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Major new Delridge rechannelization plan emerges at district-council meeting – this time, the south half

By Tracy Record and Patrick Sand
West Seattle Blog co-publishers

When we saw the agenda for last night’s Delridge Neighborhoods District Council meeting, featuring an SDOT presentation about “Delridge rechannelization,” we expected more information about this – rechannelization planned in connection with Metro Route 120 changes on the north end of Delridge.


This presentation was about a new plan for mid-to-south Delridge rechannelization – and as you can see if you watch our video from last night’s meeting, its details surprised the District Council members too:

The South Delridge rechannelization plan, the SDOT reps said, is bundled with the forthcoming resurfacing/repaving of the same stretch, which was most recently detailed during Mayor McGinn‘s Town Hall in The Junction on May 3rd (as mentioned in our report on that meeting).

Read on for details of what the city unveiled last night, including the graphics of what the configurations are supposed to look like for each affected stretch, and news of one block where parking will undergo a dramatic change:Read More

Sunrise Heights/Westwood raingardens on Wednesday DNDC agenda

May 15, 2012 10:03 pm
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(King County rendering from March community meeting in Sunrise Heights)
Wednesday night’s Delridge Neighborhoods District Council includes an update on one of the most vigorously debated public-works projects planned for West Seattle, the Barton Pump Station basin combined-sewer-overflow-control project – “bioswales” (raingardens) in planting strips along multiple streets in the Sunrise Heights/Westwood area, to reduce the water going into the system and downhill to the pump station. The presentation, including project manager Mary Wohleb, is scheduled for around 7:20 pm during the DNDC meeting, which begins at 7 pm at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center (4408 Delridge Way SW). The county’s most recent community presentations were in March; here’s our coverage.

Metro Route 120’s future, and more, @ Delridge District Council

From last night’s Delridge Neighborhoods District Council meeting at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center:

METRO ROUTE 120 – OPEN HOUSE AHEAD: A team of Metro reps came to talk about Route 120, which travels the length of Delridge on its current route between downtown and Burien. They noted that it’s one of the system’s top-10 most-used routes, averaging 7,000 people a day. And there are changes ahead, they said, including: A northbound bus-only lane on Delridge between Oregon and Andover, for peak hours (off-peak, they said, it can be used for bikes and parking). They also plan to reduce the number of stops along the entire route, spacing them to a quarter-mile apart instead of an eighth of a mile, which they described as an efficiency issue. Most important: If you want to get full details of the planned changes and offer comments, Metro is having an open house in a month, 5:30-7:30 pm April 24th at Youngstown. (That news is so fresh, it’s not even on Metro’s website yet, but it will turn up there soon, they promise.)

(P.S. Another Metro open house of potential interest – downtown on March 29th, there’s one about the impending elimination of the Ride-Free Zone. Full details here.)

Also at last night’s DNDC meeting, City Council President Sally Clark – a note about her appearance, ahead:Read More

1st-ever ‘Unsung Hero’ awards in Delridge: Nomination time

We’ve mentioned before that this was in the works, as it’s come up at community-group meetings in recent months – a new way to honor volunteers in eastern West Seattle. Now, organizers are asking for nominations, and support:

The Delridge Neighborhood District Council is hosting an Unsung Heroes Banquet on April 20, 2012 at 6 pm to award one Outstanding Unsung Hero. Nominations are open for anyone who volunteers in the Delridge District. Do you have a neighbor who tirelessly serves the neighborhood picking up trash or fixing bicycles? Someone who works with seniors, or organizes for the neighborhood is an example for who would qualify. Any volunteer who serves within the Delridge District is eligible, whether working with an organization or as a neighbor. They must not be doing so in a paid position. The Delridge District borders are Spokane Street to the North, the Duwamish River to the East, Roxbury to the South and 35th Avenue to the West.

To nominate an Unsung Hero, please review the criteria on the application: Apply online (here).

The deadline for nominations is March 23rd. The top eight nominees will be invited to the Banquet on April 20th. One Outstanding Unsung Hero will be named at the event. They will be nominated for the following year’s Washington Jefferson Award, a Nobel Prize for public service..

