ARCHIVE: West Seattle Crime Watch links before June 2017

5/31/2017: Car-prowl suspect arrested, thanks to watchful neighbors

5/30/2017: Crime reports plus burglary-prevention advice in your Crime Prevention Coordinator’s monthly newsletter

5/29/2017: Three reader reports – street robbery, storage break-in, car vandalism

5/29/2017: Police search for suspects after stolen car dumped on Beach Drive

5/27/2017: Roundup including found purse, two found bikes, car-prowl attempt on video, more

5/26/2017: Car break-in; bicycle found

5/24/2017: City Council briefing on gun violence

5/23/2017: Man shot and killed on Alki

5/22/2017: High Point gunfire followup

5/22/2017: Car-prowl reports

5/21/2017: High Point gunfire investigation

5/20/2017: Car window smashed; package prowler

5/20/2017: Drug-treatment sentence for Michael E. Maine

5/18/2017: White Center murder suspect shot

5/17/2017: Tire slashing; found bicycle

5/17/2017: West Seattle Crime Prevention Council hears from Traffic Unit

5/16/2017: Attempted bank robbery north of The Junction

5/15/2017: Student reports being followed, grabbed

5/14/2017: Church group van prowled

5/11/2017: Gunfire east of Fairmount Park

5/11/2017: Arrest after gunfire in Roxhill Park

5/9/2017: Resident scares burglar away

5/8/2017: Hit-run driver leaves bumper behind; car break-in

5/7/2017: North Delridge search after gun-flashing clash between people in 2 cars

5/7/2017: On White Center Now – coverage of deadly WC shooting

5/6/2017: Car vandalized

5/4/2017: Charges in 35th/Morgan crash

5/3/2017: Stolen Subaru (since found); prowler alert; suspect charged

5/2/2017: Michael E. Maine pleads guilty

5/2/2017: High Point police standoff

5/1/2017: About the helicopter; burglary attempt; followup on Saturday arrest in North Admiral

4/30/2017: Recognize this graffiti/tagging vandal? (Photos, videos from neighbors)

4/29/2017: Three Crime Watch reports, including stolen car found during prowler search

4/28/2017: Work van stolen

4/27/2017: Big police response north of The Junction

4/26/2017: Stolen silver Subaru Forester (missing since last Sunday)

4/25/2017: Tire/wheel stolen; shared-car vandalism; packages taken

4/24/2017: Two burglaries

4/23/2017: Roxhill Park robbery; possible package theft

4/21/2017: Stolen red Subaru Outback

4/20/2017: Car broken into; white-and-blue bicycle found

4/18/2017: White Cilo bicycle found

4/17/2017: 2 reader reports; 2 chances to talk with police

4/16/2017: Stolen work van, labeled “Valley Electric”

4/14/2017: Package theft in Seaview

4/14/2017: Another charge against Chayce Hanson

4/13/2017: Car prowl; possible dumped loot; next West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting

4/12/2017: Police seeking boathouse-burglary suspect Paul Story (photo)

4/11/2017: Casey Carlstedt charged with bike theft that WSB readers helped solve; also, car-prowl reader report

4/9/2017: Convicted child-killer Chayce Hanson charged with rape

4/8/2017: Convicted burglar’s ‘alternative’ sentence revoked

4/6/2017: Police search in East Admiral

4/4/2017: Charges filed against boathouse-burglary suspect

4/4/2017: Daytime gunfire; 3 stolen cars found

4/3/2017: Thieves and vandals, some on video

4/2/2017: Various reader reports

4/1/2017: Police search in East Admiral after man finds intruder in his car

4/1/2017: Stolen car, found bicycle, more

3/30/2017: Search for White Center shooting suspect

3/29/2017: What happened at this month’s West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network meeting

3/29/2017: Trailer stolen; carport prowlers on video; Jessica Detrick wanted again

3/28/2017: Shell casings found after gunfire near Delridge/Kenyon

3/27/2017: 2 reader reports and a followup

3/27/2017: Scam alert: Fake “City Light” callers

3/26/2017: The illegal-tree-cutting case, one year later

3/25/2017: Two Honda Civics stolen

3/24/2017: Bicyclist attacked on Spokane Street path, and what the city’s doing about conditions there

