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Reader Recommendation Request: Local housecleaners

Last time we asked for RRRs on house-cleaning services, we paired it with an unrelated request which stirred up most of the discussion and stole the spotlight. Now with holiday guests looming, we have a new RRR on the topic — Lisa is looking for a house-cleaning/maid service based in, or willing to come to, West Seattle. Please leave your recommendation as a comment; previous RRRs and responses are archived here.

Reader Recommendation Request: Neighborhood opinions, plus …

We seem to have a geographically specific theme going so far today — North Delridge — so we’re adding this Reader Recommendation Request e-mailed the other day by WSB reader “Coffee Geek“:

We are pondering a move to the north Delridge neighborhood … somewhere between Delridge and Avalon. I’m curious what people in the area have to say about living in the neighborhood. How are the neighbors? How “safe” is it relative to the rest of West Seattle? I’d like to move and not be any more worried about break-ins, vandalism, or getting harassed while walking the dogs at night …. all of which happened in a sketchy ‘hood in Chicago. Having said that, we do appreciate and enjoy the diversity West Seattle offers. Thanks!

Post your thoughts in the comments. Also relevant to this topic – just heard this morning about neighborhood info on yet another real-estate website, — Grazing through its list of 400-plus Seattle neighborhoods, we found Delridge, North Delridge, and South Delridge, as well as Alki, Fairmount Park, Fauntleroy, Gatewood, High Point, North Admiral, Westwood Village, and the basic West Seattle. (Those links will take you to the “setting and lifestyle” info that the site lists for each neighborhood — with cutesy names to describe the demographics, such as, for North Delridge, “Home Sweet Home,” “Young Influentials,” and “Suburban Sprawl.”)

Reader Recommendation Request: Restaurant for Thanksgiving

There are several important things happening in, and pertaining to, West Seattle tomorrow. You can find them right now on the WSB Events page; we were going to put together a preview post for tonight, but we think we have a better way to conclude the “holiday” night — asking you to help a fellow WSB reader with this recommendation request:

The people we normally spend Thanksgiving with are not having a gathering this year, so we’re on our own and are looking for a restaurant. Does anyone have any recommendation for a nice place for a couple to have Thanksgiving dinner that doesn’t cost a small fortune? Our favorite restaurant is closed on Thanksgiving. I checked with Salty’s online and their buffet is almost $50 a person – I’m thinking I’d like to spend a little less than that for dinner. It doesn’t have to be a buffet, and not even necessarily “typical” Thanksgiving food. Doesn’t have to be in West Seattle, but within half an hour or so would be fine. Any thoughts?

Post your recommendation(s) in the comments; previous WSB Reader Recommendation Requests and responses are archived here.

Reader Recommendation Request: Gentle hands

From Kathy:

I’d like to find a good massage therapist in W. Seattle — someone that does really good deep tissue massages, preferably a female. Also, I’d like to get recommendations on a good chiropractor — someone who’s gentle, has good client skills. (Can you tell that I have an aching neck?)

Add a comment with your recommendation; find previous WSB Reader Recommendation Requests (and answers galore in the comments) in their own category archive here.

Reader Recommendation Request: Hair salon

No shortage of salons in West Seattle, so this could be a lively discussion: Jo is looking for a hair salon that’s affordable (less than $50 to cut short hair for women), has a staff with good communication skills, and “doesn’t send you out into the world with round, tightly-curled little-old-lady hair.” She’s willing to consider downtown suggestions too, as she’s there a lot. Leave a comment with your recommendation; find previous WSB Reader Recommendation Request discussions archived on this page (below this post).

Reader Recommendation Request: Yoga for beginners

It’s been a few days since we put out the last WSB Reader Recommendation Request; we’ve got a few in queue, and here’s the first — it’s from Sarah in Gatewood, a West Seattle native who just moved back after 2 years away (welcome back!):

I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on a good, very basic, beginners, yoga class in the area. I have never taken one before, but am really anxious to try. I am really not too interested in the Bikram classes (the only ones I could find for beginners), as I think they might be too intense for a brand newbie, but really would welcome any suggestions.