Will you help make this event a success? The Unsung Heroes Planning Committee is still looking for financial support to create this first annual event. To help support the Unsung Heroes Banquet, we need $2,000.00 for us reach our budget of $2,500.00. Please contact Mike Shilley to become an event sponsor at or by phone at (206) 762-7111.

Paving the way for Delridge Way = Delridge ‘boulevard’

The newly passed city budget includes a $250,000 allocation to start planning a “Green Boulevard” along Fauntleroy Way in The Triangle. But that might not be the only “boulevard” in West Seattle’s future. Two City Councilmembers and key SDOT staffers joined the most recent meeting of the Delridge Neighborhoods District Council to hear a community pitch for potential “boulevard” treatment of Delridge Way SW:

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West Seattle Crime Watch: Plea bargain in Fairmount Springs attack

We’ve just learned that another high-profile West Seattle case has been resolved with a guilty plea. This one is the attack last May that left a 65-year-old Fairmount Springs woman seriously hurt and brought law-enforcement and political leaders to the neighborhood days later. The victim turned up on a neighbor’s doorstep early one morning with injuries including more than 20 broken bones, but how she had been hurt was not initially clear.

In early July, with the help of DNA evidence, police arrested a man who lived in the same home to which the victim had fled, 49-year-old Monty Richardson. Court documents say he broke into the victim’s home, dragged her into her basement, tried to strangle her, and beat, kicked, and jumped on her till she lost consciousness. Richardson pleaded guilty last Thursday to first-degree burglary and second-degree assault, with the third charge against him, unlawful imprisonment, dismissed. Prosecutors will recommend a sentence of 2 1/2 years on the first count, 1 year and 2 months on the second (to run concurrently with the first). According to court documents, he is entering the guilty plea as a so-called Alford plea – he does not admit guilt on either charge but believes the evidence is likely to lead to a conviction.

Richardson is scheduled to be sentenced December 2nd by King County Superior Court Judge Bruce Heller.

Envisioning Delridge Way’s future: District Council takes it on

By Keri DeTore
Reporting for West Seattle Blog

Don’t just patch up Delridge Way SW – transform it.

That’s the idea behind a discussion that took up most of last night’s Delridge Neighborhoods District Council meeting. The reps from eastern West Seattle groups and organizations were planning for November, when Seattle City Councilmembers Sally Bagshaw and Tom Rasmussen, as well as representatives from the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will join DNDC to discuss roadway improvements to Delridge Way.

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‘DNDA is not dead,’ acting director tells Delridge council

September 22, 2011 11:21 am
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Second of four expected reports from last night’s Delridge Neighborhoods District Council meeting: The group heard from the acting executive director of Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association, who declared that rumors of its death are greatly exaggerated.

It’s no secret that DNDA has had money struggles; the organization sent out a fundraising plea last December (here’s our story, including an explanation of what DNDA does). Since then, it’s cut staff and vacated its Brandon Court offices, consolidating into space at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center. Acting executive director Patty Grossman came to DNDC to provide a general update, starting with, “DNDA is not dead, and Youngstown is not closing its doors,” in response to rumors apparently in circulation. However, that’s not to say everything is rosy.

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Delridge Neighborhoods District Council: Tonight’s toplines

Got a calendar? Plenty of dates worth noting, in the toplines from tonight’s Delridge Neighborhoods District Council meeting – plus discussions about business and crimefighting – read on!Read More

Delridge District Council: Project proposals; seawall; Camp Long

Story by Jason Grotelueschen
Reporting for West Seattle Blog

Interested in a crosswalk at Delridge/Findlay, a growing commercial district in the heart of Delridge? That was one of many topics of discussion as community leaders gathered Wednesday night for the monthly Delridge Neighborhoods District Council meeting, inside the theater at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, to discuss ways to improve public safety and increase involvement in local neighborhoods.

The agenda featured an update on the Elliott Bay Seawall Replacement Project, a discussion of Neighborhood Projects Fund ideas, and a presentation about Camp Long’s application for a Large Project Grant.

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Delridge District Council: Youngstown’s 5th, mayor’s visit, more

February 16, 2011 11:52 pm
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As the Delridge District Council met tonight inside the theater at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, posters decorated the center’s walls, promoting its upcoming 5th-anniversary party. Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association runs Youngstown, and its executive director Derek Birnie announced the February 26th party to celebrate the Cultural Arts Center’s fifth anniversary, which also will be a sendoff for two longtime DNDA employees as well as an open house (all detailed here).

