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SPORTS: Queen City Futsal looking for more women, ASAP!

We’ve told you before about Queen City Futsal, which plays in South Delridge. Now with fall registration concluding, they’re sending out a last call for women – with the last call to register today:

Soccer women of West Seattle! We need you! We’re so close to making this epic dream of having the first ALL WOMEN’S FUTSAL LEAGUE in Seattle a reality, but we still need a few more players!

If you want to register an entire team, we’d LOVE THAT. If not, then we’ll happily place you on a team. For more information and to register, go HERE! We also still have some room for more women in the coed division as well.

If you have any questions at all, we’re just a quick email away at

We’re also looking to partner/include other West Seattle businesses in our growing community, so if you’re a business owner in West Seattle, or know a business that might be interested, hit us up!

Queen City Futsal plays at the Salvation Army gym (9050 16th SW).

QUEEN CITY FUTSAL: Fall-season signups start!

August 6, 2019 9:58 am
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From Queen City Futsal, which launched in West Seattle a year ago:

West Seattle-ites! Queen City Futsal is gearing up for fall season and we’d love to have more players from our community!

After taking the summer off to let our players enjoy the short-lived Seattle sun, we will be returning this fall for our 4th season! In addition to the coed divisions that we’ve been offering thus far, this season we will be offering the VERY. FIRST. EVER adult women’s futsal division here in Seattle and can we just say, we cannot wait!

Games will be played Sundays at the Salvation Army gym in West Seattle.

For a little glimpse into what Queen City is all about, you can check out THIS VIDEO from one of our past seasons. We’re all about having a good time, inclusivity, and of course, playing the beautiful game. We’re focused on creating a space to help build community and to combat that infamous Seattle Freeze.

For more information and/or to register your team or as an individual, go HERE!

If you have any questions at all, we’re just a quick email away at

We’re also looking to partner/include other West Seattle businesses in our growing community, so if you’re a business owner in West Seattle, or know a business that might be interested, hit us up!

SPORTS: Queen City Futsal invites you to be part of Season 2!

Queen City Futsal just sent this announcement – with an invitation for you:

Queen City Futsal just finished up its first season and it was a total hit. Some beautiful futsal was played, friendships were formed, community was built, all while having a ton of fun!

Now we’re getting ready for season 2 and we’re just so excited. This second season will be coed again (ages 18+), 3 women/2 men on the court at a time, and the games will be played Sunday evenings at the Salvation Army in West Seattle.

There’s one more week to register and the spots are filling up quickly. We’d love to have more West Seattleites be a part of the league/futsal family. It’s such a great way to meet people, practice skills, and get a workout during the cold winter months.

So come join us! For more info and/or to register go HERE!

Also, here’s a recap video of the first season to get a vibe of the Queen City Futsal fam: QUEEN CITY FUTSAL SEASON 1 RECAP!

If you have any questions, know of any players that might be interested in playing, and/or know of any businesses that might want to sponsor us or be a part of our league, you can email us at

West Seattle Sunday: Play futsal, meet greyhounds, and 11 more options

(New carving at Lincoln Park – photo sent by Darlene)

Here are the highlights, from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

END-OF-SUMMER BEACH VOLLEYBALL: Alki Volleyball Association games 8 am-6 pm at the beach. (2400 Alki SW)

FINISH IT! AT WESTCREST PARK: A massive blackberry-clearing task will be finished this morning with your help – and the celebration will include homemade blackberry jam. Full details here. 10 am-noon at Westcrest Park. (5th SW/SW Cloverdale)

WEST SEATTLE FARMERS’ MARKET: 10 am-2 pm in the heart of The Junction, end-of-summer freshness! (California SW between SW Oregon and SW Alaska)

MINISTRY FAIR, SALAD POTLUCK, DESSERT CONTEST: 11 am at Tibbetts United Methodist Church (WSB sponsor):

Tibbetts United Methodist Church is hosting a Salad Potluck, Dessert Contest, and Ministry Fair after worship service ~11:30 am-1:30 pm, in Adams Hall on the basement level of Tibbetts UMC.

