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Parade report #4: Kids, and the people who help them

July 19, 2008 8:05 pm
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The kids in that video clip were among the participants in the Kiddies’ Parade presented by the Rotary Club of West Seattle right before the Grand Parade — it’s open to all who show up, on a shorter route. There also were many young participants in the bigger parade, as well as entries promoting events coming up to help local kids:


On the hood of the Illusions Hair Design (WSB sponsor) VW Bug, you’ll see a logo for Pencil Me In For Kids — the pink sign on the car’s sign was a reminder about a car wash tomorrow, 10 am-2 pm at the West Seattle Eagles parking lot, with Illusions staffers scrubbing vehicles to raise money for PMIFK, which buys school supplies for kids in need. And a week from tomorrow, it’s the annual WestSide Baby “Stuff the Bus” diaper drive:


WestSide Baby‘s Nancy Woodland broke the news to WSB during Summer Fest last weekend, right after First Student offered her organization space on that bus (which took second place in the Community Floats category!) to promote “Stuff the Bus” during the parade (right after the WestSide Baby marching unit) as well as a bus for the diaper collection on July 27. All you have to do is show up at the bus that day – it’ll be parked right next to the West Seattle Farmers’ Market on 44th south of Alaska – with one or more packages of disposable diapers, to help “Stuff the Bus.” Meantime – yet more parade coverage later tonight!

Pathfinder portable-painting: The final chapter

July 19, 2008 8:05 am
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The portables at Pathfinder K-8 on Genesee Hill used to look like this:


Then after a big painting party a few months ago, most of them had a more colorful facade, as you can see in the background of this photo:


But there’s still work to do, and Eric Baer sends work that volunteers including a corps from Seattle Works will be getting the job done at Pathfinder 10 am-2 pm today. Since we’re walking in the parade to pay tribute to local volunteers, hats off to them and everybody else who makes West Seattle a spectacular place to live.

Another parade – and movie – note: Hot dogs outside Hotwire

July 19, 2008 12:21 am
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Just fished this out of the WSB inbox, from Teri Ensley at the animal-rescue group Furry Faces Foundation – not only will F-Cubed be in the parade, they’ll be raising $ with a concession on the route (and again tonight):

Dogs 4 Cats is back at it during the Grand Parade …this time with ‘Hebrew National Dogs’, states Wiener Specialist Scott Lewis, ‘We Dogs just want to have more cats spayed and neutered, because ‘FRANKly’, there are too many kittens being born! Our ‘All Beef Dogs come in Natural Regular, Light Dog and Fat Free, plus we have Veggie Dogs too. All are available—with the trimmings–for just $4.00 during the Grand Parade on Saturday, July 19th, from 10 am – 2pm AND 7 pm to 8 pm during the Sidewalk Cinema showing of Monty Python and the Holy Grail at Hotwire Online Coffeehouse, located at 4410 Calif. Ave. Help us Dogs help ourselves [and the cats].’

3 more reasons to see West Seattle Movies on the Wall tonight

#1, the killer bunny:

That’s from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” showing tonight at dusk in the courtyard next to Hotwire Coffee (WSB sponsor), the first of six West Seattle Movies on the Wall over the next month and a half of Saturday nights (full list here – in part the result of YOUR suggestions, via WSB and Junction ballot boxes!). Reason #2: Sidewalk Cinema, which makes the movie magic happen, promises a preshow feature – a youth-made film from NFFTY! Reason #3, help the West Seattle Food Bank – bring a nonperishable food donation (admission is free), and buy something from the concession stand set up by West Seattle Christian Church (WSB sponsor) — proceeds go to WSFB. See you there!

Thursday night notes: More weekend events; PR followup

July 17, 2008 9:05 pm
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Dizzying array of fun things to do this weekend here on the peninsula – never mind those big events elsewhere (Bite of Seattle, etc.) — and a few more have come to our attention in recent days, so besides putting them on the Events calendar page (and in tomorrow’s West Seattle Weekend Lineup), here are quick highlights, followed by a final word on West Seattle’s “Project Runway” contestant (and plans for more viewing parties). First, a fundraiser:


That’s the Illusions Hair Design (WSB sponsor) car in last year’s West Seattle Grand Parade – they’ll be in this Saturday’s parade too (more parade updates here later today) to promote a fundraiser they’re putting on the very next day for one of their favorite nonprofits, Pencil Me In For Kids: A car wash on Sunday, 10 am-2 pm, West Seattle Eagles’ parking lot (by the Junction post office).

