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WEST SEATTLE ART: Desmond Hansen’s newest box mural

Thanks to Brandy for sending the photo! That’s West Seattle muralist Desmond Hansen, working today on his newest signal-box portrait. It’s on the southwest corner of 35th and Trenton, and in case you don’t recognize the subject, we noticed in passing that the north side of the box now identifies him – Portland drummer Joe Plummer, known for his work with bands including Modest Mouse. (Added – commenter points out Plummer has Portland roots but calls West Seattle home!)

WEST SEATTLE ART: Desmond Hansen’s anniversary mural

More thanks to the person who tipped us about Super Supplements‘ closure plan – they also told us West Seattle artist Desmond Hansen was painting a new signal-box mural steps away, on the northeast corner of California/Fauntleroy. His new portrait of Jimi Hendrix is on the back of the cabinet on which he painted the rock legend four years ago this month. That anniversary, he told us today, is the inspiration for the new painting. He’s since branched out far beyond West Seattle; you can see more of his work here.

WEST SEATTLE ART: Desmond Hansen’s newest signal-box mural

Thanks to Dan Kearney for the photo. West Seattle artist Desmond Hansen painted that signal box at 35th/Henderson, just north of Southwest Library, this weekend. He wrote on Instagram that the box is dedicated “to children living with disabilities and special needs” – read his full explanation here.

WEST SEATTLE ART: Desmond Hansen’s newest signal-box tribute

Just noticed this one while headed out on an errand – Ray Charles, painted by Desmond Hansen on the cabinet at the northwest corner of 35th/Thistle. Unless we’ve missed one, this is the first one we’ve heard about since these two months ago.

WEST SEATTLE ART: Desmond Hansen’s newest signal boxes

Thanks to the texter who sent that photo of a new Desmond Hansen signal-box portrait – it’s at Delridge/Genesee, a tribute to Mark “Monk” Hubbard of Grindline, designers of the nearby skatepark and many more. The artist tells a detailed story on Instagram about an encounter with the skatepark luminary, a West Seattle resident who died last year. While checking Instagram for more on that box, we noticed Hansen also has just completed one featuring wildlife, so we went by for a photo:

(WSB photo)

That one’s at Fauntleroy/Dawson.

WEST SEATTLE ART: Desmond Hansen’s newest rock ‘n’ roll signal box

1:57 PM: Thanks to Dave Brewer for sending the photo! He’s one of several readers who messaged us to say artist Desmond Hansen is painting another signal-box portrait today, this time the late, great Prince, at 47th and Admiral. Dave observes that it’s an appropriate spot, as SW Prince Street is just blocks away! (Checking the artist’s Instagram page, we see he’s also recently painted Dave Matthews.)

7:11 PM: Thanks to Al for this photo of the finished creation:

Another Desmond Hansen signal-box portrait, this time in Admiral

Thanks to Andy for the photo – Desmond Hansen‘s newest signal-box portrait is at California/Stevens, just outside the West Seattle High School campus. This one depicts Mia Zapata, the rising Seattle singer murdered in 1993. And yes, for those who have asked, the artist is still crowdfunding to cover expenses. We first reported on Hansen’s project – which started with a Jimi Hendrix portrait in Morgan Junction – in March 2018.

Desmond Hansen paints another Seattle music legend

Thanks to Lynda B for the photo – that’s Desmond Hansen’s latest signal-box portrait, Seattle’s own Sir Mix-A-Lot, at 35th/Raymond near the High Point Library.

WEST SEATTLE ART: Desmond Hansen’s latest rock ‘n’ roll signal box

Thanks to Mike for the tip – he saw West Seattle artist Desmond Hansen painting that signal box on the northwest corner of 15th/Roxbury on Tuesday; we went by to see the finished work today. This one’s another Seattle rock ‘n’ roll tributeAndrew Wood of Mother Love Bone. Hansen’s signal-box tributes started with Jimi Hendrix in Morgan Junction in March 2018.

