Community Center (8319 8th Ave. S.) was just announced today, according to South Park reps at tonight’s District 1 Community Network meeting in West Seattle. The announcement says the departments to be represented include Finance and Administrative Services, Office of Economic Development, Seattle Police Department, Parks and Recreation, Human Services Department, Department of Neighborhoods, Department of Transportation, Seattle Public Utilities, Office of Planning and Community Development, Office of Housing, and Seattle Fire Department.

SPORTS: Medals for Duwamish Rowing Club

The photo and report are from Sarah Blum with the Duwamish Rowing Club:

Jyvon Camarillo and Alek Gastmans from Duwamish Rowing Club won bronze Friday 5/17 in Men’s Youth Novice Doubles at Youth Regional Rowing Championships, Vancouver Lake, WA.

There were over 750 crews competing from over 30 teams including singles, doubles, fours, quads, and eights in both Novice, Jr Varsity and Varsity levels. Duwamish Rowing Club had one single, four doubles and two fours.

All the youth worked hard through the winter and spring to prepare and gave each race their best.

You can cheer the DRC on their home river during the Dieter Hotz Regatta on July 27th.