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2016 Halloween Show

Zombies Are Here!!!

Actually, we are gearing up for our 2016 Halloween Show and Zombies Larry and Skully will be joining the Wicked Witch of the West, our dancing skeleton, Skelington. And this year our talking pumpkin will be joined by a trio of back-up singers.

We are planning to begin our shows on Thursday, October 27 and will run through Halloween, Monday, October 31. Approximate times will be 5:00PM to 10:00PM although we may run a little later on Saturday and Halloween depending on the weather and the turnout.

Please join us in West Seattle for the festivities on 38th Ave. SW between Genesee and Dakota streets.

Ken & Cora

West Seattle Halloween Guide 2016 now up!

October 17, 2016 9:27 am
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Two weeks until Halloween, and dozens of special events are on the way. As of early today, our annual West Seattle Halloween (etc.) Guide is up, so you can find them all in one place: Not just trick-or-treat events, but fall festivals, haunted houses, costume contests, pumpkin carving, bar parties, Dia de Los Muertos events, nd more. The guide is at The guide will continue to evolve between now and November 1st – adding events as we hear about them, and removing the ones that have already happened – so keep checking in. And if we’re missing YOUR public seasonal event – please send info as soon as you can – – so we can add it; thank you! (Photo: Reader-contributed jack-o-lantern pic from past Halloween)

West Seattle Halloween Guide: It’s time to send your event info!

October 5, 2019 7:02 pm
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As we do every year, we’re assembling a special guide for West Seattle Halloween events and this month’s other seasonal celebrations. We have a few in our calendar already but know there’s more out there, so if you haven’t sent us word of yours – please do! We just need the W’s – what, when, where, who, weblink if you have one – emailed to Thanks! (Photo: Reader-contributed jack-o-lantern pic from past Halloween)

WSB West Seattle Crime Watch link archive, July 2013-February 2016

March 20, 2017 9:51 pm
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This is a continuation of the WSB Crime Watch archives. For stories after the date below, go to the main WSBCW page. Also, the entirety of our “crime”-tagged archive, in reverse-chronological order as published, is here. Thanks!

2/29/2016: New details of Friday’s attempted child luring

2/28/2016: Shooting investigation

2/28/2016: Dear Package Thieves … messages from two targets

2/27/2016: Attempted luring near Alki Elementary; three other reports

2/26/2016: Hit-run crash on Olson leads to search, arrest in Arrowhead Gardens area

2/26/2016: Business break-in alert

2/24/2016: Moped stolen; bicycle found

2/24/2016: Three car prowls

2/21/2016: Stolen IZIP electric bicycle

2/21/2016: Car-prowl attempt; dumped bicycles

2/20/2016: Delridge/Henderson police response

2/19/2016: Mural vandalized; backpack stolen

2/19/2016: Gunfire suspect out of jail, cites reason he fired a single shot

2/18/2016: From White Center Now: Man killed in Greenbridge

2/18/2016: Man arrested after gunfire in Highland Park

2/18/2016: Dumped blue bicycle; 7-11 gunfire followup; stolen mail

2/17/2016: Three reader reports

2/16/2016: Gunfire in Highland Park

2/15/2016: Stolen white Volvo wagon

2/15/2016: Reader finds stolen CR-V

2/14/2016: ATM theft attempt; car window broken

2/12/2016: 2 stolen cars – 1 gone, 1 found; helicopter

2/11/2016: Surprise for package-taker, and two other reports

2/10/2016: Reader reports, including rash of car prowls

2/10/2016: Gatewood burglary suspect charged

2/9/2016: Suspicious solicitor; attempted break-in

2/8/2016: $100,000 bail set for suspect in Gatewood burglary

2/8/2016: Another window-smashing incident reported

2/7/2016: About the ‘assault with weapons’ call

2/6/2016: Bus driver hit; package stolen

2/6/2016: Burglar awakens Gatewood woman; suspect arrested

2/4/2016: Prowlers in Seaview; mail theft in Westwood

2/4/2016: Big police response on Alki

2/3/2016: Truck stolen; windows broken; possible cast-aside loot found

2/2/2016: Robbery, search

2/1/2016: More windows shot out

1/31/2016: Car windows shot out

1/30/2016: Burglar interrupted

1/28/2016: Car prowl alert

1/28/2016: Suspect caught after early-morning burglary

1/27/2016: Scam call; car break-in

1/26/2016: Eighth-graders report being ‘grabbed’

1/26/2016: Burglar(s) steal memories

1/24/2016: Admiral break-in, stolen mail, more

1/23/2016: Diaper-bag-stealing car prowler(s); package theft; mail theft; possible casing

1/23/2016: Shots or not? What police say about what was heard near Delridge/Findlay

1/21/2016: Fast-moving burglar hits while resident is picking up child at preschool

1/20/2016: Reader finds stolen car; car prowler takes distinctive items

1/19/2016: Crime Watch reports include two stolen white cars, burglary, and water-tower graffiti vandalism

1/17/2016: Five reader reports – including a found Novarra bicycle

1/15/2016: Tools taken; mail stolen

1/14/2016: Seen this stolen car, and carseat?

1/13/2016: Car prowls; merchandise vandalism

1/12/2016: Crime Watch followup – Saturday night’s standoff

1/12/2016: Followup – Delridge gunfire ‘targeted’ house

1/10/2016: Car prowlers break window

1/9/2016: Standoff resolved without injury

1/8/2016: Student attacked after getting off a bus

1/9/2016: Second Bumble theft

1/7/2016: Helicopter-involved standoff ends in Highland Park

1/7/2016: Report roundup including bicycle theft from councilmember’s home, abandoned bicycle spotted

1/6/2016: Early-morning gunfire in Delridge; 32 casings found

1/5/2016: Safe found south of Alki Point

1/5/2016: Stolen Chevy Tahoe; vandalism; ‘ransacked’ bag found

1/4/2016: *VIDEO: ‘Coldest WS cold case’

1/2/2016: Three reader reports – stolen Nissan; car prowls; license-plate thefts

1/2/2016: Car vandalized; black backpack found

12/30/2015: Recognize these package thieves?

12/29/2015: Gunfire on camera

12/28/2015: Dumping, on camera, and other reader reports

12/27/2015: Car stolen, dog inside

12/26/2015: Five reader reports – stolen car, burglar photos, burglary attempt, package theft, plate theft

12/24/2015: Car prowl

12/23/2015: Charges in attack/robbery; car-prowl loot list

12/22/2015: Woman attacked, needs dental work

12/22/2015: Two mail-theft reports

12/21/2015: Student charged with unlawful gun possession in CSIHS incident

12/18/2015: Crash after gunfire at 12th/Roxbury

12/16/2015: Student arrested after gun, bullets found at school

12/15/2015: Gunfire in Highland Park; car prowl on video

12/14/2015: Gunfire on Puget Ridge

12/14/2015: Stolen burgundy Civic; weekend car prowl; recognize this truck?

12/13/2015: Two car prowls

12/10/2015: Where burglars are hitting

12/8/2015: West Seattle man charged in SeaTac killing

12/7/2015: Stolen motorcycle

12/7/2015: Truck full of massage business’s equipment stolen

12/7/2015: Victim of Sunday shooting in Columbia City was freshman at Chief Sealth IHS

12/6/2015: Stolen car; reader video shows package theft

12/4/2015: Warrant followup – murder suspect arrested at West Seattle home

12/3/2015: Stolen Bumble! Plus, pickup truck prowled

12/3/2015: Warrants served at home NW of Junction

12/2/2015: Car prowl/assault attempt, and more

12/1/2015: 5-year sentence for repeat drunk driver

12/1/2015: Stolen car leads police to holdup suspect

11/30/2015: The shooting victim who didn’t immediately realize it

11/28/2015: Admiral ‘grabbing’ incident, plus reader reports – car prowl, trailer taken, tires taken

11/28/2015: Crime Watch reader reports, including a found bicycle

11/24/2015: One stolen car, two found bikes

11/24/2015: Court notes in arson, robbery cases

11/22/2015: More from the “stolen-and-found” files, including 2 car prowls and 2 discoveries

11/21/2015: Stolen 1986 Porsche, plus, helicopter false alarm

11/21/2015: Car-prowl reader reports

11/19/2015: $100,000 bail set for suspect in store robbery; under investigation in other robberies/thefts

11/18/2015: Students report luring attempt

11/17/2015: Shooting in North Delridge

11/17/2015: Store robbed at Westwood Village

11/17/2015: Car-prowl alerts

11/16/2015: Followup on Friday night ‘stabbing’ whose ‘victim’ is now described as a ‘suspect’

11/13/2015: Man stabbed in south Highland Park

11/12/2015: Charges filed against suspect accused of Junction street robbery, eluding police, shortly after getting out of prison

11/10/2015: Bank vandalism; mail theft x 2

11/7/2015: West Seattle mugging linked to Queen Anne carjacking, Airport Way crash

11/5/2015: Stolen green Accord to watch for

11/5/2015: Reader report: Strong-arm robbery

11/5/2015: Reader report – street robbery

11/4/2015: Air, ground search after possible burglary in progress on Puget Ridge

11/4/2015: Car prowls, hit-run, found items, missing items

11/2/2015: Stolen, found, not-yet-found

10/31/2015: Followup – surveillance photos of person described as suspect in early-Halloween arsons

10/31/2015: Two early-morning arsons in The Junction

10/29/2015: 5 reader reports and 6 prevention tips

10/28/2015: Shooting suspect released as investigation continues; prosecutors to decide on charges later

10/28/2015: VIDEO: Deputies seek help identifying bus-stop-stabbing suspects

10/28/2015: Four reader reports

10/27/2015: Arson investigation update and more @ West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network

10/25/2015: Reader reports – two car prowls, one burglary

10/24/2015: Two people shot, one dies

10/22/2015: ‘Person of interest’ in West Seattle arsons – recognize him?

10/22/2015: Man hit by pellet; reader reports; “Dashboard” debuts

10/20/2015: Car prowls, burglary

10/19/2015: Arson at High Point management office

10/18/2015: Stolen red-and-white Trek bicycle

10/18/2015: Two cars set on fire in Sylvan Ridge

10/15/2015: Vandals target decorations

10/15:2015: Morgan Junction burglary

10/13/2015: Stolen pickup truck

10/12/2015: Gatewood burglary followup – police-response time; burglar photo

10/11/2015: Gatewood burglary; 36th/Hanford car prowl

10/10/2015: Two businesses hit by burglars

10/9/2015: Repeat offender Emanuel Kozma sentenced

10/7/2015: Memorial bench stolen from ARK Park in Arbor Heights *has since been found

10/7/2015: Car prowl leads to burglary – one of at least 20 car prowls this week

10/6/2015: Bail set at $25K for Westwood arson suspect

10/3/2015: Honda Element stolen, and found

10/2/2015: Morgan Junction toddler’s death investigated as homicide; father’s girlfriend jailed

10/1/2015: Package-theft prevention advice, plus another case

10/1/2015: VIDEO – See thieves keep trying (and failing) to steal a classic car

9/29/2015: Where car prowlers are striking

9/27/2015: Package theft; car break-in; is this YOUR bag?