3/23/2017: Gunfire followup; recognize this bicycle?; package theft

3/22/2017: Street robbery

3/22/2017: Sketch of home-invasion robber

3/21/2017: Package-theft suspect charged, released

3/20/2017: Reader video, images, tips result in arrest of suspected serial package thief

3/20/2017: Gunfire heard last night, evidence found this morning

3/19/2017: Car prowlers leave the change; suspect found sleeping

3/18/2017: Police investigate stabbing at Fauntleroy/Alaska

3/18/2017: Package theft on video

3/17/2017: Teens arrested after gunfire in east Junction

3/17/2017: Silver CR-V stolen

3/16/2017: Stolen Subaru Forester found; daytime driveway prowler; “library” e-mail scam; more

3/15/2017: 4 notes, including stolen Mitsubishi Diamante found

3/13/2017: Burglary caught on camera (red/orange truck and tool thieves breaking into container on Beach Drive)

3/12/2017: Stolen blue Subaru Forester

3/12/2017: Car prowl, vandalism

3/10/2017: Stolen car (silver Mitsubishi Diamante)

3/9/2017: Car theft; stolen keys; found 1-speed bicycle, and fishing-related items

3/8/2017: One car stolen (silver Acura), another broken into

3/7/2017: One reader report, four reports from SPD files

3/2/2017: Mailboxes, car windows targeted; purple/pink Trek bike found

3/1/2017: Car prowlers steal donations, and more…

2/28/2017: Visitors’ car stolen in Fauntleroy

2/26/2017: Car prowl; vandalism; more

2/24/2017: Gunfire; car theft (silver 1998 Civic); package theft on video

2/21/2017: 2 incidents at Junction 7-11; stolen vans recovered; other followups

2/19/2017: Stolen urn; found bicycle

2/18/2017: Four repeat offenders in trouble again

2/16/2017: Stabbing suspect charged, and more

2/14/2017: Burglary and other reader reports; stabbing suspect arrested

2/13/2017: Stolen 1985 van

2/12/2017: Junction stabbing (with followup info added Monday morning)

2/12/2017: Street robbery and two property-crime reader reports

2/10/2017: Stolen car full of loot; car prowl on video; SWAT arrest followup; more

2/8/2017: SWAT response in South Delridge

2/7/2017: Car prowler who left tools behind

2/4/2017: Stolen SUV

2/3/2017: Car-prowl reader reports

1/31/2017: Overnight gunfire; victim in another shooting shows up at hospital; car prowl

1/30/2017: Abandoned bicycle; found license plates; more

1/28/2017: Vandalism; burglary; wire theft

1/27/2017: Work truck stolen

1/26/2017: Reader reports, plus, more charges in burglary ring

1/25/2017: ATM heist suspects charged

1/25/2017: Alki arrests linked to regional ‘high-end burglary ring’ – loot shown off

1/25/2017: Pigeon Point gunfire; Arbor Heights car-prowl suspect out

1/24/2017: Police updates @ West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network

1/24/2017: Arrest in South Delridge ATM-customer holdup

1/23/2017: 2 suspects jailed in Junction US Bank ATM theft

1/23/2017: Arbor Heights search after car prowl leads to 1 arrest

1/23/2017: Bellevue Police arrest 2 in Alki area

1/22/2017: ATM stolen; package theft on video

1/19/2017: Found skis (stolen?); robbers on video; more

1/18/2017: Updates from West Seattle Crime Prevention Council

1/18/2017: Shooting at Highland Park 7-11

1/17/2017: Found bicycle; smashed windows; more

1/16/2017: 35th/Holden police response

1/16/2017: Bikes stolen, found; bag found; more

1/14/2017: Card fraud; burglaries

1/12/2017: Four reader reports, including words of thanks

1/12/2017: Stabbing on Puget Ridge

1/10/2017: Stolen car; vehicle break-ins; possible loot (CDs) found; more

1/9/2017: Teen shot, turns up in ER

1/9/2017: Bicycle found; car windows smashed

1/8/2017: Recognize this bicycle? Purse and more found. Plus, reports from SPD files