Sunday is also West Seattle Garden Tour day; we reminded you about that the other day, but then just heard from the WSGT folks that they are still “looking for a few good volunteers to assist in guiding attendees in the gardens this Sunday. Morning and afternoon shifts are available. (3-hour shifts) Please contact Lee Kramer, Volunteer Coordinator at (206)932-8662 if you are interested in helping out.”

Saturday, a couple of interesting sales have just been added to the calendar: First – the Ocean View Community Beach Club is inviting you to its quiet corner of southwest West Seattle:

The Ocean View Community Beach Club is having its periodic neighborhood garage sale this Saturday, July 19th from 8-5. The address is 11408 Marine View Dr SW. [map] West Seattleites are invited to drop by and have a chat with friendly neighbors.

Also having a sale Saturday – one of West Seattle’s many one-of-a-kind businesses, Casual Industrees. 6205 SW Admiral, 10 am “till dark,” they promise.

Last but not least, speaking of fun, a couple addendums on the “West Seattle barista Blayne on Project Runway” front. First, we made it back to Blayne’s workplace, Hotwire Coffee (WSB sponsor) in The Junction, today for a brief debrief with proprietor Lora Lewis on how she thinks Blayne did in the season premiere last night:

Lora also confirmed that the viewing parties at Ginomai @ 42nd/Genesee (here’s our coverage of the first one last night) will continue for as long as Blayne remains a contender. So you’re invited again next Wednesday, show at 9 pm/doors open at 8 pm, bring a non-alcoholic beverage to share and a “small dessert.” (We’re told that fun was had at Shadow Land last night as well, for those who preferred adult beverages to accompany their viewing.)

Grand Parade countdown: 2 more chances to be part of the fun

July 15, 2008 5:51 pm
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FIRST CHANCE: If you’re not in the parade already, and you do any amount of volunteer work – you (and any family members who want to join you!) are invited to be in the first-ever “Volunteers of West Seattle Grand Parade Marching Unit” (more like walking the 2-mile route) WSB is helping organize for Saturday’s West Seattle Grand Parade. Here’s all you have to do: Show up at California/Lander (here’s a map) around 10 am. Look for the “Volunteers of West Seattle Grand Parade Marching Unit” sign (if you can’t find us, call the WSB business number, which your editor here will be carrying, 206/293-6302; program it into your phone, might come in handy someday for something else!). Bonus reward if you wear some costume element related to your volunteer work (T-shirt for a school where you volunteer? sprig of ivy if you pull weeds at parks? or? as for me, maybe I’ll make a hat out of an old keyboard): You get a FREE BEER OR SODA at West 5 afterward. We’re not planning fancy maneuvers – just celebrating the volunteers who keep West Seattle’s engines running (speaking of which, we have a Mini-Cooper to lead the unit!). We’ll have signs, but you’re also welcome to carry a handheld sign for the group you volunteer with, if you’d like.

SECOND CHANCE: Furry Faces Foundation just put out an urgent bulletin – they need a flatbed for their parade entry – the one they usually use is suddenly out of commission. Last year, you may recall, this was their festive parade entry:


This year, the theme is “Cat-sino,” and if you can not only lend ’em a flatbed but bring it to Beveridge Place Pub in Morgan Junction this Thursday around 5:30 pm (or afterward), you can help decorate, and you can join F-Cubed in The Parade. Got a question about exactly what Furry Faces needs? E-mail Teri Ensley: — meantime, watch for more parade-countdown updates as Saturday gets closer!

First update: Precinct pix from Police Appreciation Day


In the community room at the Southwest Precinct, that’s the big sign you can attach a card or note to (or just sign another one nearby) during Police Appreciation Day today — organized by the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council — continuing till 8 pm tonight. Free food, too:


A long list of West Seattle businesses and other community members donated food and beverages for the occasion, from Bakery Nouveau to Casa Feliz and beyond (we’ll publish the whole list a bit later) – it’s being rotated in and out throughout the day; we just had lunch before visiting an hour or so ago, or else we could have dined quite royally. Activities for the family, too:


That’s Kathleen Voss from Highland Park helping her three-and-a-half-year-old daughter Gretchen with the kids’ art supplies that are set up on a table at the event – here’s one creation Gretchen produced already:


