Community Garage Sale Day – West Seattle Blog… West Seattle news, 24/7 Sun, 19 Aug 2018 13:30:24 +0000 en-US hourly 1 HAPPENING NOW: Post-Garage Sale Day donation dropoffs Sat, 12 May 2018 22:19:04 +0000 West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day is many things – among them, a boon to local nonprofits who welcome leftovers:

NORTHWEST CENTER’S BIG BLUE TRUCK: Open late tonight in The Junction for post-WSCGSD donations! 4718 44th SW, dropoff until 6:30 pm. Please bag/box items. Check out their list of what they’ll accept, or schedule a residential pickup for this coming week, at

STUFF THE TRUCK AT HOLY ROSARY: They’re collecting unwanted items again this year, 42nd/Genesee, to help fund programs to help neighbors in need. Most-needed items: Clothing, books, men’s jeans, shorts and shoes, and women’s business clothing. (No furniture, mattresses or beds, please.)

Look for the truck in the HR parking lot off 42nd SW north of SW Genesee until 5 pm.

STOP N SHOP AT THE SENIOR CENTER OF WEST SEATTLE: Taking “small household items and clothing” today until 4 pm – drop off in the carport on the east side of the building (4217 SW Oregon).

And to the south:

WHITE CENTER HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY: A donation drive with a special early drop-off date for WSCGSD:

White Center Heights Elementary PTA is partnering with Value Village for our first-ever Donation Drive Fundraiser Wed. May 30 – Mon. June 18, with a special early drop-off date on Sat. May 12 during West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day — so sellers can get rid of what’s left and buyers can make room for new treasures.

Every pound of your unwanted stuff turns into funds for uniforms, supplies and community activities benefiting White Center Heights students, teachers and families.

Early Donation Drop-Off
Sat. May 12, 3 PM-6 PM at White Center Heights Elementary School Parking Lot (10015 6th Ave SW)

Regular Donation Drop-Off
Wed. May 30 – Mon. June 18, Noon-10PM at Full Tilt Ice Cream (9629 16th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106)
* For large amounts of donations, please contact us at the info below so we can accommodate.

What We Can Take
Clothing, shoes, bedding, towels, accessories (e.g., hats, mittens, scarves, ties, socks, purses, wallets, backpacks, bags, belts, jewelry)
Small household items (e.g., electronics, toys & games, kitchen items, knick-knacks, sporting goods)
Books and media (e.g., CDs, DVDs)
Please put soft items in trash bags and hard/heavy items in boxes.

Questions? Contact Us
If you have any questions, can’t make the drop-off times or have a lot of donations, please call/text 206-992-6506 or email

Anybody else? E-mail us – – and we will add.

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12:10 PM: We start the second half of the 14th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day at the easternmost spot on the map, Sale #34, 8145 5th Ave SW, in one of Highland Park’s furthest (but what a great view!) reaches. Go to Kenyon/5th and turn right (south) on 5th. Also in a spot of their own and inviting you to come by, Sale #33, 8124 24th SW:

They e-mailed, “We have a lot of kid stuff, some mid-century modern tables, baby gear and more! … We also have a donation table with mystery toy bags. Proceeds go to Louisa Boren STEM School.” Back in eastern Highland Park, Sale #19 at 9th and Thistle is a Girl Scout troop benefit with Italian sodas!

Sale #165, 2932 Walnut Ave SW, features “the cutest lemonade stand,” according to Karin, who sent the photo:

And talk about cute. Check out the ultimate garage-saling T-shirts, as photographed by Cindy at Sale #112 1706 California SW):

On the opposite end of the peninsula, the southernmost sale this year is Sale #334, 11408 Marine View Dr SW. We just stopped there, and found out that Oreo is the mascot:

Looking for bed frames? These are still available as of Karen‘s e-mail a few minutes ago from Sale #58 at 4047 39th SW:

And if you have just been looking everywhere for a feather boa – Alina Guyon models the one from her family’s garage sale in Fauntleroy, Sale 326, 9360 Fauntleroy Way SW.

ADDED 1:35 PM: The last official hour is getting closer! (Already?) The crowd at Sale #69 texted to say they’re having “a great day”:

They’re the “multi-family adulting sale” at 4806 46th Ave SW. If your “adulting” means you need a blender, via Twitter, here’s a deal for you:

Sale #63 is at 3840 44th SW. Across the street, one of the day’s most unusual items was likely the old-school Coke machine at Sale #67, 3831 44th SW:

2:40 PM: A few final scenes – lots of selling going on along 42nd SW north of Morgan Junction:

That includes the LaFranchi residence, 5637 42nd SW, benefit for Mount Hood Kiwanis Camp at Sale #246, which we featured in our daily preview:

They usually start selling on Friday of Garage Sale Day weekend … but the incident a few doors down changed those plans, since 42nd SW was blocked in the area all day and into the evening.