1/6/2017: Hit-run crash victim’s father reports arrest

1/6/2017: Ice vandalism

1/5/2017: SPD briefing at Southwest District Council

1/3/2017: 1 car stolen, 2 cars prowled

1/2/2017: Stolen, vandalized cars

1/1/2017: Hit-run driver leaves hubcap behind

12/29/2016: “Shooting” followup; stolen skateboard

12/28/2016: Four reader reports

12/27/2016: Suspects jailed in 7-11 incident

12/26/2016: Robbery attempt; bicycle theft; stolen mail

12/24/2016: Pre-holiday thefts

12/22/2016: 7-11 clerk hurt

12/22/2016: Vehicle stolen in North Admiral

12/22/2016: Coffee-shop holdup

12/21/2016: Hit-run; package thefts; car prowls

12/21/2016: Appeal ruling in Lovett Chambers case

12/20/2016: Stolen car (BMW), hit-runs, car prowl

12/19/2016: Hit-run crash survivor’s family seeking info

12/18/2016: Burglary attempt, garage intruder, bike found (black Trek)

12/16/2016: Plea bargain in guns/drugs case

12/15/2016: Burglary attempts; Rudolph ‘recovered’

12/14/2016: Car prowls, and prevention advice

12/14/2016: Recognize any of this recovered loot?

12/12/2016: Stolen CR-V; package theft on video

12/10/2016: Groceries stolen? And other reader reports

12/9/2016: Possible gunfire; bullet hits car; more

12/7/2016: Teenager shot

12/6/2016: Reader reports including abandoned scooter

12/6/2016: Theater troupe hit by thieves; yard lights lifted

12/5/2016: Followup on arrest related to Corner Pocket liquor-license suspension

12/3/2016: Stolen pickup, found bike, more

12/1/2016: Two unique bicycles stolen

11/30/2016: Prowlers caught and not, package and plant thieves…

11/29/2016: Plates, prowls, pickup

11/28/2016: Bike theft on video (orange Soma)

11/27/2016: Stolen pickup; stolen package; 3 car prowls

11/25/2016: No holiday for thieves, including stolen bicycle (red and black Giant)

11/23/2016: Package-theft-arrests followup; 2 car prowls; stolen car found

11/22/2016: Stolen Toyotas

11/22/2016: Package-theft suspects arrested

11/21/2016: Five reader reports – stolen trailer, stolen (red) bicycle, car prowl, found stuff, possible gunshots

11/21/2016: Three stolen cars (one Ford, one Subaru, other unknown)

11/20/2016: Burglary suspect charged with 4 felonies

11/20/2016: Silver Honda Accord stolen in Gatewood

11/19/2016: Electric bicycle stolen; multiple cars damaged in hit-and-run

11/18/2016: Car theft (2010 graphite Subaru Outback), car prowls, recognize these found items? (photo)

11/16/2016: Illegal tree-cutting case followup

11/16/2016: Car prowlers leave someone else’s items behind

11/15/2016: Missing a bicycle? Take a look at these four

11/14/2016: Possible gunshots off Beach Drive

11/13/2016: Burglary suspect arrested after Admiral search

11/13/2016: Alki-area burglary; possible skimming

11/12/2016: Arrest in PCC lot; car theft (green ’96 Honda Accord); 2 bicycles found

11/11/2016: Pre-dawn car prowl in Admiral parking lot

11/8/2016: Business burglary on video; 2 car prowls

11/8/2016: Robbery suspect out of jail; 3 reader reports

11/7/2016: Followup on stolen property found in recovered stolen vehicle

11/5/2016: Package thief makes off with medicine

11/4/2016: Bleeding burglar, stolen bike, pilfered packages

11/4/2016: Stolen car found full of others’ stuff, plus three reader reports

11/2/2016: Warrant arrest at Westwood Village

11/2/2016: Search after burglary northeast of The Junction

11/1/2016: Burglary, bike theft (photo included – pink bike), car prowl

10/30/2016: Seen this stolen pickup truck (photo included – red Ford)?