Kathleen says Gretchen described that as “a police car with the woo-woo lights.” It’s a relaxed atmosphere at Police Appreciation Day – you can go into the community room from either door facing the parking lot on the southwest side of the building (Delridge/Webster; here’s a map) — still not sure where you’re going? Here’s the precinct sign at that corner (look for that little handmade sign shown at the right side of the photo, with a balloon attached; there’s one at the parking lot entrance too):


Till 8 pm tonight – drop by. You never know who you’ll meet; the precinct’s Crime Prevention community liaison Benjamin Kinlow (who helps set up Block Watch groups and is currently working on Night Out – coming up 8/5; go here to register your block party!) was mingling when we were there, along with community members and the Crime Prevention Council’s staff liaison from Seattle Neighborhood Group, Jennifer Duong, plus her predecessor in that role, Lois Grammon-Simpson. We’ll be checking back later for another report.

Fruitful fundraiser: Rotary Club berry bulletin

The Rotary Club of West Seattle sends word of an updated deadline for ordering raspberries and blueberries as part of its annual berry sale – July 22nd (one week from today). Pickup will be July 25-26 in the south parking lot at Admiral Safeway, and they’re expecting to offer “walk-up” sales those days too. Full details at the Rotary website.

Police Appreciation Day tomorrow; also a chance to help today


For us, one HUGE reason we appreciate the Southwest Precinct and its law-enforcement team is the fact that they have trailblazed a new path to community partnership through their working relationship and info-sharing with WSB (shown above, your editor and young assistant with a few of the officers on Summer Fest detail keeping watch after a weekend full of lost kid/parent reunions and other actions that helped keep the festival VERY safe and pleasant for all). 99% of their time, of course, it’s a vastly more dangerous task, like the bank robbery/shooting two weeks ago and this West Seattle standoff a few months back:


And the most dramatic evidence of what officers face: The case of what happened to Officer Jason McKissack. All these guys and gals are out there (and at the precinct behind-the-scenes) doing an often-thankless job, so tomorrow’s a chance to offer in-person thanks. We’ll be there for the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council-organized Police Appreciation Day tomorrow and hope you will stop by too – any time between 10 am and 8 pm (so come by after work if you don’t have time till then), at the Southwest Precinct, northwest corner of Delridge/Webster, east of Home Depot. And if you have a chance to help with preparations today, there’s a WSB Forum thread right now to rustle up more donations of snacks and drinks for the event; check that out here.

High Point iguana update: Rescued, and in need of a home


Saturday night, we brought you a reader report from Ann, who saw someone drive up to the High Point pond area, release an iguana, and drive away. She got worried about it and tried to find it, and others jumped in to help. Finally – as he first posted in a comment on the original item – Sean spotted it:

I read (the original post) and was thinking of all the different ways he was going to meet him maker: dog, raccoon, car,weather, internal issues from lack of food….

I looked out the window to look at my tree and my neighbors and saw something odd. I went outside and what do you know, the Iguana was catching some rays in my neighbors’ tree. I have always handled reptiles so I knew what I was in for. As I sit here bloody and bruised I can say I have caught the scared little guy. Anyone interested in a pet?

So — interested in an iguana (or know someone who could give it a good home)? Click here to e-mail Sean. MONDAY MIDDAY UPDATE IF YOU DON’T READ COMMENTS: Sean is taking “Lucky” the iguana to the Animal Shelter. We’re there to cover the handoff. He posted that they believed they’d be able to find him a good home. “Lucky” sure picked the right tree to hang out in!

Also happening today: Car wash, grownup gaming, more …


Those are the West Seattle Little League 9-10 All-Stars players who toured The Junction the other day and were pleased to find numerous businesses willing to go to bat for them as they raise money to go to the state tournament (Easy Street among others). Today, they’ve got a car wash and bake sale 11 am-2 pm at West Seattle PCC, perhaps on your way to Summer Fest (which itself is full of chances to help – like the raffle tickets the West Seattle Food Bank is selling at its booth on the east side of California between Alaska and Edmunds). Tons of other things going on – highlights include “gaming for adults” (learn what all the Wii fuss is about!) at the Delridge Library at 10:30 am, as well as the Ercolini Park dedication celebration with a ribboncutting that’s also at 10:30, the Vietnamese Cultural Festival just north of Home Depot 11:30 am-5 pm, and three live theater productions (“Bare” at ArtsWest, “Mother Courage and Her Children” at Youngstown, and Shakespeare in Lincoln Park). It’s all listed in the West Seattle Weekend Lineup.

