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If you’re not selling May 10 – get ready to shop like mad!

April 26, 2008 2:59 pm
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garagesaledaysmalllog4.jpgThanks to everybody who signed up to participate in the 4th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day coming up two weeks from today — 9 am-3 pm May 10 — the semifinal registration total (depending on how many last-minute mail-in forms arrive today/Monday) is 142 sales!!!! – including some group/business/school sales and block sales, too! Now the big job ahead is to make sure EVERYONE in West Seattle knows about the garage-sale-shopping opportunities that await that day, and also folks in surrounding communities who can head this way to enjoy great shopping and spectacular scenery. We’re plowing the registration $ back into promotion and printing, but beyond that, we’d like to ask your help in spreading the word outside WS … if you get a chance to tell friends, relatives, co-workers that May 10 is THE day to head this way; you can even use the “Share This” feature under this post to e-mail it to someone. (Maps will be available May 8 online and at locations we will list soon at the WSCGSD site,, as well as on a new round of posters you’ll be seeing around town!)

Last call for West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day signups

Maybe it’s the sunshine; lots of folks are getting in the mood for garage sales in this final day of signups for the 4th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, which WSB is presenting this year — taking the baton from the late great Megawatt — on Saturday, May 10. 11:59 pm tonight is the registration deadline, so if you were registering by mail, we hope you’ve already sent it off; the online form is good till the last minute (find it at our WSCGSD site). garagesaledaysmalllog3.jpgPlease be aware of something we should have made clearer earlier (we promise to streamline it next year) – the online registration/payment is a two-step process; first you fill out the form, and when you click send, it takes you to PayPal. You will get a confirmation e-mail regarding your registration after that first click, and your info goes to us then — but you’re not officially signed up till your fee is received — PayPal would have sent you a separate receipt confirming you’ve paid. If you signed up in the first week and didn’t get a PayPal receipt in addition to the confirmation e-mail from us, you should have received a followup e-mail from us offering you the PayPal link again OR the option to send a check; we’re going through the second week registrations tonight and will send e-mails to those for whom that seems to have happened in recent days. Anyway, thanks for your patience and your decision to be part of this fun community event; if you’re not selling but you plan to be shopping, we’re excited about that too – we have just finalized the list of where maps will be available, but we do encourage you to print out your own copy from the online link, which – along with preprinted ones – will be available May 8. And be sure to keep an eye on the official WSCGSD site at, where the registration talk is about to end and the promoting/buying/selling fun talk is about to start, with more than 130 participating sales so far!

West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day hits the century mark!

April 24, 2008 1:00 pm
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Our 100th registration is just in for the 4th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day on Saturday, May 10th — thanks to everybody who’s decided to join in! One community, one day, (now we can say) more than 100 sales around West Seattle — including some group/business/school/organization sales — As soon as registration closes tomorrow night, we’re getting down to the next round of fun stuff: Mailing info packets to participants, making the second round of posters promoting Garage Sale Day itself (we’ve had registration posters up for two weeks, and of course they had the sale date too), and sharing information about The Big Day — if there’s something really unusual or interesting about your sale (and you are registered for WSCGSD, of course), e-mail us at — remember we’re planning “Best Sign” and “Most Unusual Item” contests too. Again, registration’s open till tomorrow night; go here to sign up online (or to get a mail-in form you can print, but please get it in the mail ASAP). If you’re just coming in on this, WSB is sponsoring WSCGSD now because its creators @ Megawatt closed down earlier this year and needed new presenters for their signature events (we took on WSCGSD, the Gathering of Neighbors is being organized by DNDA). May 10, whether you’re a shopper or seller, mark your calendar!

West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day: 3 days to sign up

April 23, 2008 7:05 am
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garagesaledaysmalllog1.jpgBeen thinking about joining in on the West Seattle-wide day of selling/shopping/recycling (that really is what garage sales do, after all), but haven’t quite made up your mind? Three more days … registration for the 4th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day closes Friday night, April 25. You can sign up to have an individual sale, school/business/organization sale, or block sale; online registration is available this year for the first time, or you can print the form to mail in (but hurry … we’re going to start work on The Official Map on Friday night!). All the links you need are here, plus some bonus info (such as, 10 principles of garage-sale secrets, and 2 places to join in a group sale if you don’t have enough room/stuff for your own). WSCGSD is Saturday, May 10, 9 am-3 pm, and we’re on the brink of 90 signups, from all over West Seattle. (If you’ve already signed up, info packets will start going out later this week.)