Please bring any kind of salad or salad ingredient(s) and we’ll have a feast of fellowship. In theory, at least, salad leaves plenty of room for a dessert contest and you are the judges! This year the ministry fair will also focus on explaining the unique structure behind each of our four ministry areas – Stewardship, Worship, Outreach, and Discipleship. All are welcome! The leadership team looks forward to seeing you there!

(3940 41st SW)

GREYHOUND MEET-AND-GREET: 11 am-1 pm at Mud Bay in Admiral, meet retired racing greyhounds and find out about adoption, and more! (2611 California SW)

SAN GENNARO FESTIVAL: Last chance to go to Georgetown to enjoy this West Seattleite-founded Italian-American festival, with music, food, more. (S. Angelo/Ellis Ave. S.)

BOUNCY HOUSE AND BARBECUE: After the 10:15 am service at St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church, a parking-lot barbecue picnic to celebrate the end of summer and start of a new program year. Face-painting and bouncy house, too. All welcome. (3050 California SW)

COLMAN POOL, LAST 2018 DAY: The outdoor pool on the shore at Lincoln Park finishes its sole post-season weekend this year today, noon-7 pm. See the schedule of swim sessions here. (8603 Fauntleroy Way SW)

NEW CLEAR NEWS: West Seattle Neighbors for Peace and Justice hope to see you for this publication distribution in The Junction, noon-1 pm. (California/Alaska)

CAMP 2ND CHANCE COMMUNITY ADVISORY COMMITTEE: 2 pm at Arrowhead Gardens, find out what’s happening with West Seattle’s city-sanctioned encampment. Public comments/questions welcome. (9200 2nd SW)

FORMERLY CHORO TOCANDO: 3-5 pm at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor), you knew them as Choro Tocando but: “Now that we are more than a duo, our expanded group name is Chorando na Chuva, which translated means ‘Crying in the Rain’.” No cover. (5612 California SW)

FRIENDLY COED FUTSAL NIGHT: Go play futsal with the new Queen City Futsal folks, 6-9 pm at the Salvation Army. Maybe even find a team to join, or just go to see what it’s all about. Everyone 18+ is welcome. (9050 16th SW)

EREV ROSH HASHANAH AT KOL HANESHAMAH: Rosh Hashanah eve; gather at 7 pm at Kol HaNeshamah (WSB sponsor). The High Holy Days schedule is in our calendar listing. (6115 SW Hinds)

THAT’S NOT ALL … see our complete calendar for today/tonight/beyond!

Friendly Coed Futsal Night

Queen City Futsal hosts a Friendly Co-ed Futsal Night

Come check out futsal and see what it’s all about! Meet people, find a team to play with, or just come to have fun!

6 pm-9 pm at the Salvation Army in West Seattle. Ages 18+. We look forward to seeing you there!

Launching in West Seattle! Queen City Futsal League

Want to help launch a new sports league? Still room for teams, says Queen City Futsal League co-founder Ashlee Henderson:

Queen City Futsal League will be launching its first season this fall and we couldn’t be more excited! The sport of futsal is the way the world plays indoor soccer. It is played on a hard surface (think basketball court) with out-of-bound lines rather than arena walls. It is played by more than 12 million people, in over 100 countries, on all of the continents in the world. Futsal has become a rapidly growing phenomenon in the United States, especially in places like Los Angeles and Portland. We want to pave the way with our league being the first of its kind in Seattle.

For the past year, we have been hosting drop-in futsal nights (both co-ed and women’s), as well as putting on tournaments, and we’ve learned that there is a real demand for an actual league. This first season will be co-ed, held on Sundays at the Salvation Army (in West Seattle – 9050 16th Ave SW), and we’re hoping to have 10 teams of 10 players between the ages of 18-40 years old.

Futsal is an ideal environment for developing one’s soccer game, but more than anything, it’s just fun and it creates community! For more information, you can check us out at

If you have any questions, know of any players that might be interested in playing, and/or know of any businesses that might want to sponsor us or be a part of our league, you can email us at

As explained on the QCFL website, teams are co-ed, age 18 and up.