What else happened today: Beach Drive cleanup

July 11, 2008 8:48 pm
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Home now from Day 1 of West Seattle Summer Fest – our running updates/photos/video from earlier are here; we’re going to post another wrapup/look-ahead report with more pix a little later – but we’re checking around to be double-sure we didn’t miss anything too big this afternoon, and just found this: Beach Drive Blog reports that volunteers from REI were out cleaning up the Beach Drive shoreline at Emma Schmitz Viewpoint. (You’ve got a couple chances to join volunteer cleanups tomorrow, by the way – two Saturday midday work parties in West Seattle are listed, along with dozens of other happenings, in our WS Weekend Lineup.)

What’s happening today/tonight/beyond: Street closures and more!

SUMMER FEST STREET CLOSURES START TONIGHT: 6 pm tonight, California closes between Genesee and Edmunds, and Alaska closes between 42nd and 44th (thanks to Sue for pointing out in comments that involves bus changes too). And those street closures mean …

WEST SEATTLE ART WALK BONUS! You can stroll carless streets while visiting The Junction for the Second Thursday Art Walk tonight, 6 pm-9 pm. Of course, the Art Walk has stretched far beyond The Junction now; see the list of venues at the Art Walk website. Some have artist receptions tonight, including ArtsWest.

ALSO TONIGHT IN THE JUNCTION: Marcus from “Last Comic Standing” is at Rocksport @ 8 pm (more on this later today), looking ahead to an Admiral Theater show tomorrow.

WHILE YOU’RE IN THE JUNCTION: Seattle Tilth says Next to Nature is now selling maps for this Saturday’s City Chickens tour, including coops at West Seattle homes (more here, and at the Tilth website here.)

AND MIDDAY TODAY IN THE JUNCTION: We’ve mentioned that all three West Seattle Little League All-Star teams have won their district championships – first time ever! – and are going to state tournaments. One of those teams, the 9-10s, has travel expenses because they’re going to Vancouver (WA), and players will be fundraising in The Junction today starting at 11 am (look for the red jerseys), as well as having a car wash/bake sale in the PCC parking lot Saturday, 11 am-2 pm.

SPEAKING OF SPORTS TEAMS: Don’t forget that when it’s time to nosh at Summer Fest, the West Seattle High School football team will be serving up chicken sandwiches and chicken Caesar salads to raise money for badly needed new uniforms (as first reported here last month). What else is at Summer Fest, you ask? Come say hi to Team WSB at the Information Booth all three days, and get info ahead of time at the SF website.

Fauntleroy gateway cleanup: 2 months away but SIGN UP NOW

That was the request when we talked with cleanup organizer Nancy Driver after tonight’s JuNO meeting (more on the main topics, development, later). We’ve told you before about the plan for a huge community cleanup from Walking on Logs to Fauntleroy/35th on September 13th, including the recent details that it’ll be 9 am-3 pm, and volunteers 14 and up can sign up for 2-hour shifts. Nancy explains that she needs signups now because this is a major organizational effort – everything from loaner orange vests to donated treats – and she has to have a rough head count. No obligation if you have to change your plans later, but if you think there’s even a remote chance you’ll be able to help out on September 13th, please e-mail Nancy right now:

Reminder: Southwest Precinct Appreciation Day next week

July 7, 2008 11:16 pm
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Jennifer Duong, who provides staff support to the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council on behalf of Seattle Neighborhood Group, asked us to post this reminder – the event’s become even more timely since the original announcement, given the major incidents (robbery/shooting and attack, to name a few) our neighborhood law enforcers have been through lately:

Next Tuesday, July 15, Southwest Precinct neighbors are invited to drop by the precinct to show their appreciation for officers who endure long hours, bad weather and ever-present danger to patrol WS area communities. The open-house event is planned from 10 am to 8 pm, to accommodate all three shifts.

Community members are invited to drop-in at the precinct anytime from 10 am to 8 pm for food, fun, and small talk. Come by and meet the people who patrol your neighborhood and taste some great food from local cafés. Bring thank-you cards and letters of appreciation. Share your stories about a dedicated officer or anecdotes about how someone from SPD has helped you. Coloring books and stickers for kids and art supplies to make appreciation cards will also be available.

