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Door-to-door alert: Selling security? Plus, legit light bulbs

From a WSB’er who wants to be anonymous, a disturbing door-to-door visit – plus, a door-to-door note about someone who probably IS legit – both ahead:Read More

West Seattle door-to-door alert: Magazine solicitor(s)

Received two reports tonight about what may be affiliated solicitors – read on:Read More

West Seattle door-to-door alert: Magazine seller ‘heads up’

Stacey shared this alert tonight. A reminder as always – might be legitimate, might not; always ask for a license:

FYI – 52nd and Stevens area. West Seattle neighbors – just a heads up. There is a guy going door to door “selling magazines” on our block. He was a bit too smooth….with the car prowls and burglary on Garlough – it was a concern.

City rules for door-to-door solicitors are listed here; the WSB archive of door-to-door alerts is here.

Door-to-door alert: Solicitors in Gatewood

Couple notes tonight about solicitors in Gatewood – whether legit or not, it’s not clear, but those who e-mailed to share the story thought they seemed suspicious – read on:Read More

Door-to-door alerts: ‘Hit by car’; magazine sales

Two door-to-door alerts tonight – the first one has come in both via e-mail and via Twitter, and the other one via Facebook – read on:Read More

Door-to-door alert: Subscription solicitation

Just out of the inbox from Adam in Westwood, a report of a door-to-door solicitor making a claim we know for sure is fake – read on:Read More

Reader alerts: Solstice Park, Gatewood Hill

Two reader reports to share tonight – first, an encounter near Solstice Park (we received this in e-mail but it’s since turned up in the WSB Forums, where some are wondering if it’s a person who’s been arrested in the area before – read it here); second, a door-to-door alert – read on:Read More

Door-to-door ‘alert’ – flyering tonight for a food drive

June 24, 2010 6:12 pm
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Proactive note tonight from Bradley at Life Church in Westwood:

FYI so there is no panic about strangers walking around the neighborhood, Life Church here on 35th and Cloverdale is initiating a food drive for the White Center Food Bank that will be taking place next Thursday, July 1. They are canvasing the neighborhood with flyers for the food drive tonight, June 24th. Please don’t mistake them as strangers–:-)

Door-to-door alert: Late-night visit from … the cleaners?

Upper Morgan Junction, maybe Gatewood and/or High Point, be on the lookout – Marie just e-mailed about an odd late-night door-knocker in her neighborhood – read on:Read More

New timetable for Admiral Safeway construction: September start

WEDNESDAY MIDDAY UPDATES: See end of story for several updates
“It’s a kick to the schedule no one anticipated,” lamented architect Bill Fuller, as he and Safeway’s Sara Corn revealed a brand-new development in the timetable for building the new Admiral Safeway. As they started a scheduled briefing tonight for the Admiral Neighborhood Association, they said they’d just found out today that the City Council will not consider the required “alley vacation” until July 27th. Even if it wins approval, Safeway then must give workers a month’s notice, and so they’re now projecting the store won’t close till early September. More on tonight’s briefing, including a request for your opinion, ahead:Read More

2 door-to-door alerts: Selling or casing? Plus, “I live in Bellevue”

From the WSB inbox tonight, two encounters considered suspicious enough that those who had them wanted you to know about them. Read on:Read More

Door-to-door alert: Nighttime “donation”-seeker

Just out of the inbox, a report from “Concerned Neighbors” – read on:Read More

2 door-to-door alerts: “Matching funds,” black trenchcoats

Two door-to-door alerts tonight – again, soliciting is not against the law and those who are reported may be perfectly legit, but those reporting the sightings wanted to be on the safe side and share the info – read on:Read More

Seattle City Light plans door-to-door light-bulb installation

Seattle City Light just announced a new program to get compact fluorescent light bulbs into more homes: They’re going door-to-door in parts of West and South Seattle — and after initial notification, they will offer installation on the spot. According to City Light’s news release, this will include city residents in the 98126 and 98106 zip codes (and a few other non-West Seattle zips) – read on to see what the program’s about:Read More

Door-to-door alert: Solicitor’s claim didn’t check out

Nancy in Fairmount checked on a solicitor who came to her door last night – and the organization he mentioned says they’re not doing any soliciting. He was in the 4700 block of 38th SW (map), carrying brochures for the Department of Early Learning – which is a state agency, and therefore can’t and doesn’t solicit donations. The description from Nancy: “He was a black male who looked to be in his early 20’s and had a dark blue knitted cap on his head – he mentioned something to me about having his braids tucked under his cap.” She says he claimed to be affiliated with the UW; she checked directly with Early Learning today, and was told flat-out they don’t seek money that way.