9/25/2015: ‘Flasher’ on Harbor Ave

9/25/2015: Seen this stolen Volvo wagon?

9/25/2015: Police, helicopter search for armed car prowler

9/24/2015: Stolen bicycle, found bicycle, burglary hotspot

9/23/2015: WashFed bank robbery north of The Junction

9/21/2015: Chest found; burglary updates; window mystery

9/20/2015: Stolen (?) ashes found; hit-run help sought

9/19/2015: Bike stolen; fire extinguishers returned

9/18/2015: B of A robbed in Admiral – recognize the robber?

9/17/2015: Helicopter search; car prowl

9/15/2015: Another motorcycle stolen

9/15/2015: Extinguishers stolen from Fire Engine 32

9/15/2015: Stolen motorcycle; street robbery; car prowl; stolen car found

9/12/2015: The car prowler who looked under the hood

9/11/2015: Church burglary; robbery report; assault

9/11/2015: Stolen work van – found with reader’s help

9/10/2015: Café Osita break-in; Highland Park prowler

9/6/2015: Bus trouble; stolen car; scam call

9/5/2015: Vandals hit two local schools

9/4/2015: Stolen car; suspicious encounters

9/3/2015: Two more car break-ins, one on video

8/31/2015: Two followups – Puget Ridge assault charges, North Admiral incident details

8/30/2015: Followup: Murderer sentenced

8/29/2015: Stolen old-school mountain bike; mail theft on Avalon

8/27/2015: Helicopter search over Genesee – never mind

8/27/2015: FOLLOWUP: Man charged with shooting brother over video-game threat

8/27/2015: North Admiral search; Seaview car prowl

8/26/2015: FOLLOWUP: Puget Ridge domestic-violence suspect remains in detention; police explain how specially trained dog found guns

8/26/2015: FOLLOWUP: Suspect arrested, charged in Hamilton Viewpoint Park robbery/Delridge shooting

8/26/2015: Restaurateurs’ truck stolen; car prowl; purse found

8/25/2015: Puget Ridge domestic-violence-assault suspect arrested; Admiral car prowl

8/24/2015: $500,000 bail for man accused of shooting brother

8/24/2015: Car prowl in Seaview

8:23/2015: Man shot in Junction apartment, brother arrested

8/21/2015: Search for assault suspect on Puget Ridge

8/20/2015: Burglary attempt; possible bike-theft evidence

8/18/2015: Robbery and gunfire at Hamilton Viewpoint Park followed by shooting in North Delridge

8/17/2015: Stolen van, stolen boat, stolen outdoor furniture

8/16/2015: Possible Roxhill-area gunfire; car stolen; attempted theft of van; about those bicycles …

8/13/2015: Vans stolen, one found; two-time car-prowl victim

8/12/2015: Robbery followups

8/12/2015: Reader reports including burglaries, vandalism, car prowls

8/11/2015: Mini-mart robbery

8/11/2015: Robbery arrest; backyard burglary

8/10/2015: FOLLOWUP – sign of kindness for young crime victim

8/9/2015: Shooting verdict; break-in attempt; abandoned (stolen?) bicycle

8/8/2015: Bank robbery in Admiral, first one in West Seattle in more than a year

8/7/2015: Stolen dark-green Saab

8/6/2015: Vandalism suspect’s bail increased; toddler’s street sign stolen

8/5/2015: 10 vehicles vandalized; man arrested for property destruction and harassment

8/4/2015: Scam alert and 9 other summaries in the latest WSBeat

8/4/2015: Mail theft, abandoned bicycle (with photo)

8/2/2015: What car prowlers stole; also, the burglar who left a card

8/1/2015: Teenage girl attacked in Highland Park

8/1/2015: ‘Flasher’ at Westwood Village

7/31/2015: Jewelry taken by burglar(s)

7/29/2015: Car-prowl loot?

7/26/2015: Reader report roundup including package thief and shoplifter on surveillance imagery, plus vandalism cases, and a possible case of casing

7/23/2015: SWAT serves ‘drug warrant’ in South Delridge

7/22/2015: Summer Fest theft suspect charged

7/18/2015: Stolen red 1991 Honda Civic

7/16/2015: Two overnight incidents reported – robbery, burglary

7/12/2015: Suspected thief caught at Summer Fest (part of our Day 3 coverage)

7/9/2015: Stolen Trek 8000 bicycle

7/9/2015: Burglary followup; P-Patch car prowl

7/8/2015: 2 burglaries, 2 suspected package thefts

7/6/2015: Subaru stolen, recovered

7/6/2015: Stolen car found in Alki area; Belvidere vandalism

7/5/2015: “Rainbow” bicycle stolen

7/2/2015: Child threatened, chased; hit-run driver sought

7/2/2015: Seen this stolen motorcycle?

7/1/2015: Armed street robbery on Puget Ridge

6/30/2015: 2 bikes stolen, 1 pirate ‘launched’

6/29/2015: Hit & run; plant thefts

6/26/2015: Newest local crime stats

6/25/2015: Salmon stolen; coffee-shop break-in

6/22/2015: Small biz hit by shoplifter; thief takes child’s bike

6/21/2015: The WSBeat’s latest edition

6/18/2015: Car dumped? Plus, vandalism

6/17/2015: Repeat drunk driver jailed after bridge crash

6/17/2015: Bike stolen, truck found, purse back

6/12/2015: The WSBeat: 9 incident reports including Beach Drive drug bust, Alki street robbery, car-prowl suspect caught, more

6/12/2015: Purse stolen at school event

6/12/2015: Stolen red pickup truck

6/12/2015: Construction workers chase car-prowl suspect, one gets bitten

6/10/2015: Bullets hit car under West Seattle Bridge, graze passenger in suspected ‘road rage’ incident

6/9/2015: Search in Junction area nets two suspects wanted on warrants

6/7/2015: Alki robberies, stolen bike, stolen purse/wallet

6/5/2015: Admiral gunfire; bus-stop robbery; car prowl in new building’s garage

6/4/2015: Stolen car? Plus, burglary & scam call

6/3/2015: Parkgoer’s warning; stolen chairs

6/2/2015: Street robbery in Admiral area

6/2/2015: Where car prowlers/burglars hit

6/1/2015: 1980s-era bicycle stolen

6/1/2015: North Admiral car prowl; south WS crime discussion

5/31/2015: Coffee-shop break-in

5/29/2015: Stolen Fuji Absolute bicycle; early-morning helicopter

5/28/2015: More details on scooter theft; North Admiral break-in alerts

5/27/2015: *Stolen car, scooter found

5/26/2015: Woman grabbed in Lincoln Park

5/24/2015: Prowler alert; recognize this shoplifter? (photo)

5/23/2015: Seen this scooter? (photo)

5/19/2015: ‘Flasher’ near Holy Rosary

5/19/2015: Alki armed-robberies followup

5/17/2015: Bicycle stolen along with entire street rack

5/16/2015: Bicycle stolen

5/16/2015: Alki street robbery

5/15/2015: Convicted rapist jailed after arrest in North Delridge for harassment, attempted officer-biting

5/13/2015: Gatewood burglary; major crime trends

5/13/2015: Charge filed in Westwood McDonald’s stabbing

5/10/2015: Restaurant employee stabbed, suspect arrested

5/8/2015: Reader report: Ripoff via router

5/7/2015: Guardian One helps police find man ‘in crisis’

5/7/2015: 3 reports including early-morning burglary that drew big Admiral-area police response

5/2/2015: Gatewood hit-and-run

5/1/2015: ‘Jury Duty’ scam hits West Seattleite

4/30/2015: Westwood arrest; another scam; more car prowls

4/29/2015: Car prowls; possible gunfire

4/28/2015: Triangle street robbery; bag stolen from car

4/27/2015: Reader reports: Stolen Blazer, swapped plates, found/sighted bicycles, mail theft

4/26/2015: Helicopter search over South Delridge/White Center results in arrest

4/25/2015: Drive-by theft of Buddha statue

4/25/2015: Bee Garden mosaic sign vandalized, and two other reader reports

4/23/2015: Highland Park burglary suspect arrested in White Center

4/23/2015: Girl groped in Admiral

4/22/2015: Helicopter search after 35th/Avalon 7-11 robbery

4/21/2015: Myers Way house raided in multi-location multi-suspect drug investigation

4/21/2015: Girl grabbed at Westwood Village

4/20/2015: Reader-report roundup

4/19/2015: Reader-report roundup including car-prowl victim’s “vent”

4/18/2015: Stolen car found, three teens arrested

4/18/2015: Stolen pickup truck

4/17/2015: Bullet holes found in Admiral cars

4/17/2015: Two stolen cars to watch for

4/17/2015: Robbery at home on 35th SW

4/15/2015: Warning about “fake plumber”

4/14/2015: 3 reader reports

4/11/2015: Stolen car found in Morgan Junction; police take suspects into custody at gunpoint

4/10/2015: Car prowls; phone scam

4/9/2015: Man shot in Upper Morgan

4/9/2015: Teen arrested, under investigation in connection with gunfire incidents

4/8/2015: Multiple gunfire incidents

4/7/2015: Home-invasion robbery in Westwood

4/6/2015: Mail thieves strike again – and again

4/4/2015: Police searching for would-be burglar in Beach Drive area

4/4/2015: Two mail-theft reports

4/2/2015: Grocery theft

4/1/2015: Plea bargain in theft of SUV with baby inside

3/31/2015: Pickup truck stolen in Admiral

3/30/2015: Stolen SUV

3/28/2015: Stolen car? Plus, hit-run mystery

3/27/2015: Suspect in Southeast Seattle shooting arrested here; helicopter explained; recognize this gutted truck?

3/25/2015: Store-burglary suspect in jail; stolen car found

3/25/2015: Stolen bicycle; stolen car; mail theft; suspicious person

3/23/2015: Alki shooting recorded on video by witness

3/22/2015: Early-morning Alki shooting

3/19/2015: Arbor Heights exposer

3/19/2015: Minivan taken

3/18/2015: 20 car prowls this past week

3/17/2015: Rooftop robbery; stolen car

3/14/2015: Burglary; mail-theft suspect; found loot?