All are welcome to donate food and beverages from local restaurants, delis, grocery stores, cafés and bakeries. (Home-cooked or home-baked foods cannot be accepted). Donations will qualify as 501-(C)3 charitable contributions. If you would like to participate or volunteer, please contact Jennifer at 206-322-6134 or (If you need us to pick up your food donations, contact us by Monday, July 15th). The event is sponsored by members of the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council and Seattle Neighborhood Group.

Jennifer Duong
SNG SE/SW Program Coordinator
Seattle Neighborhood Group

If you’ve never been to the precinct, it’s directly east of the south side of Home Depot, at Delridge and Webster (map) – the main entrance is from a parking lot that you enter from Webster.

Urban harvest time: Even small gardens can make a big difference


That little garden on West Seattle Christian Church (WSB sponsor) property by the Ginomai arts center has already produced dozens of pounds of food that’s been harvested and donated to people in need. We heard about it during one of the recent Community Harvest of Southwest Seattle presentations to the Delridge and Southwest District Councils. It’s cared for by Aaron Hernandez, who handles the WSCC grounds ministry; he talked to us about what’s known as Psomizo Garden while he and his daughter were there for one of their frequent harvesting/tending sessions a couple days ago:

That’s just one of many food-growing gardens in West Seattle, on a variety of scales – there are also P-Patches and the High Point Market Garden, to name a few, plus Longfellow Creek Garden, which we told you about earlier this year, also has just announced it’s harvest time and is inviting those who have volunteered there to come ‘n’ get it (previous progress chronicled at the LCG blog). Back to Community Harvest of Southwest Seattle – it’s also still looking for local fruit trees that its volunteers can harvest for distribution, and for more volunteers to help; contact info is on its website, where we find word that a volunteer orientation is set for one week from tomorrow. It’s also presenting the first-ever West Seattle Food Garden Tour, 10 am-2 pm August 2nd – free! (This page promises a map later this month.) P.S. You can keep up with the food-growing scene on a regional basis through one of the West Seattle-based sites linked from our Other Blogs in West Seattle page — Eating Locally in the Pacific Northwest.

More 4th of July photos: Fireworks; Alki aircraft; traffic


Thanks to Susan Grossman of Singing Pixel Photography (who contributed the Space Needle lightning shot the other day) for that shot from Harbor Ave. And thanks to Amy, who answered the request in the comment thread from last night’s Alki post, and sent these photos of that unusual sight in the sky:



(Now the obvious question before we launch an extensive round of Googling … what exactly is that? Hang-glider with pontoons? Ultralight?) ADDED LATER: A look at neighborhood chaos after dark, further northeasti – this is from Meredith:


She wrote in part, “… the FUN went on for about 2.5 hours. You can see the pileup. The pedestrians, the family getting out at the road closed sign. The silver SUV (Lexus LX, I think), just parked there as the driver walks away. This left the incoming traffic STUCK between Admiral and Grayson, Grayson St. traffic couldn’t get out, and no emergency vehicle could get into the area AT ALL if needed.”

Also happening today/tonight: 4 highlights

July 2, 2008 1:31 pm
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This morning, we mentioned tonight’s Neighborhood Center volunteer event in High Point. Also in the hours ahead: Youngstown Arts Center is offering free events for youth Wednesdays at 4 pm, starting with All-Access Open Studio for young artists, 4 pm today. Heading south from there, North Delridge Neighborhood Council invites everybody with an interest in ND to join its nonthly meeting @ Delridge Library (excellent a/c there, we hear), 6:30 pm. At South Seattle Community College, the Southwest District Council — representatives from neighborhood groups and other key organizations in the part of West Seattle that the city considers the “Southwest District” — meets in the board room at 7 pm; City Light and Community Harvest of Southwest Seattle have spots on the agenda. Also at 7, at C & P Coffee south of The Junction, West Seattle Cool Moms are having their July get-together, with a presentation including ways to live a less-toxic lifestyle.

Happening tonight: Volunteer training to join a revolution!