Door-to-door alert: “It’s just a penny”

Out of the WSB inbox, from BJ:

I had a suspicious solicitor come to my door this afternoon around 3 pm in the 5200 block of 25th Ave SW. He was holding pamphlets and I believe he mentioned something about Seattle Public Schools. He looked very unprofessional and raggedy dressed. When I cut him off in the middle of his pitch to tell him I had no money, he replied “it’s just a penny” and looked upset. I said sorry but I had nothing for him and he took the pamphlet back that he had handed to me and walked away. As he was leaving I saw him closely look into a parked car on the street as he went up to another neighbor’s house. He continued down the street skipping some houses but hitting others in no clear order that I could put together. It left me with enough of a negative impression that I called 911 and reported him.

2 solicitor alerts: One “sales rep”; one city warning for all

February 14, 2010 11:10 pm
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Two solicitor alerts to pass along – one from a local business, one from the city – read on:Read More

2 West Seattle solicitor alerts: 1 on the phone, 1 at the door

Two solicitor alerts that WSB’ers wanted to share tonight. Both could well be legitimate, but the recipients’ eyebrows were raised a bit – read on for both reports:Read More

West Seattle door-to-door alert: Meat sellers refusing to show ID

Erin e-mailed to share word of “a very rude door to door meat seller” tonight at her house on Puget Ridge, saying, “After the incident, I searched (WSB) and found this thread referencing the same company. They may be legit, but they were beyond rude.” Read on for her report:Read More

West Seattle door-to-door alert: Candy seller doesn’t check out

Out of the WSB inbox, a door-to-door alert from Rich, who did followup research (as did we) – read on:Read More

West Seattle city attorney rep: Ready to fight illegal solicitors

Just back from a meeting tonight involving neighbors banding together to fight crime – not a regularly scheduled meeting, but one called by the Fairmount Springs neighborhood, and held at West Seattle Church of the Nazarene (42nd/Juneau). We’ll publish a separate story about crimefighting tips and questions, including answers by Block Watch leaders as well as Community Police Team Officer Ken Mazzuca, but first a short story with a separate topic that came up – always a hot topic here: Door-to-door solicitors. When a meeting attendee asked, “So what’s legal?” deputy city attorney Beth Gappert, who is liaison to the Southwest Precinct and therefore based here in West Seattle, jumped up.

“Residential selling IS legal,” she began, but then went on to very clearly explain the rules that we’ve linked to here, time and time again, though without quite as vivid an explanation. “The company that’s selling is required to have a license. Each employee must have a residential agent’s license. It must be displayed prominently on their clothing. And each employee must have a copy of the company’s business license.”

Sounds easy enough, but Gappert went on to say that she’s checked the records and “only about half a dozen businesses have residential sellers’ licenses in the city – so the vast majority of sellers do NOT have licenses.” That means they’re operating illegally – as is the case if a solicitor of any kind knocks on a door despite a “no soliciting” sign – and, she added, “It is illegal if you ask them to leave and they refuse.” If ANY of those circumstances happen, Gappert stressed – with Officer Mazzuca at her side – “I highly encourage people to call the police over this issue. We know this precinct is going crazy over solicitors. I see the reports. I read about it on (WSB). … Make a report, be willing to testify, so we can prosecute. … Officers in this area are ready to go after them.”

Still got questions/concerns? Come to tomorrow night’s West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting — Gappert is almost always there, as are CPT officers and leaders — 7 pm Tuesday, Southwest Precinct (Delridge/Webster). Meantime, watch for our second story from the meeting, with advice from the police, and neighbor-to-neighbor, on fighting and deterring the crimes we hear about the most these days – burglaries and car prowls.

Door-to-door alerts, of sorts: Suspicious sightings, + soliciting

Two alerts (and two quick mentions) to share this morning – not necessarily sellers, though (ADDED 3:13 PM – a solicitor report) – read on:Read More