3:01 PM: And that’s a wrap! Thanks to everyone who participated – shopping, selling, mingling, whatever. Next up, who’s taking donated leftovers!

5:22 PM P.S. One post-WSCGSD report:

My finds at the garage sale by Hotwire (Coffee) parking lot. The painting is an original by Teresa Walsh, who I love, and the little book is how to do hand shadow puppets, & who can’t use two pretty scarves.

All bought for under $20, & $ went to non-profits!

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AS-IT-HAPPENED COVERAGE: Sunny, spectacular West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2018, report #1 Sat, 12 May 2018 16:00:08 +0000 (SEE THE ONLINE MAP/LIST HERE … DOWNLOAD/PRINT THE PDF MAP/LIST HERE … BENEFIT/NONPROFIT SALES LISTED HERE)

9 AM: “South end is where it begins!” That’s what Young Chang proclaimed, sending us that early photo from Sale #229 at 9037 35th SW – and with that, the 14th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day is on! Haven’t seen the map yet? Find it here. And from the north, Andy sends this photo from the block sale at Palm and Massachusetts, Sale #178 – “Barbies for days!”

We’re off to visit some sales, but also appreciate your photos for our as-it-happens coverage – is the best address – more to come!

9:31 AM: Hotwire Coffee is a group site as always – 4410 California SW, Sale #62:

Just wander into the courtyard! Meantime, we’re now stopping at Lafayette Elementary‘s first-ever WSCGSD sale, 2645 California SW, right out front:

They’re Sale #148 on the map. Lemonade and cookies too! While you’re in the north, you can stop by the Urban Homestead Foundation‘s fundraiser sale, 50th & Dakota, the site they’re raising money to buy from the city:

The UHF is Sale #141. Meanwhile, almost anywhere you stop, you’ll find unique items:

Those signs are at Sale #224, 9256 30th SW.

10 AM: This is the westernmost sale, as far as we can tell – 6217 SW Admiral Way, folks who just moved to the area, Sale #120:

Their collection of scarves caught our eye. Now from the inbox (thanks for the pics at and to the south – Westside School (WSB sponsor) is hosting a big sale:

On your map, that’s Sale #330, 10404 34th SW. On to Seaview – from Sale #287:

5956 45th SW is where you’ll find Carol. We’re now headed to check out some east West Seattle stops.

10:20 AM: While headed east, we stopped at Sale #225, 4100 32nd SW, and found an outgrown drum set:

They also have a big selection of no-longer-needed sneaers! Meantime, we received this photo from a benefit sale on the north side of The Junction, tweeted by Mike:

From another benefit sale not too far away – treats!

That photo is from Sale #46, 4853 42nd Ave SW, where they are raising money for the VA Health Care System.

10:55 AM: Now we’re in Delridge. On the north end, the West Seattle Tool Library, which had some of its origins during a tool-collection drive on WSCGSD seven years ago:

The Tool Library is at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, 4408 Delridge Way SW, Sale #13. Further south, we turned into the Cottage Grove neighborhood, curiosity piqued by the listing for Sale #15 at 5643 25th SW:

“Hair salon” was part of the description, along with “vintage” and “punk rock.” Onward to the east High Point area, where the Sylvan Heights townhome neighborhood has a sale on the map:

Josh and Sarah are Sale #25 at 2701 SW Sylvan Heights Dr. (P.S. Their sale is bigger than it looks if you just pass by – they also have a garage full of stuff today!) WSCGSD is one-third over already but LOTS of shopping time left – remember some sales are staying open beyond the 3 pm official end time – check the map.

11:20 AM: On the south end, we visited Fresh Flours Bakery, a new participant and a benefit sale – they’re raising money for HONK! Fest West, which has chosen White Center as one of its venues this year:

Fresh Flours is Sale #5, 9410 Delridge Way SW. Before we get back to the south end, we’ve received a photo from another business participant, longtime WSB sponsor Click! Design That Fits in The Junction:

Click! is having a Garage Sale Day sale up in the loft. Sale #49 on your map, 4540 California SW. … Back to the south now. Another Garage Sale Day first – a “flea market” organized by the White Center Chamber of Commerce:

Sale #20, 9834 17th SW, is a big parking-lot sale commemorating the Chamber’s reboot.