5 days left to sign up for WS Community Garage Sale Day

April 21, 2008 7:02 am
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The big day – dozens of sales all over West Seattle, a shopper/seller’s dream! — is Saturday, May 10; registration ends this Friday night 4/25 so we can work on the map, get packets to the participants, and intensify the areawide publicity blitz. Join the fun! Registration links and more info are on the official West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day website.

3 weeks till West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day!

April 19, 2008 12:24 pm
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Less than a week left to sign up to be part of the 4th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day (go here to see how); we’ve now passed 60 sales signed up to be part of one fun day of West Seattle-wide shopping and selling on May 10, but there’s room for more on the map – invite your neighbors to set up a block sale, or have one at your business/school!

4th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day update

April 15, 2008 7:01 am
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garagesaledaysmalllog.jpgHaven’t decided yet if you’re going to have a sale on West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day (9 am-3 pm Saturday, May 10; official website here)? Check out the Top 10 Reasons to Have a Garage Sale! In the case of WSCGSD, another top reason is to join in a communitywide event — maybe even get to know your neighbors better by having a block sale — if you don’t want to have an individual sale, have a block (3 or more homes) or business/organization/school sale — we’ve got some great-sounding ones already in the nearly three dozen sales that are on the list so far. Get on the map (literally) – plan your sale and sign up online (go here) or by mail (download the form here, or pick up a copy at one of the locations listed here). We’ve added a few extras this year including a “Best Sign” contest (here’s some inspiration from last summer; wasn’t part of WSCGSD but sure caught our eye). Registration’s open till April 25; even if you’re more a shopper than a seller, mark your calendar for May 10 and get ready to shop till … you know. P.S. Shopper alert, this weekend is the granddaddy of all Seattle community garage sale days, the one that inspired Megawatt in 2005 to start one in West Seattle — 9 am-3 pm Saturday (April 19) is Greenwood Garage Sale Day, a tradition that’s been going on for more than a decade now; help build ours to match (maybe eclipse) theirs!

West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day signups begin!

garagesaledaysmalllog.jpgAs of this morning, through Friday, April 25, registration is open and the first signups already have rolled in for the 4th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, which is happening 9 am-3 pm Saturday, May 10. (Backstory: WSCGSD is a creation of the late great community-connection organization Megawatt; its leadership hoped its signature events would go on, and allowed WSCGSD to be taken over by WSB, while Gathering of Neighbors will now be presented by DNDA.) If you haven’t participated before, as a sale-holder or shoppers, just to be clear: This is NOT one big day in one location — this is one day set aside for people to have sales all over West Seattle – as many as people sign up to have – in the past few years, there’ve been more than 100! – all promoted with a map and citywide advertising. For the first time, you can register online — go to the official West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day website at to do that, or to get a downloadable registration form you can print out and mail in, or to see the list of locations where you will be able to pick up a registration form starting later today (just in time for the West Seattle Art Walk tonight – some of our form-distribution locations are Art Walk participants). And even if you’re not going to have a sale as part of WSCGSD on May 10, please set aside some time to shop till you drop – as happens every year, we will have maps available online and at several in-person locations starting a few days ahead of time; we’re also promoting/advertising the event to areas outside West Seattle so shoppers will flock this way. One more new feature this year: Contests – including “best sign” and “most unusual sale item.” Questions? E-mail – and keep checking for updates.

WS Community Garage Sale Day: 4 days till signups start!

April 6, 2008 5:04 pm
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hugesale.jpgIf you missed the news earlier this year, WSB is the new sponsor of West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day. The big day is Saturday 5/10; we’re opening registration this Thursday, 4/10. Check our WSCGSD website for full updates including the list of where you’ll be able to pick up mail-in forms if you don’t want to sign up online.

