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2 West Seattle door-to-door alerts: 1 persistent, 1 peeved

Two more encounters that your fellow West Seattleites wanted to share – read on:Read More

Door-to-door alert: Nonprofit solicitor after dark?

Cheryl suspects this solicitor was legit and is planning to check tomorrow, but wanted to share the story anyway:Read More

Door-to-door alert: State warning about “Fresh Start”

Thanks to Diane for pointing this out, since door-to-door “legit or not?” reports are a recurring topic among WSB’ers: The state Attorney General has issued an alert about magazine solicitors working for “Fresh Start Opportunities”; read it here. The AG also points to a search page you can use to see whether a purported charity is legit. (No “Fresh Start” mentions in our door-to-door alert archives, but remember that solicitors are required to show you their license/ID – so always ask.)

2 3 door-to-door alerts: Meat and meet

Two Three door-to-door alerts to share this morning (2 involving what appears to be the same team) – read on:Read More

Door-to-door alerts: Magazine solicitors show up

We’ve received two tales of encounters with purported magazine-selling solicitors in north West Seattle over the past few hours – read on:Read More

Door-to-door alert of sorts: Legitimately looking for help?

Carrie Ann encountered someone she describes as “questionable” by her West Seattle home this morning, and wondered if he were legit – read on:Read More

Door-to-door alert: Be careful who you let into your building

As a side note to the recent West Seattle door-to-door alerts regarding magazine sellers who may or may not be legit, Ann shares a warning about solicitors in what are supposed to be secure buildings – read on:Read More

Door-to-door alert: Magazine sellers

Just got a phone call from a resident in a neighborhood southwest of The Junction – saying two young woman are selling magazine subscriptions door-to-door, claiming to be raising money for a “trip to Holland” (a destination also mentioned in this recent alert). He says neighbors gave them money, then looked up the information online and found claims of a suspected scam, and “ran after them to get their checks back.” Past door-to-door alerts (including comments, where more stories usually emerge) are here; city rules for door-to-door solicitors are here.

West Seattle door-to-door alert: Magazines … for the troops?

The door-to-door alerts shared by WSB’ers have both alerted people to ruses and resulted in information verifying legitimate sellers – so in that spirit, here’s the latest:Read More

Door-to-door alert: Crew says they’re here for a month

Matt sent in the latest door-to-door alert – don’t know if they’re legitimate or bogus but there’s been some power in people discussing solicitor sightings so we’re sharing them. (Also note this online article from the Better Business Bureau.) Read on for Matt’s report:Read More

Door-to-door alert: Free paper, with a pitch for a “tip”

An Arbor Heights resident just sent in this report, saying a couple things raised his suspicions – read on:Read More

Door-to-door alert: Alarm system “fix” offered

Catherine‘s a little worried about the people who showed up on her doorstep in Highland Park today and wonders if anyone has words of reassurance – or warning:Read More

West Seattle door-to-door alert: “Refused to provide ID”

Out of the WSB inbox from someone who lives in the 5900 block of 38th SW (map):

A tall, young, dark haired Caucasian guy appeared at my front door this afternoon (Thursday) at 4:30 and said he represented “GE” but his uniform polo shirt said a different company name (“Pivotal” or “Pinnacle”?). He asked if I was the homeowner, which immediately irked me, and then asked if I attended the “community meeting at the school” about security in the neighborhood, etc. etc. He wanted us to post a sign in our yard advertising his security services; I never saw any signs though he did carry an official looking folio which he never opened. He refused to provide a business card or identification which made me suspicious.

City law requires ID and licenses for door-to-door solicitors – here are the rules (find them any time in the resource section at the bottom of the Crime Watch page).

And another door-to-door alert: Fake cable guys?

Two door-to-door alerts in one night – this one’s from Chris in the Beach Drive area:Read More

Door-to-door alert from just south of The Junction

Misty wanted to share word of an apparent solicitor in her area within the past hour – read on to see what she wrote:Read More

West Seattle door-to-door alert: Soliciting, or casing?

Elana thinks the man who rather aggressively solicited for yard work may have been casing for crime. Read on for the story she e-mailed us to share:Read More

Another door-to-door alert: Read the fine print

Not related to our earlier report, so we’re running this one separately. Magazine sellers are apparently back at it – and one Lincoln Park-area resident says the story two of them told him tonight turned out to be bogus – though the fine print, when he looked very closely at the receipt, didn’t lie – Read on for his description of the two and the story they told:Read More

Door-to-door alert from Alki: Casing, or Comcast?

Alma on Alki wanted to get the word out about someone who came to her door tonight – read on for her story:Read More