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Ahead of their time?

A WS Blog visitor forwarded us this e-mail overnight … won’t get to head out and independently verify it till later, but it looks like the garden shop on the north edge of the Junction is pulling up stakes:

Farewell from In Bloom

When we first opened the store in November 2003 it was with the dream of creating a welcoming environment to showcase and sell the things we loved: garden accessories, house plants, vintage pottery, home decor, and local crafts.

In Bloom has lived up to many of our dreams, providing us the opportunity to meet many wonderful customers and artists, as well as giving us an outlet to showcase fine products and creative ideas. Unfortunately the demands of running a store have taken their toll on our health, happiness, and well-being. And so, with our hearts full of warm feelings and our heads full of happy memories, we are closing the store in August 2006.

Sorry to hear it. That’s a tough location, right at the edge of the business district, but one that we think will be a boom zone within a few years — these nice folks may just have been ahead of their time.

Dig it

One more big event this weekend, besides Summer Fest (see below): Garden Tour!

I am sorry to say that the WS Blog World HQ failed to make the cut once again this year. Our gardening style can be described in one word: Overgrown. We’ve planted so much in our decade-plus on our little lot, we’re out of space. If you check the aerial photo of our house from one of those Google Earth-type programs, it’s a whole lot of greenery and a little spot of roof. So we might have to take the tour, just to see what an actual “garden” is supposed to look like.

Bad news for gardeners

May 31, 2006 4:00 am
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It’s not West Seattle, but I just have to publicly lament this … I’m sure I’m far from the only person in WS with some Heronswood plants in the garden. I only discovered them two years ago, and I remember being shocked to find out they had actually sold out to a Big Corporation … now that seems to have come around to bite them (and us customers) in the you-know-where.