Still seeking summer camp? Futsal camp at High Point, 1 week away

Still a few weeks left in summer – and 7-12-year-olds interested in the indoor-soccer game known as futsal are invited to a weeklong camp at High Point Community Center, starting one week from today. David just e-mailed us about it tonight, saying his son is signed up but the camp needs a few more signups by Tuesday or else it’s in danger of cancellation. Information about the camp is here; information about futsal is here; if you have trouble signing up online, David says, you can stop by the community center (6920 34th SW) or call 206-684-7422.

Love soccer? Try futsal! 4-week kids’ clinic in West Seattle

July 25, 2013 11:05 am
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From West Seattle Soccer Club board member Stefan Persson:

We have partnered with Seattle Futsal to bring an August Futsal Clinic session to West Seattle.

Futsal is a fast paced and fun indoor version of soccer that places an emphasis on skill development and decision-making. It is a great complement to outdoor soccer.

The session will be held at the Madison Middle School Gym on each of the 4 Tuesday evenings in August. Registration is open to kids between U8-U13 (7 to 12 years old). The fee, which includes a Seattle Futsal T-shirt, is $65 and covers an hour-long clinic with professional training/instruction, followed by a short scrimmage. The clinic is open to individuals, so no need to register as a team. Capacity is limited and we recommend registering right away!

The registration link is on the Seattle Futsal web page.

YOUTH SPORTS: Signup time at West Seattle YMCA

February 26, 2020 6:18 pm
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Spring sports are almost here, so it’s time to sign up with the West Seattle YMCA (WSB sponsor), which has registration open for multiple sports right now:

Let’s get in the game! Find the spring sport for your child, ages 3 through 15. At the Y, youth sports are all about helping kids learn the rules and skills of the game, while emphasizing the importance of self-development, team building, sportsmanship, positive self-image and, of course, having loads of fun. Plus, we make sure our programs are affordable for all, so explore financial assistance if that is appealing to your family’s budget. Registration is open now for baseball & t-ball, volleyball and futsal. Learn more and sign up here!

West Seattle 5K and 9 more for your Sunday

We start with the event that will fill the street along the shore with hundreds of runners and walkers:

WEST SEATTLE 5K: The first big run/walk of the year takes off from 61st/Alki just after 9 am – remember that Alki Ave. will be closed for a few hours because of the 5K. Starting at 8 am, you can register by the Alki Bathhouse if you’re not already signed up. Proceeds benefit the West Seattle HS PTSA; community sponsors include WSB. (2701 Alki SW)

SPEND YOUR MORNING RESTORING: Friends of Lincoln Park would love to see you 9 am-noon.

Join this hardy group to show some love to the park. All ages welcome. Details here. (8011 Fauntleroy Way SW)

PEONY AND BAMBOO FESTIVAL: 10 am-4 pm at Seattle Chinese Garden again today. The garden is on the north end of the South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) campus. (6000 16th SW)

(Lincoln Park on Saturday, photographed by Anjanette Nelson-Wally)

LOW-LOW TIDE: Another beach-walking opportunity! Today, the tide is out to -2.2 feet at noon.

COLMAN POOL’S 2ND PRESEASON WEEKEND CONTINUES: Again today, noon-7 pm, you can swim in West Seattle’s only public outdoor saltwater pool, on the shore at Lincoln Park. See the schedule here. (8603 Fauntleroy Way SW)

JAMTIME: 1:30-4 pm at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor). No cover. All ages. (5612 California SW)

SKYLARK ART MART: 3-7 pm, things to see, buy, listen to! More info in our calendar listing. (3803 Delridge Way SW)

‘OFFICE HOUR’ AT ARTSWEST: 3 pm matinée for Julia Cho‘s drama at ArtsWest; tickets available online here. (4711 California SW)

QUEEN CITY FUTSAL: This indoor-soccer league is wrapping up its season in style:

The All-Star game will consist of 2 players from each of the 6 teams that played during the spring season that did not make it to the final.

Any human being that comes to support will automatically be entered into a raffle for some cool prizes and Queen City swag!

At 6 PM, come watch Megalodon and Nomads go head-to-head to see who will take the throne and be named Queen City’s Spring Season QUEEN CHAMPION.

Salvation Army gym in South Delridge. (9050 16th SW)

DRUNKEN OWL THEATER: Monthly event at Parliament Tavern, 7 pm. 21+. (4210 SW Admiral Way)

YES, THERE’S MORE … on our complete calendar.