11:50 AM: Back on the north side, Sale #110 at 1730 Sunset Ave SW reports, “Still have some kids’ furniture and toys!”

Sale #173 in the alley behind 3854 49th Ave SW has some two-wheeled merchandise:

Speaking of two-wheeled, a motorcycle is up for grabs at Sale #238, 8461 35th SW:

Two interested prospects so far, they tell us. Meantime, we’re launching a second report now that we’re in the second half of WSCGSD! (Here’s the link.)

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West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day Eve! Shop 320+ sales on Saturday Sat, 12 May 2018 03:48:03 +0000 All around the peninsula, sellers and shoppers are getting ready for tomorrow – the 14th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day. At WSB, we’ve been coordinating this huge neighbor-to-neighbor event since its fourth year, and so we have a few reminders for you:

THE MAP: Whether you want to search for who’s selling something you’re seeking, or if you just want to see which of your neighbors are having sales, the clickable/zoomable/searchable and printable versions of the map and listings for all 320+ sales can be found here.

CHECK FOR LAST-MINUTE CHANGES: We’ve had a few cancellations since making the map, as usual, and while we’re able to note those on the clickable map, we can’t update the printable map, so if you are using that, be sure to check the map page, where we’ve listed late cancellations, and scratch those sales off your copy.

THE LISTS: If you’re trying to decide where to start – your own neighborhood, of course, but beyond that – we have some lists linked on the map page too (benefits, businesses, block sales, lemonade).

THE WEATHER: Absolutely perfect.

YOUR PHOTOS: We’ll be covering the day as it unfolds, as always, but we can’t be everywhere, so we invite you to share a pic of something you bought, someone you met, a cool sign you saw, or … please include the sale #, and e-mail us during WSCGSD at or tag us on Twitter or Instagram (@westseattleblog on both).

THE AFTERMATH: For sellers – or for those shoppers who enjoy buying stuff they can turn around and donate to nonprofits – here’s our updated list of who’s accepting items afterward and where to go for dropoff.

Here’s to an awesome West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day!

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2 DAYS AWAY! West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2018 updates Fri, 11 May 2018 05:13:35 +0000 Now 36 hours away from the 14th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day this Saturday!

WEATHER: Sunny, 70s

SALES: 320+ – all sizes, all neighborhoods – mapped here

WHO’S SELLING WHAT? Search tips are below the map. For example – search for “tools” and you’ll find 54 sales come up, including #13 at the West Seattle Tool Library (which was launched in 2010 with the help of tools collected on WSCGSD) … search for “toys” and you’ll find 75 sales come up … then there are 114 sales whose listings mention furniture! And a few shorter lists, in addition to the ones we’ve already linked from the map:

#27: 9238 20th Ave SW
#74: 2719 47th Ave SW
#214: 6600 High Point Dr SW
#226: 5914 34th Ave SW

lemonade promised at
#46: 4622 SW Dakota St
#47: 3212 40th Ave SW
#148: 2645 California Ave SW
#244: 3715 SW Rose St
#251: 3911 SW Elmgrove St.
#256: 6016 42nd Ave SW
#331: 10021 42nd Ave SW
and Italian sodas at
#19: 8403 9th Ave SW

Reminder … if you’re shopping, check the map page before you head out Saturday morning because we’re continuing to note last-minute cancellations there. And whether you’re shopping or selling, share photos – cool find? or? –, or text to 206-293-6302, or tag us on Twitter or Instagram at More tomorrow!

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3 DAYS AWAY! Sunny forecast for West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2018. Here’s another list Thu, 10 May 2018 03:47:50 +0000 The forecast for Saturday just keeps improving – now we have sunshine and a high in the 70s predicted for the 14th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day! If you haven’t seen the 330-sale map yet, clickable/zoomable and printable versions are both available here. Last night we featured the benefit sales – now another highlight list, the businesses hosting sales:

#5, Fresh Flours – 9410 Delridge Way SW (benefit for HONK! Fest West)
#8, David Robertson Design – 5050 Delridge Way SW
#20, White Center Chamber of Commerce – 9834 17th SW (flea market for businesses and community)
#49, Click! Design That Fits – 4540 California SW
#57, Thunder Road Guitars – 4736 California SW
#62, Hotwire Coffeehouse – 4410 California SW (multi-seller site)
#191, Daystar Retirement Village – 2615 SW Barton (free pancake breakfast + multiple sellers)
#215, Nepenthe – 9447 35th SW
#273, C & P Coffee Company – 5612 California SW (multi-seller, arts and crafts vendors)
#313, The Kenney – 7124 47th Ave SW (multi-seller, plus bake sale)

More tomorrow!