Also announced at tonight’s meeting – Mayor McGinn is tentatively planning a visit to tour the Westwood neighborhood, according to Delridge district coordinator Ron Angeles. The date looks like March 6th, and so far the starting point is expected to be the new P-Patch site at 34th and Barton. More to come on that.

Also discussed tonight – a new citywide project that could bring a rain garden to a Delridge business … read on for that and more:Read More

Changes for city Neighborhood Service Center in The Junction

New information tonight about another change resulting from city budget cuts – how the city’s Neighborhood Service Centers and District Councils will be staffed. You might recall the mayor originally proposed closing the Southwest Neighborhood Service Center in The Junction. Outcry, led by the Southwest District Council, helped cancel that plan – but we now know that the district coordinator who’s been based there, Stan Lock, is moving elsewhere in the city, as the Department of Neighborhoods reorganizes the coordinators who remain after it cut three jobs elsewhere. Details ahead:Read More

Delridge District Council: Camp Long budget, DNDA primer, more…

With the city budget days away from a final vote, its effect on the city Environmental Learning Center in West Seattle, Camp Long, was among the discussion items at last night’s Delridge Neighborhoods District Council meeting. While CL is *not* slated for closure, it will go through big changes, including the end of non-school-related educational programs, Sheila Brown explained to the DNDC (video clip below left):

The final budget vote is slated for Monday. Meantime, the leader of one of the council’s member organizations, Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association (DNDA), presented a primer on what DNDA is all about. In the above-right clip, you can see/hear DNDA executive director Derek Birnie‘s presentation. He explained that the organization’s about projects big – like affordable-housing developments – and small – like the Delridge “Night Market” events this summer and fall as part of the campaign to make healthier food more available in the area. In addition to listening to the presentation, you can find out a lot about DNDA at

Another huge topic of the night – Mayor Mike McGinn‘s impending visit to Delridge for a Community Forum on December 2nd (first reported here 2 weeks ago). DNDC attendees last night worked on ways to ensure the mayor would hear about central topics of community concern – maybe even preparing a briefing paper to get to him. The Delridge-area concerns that were mentioned last night included the need for an east-west transit connection, economic-development funds, and greenbelt protection. The mayor’s event is set for 6-8 pm on December 2nd at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, and it’ll include a chance for you to learn about local community organizations as well as Q/A with the mayor..

The Delridge Neighborhoods District Council includes reps from community councils and major organizations around what the city calls the Delridge Neighborhoods District – mostly east West Seattle, from 35th SW eastward. Its December meeting will be a mostly social potluck, but business meetings are usually on the third Wednesday of the month, 7 pm, Youngstown Cultural Arts Center (4408 Delridge Way SW).

Delridge District Council: City $, Gathering of Neighbors, more

October 21, 2010 5:24 am
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Toplines from Wednesday night’s Delridge Neighborhoods District Council meeting at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center: As she had done earlier this month for West Seattle’s other district council – Southwest – city Department of Neighborhoods director Stella Chao came out to talk about the city-budget proposal’s potential effects on her department, and to listen to local concerns. Other agenda items included the two local projects – both in the council’s coverage area – still in the running for Parks and Green Spaces Levy Opportunity Fund money, and how you can show support next Monday, plus the upcoming Gathering of Neighbors – read on:Read More

Delridge District Council: From police surveys to speed signs

From the SPD door-to-door survey, to traffic concerns, and a P-Patch tour reminder – toplines from last night’s Delridge Neighborhoods District Council meeting at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center – read on for our toplines:Read More

Delridge District Council: Budget insight from Councilmember Clark

Our final report from last night’s Delridge Neighborhoods District Council meeting: The chance to hear more budget-crunch thoughts from a city councilmember, days after the announcement of how the city’s going to save $12 million the rest of this year – and going to have to cut about 5 times that for the next budget cycle. Councilmember Sally Clark was the guest – read on for what she had to say:Read More

Another grocery (TJ’s) on the west side – what about east side?