Leave yours as a comment on this post; remember, all previous RRRs are archived here.

Urgent WSB Reader Recommendation Request from crime victim

Just out of the inbox, from Steven:

My shed has been broken into twice within the last six months. I live on 11th Avenue, SW (Highland Park). There have been a string of automobile window-bashing within that same timeframe (12th Ave.) Don’t know if they’re at all related.

I want to replace the shed door with a steel or fiberglass unit, and also replace my basement door with the same…and also swap the deadbolt on the balcony/deck door to a two-way-keyed deadbolt. I’ve been quoted prices as high as $500 installation PER DOOR. That strikes me as a bit outrageous…considering the cost of the actual door itself.

I’m about to head out to both Home Depot and McLendon’s for some guidance help … but seriously, I have a wife and baby that I need to protect. What was stolen isn’t important, keeping my family safe is. Readers, please help me find a trustworthy WestSeattlite (or surrounding contractor) who performs good work at reasonable prices!

Reader Recommendation Request: Best nail salon?

Before we all get immersed in the day’s news … the latest WSB Reader Recommendation Request. (You can find all previous RRRs here.) Nancy writes:

I’m hoping the WSB community can suggest a good place for nails, both natural and acrylics. A really good, affordable place is key to the all-important Saturday afternoon ritual enjoyed by women (and men!) all over town. A place I’ve been going to for a couple of years is lacking, and I’m looking for a new place.

The high points of any worthy nail establishment should include cleanliness (above all), efficiency, be affordable (i.e. a regular manicure under $25!), and it would be great if you could understand what the technician is saying, and they you. I mean, when we’re talking about avoiding drawing blood from my hands or toes, I would rather not have to repeat myself.

Click the comment link under the headline to share your recommendation(s). Thanks!

Reader Recommendation Requests for roof stuff … plus pretty pix

Before the next round of bad weather smacks us again, two things: First — Two reader recommendation requests, related to roofs. Second — some nice pix from today. We start with the RRRs:

Trevor writes: “The recent wind storm has jiggled a skylight on our roof and now it’s leaking” and is looking “for a reliable West Seattle handyman who isn’t afraid of heights.”

Michell is dealing with roof leaks and writes, “I am looking for a roofing company in West Seattle. Good work and good prices.”

All recommendations in the comments, please. And now – to balance those gray memories of last week’s stormy weather — three photos taken during the glorious afternoon sunshine:




All photos by WSB contributing photographer Christopher Boffoli; the last one, if you were wondering, features the Seattle Fire Department’s Ladder 11 team, training this afternoon near Jack Block Park.

2 seasonal, weather-related RRRs – plus another request

We recently received two WSB Reader Recommendation Requests for services currently more relevant to many of us than usual, thanks to effects of the wind and water (reminder, all RRR posts are archived in their own category here):

Alistair is looking for “someone good [in West Seattle] to clear my gutters and install leaf guards.

Manuela is looking for a “reliable/reasonable person/crew to do some yard work – trim back trees, remove old landscaping.”

Please add your suggestions to “comments” on this post. Thank you for helping RRRs be a neighborly way to share recommendations and referrals across the virtual back-fence!

5:10 PM ADDENDUM: Reader Katherine has a semi-related request we are adding to this post — simply a request for help that you may be able to provide. If you can help, please e-mail her directly (link is included in her note below):

I’d like leaves. I’m an organic gardener on very poor soil. I usually go around begging leaves about this time of year. However my best source, a yard with a huge old maple in it, was swept clean by the wind yesterday. What I’d really like is to pick up leaves after they’re raked and bagged. My health is poor, and I can’t do a lot of raking. But if there’s someplace relatively small where the leaves are deep, I’ll rake and bag myself. I’d definitely prefer not to have dog droppings mixed with them. Anyone with leaves to offer can contact me at

Reader Recommendation Requests: Teeth, eyes, cars

All recommendations in the comments, please:

Danielle is looking for a “nice dentist” in West Seattle who is in the Delta Dental Care PPO.