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4 DAYS AWAY! West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day on Saturday Tue, 08 May 2018 22:55:57 +0000 Four days until one huge day of buying, selling, trading, and mingling all over the peninsula – we are proud to again present West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day on Saturday, May 12th. Official sale hours are 9 am-3 pm, but some are starting early and/or ending late, so be sure to browse the map (clickable and printable versions here) to get all the fine points.

We promised some custom lists culled from among the 330 sales. First one – the benefit sales:

#5: 9410 Delridge Way SW – Fresh Flours is raising money for HONK! Fest West
#19: 8403 9th Ave SW – Girl Scouts
#46: 4853 42nd Ave SW – Veterans’ Administration health-care system
#51: 4321 SW Charlestown St – hurricane survivors
#60: 2306 42nd Ave SW – Friends of the Seattle Public Library pop-up shop
#83: 3855 48th Ave SW – Girl Scouts
#94: 4107 42nd Ave SW – Seattle Lutheran HS Girls’ Basketball
#102: 4142 47th Ave SW – Breast cancer
#141: 4918 SW Dakota St – Urban Homestead Foundation
#148: 2645 California Ave SW – Lafayette Elementary PTA
#176: 3003 61st Ave SW – Log House Museum (Southwest Seattle Historical Society)
#177: 3000 California Ave SW – West Seattle High School Senior Night
#229: 9037 35th Ave SW – YAY Children Preschool
#246: 5637 42nd Ave SW – Mount Hood Kiwanis Camp
#249: 5032 41st Ave SW – Take This
#253: 8436 Fauntleroy Way SW – DKG-funded scholarships for women educators
#330: 10404 34th Ave SW – Westside School Parent Association

More to come!

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THIS SATURDAY! West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day is almost here. See the map! Mon, 07 May 2018 19:13:12 +0000 Alki Point to Pigeon Point to High Point …. North Delridge to North Admiral to North Shorewood … Highland Park to Lincoln Park to Luna Park … Seaview to Riverview to Ocean View … and many points inbetween. Just about every neighborhood in West Seattle is represented in the 330+ sales on the map for this Saturday’s 14th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day. Over the weekend, in case you haven’t seen it yet, we published both versions of the map – you’ll find both here, the clickable/searchable/ zoomable online version and the link to the printable packet of map sections and listings. The best sales are the ones you can walk around the corner to, so you can meet/talk with your neighbors … but of course there are big sales, business sales, multi-seller sites, fundraisers, etc. Also read the listings closely to find who’s starting before and/or ending after the official 9 am-3 pm sale window, if you’re interested in making a longer day of it. We’ll start publishing some custom lists tonight. P.S. So far the forecast looks awesome!

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ONE WEEK AWAY! West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2018 map/listings ready Sat, 05 May 2018 20:21:05 +0000 In case you haven’t already found them – we want to make sure you know that, as promised, the West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day map/listings went live this morning! We’ve spent the past week-plus putting it all together, and now with one week until the big day – Saturday, May 12th – you can start looking around to see (if you’re not one of the 330 sellers) who’s selling what and where. It’s always great to hear from people who not only find treasures (and, as some ads tout, “things you never knew you needed”) but also get to meet more of their neighbors face-to-face.

The clickable map is here (see the how-to-use-it advice beneath it) and the printable map/listings are here (18-page 3 MB PDF).

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ALMOST MAP TIME! See the West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day map and list starting Saturday Thu, 03 May 2018 16:09:57 +0000 Even if you’re not directly involved with one of the 330+ sales signed up for this year’s West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day on Saturday, May 12th – somebody near you probably is, and if you haven’t already heard about their plan, you’ll know in two days, when the WSCGSD 2018 map/list goes live! More than 20 sales are block, business, organization, or school sales – but as usual, that still means most are individual house/townhouse/apartment/etc. sales. And even in their relatively short listings, you’ll see tons of personality – moving sales, sales promising treasures, sales proudly proclaiming junk, knickknacks, bric-a-brac; sales clearing out years of hobby items, years of unique tastes in decor … stuff from employer, military, school affiliations … baby’s-on-the-way sales, baby’s-grown-up sales … We also have an increasing number of sales this year choosing to open before/stay closed after the official WSCGSD hours of 9 am-3 pm. It’ll all be on the map/list and as usual we have two versions going live on Saturday, the clickable map (every sale has a numbered marker, clickable to open the balloon with its address and description) and printable map/list (PDF version with all 330+ listings in order, plus map sections). Watch for it all here on WSB (when it’s ready we will also link it from the menu that you can access on all devices) as well as linked from It’ll be the 14th annual WSCGSD, eleventh year that we’re coordinating it here at WSB, and an awesome day of person-to-person recycling!