That’s nationally renowned activist Van Jones, talking about how High Point’s new Neighborhood Center is going to set a national precedent, during his Seattle appearance in May. (That’s actually the third of three videos from his speech; part 1 is here, part 2 is here.) Tonight is your next chance to get involved with the Neighborhood Center and its “green revolution,” looking ahead to its groundbreaking next month – tonight there’s an orientation/training session for volunteers. First, find out more about what’s happening with the project — read the article sent to us by Cathy Cooper, then check out several different ways to help with NH:Read More

Camera missing – with priceless photos on its disc

You’re always welcome to post a lost/found report in the WSB Forums, or to send us pet lost/found info/pix for the Pets page; once in a while we mention unusual cases here on the news page too, and this is one: Karen e-mailed that she is desperately searching for the camera with photos from her mom’s NINETIETH birthday celebration – actually, she just wants the disc back:

I am so sick at heart. While leaving on an anticipated trip on Sunday I inadverntley left my camera on the steps of our front porch. We live near the Junction Hardware. It’s gone. The camera scan card holds photos of my mother’s 90th birthday party. If the “finder” wants to come back I’ll just hand over the camera bag, lenses and accessories in exchange for the disk.

If you have info, Karen’s number is 206.935.1915; she says it’s a black camera with extension and sun hood.

Parade updates: Admiral 4th Kids’ Parade, WS Grand Parade

June 29, 2008 9:04 pm
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That’s a scene from a past Admiral 4th of July Kids’ Parade – and as mentioned previously, the next one is coming up on Friday, and you’re invited to participate/watch – 10:30 am, 44th/Sunset, with picnic and games at Hamilton Viewpoint afterward. One of the organizers, Sherri Chun, also says some help is still needed: “We’re still looking for games helpers. If you or someone you know can help out, please send me an email. The concession stand is also taking donations of baked goods.” (TUESDAY UPDATE: Sherri advises they have all the baked goods they need now; thanks!) Click to send her a note. (More West Seattle 4th of July info here.) Meantime, the West Seattle Grand Parade on July 19th (want to be in it? check out this post) needs some help – you may have the advice Jim Edwards is looking for – to help out a band (the Calgary Round-Up Band) that’s coming here all the way from Calgary for the West Seattle Grand Parade and the Torchlight Parade. And the problem is, according to Jim, they have two 55-passenger coaches that’ll have full sewage tanks by then and they need someplace to offload – got any ideas where?

Not much out there in this part of town. I have not had success calling Grayline, can’t get past the automated messages, to see if they could hit their service station on West Marginal. The idea is to offload during the short period between dropping off at the assembly area (10:00 or so) and picking up at dispersal (11:30 or so). Short of an Aurora station up north and Salt Water State Park to the south I just can’t find anything.

Any suggestions from your readers would be appreciated.

Please leave a comment if you have a suggestion!

New ways to help the two food banks that serve West Seattle

June 28, 2008 8:32 pm
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This week we’ve received information from the White Center Food Bank, whose turf includes southern WS, and the West Seattle Food Bank, regarding new ways to help them continue to serve thousands of people in our area, a number that’s growing as times get tougher: WCFB is working right now to plan its annual Harvest Dinner/Auction (October 18 at South Seattle Community College) — its biggest fundraising event of the year — and will greatly appreciate your donations of auction items, gift certificates, or cash. Contact the White Center Food Bank by August 1st (the sooner the better) to let them know what you can donate; you can call Rick Jump at 206-762-2848 with questions and/or to get a form. Meantime, with West Seattle Summer Fest now just two weeks away, we get word that West Seattle Food Bank will be selling raffle tickets there again this year — grand prize is 2 unrestricted round-trip tickets to anywhere via Alaska Airlines, first prize is an 18-inch freshwater-pearl necklace from Menashe & Sons Jewelers, and the ticket itself gets you a 10% discount at Elliott Bay Brewery or Christo’s on Alki. You can even buy raffle tickets in advance – call the West Seattle Food Bank at 206-932-9023 – tickets are $5 each and only 1,000 will be sold.

Happening today: Strength; slugging; signaling; housewarming

June 28, 2008 8:14 am
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That’s one of the pics we took last year at the Bench Press and Dead Lift Championships at Alki — last summer (our coverage here) they were in August; this summer, it’s happening today. Other highlights from our West Seattle Weekend Lineup list include amateur-radio operators’ Field Day (you’ll find them on the southeast side of the South Seattle Community College campus; pic from last year is here), plus West Seattle Little League 9-10 and 10-11 All-Star teams in championship games this morning at PacWest Fields in SeaTac; and a housewarming celebration this afternoon for surfing-injury survivor Addie Killam (more at the blog that chronicled the volunteer effort to fix up the house she’s come home to). Lots more in the WSWL.