Cleat is looking for an eye doctor recommendation, VSP insurance, “who would be the right one for someone who is diabetic and has skin allergies around the eyes … and has had 5 refractions w/o success in getting an exam that produces eyeglasses which give good vision!”

Sandra is looking for a “reputable mechanic” in WS for the once-over on a vehicle she’s buying.

Reader Recommendation Request: The heat is on

WSB reader Natalie is looking for reader recommendations on “a good, local heating oil company with reasonable prices.” The most recent quote she got was $3.29, and she’s wondering if that is par for the course. We are suggestionless since our house was converted from oil to gas years before we bought it; who’s got ideas for Natalie?

Reader recommendation request, revised: Home wireless net

UPDATE from originally posted RRR: WSB reader Kmac wants advice on the best HOME wireless internet provider. Kmac elaborated in a comment on our previous post:

… I’m looking for PROVIDERS of wireless internet service at HOME. I really don’t want to call Comcast and sometimes I can’t go out and need to stay home. Yes, I’m one of the few folks still without internet service at home and bizarre, bizarre – I only have one wireless network close to home I can “link” to, but I have to be out on my balcony. I think I remember a year or so ago a company new to WS offering internet service, but they weren’t offering it everywhere – at least not yet in Alki. So…that is my need….wireless internet at home that isn’t from Comcast.

The company Kmac refers to is likely Clearwire. How’s that working for WS users? And how about the wireless phone companies who also offer wireless broadband? Plus — any little-known options? Comment away!

Reader recommendation request: Best West Seattle wi-fi

REVISION FROM ORIGINAL POSTING: WSB wants to know your favorite spot for free wi-fi in WS (originally attributed to a reader who actually was asking about home wireless internet, so we are posting a separate item). Back when we were all quaking in anticipation of Freeway Fright ’07, we had intended to come up with an official list — but as we all know, FF ’07 never did explode into a commutastrophe, so we dropped the effort. Some readers noted their faves at the time in comments on this post, and Jerry at JetCityOrange pointed everyone to a WS-wi-fi Google Map he put together on his “About West Seattle” page. Various other websites aren’t necessarily reliable — this one, for example, lists at least two WS places that have been closed a while (Bikes & Brew and Carosello). So what’s your fave? Let’s see if we can crowdsource the latest list.

Reader Recommendation Requests: 2 to start the day

Two requests for your recommendations. Reminder, all previous RRRs (with responses galore in the comments) are archived in their own category here.

CLEANING: Reader K is looking for a “good and reasonably priced West Seattle dry cleaner. Preferably one who cleans on site.”

SEWING: Reader daPuffin is looking for “referrals for a seamstress/tailor in West Seattle who can re-line a leather coat.”

All suggestions welcome; leave yours as a comment. If you have a RRR of your own, e-mail the request to us.

Reader Recommendation Request: Embroidery, anyone?

Here’s another WSB RRR, posted in the neighbor-helping-neighbor spirit, in hopes someone else in West Seattle can help when your F2F friends/family/neighbors can’t. This one’s from Jen:

I’m wondering if any WSB readers know of and can recommend someone who can do a small piece of embroidery. I don’t have a large volume job – just embroidering a name on one item. Since I lack a sewing machine, I can’t do it myself, and I have no idea where to find someone who would be willing to fulfill such a small request.

Please post suggestions as comments to this post. Part of the beauty of RRRs is that they provide information searchable later for anyone trying to find something similar. Don’t forget, we are gathering them all in their own category (here).

Reader recommendation request: Mom 2 B needs OB

From WSB reader Gabrielle, to whom we send hearty congratulations on the future arrival:

I live in West Seattle and this is my first pregnancy. Would it be possible … to ask for a referral for a good OBGYN in the Seattle area or even better, the West Seattle area? Also, a good birth center/hospital? I would really appreciate the help, as I’m the first of my friends to have a baby and no one has a good recommendation.