3/12/2015: Greggette Guy murder still unsolved after 3 years

3/11/2015: Incidents & reminders, including another note about those tax-return scam calls

3/10/2015: New info on Morgan arrests in shoplift-followed-by-robbery/beating in Westwood

3/9/2015: Arrest, search in Morgan after Westwood robbery

3/9/2015: Woman knocked down, robbed; car abandoned

3/7/2015: Shoplifting-turned-robbery at Admiral Safeway; large ‘shipment’ stolen

3/7/2015: Burglaries – one with bicycle stolen, one with laptops stolen

3/5/2015: Student grabbed, harassed on way to Madison MS

3/4/2015: Luring attempt in South Park, involving Pathfinder student; also, car prowl report

3/3/2015: Monday’s 15th/Roxbury search, explained

3/2/2015: Rapist Michael Stanley, arrested in Admiral, charged with attack in Bryn Mawr

3/2/2015: Car prowls, recent robberies – reader reports and SPD summaries

2/28/2015: Burglary report leads to police search in Alki area

2/27/2015: At least 1 arrest after Westwood Target shoplift-turned-robbery

2/24/2015: Hit-run driver sought after collision with bicyclist

2/23/2015: Case of the non-starter; stolen car found

2/22/2015: Hit-run pickup flips, driver flees

2/22/2015: Possible shots heard in Puget Ridge, followed by hit-run report

2/19/2015: Reader reports – including a stolen bicycle & suspected prowlers – and summaries from police files

2/18/2015: Local stats at citywide briefing

2/17/2015: Followup on robbery suspect whose arrest was reported last weekend

2/17/2015: Bicycle theft and five other summaries

2/16/2015: Beware of tax-time scam calls!

2/14/2015: Helicopter and ground search in High Point

2/14/2015: Another robbery suspect arrested

2/14/2015: Delridge search after hit-run crash

2/13/2015: Racquets stolen in car prowl

2/12/2015: Search near Sealth/Denny following ‘lewd conduct’

2/11/2015: 3 incidents involving Sealth/Denny students; police plan to increase patrols, presence

2/11/2015: Search after burglary in South Delridge

2/9/2015: Admiral SWAT standoff

2/6/2015: Three helicopter visits, third one for Delridge 7-11 robbery

2/2/2015: Roxbury Safeway robbed

1/31/2015: Roundup of Crime Watch reader reports – thefts + car prowls this time – plus SPD advice for deterring car prowlers

1/29/2015: Student robbed near Delridge/Holden

1/28/2015: Burglary suspects charged; plus, car prowls

1/27/2015: “Flasher” reported by student

1/26/2015: Followup – 47th SW burglary suspects’ bail, backgrounds

1/25/2015: Junction 7-11 store held up

1/23/2015: Two suspects arrested after burglary west of Junction

1/23/2015: Delridge search after gunshot reported; car stolen twice

1/23/2015: Arrest in Tuesday’s Admiral robbery attempt

1/22/2015: Reader reports – burglary, car theft, 2 car prowls

1/22/2015: Precinct commander’s message after 5 street robberies in 7 days

1/21/2015: Admiral street robbery, wide-ranging SPD search

1/20/2015: Morgan holdup followup

1/17/2015: Third day in a row with a ‘street robbery’ – man held up in Morgan Junction parking lot, police search in Gatewood

1/16/2015: High-school student robbed while walking to school

1/16/2015: Car stolen twice in a week and a half

1/15/2015: Middle-schooler mugged while walking to catch the bus to school

1/14/2015: Arrest in incident that led to WSHS ‘shelter in place’

1/14/2015: 23rd/Findlay home shot at, no one hurt

1/13/2015: Stabbing charge; tool theft

1/11/2015: Package stolen in North Delridge; suitcase found in Admiral

1/10/2015: Seen this distinctive “beach cruiser” bicycle?

1/9/2015: Another Lincoln Park car prowl

1/9/2015: Followups including sentencing of driver who deliberately hit bicycle rider, and Alki burglary suspect’s bail hearing

1/8/2015: Burglary suspect caught in Alki area

1/7/2015: Girl stabbed, woman arrested

1/7/2015: Stolen VW Passat – update: found!

1/6/2015: Lincoln Park car break-ins

1/4/2015: Stolen car; stolen/found car; casing

12/31/2014: Two shots fired through business window

12/31/2014: Roundup – camera thief sort of caught on cam; car stolen; car found; peeper/prowler; business burglary

12/30/2014: Stolen car; car break-ins

12/28/2014: 4 arrests, 2 incidents (plus 3 reader reports)

12/27/2014: Two reader reports, three police reports

12/24/2014: Stolen car found, with mystery items inside

12/23/2014: Armed robbery outside Avalon apartments

12/22/2014: Burglary at Zippy’s

12/20/2014: Car stolen; mail stolen; decoration stolen; bottle-throwing booze thieves

12/18/2014: Do you recognize these suspected toy thieves? Also, stolen car

12/16/2014: Stolen Vue; jewelry-store followup; package theft

12/16/2014: Morgan Junction robbery investigation

12/15/2014: Jewelry store hit by burglary for second time in 9 days

12/14/2014: Stolen car

12/13/2014: Hit-run driver damages salon

12/13/2014: Two stolen cars

12/12/2014: Charges filed in marijuana-raid case

12/11/2014: Stolen snowman; car break-ins

12/10/2014: Armed robbery at California/Andover gas station/mini-mart

12/10/2014: Two stolen cars, found

12/9/2014: Three reader reports – stolen CR-V, burglary attempt, stolen license plates

12/7/2014: Businesses hit by burglars; more package theft, with one thief on video

12/6/2014: Stolen black Honda Civic

12/5/2014: Car re-stolen; package theft thwarted

12/4/2014: Suspected drunk driver arrested after 35th/Alaska crash

12/3/2014: 14 summaries in The WSBeat

12/1/2014: Reader report: Westwood exposer

12/1/2014: Have you seen Aidan’s sketchbook or bag?

11/30/2014: Hit-run driver injures woman crossing street at 15th/Roxbury

11/28/2014: Four reader reports – hit-run, card fraud, grocery theft, vandalism

11/25/2014: Reader reports – package thefts, car prowl, bicycle found

11/24/2014: From White Center, surveillance photos of a repeat burglar, plus a stolen car to watch for, and what was inside it

11/21/2014: Local crime stats

11/20/2014: Hit-run witness(es) sought

11/20/2014: Underage-prostitution-sting arrest in West Seattle

11/19/2014: Followup – more on “attempted luring” incident

11/18/2014: Attempted child luring reported

11/16/2014: North Delridge policing plan discussed

11/14/2014: Rapist sentenced; survivor faces him in court

11/14/2014: Burglary suspect arrested

11/14/2014: Gatewood burglary; left-running car theft

11/13/2014: Sprint store break-in; dropbox theft; mail theft

11/12/2014: Burglar-besieged coffee shop

11/10/2014: Thief on cam, scam call, car prowl, more

11/9/2014: Stolen truck

11/7/2014: Search for hit-run driver

11/7/2014: Why three schools sheltered in place briefly today

11/7/2014: Stolen red Civic

11/6/2014: Stolen Maxima; car vandalized

11/4/2014: Armed robbery at Highland Park home

11/3/2014: Fairmount Springs hit-run victim finds clues, seeks specific type of car

11/2/2014: Stolen cars; truck break-in; holdup

11/1/2014: 2 Gatewood houses searched by police in marijuana investigation

11/1/2014: Stolen in Burien, found in West Seattle

10/30/2014: Little Free Library withstands attack, and three other reader reports

10/28/2014: Robbery, assault near Roxbury/Delridge

10/28/2014: 4 Crime Watch reports including “peeping,” auto theft, more

10/27/2014: Shooting, robbery attempt on 28th SW east of Arbor Heights

10/27/2014: Sunrise Heights home invasion break-in; stolen Morgan Junction store statue; Fauntleroy fence fight

10/24/2014: Guilty plea in high-profile Roxbury rape/attack

10/22/2014: ‘Wagner Prowler’; phone robbery; ‘road rage’

10/22/2014: Recognize these found (possibly stolen) items?

10/21/2014: Repeat offender Bryan Tiedeman sentenced

10/20/2014: Burglar Jason Wyman’s plea bargain

10/19/2014: Dog park car prowl; burglary attempt

10/17/2014: Friday night’s helicopter search

10/17/2014: Car prowl/window smash, plus – two found bikes

10/15/2014: Gunfire suspect out of jail; helicopter watch

10/14/2014: Gunfire suspect charged, and other Admiral-area crime updates at ANA meeting

10/14/2014: Stolen-car pursuit ends in 1st Avenue S. Bridge vicinity

10/13/2014: Not shots, recognize this car? recognize this bike? plus – two strong-arm robberies

10/11/2014: Fauntleroy search; package theft

10/11/2014: Acura stolen with new car seat inside

10/9/2014: Gunfire near Fairmount Ravine leads to search

10/7/2014: Stolen bike; stolen tires/wheels

10/6/2014: Stolen station wagon; mystery hit-run

10/4/2014: Teens attacked, robbed in Admiral

10/3/2014: 3 notes – metal theft, car prowl, stolen van found

10/2/2014: Yes, it’s been a quiet week! But please remember, it’s not as easy even for news media to get info from SPD … if something happens in your neighborhood (burglary, car prowl, etc.), a report here would alert others –

9/27/2014: Work van stolen

9/26/2014: Reader report: Parking-lot purse-snatch attempt

9/26/2014: Four-part WSCW update, including a stolen car, search for a hit-run driver, suspected DUI causing damage on Beach Drive, and charges filed in alleged-DUI crash from last weekend

9/24/2014: Followup – arrest in High Point shooting

9/23/2014: Why 3 local schools briefly ‘sheltered in place’

9/23/2014: Minor injury in Harbor Island stabbing

9/21/2014: What burglars took from a Seaview home, plus a look at other recent burglaries’ locations

9/19/2014: 18-year-old shot in the leg in High Point

9/17/2014: Burglary; motorcycle theft

9/16/2014: Evicted tenants arrested for alleged Puget Ridge break-in

9/15/2014: Two stolen cars found; one more stolen

9/14/2014: Police activity on the water; fire pit stolen; burglary

9/14/2014: Window-smashing in The Junction

9/13/2014: Car stolen, bridesmaid dress inside

9/10/2014: Junction flower-basket theft

9/8/2014: Flasher near Holy Rosary

9/6/2014: Three reader reports – stolen bike, phone stolen through cut screen, tire slashing

9/6/2014: Three fires investigated as arson – we covered in two reports, here and here

9/5/2014: Surveillance video from early-morning shooting/robbery

9/5/2014: Two hurt in South Delridge shooting

9/4/2014: Stolen motorcycle, car prowl, two found (stolen? lost? bicycles

9/4/2014: Two ‘assault with weapons’ calls

9/3/2014: Stolen Honda Civic

9/2/2014: Charges filed in car theft/kidnap case

9/2/2014: Stolen Isuzu Rodeo

9/1/2014: SPD car in collision, en route to carjacker search

8/31/2014: 35th/Myrtle search was for Nicholas Broughton, days after his plea bargain

8/29/2014: Vandal smashes Discovery Shop window

8/29/2014: Chrysler Sebring stolen in White Center

8/29/2014: Early-morning burglary arrest in Westwood area

8/27/2014: SUV stolen with baby inside, suspected thief jailed

8/27/2014: Rock-throwing thief steals iPhone from Sunrise Heights home

8/25/2014: Purse snatcher pursued

8/22/2014: Stolen Camry

8/20/2014: Hit-run in neighborhood, teens/booze case

8/18/2014: Delridge gunfire, night 2

8/18/2014: Strong-arm robbery in Admiral

8/17/2014: Delridge gunfire

8/15/2014: South Delridge store held up

8/14/2014: Home burglarized, victim hopes to find jewelry boxes of sentimental value