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COUNTDOWN! Dozen days until West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2018 Tue, 01 May 2018 03:00:27 +0000 We are assembling the list and making the map for West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, now just 12 days away – 330+ sales all over West Seattle (and a bit beyond) are registered for Saturday, May 12th. Official sale-day hours are 9 am-3 pm, but some sellers are starting earlier, some are ending later, another reason this looks to be the biggest WSCGSD yet. As we doublecheck the listings and locations, we’re making notes – for example, here are a few of the unique items we’ve seen so far: Coke machine, Dictaphone, pizza oven, vintage Barbies, a massage chair, skylights, congas, and two cars for sale. You’ll see all the listings when we publish the map/list – clickable and printable versions – next Saturday, here and at

P.S. If you have just a bit of stuff to sell and you didn’t get a spot at the multi-seller Hotwire courtyard, here are two other possibilities – the White Center Chamber of Commerce invites community members and business owners to be part of the flea market they’re planning in the parking lot at 9834 17th SW, 10 am-2 pm on sale day, and in West Seattle, The Kenney is renting tables on its big lawn, $25 for a 10×10 space with a 6-foot table and two chairs, proceeds benefiting its Resident Fund – call Danette, 206-938-6985.

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15 days to 14th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, with 330+ sales! Sat, 28 Apr 2018 01:03:18 +0000 Just two weeks from tomorrow, it’s West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day – a tradition dating back to 2005 (we’ve been coordinating it since 2008). Registration is now closed and more than 330 sales are signed up for May 12th – all sizes, all neighborhoods, all kinds of stuff, and we’ll be featuring some previews starting tomorrow while working on the map/list! If you are registered, please watch the e-mail address you used, because if we have a question for you while readying the listings for the map, we’ll be contacting you in the next day or two. (If you have a question for us: map/list will be available here and at as promised a week in advance (that’s Saturday, May 5th).

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LAST CALL! Registration for West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day closes tonight Thu, 26 Apr 2018 19:52:08 +0000 The 14th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day on Saturday, May 12, is going to be another fun one – with sales of every size, in every neighborhood, all around the peninsula.

More than 300 sales are registered already. If you’ve been waiting until the last minute, we’re writing to let you know … this is it! 11 pm tonight is the registration deadline; right after that, we have to get busy with the map, the list, posters, etc.

Thanks to everyone who’s made this the city’s biggest person-to-person recycling day … if you’re ready to register, here’s the link!

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West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2018: 2 1/2 weeks away; registration deadline tomorrow night Wed, 25 Apr 2018 16:25:26 +0000 Another update on West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2018 – only two and a half weeks until the big day of sales all around the peninsula, all sizes, all neighborhoods, Saturday, May 12th! Thanks to everyone who has registered so far – 265+ sales and counting. If you’ve been waiting to sign up yours, you’re almost out of time; the registration deadline is TOMORROW NIGHT (Thursday, April 26th, 11 pm). You’ll find the signup form here. Important note for sellers – please be sure you got a PayPal receipt as well as our confirmation note – several are showing as having not completed that step of the process, and so we don’t know whether that means you changed your mind or just had trouble with the system. If you didn’t, please send a note to and we can send you a special link. As soon as signups conclude tomorrow night, we get to work making the map and list so everyone can access the clickable and printable versions one week before sale day, both here and at

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COUNTDOWN: West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day registration deadline Thursday Sun, 22 Apr 2018 23:33:25 +0000 200+ sales are signed up already for the 14th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day on Saturday, May 12th! And if you are planning a sale but haven’t signed up yet – don’t wait much longer, because Thursday night (April 26th) is the registration deadline.

Right after that, we start making the printable and clickable versions of the map/list so they’ll be ready a week in advance (starting May 5th) here on WSB and at

Ready to register? Go here! (Be sure to have your up-to-20-words “ad” ready highlighting what you’re selling, any unique items, any extra hours, etc.)

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