10/28/2016: Stolen vehicles and stolen wheels

10/27/2016: Vehicle thefts, vandalized railings

10/26/2016: Hot topics at Block Watch Captains Network

10/25/2016: Two stolen-car cases, including suspects fleeing at 15th/Roxbury

10/24/2016: Reader reports and more

10/23/2016: Stolen Civic, and (found!) stolen Audi

10/21/2016: Robbery-suspects followup

10/20/2016: South Park pursuit may result in robbery arrests; reader reports on package theft, graffiti vandalism

10/19/2016: Garage burglars on cam and more

10/18/2016: Exposer alert

10/17/2016: Followup – after reported 30th/Roxbury gunshots, victim turns up at hospital

10/16/2016: Police response at 14th/Roxbury, apparent hoax

10/15/2016: Street robbery, burglaries, thefts, and a new survey

10/13/2016: Fake ‘City Light’ caller

10/12/2016: Thieves on camera – from tree to supplements

10/11/2016: Gatewood hit-run, North Admiral, Seaview car prowls

10/9/2016: Parking-lot auto theft; mirror vandalism

10/7/2016: Car prowlers, including 1 on clear video

10/6/2016: Four reader reports, including stolen child’s bicycle and hit-and-run

10/5/2016: Stolen car (blue Nissan Maxima) and more

10/3/2016: The case of the repeat offender who had to be dragged into custody

10/2/2016: Car break-in, brazen bike thief (red mountain bike), more

10/1/2016: Skirt-stealing package thief

9/30/2016: Is this your bike? Police want to talk to you – and not just so you can get it back

9/30/2016: Car break-in; purse theft; 2 bicycles found; more

9/28/2016: Fugitive arrested, and two more reports

9/27/2016: Updates on 3 repeat offenders, including a plea bargain

9/26/2016: Grocery thief; dumped bicycles

9/25/2016: Three reader reports

9/24/2016: Two reader reports and a Block Watch Captains Network reminder

9/22/2016: Found (stolen?) items and updates on two suspects

9/21/2016: Police search for a warrant suspect

9/20/2016: Murder cold case closed

9/20/2016: Tree-cutting lawsuits filed

9/19/2016: Stolen black bicycle; found silver bicycle frame; prowler on video

9/18/2016: Car-theft suspect caught in Delridge

9/16/2016: Helicopter helps search for burglary suspect in Fauntleroy

9/16/2016: Couple attacked/robbed near California/Andover; car stolen from supermarket lot

9/15/2016: Police search Lincoln Park after nearby burglary

9/14/2016: Driver arrested after Mercedes catches fire near ferry dock following hit-run on 35th

9/14/2016: Stolen car; stolen package; crime-prevention bulletins; next WS Crime Prevention Council meeting

9/14/2016: Boat & trailer stolen; bicycle found

9/12/2016: Armed robbery starts in park, ends in store

9/11/2016: Two more bicycles found

9/9/2016: Car prowlers steal sports stuff

9/7/2016: Another dumped bicycle found

9/5/2016: Another Prius stolen

9/5/2016: More storage-unit break-ins

9/4/2016: Prius stolen

9/2/2016: Police search leads to arrest; would-be burglar shown on video

9/1/2016: Woman grabbed while running

8/31/2016: Marine View Drive gunfire; South Admiral burglary attempt

8/30/2016: Four reader reports, including a found bicycle

8/29/2016: Assault outside Alki home; twice-stolen car; more

8/28/2016: Possible package-theft evidence; found bicycle

8/26/2016: Twice-stolen car; prowl attempt

8/26/2016: Home, storage-unit burglaries

8/25/2016: Car prowls, plus the case of the abandoned pants

8/24/2016: Car-prowl suspect out of jail

8/23/2016: Attempted child luring; prowlers on video; wedding items stolen

8/23/2016: Police arrest car-prowl suspect in Lincoln Park after helicopter-enhanced search