8/12/2014: Stolen car, stolen bikes, hit-run vs. planter

8/11/2014: Street-robbery arrest on Beach Drive

8/6/2014: SPD Blotter details a hit-and-run rampage that apparently started in WS

8/6/2014: Hit-and-run driver sought

8/5/2014: Stolen blue CR-V

7/31/2014: Arson on 16th SW

7/31/2014: Stolen car; stolen motorcycle

7/30/2014: ‘Flasher’ suspect Duane Atwood charged, bail increased, booked back into jail

7/29/2014: Stolen white Acura

7/28/2014: ‘Flasher’ suspect arrest followup

7/26/2014: Car stolen; part found

7/26/2014: Indecent-exposure suspect arrested; plus, reader reports on burglary, car prowls

7/25/2014: Three reports, including attempted wheelchair theft, found bicycle

7/23/2014: Tip-jar thief hits Delridge coffee shop

7/23/2014: ‘Home invasion’ with shots fired in Highland Park, $22,000 reported taken

7/22/2014: Two car prowls with items taken including custom skateboard

7/21/2014: Three car prowls

7/21/2014: South Park double-murder suspect bail hearing

7/18/2014: Another “flasher” incident, this time in Gatewood

7/17/2014: Burglary suspect charged

7/17/2014: One bike stolen, one left in its place

7/16/2014: Burglaries in Sunrise Heights, Gatewood

7/15/2014: Flasher in Admiral

7/12/2014: Car break-in, stolen laptop

7/10/2014: Tire-slashing rampage followup; Alan Polevia in jail again

7/9/2014: Guilty plea in deadly crash

7/9/2014: Charges against 3 in downtown kicking case; 1 defendant from West Seattle

7/6/2014: South Delridge shooting

7/5/2014: Overnight tire-slashing rampage in Seaview

7/4/2014: 4th of July police calls, including early July 5th stabbing

7/3/2014: Two robbery/attack incidents in local parks

6/28/2014: Followup – “Walking on Logs” still missing a sculpture

6/26/2014: Latest edition of The WSBeat

6/25/2014: Man stabbed at 61st/Alki

6/24/2014: What the Gang Unit told the Block Watch Captains’ Network

6/21/2014: Walking on Logs” sculpture stolen

6/21/2014: Stolen motorcycle

6/20/2014: Police responses in Junction, Highland Park

6/19/2014: New clue in bike/car hit-run

6/17/2014: Robbery aftermath; World Cup banner vanishes (then returns)

6/16/2014: Three reader reports, including a stolen stroller

6/14/2014: Two reader reports, plus an FYI: Ryan Cox out of jail

6/13/14: Lovett Chambers sentenced

6/12/14: Two stolen cars, both the same year/model

6/10/14: Reader finds stolen car; hit-run followup; more

6/9/14: Stolen car crashes through fence, suspect caught by citizen

6/9/14: Crime Watch roundup, including Jacobsen street robbery

6/8/14: Six reader reports plus the Block Watch Captains’ Network auto-theft briefing update

6/4/14: Suspect arrested, charged in rape/beating case

6/3/14: Teens arrested after early-morning burglary

6/1/14: Three reader reports – stolen car, hit-run suspect, break-in

5/30/14: Helicopter, ground search at Lincoln Park after robbery nearby

5/29/14: Top Hat suspect charged with murder

5/28/14: Park theft; tree vandalism

5/23/14: Stolen truck found, helicopter over White Center, bike found, more

5/22/14: $100,000 warrant for no-show suspect

5/22/14: Helicopter assists in search for domestic-violence suspect

5/21/14: Helicopter helps search for assault suspect

5/20/14: Suspect found with $45,000 worth of meth

5/19/14: Bank-robbery followup; teen robbed

5/16/14: Bank robbery north of The Junction

5/14/14: Purse-snatch attempt, yard lewdness, stolen bike

5/10/14: Pickup truck hit by gunfire

5/8/14: Shots fired at 29th/Cambridge

5/7/14: North Admiral hit-run with three wrecked cars

5/7/14: Constellation Park hit-run with stolen car

5/6/14: Admiral burglary, suspect arrested

5/5/14: Street robberies, gunfire, car prowls

5/1/14: Lincoln Park search after mystery man runs from truck

4/30/14: Helicopter over High Point; SPD guns drawn on Alki

4/29/14: Four notes, including car- and mailbox-prowl reader reports

4/28/14: Car theft; suspected gas theft

4/27/14: Big police response in Fairmount Ravine area; burglary suspect arrested

4/27/14: Flasher in North Admiral

4/24/14: Street attack/robbery; store vandalized

4/22/14: Stolen Clean Air Lawn Care truck

4/21/14: Stolen SUV to watch for

4/21/14: BBs hit Alki residence

4/19/14: Lincoln Park robbery arrest; North Admiral car prowl

4/18/14: Man stabbed in South Delridge home invasion

4/17/14: Recognize this package-theft suspect? Plus – car prowl, illegal dumping, nail scattering

4/15/14: Reader reports: Break-ins, hit-run

4/12/14: Super Deli Mart break-in

4/11/14: Liquor-theft sentencings

4/11/14: Update – new info, aerial video of helicopter-assisted search

4/11/14: Helicopter assists with search after burglary report

4/9/14: Stolen bicycle

4/5/14: Roundup of reader reports & updates

4/4/14: Donald Plute sentenced to 10+ years

4/2/14: Kayaks stolen; mailbox tampering

4/1/14: Report of someone seen showing off a gun leads to “shelter in place” for schools; 1 arrested

4/1/14: Two street robberies in West Seattle last night

3/29/14: Stolen van to watch for

3/27/14: What the helicopter was looking for

3/26/14: Two phone stores burglarized

3/25/14: Sketch of 26th/Roxbury attacker

3/24/14: New information in WC shooting

3/22/14: Stolen car; plus, recognize these shoes dropped by a hit-run driver?

3/20/14: Drug warrant served in High Point

3/20/14: White Center shooting kills teen

3/19/14: 2 sex offenders move to West Seattle, police announce

3/18/14: 16th/Holden response; stolen car

3/16/14: 2 burglaries, 2 car prowls, Crime Prevention Council preview

3/12/14: Business burglary; package theft on video

3/10/14: Stolen pickup pulled over on Delridge

3/9/14: Shot fired during Gatewood street fight

3/9/14: Stolen SUV, two hit-runs

3/7/14: Rapist Michael Stanley to leave jail Monday, no new charges

3/7/14: Woman assaulted near 26th/Roxbury; helicopter, K-9 join search

3/6/14: Burglary followed by car theft; car vandalism rampage; counterfeit bill given to cookie sellers

3/2/14: 2 held up at gunpoint north of The Junction; stolen, then found, car – stolen again

3/1/14: Arrest in December High Point murder

2/27/2014: Stolen car, stolen computer to watch for

2/25/2014: Notes from Admiral to Westwood

2/21/2014: Burglary investigation; car window smashed; bicycle-theft attempt

2/21/2014: Ryan Cox case update

2/19/2014: Crime-trends report, and other notes

2/18/2014: Any of this yours? Burglary loot from around the region
2/16/2014: Seen this Maxima? Plus, car-theft stats

2/15/2014: Car reported stolen via tow truck

2/14/2014: Car found; house burglarized; hit-run search

2/13/2014: The Saw met The Club, and 3 other reader reports

2/12/2014: Two stolen cars

2/11/2014: Mail-theft reader report

2/8/2014: Reader reports: Hiawatha playground vandalism; mailbox lock drilled out

2/7/2014: Serial burglar Sean Jeardoe sentenced

2/5/2014: SUV theft/break-in suspect Nicholas Broughton charged; judge cuts bail

2/3/2014: Followups in stolen-SUV case, store robbery; reader report about mail theft

2/1/2014: 16th/Henderson store held up

1/31/2014: Suspect arrested after stolen Tahoe tracked to West Seattle

1/31/2014: Drunk driver sentenced for crash that seriously injured 2

1/29/2014: Bridge closes for hours after stolen truck rams pursuing police car

1/29/2014: Seen this stolen Civic?

1/28/2014: Shoplifter alert; doorbell burglar

1/27/2014: 2 stolen items you might be able to help find

1/26/2014: Stranger approaches young woman

1/26/2014: Stolen car found

1/24/2014: Damaging burglar(s), and more

1/21/2014: High Point murder case progress

1/21/2014: Reader reports – another stolen Honda, mailbox and trash can blown up, more

1/20/2014: Seen this stolen car?

1/19/2014: Reader reports

1/18/2014: Pilfered pig

1/14/2014: Michael Stanley pleads guilty

1/12/2014: Reader reports; store arrest; tree mystery

1/8/2014: Reader reports including catalytic-converter theft

1/7/2014: Student reports ‘flasher’

1/5/2014: Murder trial starting after almost two years

1/4/2014: Four reader reports

12/31/2013: Shooting in South Delridge, two victims

12/30/2013: Brazen burglar; laptop left; hit-run

12/28/2013: Stolen car found stripped; stolen bag’s contents sought

12/27/2013: Plea bargain for drunk driver

12/27/2013: Auto theft, tree theft, mail theft

12/25/2013: Lost purse found – with contents stolen

12/24/2013: Intruders at Genesee Hill school building; 2 car thefts

12/24/2013: 13-year-old burglary suspect arrested

12/23/2013: 2 charged in 4 auto thefts

12/19/2013: Rite-Aid robbed; burglar search

12/19/2013: Video of bus passengers taking down armed robber

12/18/2013: Ryan Cox back in jail

12/18/2013: Cause of death, name made public in High Point murder investigation

12/17/2013: Frosty the Snowman stolen, and six other reader reports

12/16/2013: Rape reported at Roxhill Park

12/16/2013: Two package thefts thwarted

12/14/2013: Woman killed in High Point

12/14/2013: Police search in North Delridge

12/14/2013: Teenage burglary suspect arrested this morning

12/13/2013: Car theft, prowl

12/12/2013: Two vehicle thefts; mail prowler

12/10/2013: WSHS student hits man who tried to grab her, escapes

12/9/2013: Locker break-in followed by car theft

12/4/2013: Business hit; car, bike stolen; mail prowlers scared off

12/3/2013: Two reader reports, and a reminder of SPD holiday-safety tips

11/30/2013: Argument leads to reported stabbing in Arbor Heights

11/27/2013: Thanksgiving Eve burglary – watch for the loot!