Rummage/garage sales: 1 right now, WSCGSD in 6 weeks

March 29, 2008 1:21 pm
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That’s the scene a short time ago in the Seattle Lutheran High School Gym on the north edge of the Junction (Genesee just west of 42nd) – the Booster Club‘s rummage sale to raise money for SLHS athletics is under way till about 4 pm today, and one of the most surprising finds we noticed was a large quantity of lovely wood furniture. This is yet another reason for us to remind you that WSB is presenting West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day this year, and it’s now six weeks away! We have set the date for registration to open — APRIL 10 — and hope you’ll sign up to be part of it – both individual sales and group sales are welcome and we’ll be promoting the heck out of it in hopes of bringing garage-sale throngs here to WS to shop and buy; watch both WSB and also our official WSCGSD site ( for ongoing updates, and if you’d like to be on the e-mail list for announcements and reminders (we promise, no spam, no high volume) please e-mail us at – thanks!

Garage-sale season starts!

The official start of spring is still a week away, but garage-sale season gets off to a running start tomorrow and Saturday, with two megasales at West Seattle churches: One is at West Side Presbyterian Church (3601 California SW). 9 am to 5 pm Friday and 9 am-2 pm Saturday, church members are selling linens, books/CD’s/records, antiques/collectables, clothing, vintage and better labels, craft/holiday decorations, garden items, tools, furniture, household goods, salesman samples from the kitchen and home industry. Photos have just been posted – here’s a big collection. Also, Tibbetts Church is having its semi-annual rummage sale, 9 am to 4 pm Friday and 9 am-3 pm Saturday, with clothing, books, linens, kitchen supplies, sporting goods, yard and lawn tools, furniture, and collectables, 41st SW/SW Andover. This also gives us the opportunity to remind you that WSB is sponsoring this year’s West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, Saturday, May 10; we will soon announce the dates for and other details of registration — and we’ve got the stirrings of a website going at Hope you’ll be able to join the fun!

“Megawatt’s Legacy Lives On” – and we/you are part of it

As you may recall, the community-building organization Megawatt decided last month to disband, but its leaders were hopeful that its legacy, and its best-known events, would carry on, with new organizers. As just officially announced in Megawatt’s last e-mail bulletin, that’s going to happen:

Megawatt’s Legacy Lives On

Megawatt is thrilled to announce that the West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day and the Gathering of Neighbors will continue in 2008 and beyond under new leadership.

The West Seattle Blog is the new organizer of the West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day. Tracy Record and Patrick Sand have a lot of creative ideas for this beloved West Seattle event. Check out the West Seattle Blog at for ongoing updates.

The Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association will take on leadership for the Gathering of Neighbors. DNDA is a trusted West Seattle steward and under their guidance GON will continue as an inspired community event. Contact Derek Birnie at for more information.

Megawatt is officially signing off. Thank you for making all of this important work possible.

Here’s to community. Here’s to West Seattle.

Congratulations to Megawatt founder Mary Ellen Cunningham, her board, and their colleagues for everything they’ve accomplished. And to DNDA for taking on Gathering of Neighbors, which is an awesome way to find out more about community resources and opportunities. And now, about those garage sales — We are thrilled that Mary Ellen and the Megawatt board decided to trust WSB with Community Garage Sale Day. It’s something that truly and literally all of West Seattle can be part of – as sellers and/or shoppers (and we’re hoping for some community partners in other roles too) – and something that also can draw people from other areas to come visit our fabulous peninsula. Plus, we can all talk a lot about it online before, during, and after. Megawatt created an instant tradition by launching this event in 2005, and we hope you will help make the 4th Annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day ’08 a ton of fun. If you were a seller or buyer last year, and you have a thought on what you hope won’t change and what you think would make it an optimal experience, please leave a comment here or e-mail us any time at a special mailbox we’ve set up: Oh, and mark your calendar – we want to continue the Megawatt tradition of scheduling this for the second Saturday in May – that’ll be May 10th, 2008! We’ll talk more about this soon, and we’ll set up a forum topic when it gets a little closer.

The map’s up

As promised, Megawatt has just posted the map and guide to all 130-plus locations planning yard/garage/whatever sales this Saturday during its 3rd Annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day. The guide splits the list into “quadrants” — check it out to see who’ll be selling what near you!

Looking ahead to next weekend (yes, already!)

May 6, 2007 10:03 pm
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Just starting to get into the yard-sale groove now that it’s May? Get ready to maneuver between 120 WS sales next Saturday during Megawatt‘s 3nd annual Community Garage Sale Day. You’ll have a couple days to plot your course, since the maps will be available starting Thursday at 9 WS locations as well as at the Megawatt site.