8/22/2016: Stolen car found, items inside missing

8/21/2016: Burglaries while residents slept, plus a neighbor’s kindness

8/21/2016: From bullets to burglars

8/19/2016: Gunfire on Alki, with two victims showing up at hospital

8/18/2016: Car prowls; vandalism; found bicycles (both mainly white frames)

8/17/2016: Stolen shrubbery; ripped-off rings

8/16/2016: Another stolen CR-V

8/15/2016: Early morning car (Accord) theft

8/14/2016: Roxhill Park police response plus 5 reader reports (vandalism x 2, theft x 2, stolen vehicle found)

8/13/2016: Pickup truck stolen

8/12/2016: Phones stolen; stolen bicycle reunited with owner; stolen pickup found with somebody else’s stuff inside

8/11/2016: Woman attacked while walking in Arbor Heights; dumped stolen (?) items

8/10/2016: Car prowls; stolen bicycle; found 3-wheeler

8/9/2016: Little League’s mower stolen; bicycle stolen; stolen car found

8/8/2016: 2 more stolen vehicles to watch for

8/7/2016: Seen this stolen CR-V?

8/6/2016: Stolen ashes; scam callers try again

8/4/2016: Car thief arrested; stolen car found; stolen van; found bike; burglary

8/3/2016: 1 suspect, 3 robberies

8/3/2016: Jessica Detrick charged in two burglaries

8/2/2016: Morgan Junction bank robbed

8/2/2016: Morgan Junction grocery store robbed

8/1/2016: Tire slashers hit two West Seattle streets

7/31/2016: Reader reports – torched political sign; suspected gunshots; stolen bicycle with extra sentimental value; found golf clubs

7/30/2016: Junction shoplifter; Gatewood discovery of dumped CDs/cases; Triangle bike theft; Highland Park car/mailbox prowler on video; more

7/29/2016: Highland Park arrests from SPD Blotter; reader reports from Beach Drive, 33rd SW

7/28/2016: Suspect in bank-robbery attempt released from jail

7/27/2016: Junction bank-robbery (attempt)

7/27/2016: Racist, threatening hate note left on Pigeon Point family’s porch

7/26/2016: Unusual happenings after two West Seattle car prowls

7/25/2016: Assault charges filed in bridge beating

7/24/2016: Burglary charge via fingerprints, and 4 reader reports – two car prowls, a stolen car, and a found bicycle

7/23/2016: Shell casings found in Lincoln Park after gunfire reports

7/22/2016: Sentencing of West Seattleite who pleaded guilty to manslaughter in deadly SeaTac shooting

7/21/2016: Police find bicycles, seek owners

7/21/2016: 3 suspects still in custody after bridge assault

7/20/2016: High Point arrests following bridge assault

7/20/2016: Burglary, car-theft victims looking for witnesses

7/20/2016: Early-morning gunfire

7/19/2018: Stabbing in Roxhill area

7/18/2016: Burglar caught on camera

7/18/2016: Failed car-theft attempt; mystery booms

7/17/2016: 2 bicycles stolen, another left behind

7/15/2017: Car stolen with keepsake

7/13/2016: Business burglary; yard prowler; close call in a parking lot

7/12/2016: Update on HP/SD prowling suspect Taylor Church

7/10/2016: Car just prowled

7/10/2016: Car stolen, then found

7/9/2016: 3 reader reports and WSBWCN at Summer Fest

7/7/2016: $15,000 bail for ‘known burglar and auto thief’

7/7/2016: Charge filed against rifle-firing suspect Tony Samoun

7/6/2016: Bail set for 4th of July rifle-firing suspect

7/6/2016: Why the Guardian One helicopter was over West Seattle

7/5/2016: Man hurt while trying to stop car-prowl suspect

7/5/2016: ‘Assault rifle” seized in 4th of July gunfire arrest

7/4/2016: Two car prowls (Fauntleroy and East Admiral)

7/2/2016: Three theft reports – Westcrest Park, Lincoln Park, Upper Alki

6/30/2016: Crime trends @ West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network

6/30/2016: Stolen Schwinn Hornet bicycle and dumped-likely-stolen shoes found

6/28/2016: 4 reports plus “focus groups” ahead

6/27/2016: Purse stolen; mail theft and garage break-in; burglary attempt

6/26/2016: Robbed at home; plate stolen, swapped; mail theft and what to do about it

6/25/2016: Recognize this abandoned blue Pacific bike?