1st report from tonight’s Delridge Neighborhoods District Council meeting: In the wake of today’s Trader Joe’s West Seattle confirmation, a semi-sore subject was inevitable: When is the east side of West Seattle going to get a grocery store? It wasn’t all lament – there’s news ahead from the King County Food and Fitness Initiative. But first, the numbers. With TJ’s, there will be three grocery stores in Admiral (temporarily 2 when Safeway closes for construction in September), three in The Junction (not counting the still-not-officially-dead Whole Foods, which tells us they may have something to say at month’s end), one in Morgan Junction, one in Westwood Village, one on Roxbury. As some at tonight’s meeting noted, there may be hope down the road if the Boren site is ever redeveloped (right now Seattle Public Schools is keeping it as emergency backup). But for now, Delridge Neighborhood District Coordinator Ron Angeles suggested that pragmatically, the best short-term tactic is working for better east-west transportation in West Seattle so that Delridge residents can get to the stores. Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association executive director Derek Birnie mentioned ideas some parts of the country are trying, like satellite stores, where big groceries in one part of a town send a truck a day to smaller stores.

(WSB photo of Super 24 mural from August 2009)
And then there’s the work KCFFI is doing – working to bring healthy food to Delridge on a smaller, immediate scale – Youngstown Cultural Arts Center‘s Randy Engstrom announced a date is set for the “night market” at the first Healthy Corner Store, Super 24, coming up July 10th – there will be farmers selling fresh food, plus entertainment. We’re waiting for official word on the hours. There’ll also be a weekly fresh-produce-market day at the store too starting as soon as next week. More details on these when we get them from Randy. 2:53 PM UPDATE: As promised: The weekly produce market at Super 24, starting up about the same time as the “night market,” will be Fridays 9 am-5 pm and Saturdays 10 am to 6 pm. Also on Saturdays, the Delridge Fresh Food Spot Team (DNDA staff and volunteers) will be at the Super 24 from 10 am-2 pm providing food samples as well as healthy-food info and kids’ activities.

Delridge District Council: O’Brien visit, and more

Here are last night’s Delridge Neighborhoods District Council toplines, before we move on to the reports on multiple stories covered tonight: City Councilmember Mike O’Brien (photo right, with Delridge District Coordinator Ron Angeles) was the featured guest. After a few general remarks about his months in office, he fielded questions – first one about replacing the Alaskan Way Viaduct‘s Central Waterfront section; he said he still thinks a surface option would be best, adding that transit is also an important part of the solution. His point about using transit for shopping and errands was challenged by David Ellinger from the North Delridge Neighborhood Council, explaining that the transit system does not work efficiently for areas like West Seattle. O’Brien had mentioned that Metro was working on finding transit solutions recognizing that parts of the county differ – Seattle’s needs are not the same as North Bend’s, for example – but Ellinger stressed that leaders like O’Brien must understand there are major differences between neighborhoods within Seattle, as well. O’Brien also was asked about the potential of service/facility cuts in the Parks Department, but said that like everyone else, he is waiting to see the mayor’s list of mid-year cuts, and will wait till then to comment. OTHER TOPLINES: Southwest Precinct Lt. Norm James presented the same basics information about crime stats – including a rise in car prowls – that he’d announced at the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council the night before (WSB coverage here). Pete Spalding of Pigeon Point and Nancy Folsom from North Delridge mentioned a recent uptick in area graffiti; Lt. James stressed the importance of reporting it to police … Patrick Dunn from Sustainable West Seattle talked about the WS Tool Library, opening June 12, and thanked DNDC for the letter of support which helped bring in a $20,000 grant to kick-start the program. He said they now have 300 tools, and are still seeking more … Dunn also talked about the Community Orchard of West Seattle, which is receiving a city grant; it’ll take a few years before the trees are producing, he noted, but in the meantime, there’ll be berry bushes, and educational programs to teach others about growing food … DNDC also heard from another grant recipient, Power of Hope, bringing youth together starting in spring of next year, for poetry, music, and community projects. … And they of course discussed the upcoming Delridge Day/Sustainable West Seattle Festival combo event that’s now under the ReFRESH Southwest umbrella (more info here), 1-5 pm June 5 at Delridge Community Center.

Delridge Neighborhoods District Council meets on the third Wednesday of the month, 7 pm, Youngstown Cultural Arts Center. TFN, its meetings will be preceded by Strategic Delridge at 6 pm, a chance for anyone and everyone who’s interested in helping shape the area’s future to take a longer-range look.