11/27/2013: Search for killer(s) in deadly White Center shooting

11/26/2013: Indecent-exposure arrest outside Link

11/25/2013: Man robs passengers on Metro bus, subdued by other passengers, arrested

11/24/2013: Clerk scares away would-be robbers; the car-prowl week in review

11/21/2013: Package-theft alert

11/19/2013: Scam callers try again

11/17/2013: One week, 16 burglaries

11/17/2013: Police seek hit-run driver in West Marginal Way S. motorcycle crash

11/14/2013: Latest edition of The WSBeat

11/14/2013: Scammers call another local business

11/14/2013: From the WSB Forums: Video showing mailbox prowlers

11/14/2013: Stolen car found, police search for suspects

11/13/2013: Car hit, then stolen; another catalytic-converter theft

11/12/2013: Four reader reports plus, Alan Polevia is out of jail

11/10/2013: Arbor Heights burglary

11/7/2013: Reader-report roundup, including Fauntleroy, Admiral car prowls

11/4/2013: Another charge against Michael S. Stanley

11/4/2013: Charges in liquor-theft investigation

11/1/2013: 5 reader reports including a business burglary

10/29/2013: Followup – city can’t charge man arrested near Chief Sealth IHS

10/28/2013: Morgan Junction guns-drawn incident, plus three reader reports

10/26/2013: Stolen Honda Accord

10/24/2013: Child reports seeing possible abduction; police investigation ensues

10/23/2013: Two updates re: flasher incidents

10/22/2013: Flasher incidents reported near Madison MS, Westside School

10/22/2013: Canada-fleeing rapist arrested in West Seattle, where police say he tried to sexually assault a teen

10/21/2013: Crime Watch roundup with burglary, auto-theft stats, plus reader reports

10/18/2013: Serial burglar sentenced

10/15/2013: 13-year-olds arrested after burglary

10/13/2013: Long-gone bike back; salon burglarized; car prowl

10/11/2013: Girl followed by man in van

10/10/2013: Two stabbed in Westwood

10/9/2013: Roxbury crash arrest

10/8/2013: Two guns-drawn arrests

10/8/2013: Stolen cars found; bike gone; car prowls

10/5/2013: Puget Ridge arrests; Triangle bike theft

10/4/2013: Gone in a flash

10/4/2013: Big police response in Highland Park

10/3/2013: Possible child-luring attempt outside West Seattle school

10/2/2013: Taggers; burglars; loot or not?

9/29/2013: Reader reports on car prowls, including a stolen unicycle

9/26/2013: Helicopter assisting with White Center robbery investigation

9/25/2013: Reader reports and August crime stats

9/24/2013: Holdup at bus stop; six reader reports

9/22/2013: Stolen car; road rage; knife found

9/22/2013: Burglary; stolen stroller

9/19/2013: Third flasher incident in a week and a half

9/19/2013: Reader reports – car thefts/recoveries, attempted car prowls, bicycle found

9/18/2013: Another flasher incident reported by Holy Rosary

9/17/2013: Car stolen for second time in a year

9/16/2013: 3 reader reports including keepsakes taken by burglars

9/14/2013: Teenager shot at near 30th/Juneau, police say

9/12/2013: Fake package “deliverer” and stolen bikes

9/10/2013: Red Volvo stolen at Westwood Village

9/10/2013: New information on flasher incident near Holy Rosary

9/7/2013: West Seattle Runner break-in

9/7/2013: $4,000 theft at South Park food bank

9/6/2013: Police response in Sunrise Heights

9/3/2013: Stolen car in Gatewood, stolen truck on Alki

9/2/2013: Arbor Heights police search

8/30/2013: White Center KeyBank held up

8/29/2013: Helicopter search over Myers Way, after domestic-violence suspect flees in stolen car

8/26/2013: Robbery suspects charged

8/26/2013: Seattle Police launch @getyourbikeback

8/22/2013: Busy day for burglars, plus other reports

8/21/2013: Arbor Heights robbery investigation leads to 3 arrests; suspects likely linked to other crimes

8/21/2013: Stolen van full of work tools

8/21/2013: 2 held up at gunpoint in North Admiral

8/19/2013: ‘Camper’ arrested after WSDOT worker stabbed along Myers Way

8/18/2013: Stolen SUV; car prowl with clothes-laden backpack stolen

8/16/2013: Police investigate early-morning stabbing

8/14/2013: Three reader reports, including stolen items to watch for

8/12/2013: Details of Saturday night stolen-gun incident in High Point

8/11/2013: More car thefts

8/10/2013: Light-blue Subaru Legacy stolen

8/7/2013: Street-robberies followup – details on two in West Seattle, one now listed as part of a citywide spree

8/6/2013: Stolen pickup hits two cars, including Seattle Police cruiser

8/5/2013: Convicted rapist/kidnapper out of prison

8/5/2013: Roundup, including first word of two street robberies

8/3/2013: Stabbing, arrest in Morgan Junction area

7/31/2013: Car prowl followed by spending spree – surveillance photos

7/30/2013: Three reader reports

7/29/2013: $1 million bail for deadly-crash suspect

7/29/2013: Ryan Cox out of jail

7/26/2013: Four reader reports

7/25/2013: Burglary; siphoning

7/23/2013: Windshield, motorcycle, package stolen; backpack, bicycle found

7/22/13: Restaurant burglary attempt; two car break-ins

7/20/13: 3-wheel bicycle stolen

7/18/2013: Two burglaries reported by readers

7/17/2013: Man injured in ‘vehicular assault’ on 11th SW

7/15/2013: Mayor with police @ SW Precinct

7/15/2013: Hit-run driver sought after 4 vehicles damaged

7/13/2013: Police at Lincoln Park

7/13/2013: Hit-run, bike thief, bike found

7/9/2013: Flag followup and reader reports

7/9/2013: SSCC memo on man arrested in N. Seattle with incendiary devices, college maps

7/7/2013: Seen this stolen Cirrus?

7/7/2013: WSB reader spots stolen truck; police take 2 into custody

7/5/2013: 4×4 truck stolen

7/5/2013: Neighbors vs. burglars

7/5/2013: Followup to ‘carjacking’ case from Tuesday

7/5/2013: ‘Priceless’ flag stolen from Beach Drive home

7/2/2013: Tangled tale involving reported carjacking

7/2/2013: Two reader reports, including a suspicious person following a teenager

7/1/2013: Three reader reports – package theft, rack ripoff, car prowl

For Crime Watch stories before July 2013,

PHOTOS & VIDEO: West Seattle Halloween scenes

7:20 PM: Yes, it’s raining, but so far, that’s not keeping trick-or-treaters home, and it’s not stopping the spooky shows:


That’s a photo texted (thank you!) from what we’re told is a great front-yard display at 2747 44th SW. Next, we’re stopping at Skeleton Theatre, 36th/Hanford…


7:51 PM: The skeleton crew is in fine form, reprising “The Death of Rock,” telling the tale of the rise and fall of rock superstars Bonaparte.

The 20-minute show is continuous until 9 pm, then 6-9 again tomorrow. Our next stop, Nightmare on 44th (as in 44th SW, between Charlestown and Andover)…


8:10 PM:The rain has lightened considerably (though you can hear it in our clip)!

Nightmare on 44th is on until 9 pm, and this is prime time to go look and listen. New additions this year. We’re heading out for one more stop …the Halloween light show on 38th SW between Genesee and Dakota, running until 10 (maybe a bit later) …

8:59 PM: Above, a bit of video from the 38th SW light show – we met creator Ken out front, along with visitors delighting in the lights and music. The Wicked Witch of the West from “The Wizard of Oz” appears, too.


For now, that’s the end of our tour; we’ve just seen some late trick-or-treaters, though, so please remain extra watchful as the night goes on.

10:06 PM: Thanks to Lisa for e-mailing this photo:


Lisa explains, “Our neighborhood SOGEN (South of Genesee) donned traffic-cone costumes with Werner. Great fun and it was easy to keep track of our kids. Fun was had by all!”

West Seattle Monday: It’s all about Halloween!

A photo posted by @nightmareon44th on

(The entrance to Nightmare on 44th, the only local Halloween attraction with an Instagram feed so far as we know!)

After a very busy Halloweekend, Halloween has arrived. From the WSB West Seattle Halloween (etc.) Guide, here’s what’s happening, where, and when:

TOT GYM PUMPKINPALOOZA: At Hiawatha Community Center, 11 am-1 pm: “The event is designed for kids ages 0-5 and will be $3 per child – games, prizes, costumes, and a bounce house.” (2700 California SW)

STATE FERRIES’ COSTUME CONTEST: First-ever costume competition for walk-on passengers aboard all Washington State Ferries sailing 3-6 pm. WSF is “encouraging all walk-on customers, young and old, to come aboard dressed for Halloween. On all sailings during this time, the captain or a crewmember will watch from the wheelhouse and select their favorite costume from the walk-on passengers. The lucky winner will be invited up to the wheelhouse to meet the captain for a behind-the-scenes tour of the ferry.”

WESTWOOD VILLAGE TRICK-OR-TREATING: Merchants at the shopping center welcome trick-or-treating 5-7 pm. (2600 SW Barton)

LIGHT SHOW: Halloween Light Show at the home of West Seattle Yuletide. 5-10 pm and maybe a bit later. (38th SW between Genesee and Dakota)

KIDS’ KARNIVAL: 6-8 pm, for kids through 5th grade, at West Side Presbyterian Church. Come enjoy crafts, bouncy house, games, slide and prizes! (3601 California SW)

FALL FEST/TRUNK-OR-TREAT: 6 pm at Grace Church: “Games, Prizes, Inflatables, Food Trucks, an appearance by the Seahawks mascot Blitz, and the 10th Annual Trunk or Treat!” (10323 28th SW)

MEEDS MANOR HAUNTED HOUSE: Tonight’s the night for the Meeds Manor Haunted House, 5-9:30 pm: “The haunted house will take you through the outside perimeter of our house with pirates, zombies, clowns, ghosts, and more. This event is FREE for all ages. We are collecting non-perishable food items for the West Seattle Food Bank. (5415 49th Ave SW)

ANIMATRONICS – NIGHTMARE ON 44TH: 6-9 pm, “Nightmare on 44th“: Animatronics and more in a spooky West Seattle yard. 10th anniversary! Rain OR no rain, it’s on, says creator David, who also notes: “This year we have new LED lighting throughout all of the shows – all of the graveyard shows have been rebuilt from scratch with some new music, better lighting sequences and a couple of new graves. The shows run on a 16.5 minute sequence loop.” (44th SW between Charlestown and Andover)

ANIMATRONICS – SKELETON THEATRE: The ST crew says “The Death of Rock” – a favorite from earlier this decade – is back this year. Shows tonight and tomorrow, 20 minutes long and running continuously, 6-9 pm each night – more info and a sneak peek at – which is also where you can donate online to support the labor-intensive animatronic show. (36th SW/SW Hanford)

NON-HALLOWEEN EVENTS: Just a few – check our year-round WSB West Seattle Event Calendar for those!