6/24/2016: Charges filed against alleged gun-waving car-prowl suspects

6/23/2016: Bail hearing for alleged gun-waving car-prowl suspects

6/23/2016: Police, helicopter response in Alki/Admiral

6/23/2016: Another bicycle theft; what car prowlers left behind

6/22/2016: Car-prowl, gun-waving report leads to 2 arrests

6/21/2016: Drive-up theft in Trader Joe’s lot

6/21/2016: 1 stolen bicycle, 3 found bicycles [photos], plus ‘good news/bad news’ car prowl

6/19/2016: Another Lincoln Park car break-in

6/18/2016: Five reader reports – solicitor suspected of theft; car prowls; hit-run; more

6/18/2016: Woman fights off would-be robbers

6/16/2016: Stolen Nissan Versa; charger taken from doorstep

6/16/2016: Asleep & armed; art case followup

6/13/2016: SWAT standoff in Morgan Junction

6/12/2016: Did you see either of these?

6/10/2016: Teen arrested for stolen gun

6/9/2016: Suspected repeat prowler arrested for burglary; gunfire/crash followup

6/7/2016: Car-prowl victim gets items back with SPD help; abandoned bicycle

6/7/2016: Guilty plea in toddler murder

6/7/2016: Court of Appeals arguments in Morgan Junction shooting-death case

6/6/2016: Art theft; missing math homework; more

6/4/2016: Gunfire, crash near 10th/Roxbury

6/3/2016: Gunfire investigation in South Delridge

6/2/2016: Gunfire-detection system?

6/1/2016: Security video shows pickup truck before, after ATM theft

5/31/2016: ATM stolen from South Seattle College, found in Arbor Heights backyard

5/30/2016: North Delridge gunfire investigation

5/29/2016: Hit-run on video; mailboxes vandalized

5/27/2016: Stolen silver 1996 Honda Civic

5/25/2016: Student approached while walking to school

5/25/2016: Gunfire near Lincoln Park; car prowls in Gatewood, Junction

5/24/2016: Police at Denny/Sealth campus after social-media threat leads to ‘shelter-in-place’

5/24/2016: Police arrest 3 in stolen-bike sting

5/23/2016: Followups on Delridge shooting, High Point gunfire

5/22/2016: Possible Delridge shooting

5/21/2016: Police investigate gunfire in High Point

5/21/2016: Car prowlers ‘score’

5/20/2016: Police’s plans for Alki

5/20/2016: Safety alert from Denny, Sealth principals after student reports being followed

5/19/2016: Parent reports middle-schooler followed in Arbor Heights

5/19/2016: Two bikes stolen; six cars damaged; door-tryer on cam

5/18/2016: Video – “the loot left behind”

5/17/2016: Stolen bicycle

5/16/2016: 4 reader reports

5/12/2016: The case of the leaping prowler

5/12/2016: Reader reports, a followup, and prevention advice

5/11/2016: Delridge gunfire suspect charged

5/10/2016: Stolen pickup truck and a few other notes

5/9/2016: New information about North Delridge gunfire arrest

5/8/2016: ‘Idol’ warning; musical instruments returned

5/7/2016: Search after stolen car crashes and two flee

5/7/2016: Early-morning street robberies in The Junction, South Delridge

5/6/2016: 30th SW resident encounters burglar, reports arrest

5/6/2016: Burglar on video; ‘the crime that wasn’t’

5/3/2016: More Westcrest Park car break-ins

5/2/2016: Case of the self-illuminating flasher, and more

4/30/2016: Man shot on Alki

4/30/2016: Burglary at Emerald Water Anglers

4/29/2016: Burglars hit O’Neill Plumbing

4/29/2016: Police search in Highland Park

4/27/2016: Gunfire investigation (UPDATED)