Reader recommendation request: Searching for a skin specialist

If you are a regular reader of, and/or participant in, WSB comments, you know “Jiggers.” Often amusing, often pointed, always memorable. Our latest RRR is from him; he asks that anyone with a recommendation e-mail him directly (though if you also post here, it might help someone else someday too). “Jiggers” writes:

I am searching for a seasoned Dermatologist in WS, or downtown Seattle is fine. I have been battling Dermatitis and Psoriasis for years now, and my medical condition is progressively getting worse. I am in pain every day from my skin. I am looking for consultation and alternatives to treatments that I’m on now. I’ve been told that there’s no cure for these skin conditions. Part of why my skin is the way it is, is because I also have a weak immune system which doesn’t provide the necessary anti-bodies to help me heal properly. … I am coming to desperation mode because I am consistently bothered by these conditions every day at work, or no matter where I am. It’s affecting my day to day routine.

Meaty matters

Two bits of red meat for you, so to speak. First one is a reader recommendation request, second is more like a reader invitation.

READER RECOMMENDATION REQUEST: Someone who just moved back to West Seattle after 12 years away is hungering for a “good old-fashioned butcher shop” somewhere in the area. Is there one? Maybe even White Center or Georgetown?

READER INVITATION FOR OTHERS IN WSB-LAND: Reader Megan e-mailed us looking for others to join her in a meat-buying club:Read More

Reader recommendation request: Remodeling help

Just out of the inbox (reminder, our RRRs have their own category for your referencing pleasure):

We need a recommendation for a general contractor.  We’ve been in
West Seattle for a year and moved here from out of state, so we don’t
know where to begin. The plan is to convert an area of our basement,
the garage and washroom into two bedrooms and a bathroom. We’re
looking for all the obvious; someone reliable, reasonable and good.
Thank you in advance for any recommendations.

Reader recommendation request: Best way to go WS-UW?

Our logs show a fair amount of WSB visits from people with IP addresses from the University of Washington … so here’s hoping some of you can help this reader, whether you are a UW student or UW employee!

I have been attending SSCC for the past year and graduated this spring. Now, I have been accepted to UW Art School and am having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to make my commute to the campus from West Seattle manageable. I am not going to be taking my car as the parking on and around campus is too expensive for me. So far, I have found no direct options from West Seattle to the campus on the metro. The best I can find is an hour long journey involving two transfers. I am looking at using my bike as part of my daily commute possibly too. I was wondering if maybe you could help me find out how other West Seattle residents attending the UW get to and from school?

Reader recommendation requests: 2 new ones

FOOD: A simple question from a WSB reader — “is there ANY PLACE to get a GREAT sandwich around here?”

HOUSECLEANING: Another reader would love your recommendations for “good, reasonably priced” maid or housecleaning service in WS.

Don’t forget, you can check out all previous “reader recommendation” posts and replies here (reachable any time from the CATEGORIES list on the right side of the page.) We’re expanding that category by adding some popular past posts such as the now-famous “WS dishes to die for.”

Three more reader recommendation requests

First, a reminder that our “reader recommendation” posts (with all the incredibly helpful replies attached) have their own category now — use the link on the WSB CATEGORIES list on the right side of this page (you can also bookmark it or subscribe to just that category via RSS). Now, the latest requests:

–A request for opinions — good, bad, neutral — about bathtub refinishers (even if they’re not in WS, as long as they have done work for you here).

–A request for licensed/bonded arborist recommendations, to do what the reader describes as “pruning/storm damage prevention on (a willow tree).” The reader hopes to use someone who could said to be of the “‘plant amnesty’ mindset.”

–Last but not least, a reader is looking for a home-based child-care provider who would consider watching a 7-year-old with a nontraditional school schedule during certain months of the year when the child is out of school. (Responses to this one can be posted here or e-mailed to us and we will forward to that reader.)