PHOTOS: Admiral District trick-or-treating starts 2016 Hallo-weekend

October 28, 2016 3:28 pm
|    Comments Off on PHOTOS: Admiral District trick-or-treating starts 2016 Hallo-weekend
 |   Holidays | West Seattle news


3:28 PM: The dinosaur and unicorn were dancing inside Admiral Bird, our first stop at this year’s Admiral District Trick-or-Treating event, happening until 6 pm. Just look for the “participating merchant” sign if you don’t see something/someone else obvious – with the sunshine, many merchants are outdoors with the candy bowls. (Added) From Atomic Boys – that’s Kent “Tourist” Sadow below left with friend “Joey Ramone”:


4:09 PM: If you come down, don’t miss the side streets – Admiral merchants are handing out candy beyond California SW and SW Admiral Way. For example, on 42nd just north of Lander (east of Safeway), you’ll find West Seattle Realty (WSB sponsor):


Meantime, as previewed in our West Seattle Halloween (etc.) Guide, Metropolitan Market (WSB sponsor) is having a costume contest during trick-or-treating:


Admiral trick-or-treating continues until 6 pm.

5:53 PM: Almost over – but we’ve added more photos ahead, from a “presidential candidate” to a pet! Read More

West Seattle Halloween scene: Pathfinder’s pumpkin profusion


Thanks to Travis for the photo and the report from tonight’s biggest event on Pigeon Point, a yearly tradition: “This is just a handful of the over 50 pumpkins carved at the annual Pathfinder K-8 Pumpkin Carving Night. Special thanks to our principal David Dockendorf and to the school for giving such a great forum to get together and for being wonderful people.”

(What’s next as Halloween approaches? Check out our guide – where Friday fun starts with all West Seattle kids 5 and under invited to trick-or-treat at Holy Rosary!)

WEST SEATTLE HALLOWEEN: Teens’ haunted house starts season


The first big event of the season happened tonight at High Point Community Center: About 40 teens worked to plan, set up, and perform in this year’s Haunted House.


Four more photos from WSB’s Leda Costa, ahead: Read More

West Seattle Halloween: Admiral District Trick-or-Treating set for October 28th

Just this morning, we were asked via e-mail if The Admiral District would have its customary merchant trick-or-treating this year. The answer: Yes!


We checked in with Parris Sadow at Atomic Boys and she just happened to have the flyer (which is the official “we’re participating” sign for Admiral businesses) ready to send out. As you can see, trick-or-treating is set for 3-6 pm on the Friday before Halloween, October 28th. So we’ve just added it to the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar. There, it joins the West Seattle Junction Harvest Festival (co-sponsored by WSB), which includes trick-or-treating, already announced for 10 am-2 pm Sunday, October 30th.

If you also have a public Halloween/harvest/autumn/etc. event to announce, please send us info ASAP so it can be in our calendar and on our special seasonal page – – thanks!

Hallo-weekend, seeking salmon, and more for your West Seattle Saturday!

(Hiawatha Halloween carnival, Friday night photo by Jason Grotelueschen)

Hallo-weekend’s biggest day/night starts now, so we begin the daily highlights with listings from the WSB Halloween Etc. Guide:

COSTUMED 5K AND MORE: West Seattle Monster Dash, 5K run/walk with costume contest, kids’ dash, new Family Fun Zone, 9-11 am at Lincoln Park. (8011 Fauntleroy Way SW)

KIDS’ HALLOWEEN PARTY: At West Seattle Thriftway, 11 am-1 pm. Decorate a mini-pumpkin! Get a treat bag! (4201 SW Morgan)

CHILDREN’S PUMPKIN HUNT: At West Seattle Nursery, 11 am-3 pm. Costumes encouraged but not required. (5275 California SW)

(added) WHITE CENTER HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL: 2 pm-5 pm at the Steve Cox Memorial Park Log Cabin, organized by the teen program. (1321 SW 102nd)

BEER GARDEN TRICK-OR-TREATING: At Ounces, 2:30-5 pm. Details here. (3809 Delridge Way SW)

HALLOWEEN CARNIVAL: At Our Lady of Guadalupe‘s Walmesley Center, 4-7 pm, details here. (7000 35th SW)

DUWAMISH YOUTH HALLOWEEN PARTY: At the Duwamish Tribe Longhouse, 5-8 pm. Details here. For the whole family! (4705 W. Marginal Way SW)

BINGO! Gothic Halloween Rainbow Bingo in South Park, 6-10 pm. RSVP here. (8201 10th Ave. S.)

SOUTH PARK HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST & PUB CRAWL: 7-10 pm. Prizes! 21+. Participating venues listed here. (14th S./S. Cloverdale)

DRAG SPOOKTACULAR: West End Ghouls, Halloween edition of The Skylark‘s drag extravaganza, 7 pm doors, 8 pm show. Tickets here. (3803 Delridge Way SW)

ALKI ‘GARAGE HAUNT’: Nightfall Orphanage, 7:30-10:30 pm. Full details in our calendar listing. (2130 Alki SW)

HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR RADIO SHOW: At Kenyon Hall, 7:30 pm. Details here. (7904 35th SW)

ADMIRAL PUB HALLOWEEN PARTY, 9 pm-2 am: “Come spend Halloween at the Admiral Pub. Raffles every hour for some fun prizes. Costume Contest at Midnight so wear your spookiest costume. With drink specials all night.” (2306 California SW)

HULAWEEN: At Parliament Tavern, “surf/tiki/exotica costume party blowout!” Details here. 9 pm. 21+. (4210 SW Admiral Way)

And from the year-round WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

COMMUNITY CLEANUP: 10 am-noon, join Delridge Grocery Co-op volunteers:

We’ll be working to beautify Delridge Way SW from SW Juneau St to SW Alaska St. Trash bags, gloves, pickers, and other supplies will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own gloves and bags as well. This is a great family activity (as well as a great way for middle and high schoolers to get some community service time), and you can participate for as little or as much time as you have to spare. Meet up at Youngstown Coffee Company starting at 9:30 am, and then cleanup will be between 10 am and noon.

(5214 Delridge Way SW)

DRUG TAKE-BACK DAY: 10 am-2 pm, take your unneeded/unwanted/expired pills/tablets to the Southwest Precinct for no-questions-asked dropoff. (2300 SW Webster)

YOUR CHANCE TO SEE SALMON: Noon-3 pm, you’re invited to visit during the “open creek” at Fauntleroy Creek, as previewed here. (Fauntleroy & Director)

WEST SEATTLE COMMUNITY ORCHESTRAS GALA: 6 pm at Alki Masonic Hall, dinner, music, auction, and more! Check to see if tickets are still available. (4736 40th SW)

LOOK AHEAD … via our complete calendar and Halloween Etc. Guide!

CONGRATULATIONS! Another stellar BMX season for West Seattle’s Colton Fukano

West Seattle’s Colton Fukano has been riding BMX since he was 3; we first featured him when mom Shawnda Fukano sent word of his championship at age 4, and he’s still succeeding in a big way three years later. Her latest update:

Colton Fukano earned second place overall in the Washington State BMX Championship for the 2019 season in the 8 expert category. We are so proud of all of his hard work this season as he moved up to racing in the much more difficult expert category.

Racing is still happening at the North SeaTac BMX track on Thursday nights and Saturday afternoons if anyone wants to try it out. The Halloween costume race is especially fun!

Here is a link to one of Colton’s favorite races this season. He is in navy blue with a white helmet.

(Find out more about the BMX park here.)

COUNTDOWN: Five days to West Seattle Junction Harvest Festival 2017

October 24, 2017 4:29 pm
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harvestfestival_01(2016 Harvest Festival photo by Leda Costa for WSB)

Of all the fun stuff in the WSB Halloween (Etc.) Guide – the West Seattle Junction Harvest Festival is the biggest (just look at all these photos from last year!), and it’s now just five days away (10 am-2 pm Sunday, October 29th).

Some notes as it gets closer:

*Can you volunteer? Lora Swift of the West Seattle Junction Association – which presents the festival – says, “We’re still hoping to fill a couple volunteer slots at the kids’ music tables and the Farmers’ Market Applepalooza.” Here’s how to sign up.

*Planning to be part of the costume parade (11:30 am)? Make maracas or a music box at Junction Plaza Park (also the parade starting point, NW corner of 42nd/Alaska) first – 10 am-11:30 am.

*Four of the nine competitors in this year’s Chili Cookoff (the West Seattle Food Bank benefits from your $10 for 9 tastes, and you get to vote for the winner – KeyBank corner of California/Alaska starting at 11 am) are new – Duos Catering, Pecos Pit BBQ (WSB sponsor), Girls Gone BBQ, and Fresh Bistro. They’re going up against defending champs The Westy Sports and Spirits (WSB sponsor) and return competitors Easy Street Café, Elliott Bay Brewing Company, Husky Deli, and Brookdale Senior Living.

The festival starts with the Farmers’ Market in its usual mid-street spot and other local businesses and organizations offering free fun activities on California, which will also be closed to traffic, south of Alaska – see the list on the WSJA website. Business and booth trick-or-treating starts after the costume parade, at noon. And don’t miss the Root Beer Garden on the Easy Street corner of California/Alaska!

WSB is a co-sponsor of the Harvest Festival – see you in The Junction on Sunday. Weather looks dry.

@ Fauntleroy Community Association: Fall Festival preview & more

October 11, 2017 11:58 am
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img_7116(WSB photo from 2016 Fauntleroy Fall Festival)

Sunday (October 15th) brings the Fauntleroy Fall Festival – and a preview was the centerpiece of last night’s Fauntleroy Community Association board meeting, including:

NEW THIS YEAR: You’ll find a raptor display in the garden area behind The Hall at Fauntleroy, between the building and the open area where you’ll find the pony rides and petting zoo. Also new, an inflatable obstacle course and some extra activities for the littlest festivalgoers.

RETURNING FAVORITES: Birdhouse-building in the Fauntleroy Church parking lot, visiting vehicles from Seattle Police (the Mobile Precinct is expected) and Seattle Fire. Lots of live music around the festival grounds!

FOOD: Vendors will include Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering with brats and squash soup, plus pretzel sticks … Fauntleroy’s new Wildwood Market will be there … Endolyne Joe’s (WSB sponsor) too … and “the tamale guy.”

CAKE WALK AND DECORATING CONTEST: It’s a highlight every year and cakes are needed – from the festival announcement:

There are three categories: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. To enter, bring your decorated cake to the Vashon Room at The Hall at Fauntleroy on Sunday 10/15 between 12 noon and 1 pm. Voting takes place from 1:30-3 pm. Prizes will be awarded for each category! The Cake Walk follows and continues until all the cakes are gone. Cakes can be any shape or size. They should have an autumn, Halloween, or West Seattle theme.

The festival is 2-5 pm Sunday on both sides of California SW in the heart of Fauntleroy – around Fauntleroy Church (9140 California SW, east side of the street) and The Hall at Fauntleroy/Fauntleroy Schoolhouse (9131 California SW, west side).