4/27/2016: Video – car theft/prowl prevention @ West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network

4/26/2016: Smoking burglar; busy car prowlers

4/25/2016: Bereaved and then burglarized; Junction gunfire followup

4/24/2016: Suspected gunfire in The Junction; car break-ins

4/23/2016: Stolen, found, more

4/23/2016: Another 15th/Roxbury shooting

4/21/2016: Stolen instruments; found bike; more

4/19/2016: “A lot of shots-fired incidents” and other Crime Prevention Council updates

4/18/2016: Thieves hit Junction store; car stolen; mower taken from atop vehicle

4/17/2016: Recent auto thefts

4/17/2016: Overnight gunfire confirmed; coat stolen from car

4/16/2016: Helicopter over South Delridge; car prowls in Upper Alki; next WSCPC meeting to spotlight parking issues

4/15/2016: Car prowls; hit-runs; words of thanks

4/15/2016: Two vehicles stolen – red Subaru wagon (found quickly) and gray Mercedes SUV

4/14/2016: Bellevue Police now say Highland Park bust was linked to ID-theft ring

4/14/2016: Stolen white Ford E250 van

4/12/2016: Followup on last Wednesday’s Beach Drive arrest

4/12/2016: Bellevue Police serve warrant in Highland Park

4/11/2016: Man shot in South Delridge

4/11/2016: 4 more reader reports

4/11/2016: VW Passat stolen from 36th/Juneau

4/10/2016: Beware of grocery-store thieves

4/9/2016: Car break-in; wheels stolen

4/7/2016: Police dashcam video shows pursuit preceding deadly Highland Park Way crash

4/7/2016: Burglar hits Meeples Games- recognize him?

4/7/2016: Check your plates – thieves might be targeting them

4/6/2016: Suspect arrested on Beach Drive after stolen car, knife found on Atlas Drive

4/5/2016: One bicycle stolen, one bicycle found

4/3/2016: Car stolen, found

4/2/2016: Hit-run; this week’s auto thefts, as mapped by SPD

4/1/2016: Car stolen at Westcrest

4/1/2016: Serial arsonist sentenced

4/1/2016: Early-morning intruder in High Point

3/31/2016: Church burglary; tires slashed; prowler on video

3/30/2016 – Stolen car and other thefts

3/28/2016: Message to a toy thief, and more

3/25/2016: Triangle car theft; burglars target midwives

3/25/2016: Man stabbed

3/24/2016: Burglaries

3/23/2016: Little Free Library vandalized, then stolen

3/22/2016: Burglaries, car prowls, and stolen student sports gear to watch for

3/21/2016: Classic car (240z) stolen, more windows hit

3/19/2016: More car windows hit

3/19/2016: Car-window rampage; car prowls; found bicycle

3/16/2016: Hit-and-run tree trimmer; truck prowled twice

3/15/2016: SWAT officers at warrant service in Admiral

3/15/2016: Trespassing arrest at Boren campus

3/15/2016: Student robbed on way to school

3/14/2016: Seen this stolen Subaru?

3/12/2016: Mail theft; hit-run; stolen-bike update

3/11/2016: Business burglary; car prowl; stolen bicycle

3/10/2016: Car-prowl prevention bulletin from SW Precinct

3/10/2016: Gun-incident followups; car prowls

3/7/2016: Tools stolen; items found

3/6/2016: Bullet hits house at 11th/Barton

3/6/2016: Mailbox prowler, theft-suspect sighting, found bicycle (silver Trek)

3/5/2016: Possible gunfire reported in Puget Ridge area

3/4/2016: Break-in attempt; ‘suspicious trespasser’

3/3/2016: Old locks beat burglars

3/3/2016: Stolen silver Subaru Outback; hit-run in Seaview

3/2/2016: Stolen silver Honda Accord

3/2/2016: Vandalized mural’s future in question

3/1/2016: Thieves and scammers (including video of porch package/grocery thief in High Point)

3/1/2016: Gunfire investigation in North Delridge

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