Delridge District Council toplines: Tale of two viaducts

The latest on the Spokane Street Viaduct Widening Project and the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Project – both of which will affect West Seattle drivers in a major way, as we’ve reported here for the past few years – comprises two of our three toplines from tonight’s Delridge Neighborhoods District Council meeting at Youngstown Arts Center. Read on for the highlights:Read More

Camp Long’s future, and more, @ Delridge District Council

The historic lodge at Camp Long is closed right now for renovation work. Separate from that project, the Parks Department is trying to map the unique park’s future, and both of West Seattle’s district councils have now heard presentations this month aimed at getting your thoughts, including one at Wednesday night’s Delridge Neighborhoods District Council. Is it OK for Camp Long to become home to a “challenge course” in partnership with a well-known organization? What about other private partnerships? Read on for more – plus other major items from Wednesday night’s meeting, including community announcements and Councilmember Sally Bagshaw‘s appearance:Read More

Delridge Neighborhoods District Council retreat: Charting a course

A little investment can have a big payoff – and that goes for time, not just for money. Reps from the Delridge Neighborhoods District Council are hopeful their extra investment of several hours at a retreat last weekend will pay off in more progress for their group and their neighborhoods. Among those who participated, Pete Spalding, who shares this recap (as well as the photo above):

The Delridge Neighborhoods District Council (DNDC) invited various leaders from the neighborhood communities, people of color communities and social service providers to learn about their interests and participate in 1) developing a vision for Delridge, discussing how to build the vision 2) capacity challenges for leaders and volunteers; 3) ensure equitable participation in the DNDC; and 4) strengthen its voice in government forums.

The results of the retreat will inform the development of the DNDC strategic plan with short- and long-term goals.

The participants in the retreat dealt with the these topics:
1) Envision what a vibrant Delridge Neighborhoods community would look like
2) Discuss how to build strong leadership capacity with groups in Delridge
3) Discuss how to build strong volunteer bases for projects such as Delridge Day and Gathering of Neighbors
4) Discuss how to promote fair and equitable participation in the DNDC
5) Discuss how to make the DNDC a stronger voice in the community and with City government

The focus areas for ongoing discussions by the DNDC will involve:

1) Strengthen the TRUST relationship with local government and its many layers and agencies
2) Create and promote a Delridge neighborhood and community identity
3) Develop business associations to spur economic development
4) Create or maximize places and events where diverse groups can come together to build trust and reciprocity
5) Promote a green Delridge
6) Conduct outreach and serve populations that cross class, ethnicity and cultural lines and communities
7) Strengthen the schools
8) Create a boulevard feel

Over the course of the next few DNDC meetings, this disucssion will continue in different forms. Anyone that is interested in participating in this ongoing discussion is always welcome at the DNDC meetings. The DNDC meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month, 7 – 9 pm at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center.

Delridge District Council: “Huge” festival ahead – and more

From last night’s Delridge Neighborhoods District Council meeting at Youngstown Arts Center, lots of updates, including new information about what’ll be the biggest Delridge Day event ever, as well as this fall’s Gathering of Neighbors. Read on for the full report:Read More

Tonight: Delridge Council; Sealth playoff game; free class; more

DELRIDGE NEIGHBORHOODS DISTRICT COUNCIL: Reps from community councils and organizations in eastern West Seattle gather monthly to talk about what’s new and what’s ahead, and you’re invited to join them. When they meet tonight at 7 in the theater at Youngstown Arts Center, the agenda also includes an update on Camp Long‘s renovation project and local proposals for the Neighborhood Projects Fund.

CHIEF SEALTH PLAYOFF GAME: The boys’ varsity basketball team plays Seattle Prep in the league semifinals, 7 pm at Prep (2400 11th Ave. E).

FREE WOMEN’S-SELF-DEFENSE CLASS: Sima Martial Arts (WSB sponsor) is presenting this free class at 7:15 tonight at the Sima studio in The Junction, 4711 42nd SW (across from the north end of Jefferson Square). Call 935-4531 to sign up.

FINAL WEEK FOR “LOVE SONG”: Tonight marks the start of the final five-performance week for ArtsWest‘s current production. 7:30 pm, tickets available online.

What else is up? Here’s the frequently updated WSB Events calendar.