Also at last night’s meeting:

CRIME TRENDS: Southwest Precinct Operations Lt. Ron Smith said the Fauntleroy area is seeing an increase in car prowls and auto theft and as often happens, police suspect it’s related to a repeat offender’s recent release, with some new accomplices, and Southwest officers/detectives are on their trail. Asked how best to thwart them, Lt. Smith repeated the most-important advice – leave absolutely nothing in your vehicle, and keep it locked.

FERRY BRIEFING: Gary Dawson, who’s on the Ferry Advisory Committee for Fauntleroy as well as the Triangle Task Force, updated the FCA board on the ongoing travails related to trying to reduce backups – including the recent meeting on Vashon (WSB coverage here).

The Fauntleroy Community Association board meets second Tuesdays most months, 7 pm at Fauntleroy Schoolhouse.

VIDEO: West Seattle Polar Bear Swim 2017 leaves hundreds soaked in New Year spirit

(Pre-swim photo by Jacob Nieman – note the crowd size!)

Thanks to everyone who shared photos and video from this morning’s 2017 West Seattle Polar Bear Swim at Alki Beach!

(Photo by Robert Spears)

A good, if frosty, time was had by all, so far as we could tell – 33-degree air, 50-degree water, exactly the same as last year. Here’s our video of this morning’s countdown and run in:

(WSB video by Patrick Sand)

At the start of our clip, the countdown is being led by Mark Ufkes, who organizes this every year – he’s in the next photo with the megaphone:

(Photo by Russ Walker)

Here’s a wider view of the big splash:

(Video by Kendall Browne)

For some, the Polar Bear Swim is a spectator sport – this guy told us he was there to cheer on his 15-year-old daughter, participating for the first time:

(This photo and next 5 are by WSB’s Patrick Sand)

Some of the other sights – maybe the most-formal swimmer (or maybe just hadn’t been home since the NYE party):


Think we saw this dinosaur back on Halloween:


We noted the lampshade in a pre-swim tweet – and spotted it on the beach under someone else’s care:


Another standout hat:


Die-hard Cougar fan:


Maybe a tropical print helped make up for the almost-freezing air:

(Photo by Russ Walker)

Whatever you were or weren’t wearing, there was post-swim chowder, courtesy of nearby Duke’s:

(WSB photo)

And memories that will linger until next New Year’s Day:

(Photo by Robert Spears)

(WSB photo)

(added 7:30 pm) One more video of the big swim – this one is by Anthony Decena:

P.S. Here’s our coverage from previous years:

Holiday and non-holiday highlights for your West Seattle Sunday

Here are possibilities for your Sunday, from the WSB West Seattle Holiday Guide and year-round Event Calendar:

ARTS & CRAFTS AT C & P: Second day of C & P Coffee (WSB sponsor) Holiday Arts & Crafts Fair, 8 am-2 pm. (Added) Even if you went on Saturday – different artists/crafters today – including India Spence:

(5612 California SW)

SANTA AT CAPERS: 9 am-noon, CAPERS in The Junction is open early for Santa photos. BYO camera; monetary donation to West Seattle Food Bank suggested. (4525 California SW)

JOEL EGGERT MEMORIAL RIDE AND COMMEMORATION CELEBRATION: Ride at 10 am from The Orient Express (2963 4th Ave. S.), celebration noon-6 pm at Slim’s Last Chance (5606 1st Ave. S.) – details are here along with Mr. Eggert’s obituary.

CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS PAGEANT: 10 am at Tibbetts United Methodist Church (WSB sponsor): “Come enjoy our youth group, Sunday school scholars and any visiting children who want to wear an angel costume as they present a production of A Mary Carol by Katherine Willis Pershey. This special service promises to be full of joy and spirit and in many cases, a surprise or two.” (3940 41st SW)

P.S. That’s from the Holiday Services section of our guide. It’s not too late for your church to send us dates/times/descriptions of what’s special between now and New Year’s – – thanks!

FINAL FARMERS’ MARKET OF 2016: 10 am-2 pm, the West Seattle Farmers’ Market is open for the last time this year, since the next two Sundays are Christmas and New Year’s Days. (California SW between SW Oregon and SW Alaska)

COCOA AND COAT DRIVE: 10 am-2 pm at the south end of the Farmers’ Market: “Join the Junction Association and West Seattle Kiwanis at the Farmers Market for a taste of the holidays and several activities to enjoy. Share warmth with those in need by donating a new or gently used coat. All coats donated to the West Seattle Helpline. Cocoa donated by West Seattle Christian Church.” (California/Alaska)

P.S. Santa’s House in The Junction is canceled today – Santa’s helper for the day has taken ill.

SPECIAL HOLIDAY SHOPPING HOURS: Some local independent businesses that aren’t open on Sundays most of the year WILL be open today. Two that we’ve heard from: Thunder Road Guitars (4736 California SW; WSB sponsor) is open 11 am-4 pm today; Atomic Boys (4311 SW Admiral Way) is open 11 am-5 pm today.

SOUTHWEST STORIES: As previewed here Saturday, 2 pm at Delridge Library, Sheila Brown from Camp Long will talk about its 75th anniversary as well as the park’s past and future. (5423 Delridge Way SW)

METROPOLITAN SINGERS: The Seattle Metropolitan Singers will be performing “Beautiful December,” our annual holiday concert, at 3 pm. We are singing at St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church. Suggested donation is $10 per person. We are also accepting winter clothing donations to benefit LifeWire, a domestic violence advocacy agency in the Seattle area. Refreshments to follow. (3050 California SW)

FINAL PERFORMANCE: Join Twelfth Night Productions this holiday season for “Miracle on 34th Street: A Live Radio Play.” Final performance today at 3:00 pm at Kenyon Hall. Buy your ticket(s) online at this Brown Paper Tickets link or before the show at the venue box office. (7904 35th SW)

FUN PHOTOS WITH COCOA CRIS CRINGLE: Cocoa Cris Cringle returns to Easy Street Records “for another round of fun holiday photos to benefit the West Seattle Food Bank! Tell Cocoa Cris if you’ve been naughty or nice, 4 pm-9 pm. $20, or $15 with non-perishable food or toy donation, includes 3 photos sent to you and hard copy printed on the spot!” (California/Alaska)

CHORAL CONCERT: Peace Lutheran and Fauntleroy Church choirs offer a second free concert of holiday music. 4 pm at Fauntleroy Church (9140 California SW).

OPEN HOUSE: “Please join us for a Christmas Community Open House at West Side Presbyterian Church, 4-6 pm for light refreshments, festive music, and singing of Christmas carols.” (3601 California SW)

LIGHTS AND MUSIC IN SOUTH ADMIRAL: Just added to the Christmas Lights section of the Holiday Guide – more synchronized lights and music:


That’s at the same house where hundreds enjoy Skeleton Theater every Halloween season. Maia sent the photo and info: “We have synchronized our Christmas lights to music this year! The lights are programmed to a variety of different Christmas Carols and the synchronized show runs nightly from about 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The lights will still be on after 9:00 pm, but without the music and synchronized programming.” (36th SW/SW Hanford)

We’ll be spotlighting neighborhood lights nightly for the rest of pre-Christmas week – know of something special? – thanks!

GRATITUDE: Hiawatha says ‘thank you’ to Rob Wunder for many years of volunteer leadership and advocacy

The unsung heroes of local city-run community centers are their advisory councils – and the one at Hiawatha Community Center recently said goodbye to its longtime president, and wanted to publicly share words of thanks:

The Hiawatha Community wishes to thank Rob Wunder on his 25 years of service to the West Seattle community as President of Hiawatha’s Advisory Council.

Rob grew up in West Seattle and spent a great deal of his childhood enjoying the activities offered at Hiawatha’s Community Center. As an adult, he felt that it was his calling to give back to a place that provided so much enrichment to him during his youth. Rob, in his capacity as President, has been instrumental in leading positive change for the community and the Seattle Parks system. All his actions were driven by his view of the big picture and his passion to make a difference for the community.

Rob was instrumental in two special projects that families will enjoy well into the future; The Hiawatha Field Replacement Project and Dakota Place Park Project. Do you remember when the beautiful turf and track was just dirt? Or when Dakota Place Park was an old City Light station? We now enjoy these beautiful amenities because of his countless volunteer hours, his ability to speak for positive change, and his passion for equity and access with affordable programs across the community, expanded programs in West Seattle, and support of our youth.

During Rob’s tenure as President at Hiawatha, important programs were implemented and grew, such as child care, athletics, preschool, tween, recreation, ballet, summer camp … the list goes on and on! Hiawatha’s special events attracted thousands, such as summer concerts, Halloween carnivals, and pancake breakfasts, because Rob was a strong advocate for his community.

While this is a short list, it doesn’t come close to covering Rob’s hard work or expressing our gratitude to him, as he is truly an exceptional individual. His selfless commitment to community, hard work, and strength as a leader has created a lasting legacy upon the residents of West Seattle, past, present and future. We thank him for all that he has done for our community over the years.

(The Associated Recreation Council partners with Seattle Parks and Recreation to provide lifelong learning opportunities and advocating for the success of recreation services at Hiawatha.)

West Seattle Crime Watch: Burglary; bike theft; car prowl

Three reader reports:

HALLOWEEN ‘DIRTY TRICK’: That’s how Rebecca describes what happened to a neighbor on the 3900 block of SW Elmgrove [map] in Gatewood:

The neighbor came home Halloween evening to find the back door partially open, and glass shattered by a rock. Drawers in all rooms in the house rifled through with contents strewn about. The only things identified as missing so far are some pieces of jewelry and a few sentimental keepsakes. The pet in the house was shaken, but okay. This occurred sometime during the day. between 8:30 and 4:30. A couple of the neighbors on the street were home, but did not see or hear anything unusual. Police came to investigate within 10 minutes (!) and a report was filed. They said with the majority of recent break-ins, perpetrators are doing a lot of damage to the house, taking very little, if anything at all.


Last night I discovered that my bike was stolen from my back porch (in the 1700 block of Alki Avenue SW; map).

It is a 2010 GET Apache 3.0 – and in really good condition (pristine). Please have anyone who knows anything about this, or has seen it, contact me at 206-898-3415 or phippyj84 (at) gmail (dot) com.

The bike is scheduled on my renter’s insurance, but I would like to find it (hopefully) before I submit a claim!

CAR PROWL: From Haley: “North Admiral on 45th SW, car window bashed in Thursday night while parked on the street. From the glove compartment, took a 10-year-old Garmin and car registration/insurance card. Nothing else was inside the car to steal.”

Hope you NEVER have a crime to report … but if you do, after you’ve reported it to police, let us know so we can alert your neighbors around West Seattle – – thank you.

West Seattle Halloweekend scene: Spooky tunes at Tibbetts


Thanks to Alisa Minnig for the photo and report:

John Van Lierop, Jr. held his annual Halloween Piano Recital at Tibbetts United Methodist Church. There were over 20 costumed piano students performing appropriately spooky selections, capped off with Danse Macabre by Saint-Saens. There were also fun games like “Name that Tune” and “Spooky Musical Chairs.” There was even a surprise guest (see the back row) – looking for a few more last-minute votes, we think. :)

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS: Highland Park Elementary celebration

Photos by Leda Costa for West Seattle Blog

Miguel Gudino explainging the meaning behind the Dia de los Muertos altar he set up at the school.

While putting together this year’s WSB West Seattle Halloween (etc.) Guide, we’ve noticed more community Dia de los Muertos events than previous years … and we were invited to visit Thursday night’s big party at Highland Park Elementary. And along with food, games, and crafts, participants got to learn about this way of honoring the dead – above, HPE dad Miguel Gudino explains the altar he set up. Traditionally, you put fresh flowers, candles, and your loved one’s favorite foods on an altar like this, and on November 1st, all of these items are taken to the grave.

An example of a Dia de los Muertos altar. Highland Park Elementary dad Miguel Gudino put together an example of what an altar would look like at home. Traditionally, you put fresh flowers, candles, and your loved one's favorite foods at the altar. On November 1st, all of these items are taken to the grave.

It’s a celebratory time. And so the HPES event offered fun activities including facepainting – which drew a line:

The line for facepainting

AJ Purdie, a 4th grader at Highland Park Elementary, getting her face painted.

That’s fourth-grader AJ. Ahead, 10 more photos: Read More

WEST SEATTLE HALLOWEEKEND: ‘Werewolf’ night at Meeples

Halloweekend continues, with more big events tomorrow (Harvest Festival!) but in the meantime, tonight …


As the slogan goes, every night is Game Night at Meeples Games (WSB sponsor) at California/Charlestown. But this is not just any night … dozens of players are gathered right now for the Halloween edition of “Werewolf,” led by legendary moderator Hank (top photo).

Not familiar with this role-playing game? Here’s how it works. The game began with a costume contest. The winners:


From left, #3 is Greg from “Over the Garden Wall”; #2, the Black Canary; #1, Lucius Malfoy from “Harry Potter.”

West Seattle Saturday: Hallo-weekend continues, from WS Monster Dash to Werewolf @ Meeples

(Carved creations @ Brookdale Admiral Heights, photographed Friday afternoon)

Welcome to Saturday! First, from the WSB West Seattle Halloween (etc.) Guide:

MONSTER DASH: 5th annual West Seattle Monster Dash in Lincoln Park to benefit South Seattle College Cooperative Preschools. 9 am 5K, 10 am kids’ dash, 10:30 am awards ceremony and costume contest. Registration info here. (Fauntleroy/Cloverdale)

PCC PARTY: Kids’ pumpkin-decorating at PCC Natural Markets-West Seattle (WSB sponsor), 9-noon. PCC provides the pumpkins, decorating supplies, and a healthy snack. (California SW & SW Stevens)

THRIFTWAY PARTY: Annual kids’ Halloween party at West Seattle Thriftway (WSB sponsor), 11 am-1 pm. (Fauntleroy/Morgan/California)

LOG HOUSE MUSEUM PARTY: Family Halloween on the Porch at the Log House Museum, with “cool crafts, spooky stories and special treats.” 1-3 pm. (61st SW/SW Stevens)

KENYON HALL PARTY: Family Halloween Party at Kenyon Hall, 3 pm.

Fun for the whole family, featuring a Silent Movie Comedy accompanied by Bob White at the Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Organ and a Costume Parade and Contest, with age-appropriate prizes. We’ll serve Free Popcorn and Pirates’ Brew Punch, and we’ll reserve room for kids to cut a rug on the dance floor. Tickets for adults are $8 ($5 if you wear a costume and are accompanied by a child). Elementary, middle, and high school children pay $5, and pre-school children are free. We accept cash and checks at the door, and doors open at 2:45 for the 3:00 party.

(7904 35th SW)

OLG CARNIVAL: 4-8 pm, Halloween Carnival at Our Lady of Guadalupe School in the Walmesley Center. (35th SW & SW Myrtle)

LIGHT SHOW: Halloween Light Show by the folks who bring you West Seattle Yuletide. 5-10 pm, maybe a bit later tonight and Halloween. New zombies this year! (38th SW between Genesee and Dakota)

HOLY ROSARY HALLOWEEN CELEBRATION: “Holy Rosary’s first Halloween Celebration is in the School Hall from 6:15 p.m. (right after Mass) to 8:00 p.m. This event is for kids preschool age on up, and is open to the West Seattle community so please invite your friends! The event is put on by the Holy Rosary Youth Group (grade 6-8 students and high school). There will be Halloween games! photo booth! face painting! fun and spooky house! treats! Cost is only $2 and all proceeds will go to the Youth Group.” (42nd/Genesee)

PUB PARTY: Admiral Pub Halloween Party, 7 pm-close. “Costume contest, prizes and giveaways all night long,” according to poster. (2306 California SW)

GHOST GAME X: The Cabiri in “Ghost Game X: For Life Eternal” dessert-theater cabaret at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, 7:30 pm. Ticket info and other details in our calendar listing. (4408 Delridge Way SW)

COME AS YOU AREN’T: Skylark Café and Club‘s 10th Annual “Come as You Aren’t” battle of the bands, starting at 8 pm, $10 cover, 21+ – see the latest lineup here. (3803 Delridge Way SW)

HALLOWEEN ‘WEREWOLF’ AT MEEPLES: Spend the night playing Halloween Werewolf – costumes encouraged! at Meeples Games (WSB sponsor). 8:30 pm:

Join Hank as he guides the Townsfolk and Werewolves through an evening of fun and adventure.

Cost: FREE!
Registration: None, nada, zipola
Costumes: YES! Recommended, but not required

One minute you’re a Villager, defending your theoretical home with every fiber of your being. The next, you’re a Werewolf, framing your friends and accusing them of wanting to destroy your village, when really it’s you who’s been infiltrating it all along. Each game becomes an epic phenomenon, designed to test your personal judgment and moral character.

(3727 California SW)

And from our year-round West Seattle Event Calendar:

MAHONIA RESEARCH: Be part of a first-of-its-kind research project at the South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) Arboretum, as explained here. 9 am-noon, north end of campus. (6000 16th SW)

FINAL WEEKEND FOR SOUTHWEST LIBRARY ART SHOWCASE: It’s time for artists to come pick up their work at Southwest Library if they’ve been part of this month’s community showcase, and also your chance to take a last look at what’s on display! 10 am-6 pm today. (35th SW/SW Henderson)

WEST SEATTLE HIGH SCHOOL PLAY: The WSHS Drama Club presentation of “A Bright Room Called Day” continues its first weekend with a 7:30 pm performance at the WSHS Theater (photo courtesy WSHS):

We’re told, “With our current political climate, this show couldn’t be more timely or relevant.” (3000 California SW)

RYEGRASS: Kenyon Hall hosts this popular bluegrass band, 7:30 pm. (7904 35th SW)

Finally, two transportation notes:

EAST MARGINAL WAY/DIAGONAL CLOSURE: If you’re planning to use Highway 99 south of the West Seattle Bridge, be aware of this weekend-long work. One note: Contrary to the alert, it appears from the SDOT live-video cam, that the West Seattle Bridge exit from SB 99 is in use.

LAST WATER TAXI WEEKEND OF THE YEAR: After this weekend, the West Seattle Water Taxi switches to its five-day-a-week, mornings/afternoons-only schedule for the rest of fall/winter.

West Seattle Friday: Hallo-weekend begins, with 2 trick-or-treating events & much more

October 28, 2016 10:08 am
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Thanks to Vanessa for the rainbow photo! The forecast promises a partly sunny day, which is great for all the Hallo-weekend events about to happen. First, what’s up for today/tonight as listed in the WSB West Seattle Halloween (etc.) Guide:

HOLY ROSARY SCHOOL PRESCHOOL TRICK-OR-TREATING: An indoor event happening this afternoon: “We are inviting children age 5 and under with an adult to come trick or treat INSIDE at our Holy Rosary classrooms! We will have a mix of candy and non-candy items.” 1-2:30 pm. (42nd SW/SW Genesee)

TRICK-OR-TREAT IN THE ADMIRAL DISTRICT: Trick-or-Treating in The Admiral District, participating merchants – look for this sign on the door or window:


3-6 pm. (California/Admiral and vicinity)

COSTUME CONTEST: Kids’ Halloween Costume Contest, 3-6 pm at Metropolitan Market (WSB sponsor). Prizes for cutest, scariest, most-creative costumes. (41st/42nd/Admiral Way)

LIGHT SHOW: Halloween Light Show by the folks who bring you West Seattle Yuletide. 5-10 pm. New zombies this year! (38th SW between Genesee and Dakota)

HIAWATHA CARNIVAL: Halloween Carnival at Hiawatha Community Center, 6-8 pm. “Start your Halloween off with a frighteningly fun-filled evening for the family! Wear your costumes and enjoy carnival games, crafts, and spooktacular activities.” $5/family. (2700 California SW)

ALKI CARNIVAL: 6-8 pm, carnival at Alki Community Center, ages 5-11: “Alki’s inviting all the little goblins in town to join us for a howling good time. Enjoy carnival inspired games, and walk through our scream room, if you dare.” $1 per game or $10 unlimited bracelet. (5817 SW Stevens)

THE GREAT PUMPKIN BASH: For kids, free games, prizes, candy, and contests, at Westwood Christian Community, 6:30 pm. (9252 16th SW)

LISTENING PARTY: At Easy Street Records, 7 pm, free, all ages, Stranger Things Soundtrack Halloween Listening Party. “The soundtrack to Netflix’s Stranger Things is coming out on vinyl 10/28 and we’re gonna have a party! We’re gonna hang some Christmas lights, set up a waffle bar, play some Dungeons & Dragons, and host a Halloween costume contest!” (California SW & SW Alaska)

GHOST GAME X: The Cabiri in “Ghost Game X: For Life Eternal” dessert-theater cabaret at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, 7:30 pm. Tickets, showtimes, details in our calendar listing. (4408 Delridge Way SW)

And now from the rest of the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

LAFAYETTE WALK-A-THON: Until 1 pm, it’s fundraising walk-a-thon day at Lafayette Elementary.


Thanks to Megan Smith for the photo; she also wanted to shout out to West Seattle Runner WSB sponsor) for their support. Stop by and donate! (California/Lander)

WEST SEATTLE GARDEN CLUB: Until 2 pm, their meeting is on at Daystar Retirement Village in Westwood – you can drop in! Agenda details are in our calendar listing. (2615 SW Barton)

CASUAL WATER: Live guitar music at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor), 7-9 pm. (5612 California SW)

‘BRIGHT ROOM CALLED DAY’: Second night for the West Seattle High School Drama Club production, at the WSHS Theater, 7:30 pm curtain time. Details in our calendar listing. (3000 California SW)

MUCH, MUCH MORE FOR TODAY, TONIGHT, BEYOND … on our complete calendar page!