WEST SEATTLE ART: Another signal-box portrait by Desmond Hansen

Thanks for the photo! A reader sent us that as artist Desmond Hansen worked on his newest signal-box portrait this afternoon, this time at Fauntleroy/Avalon. (Thanks also to the person who sent a text-only tip earlier; we subsequently passed the scene but were unable to get a photo.) If somehow you don’t recognize the faces, they are the Seattle rock ‘n’ roll sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart. They’re the first women in Hansen’s set of tributes; he had said on Instagram that he had “a bunch of female icons coming up.”

WEST SEATTLE ART: Desmond Hansen’s new Arbor Heights signal-box portrait

Thanks for the tips! After word that artist Desmond Hansen was working on yet another signal box – this time at 35th SW and SW Roxbury on the north edge of Arbor Heights – we went over for a look. We found the artist packing up to take a break for some errands; he says this is a portrait of karate legend Chojun Miyagi (who is quoted on the website for West Seattle Karate, just steps away from the box). He’ll be back to finish it later today. This is his 10th signal box – here’s a montage of the first 9.

West Seattle street scene: Desmond Hansen’s newest signal-box portraits

Thanks to the reader who sent photos of West Seattle artist Desmond Hansen‘s latest signal-box work:

That one, at 35th and Fauntleroy, is Nikola Tesla (here’s a picture on Hansen’s Instagram account, including finishing touches). Nearby, at 35th/Avalon:

That’s since been completed too – as you can see here, it’s Macklemore. It’s been almost 11 months since the artist started his project.

STREET ART: Desmond Hansen’s fifth West Seattle signal-box portrait

Thanks to Nicole for the photos! Graves (aka Desmond) Hansen has just painted another signal-box portrait … this time, a tribute to Kurt Cobain on the southeast corner of California/Graham. He actually painted this signal box first, as we showed you more than a month ago, but it just held the swirling background pattern until he added Kurt today. (Nicole’s photo below features Hansen at right, an assistant Dozer at left:)

He’s also continuing to collect donations to cover his costs. His previous four signal-box portraits are Jimi Hendrix at California/Morgan, Bruce Lee at 35th/Morgan, Chris Cornell at 35th/Alaska, and Layne Staley at Harbor/Spokane.

West Seattle art: Desmond Hansen’s 4th signal-box tribute

Over the weekend, West Seattle artist Desmond Hansen painted a tribute portrait on a fourth local signal box. This time, it’s Layne Staley of Alice in Chains, and it’s on the northwest corner of the Avalon/Harbor/Spokane intersection. That follows Jimi Hendrix at California/Fauntleroy (featured here March 7th), Bruce Lee at 35th/Morgan (featured here March 10th), and Chris Cornell at 35th/Alaska (here’s the artist’s Instagram photo). Hansen also launched a crowdfunding page to raise money for supplies, and it’s already past its goal; in a video accompanying it, he says he might even take the project citywide.

WEST SEATTLE ART: Morgan Junction signal boxes painted by Desmond Hansen

(WSB photos)

Morgan Junction has joined the ranks of West Seattle neighborhoods with signal-box art. After spotting this work in progress while passing through California/Fauntleroy earlier today, we went back for a photo. The artist is Desmond Hansen; he described the project on Instagram as “donating my time to the community.” In addition to the Jimi Hendrix portrait, he also painted this box one block north:

Delridge signal boxes were painted in 2013; signal boxes in The Junction were wrapped in 2014.

BIZNOTE: New mural reveals business move in Admiral

We’ve had several recent questions about work at the former Muttley Crew space on 42nd SW just north of SW Admiral Way. Finally an answer arrived via this photo – thanks to Melissa for sending it with word that West Seattle artist Desmond Hansen is painting it! We went over to try to get info in person but were unsuccessful; today we got email confirmation that it’ll be the new home of DogCity. The business is currently in The Triangle but has to move because its site is part of the upcoming 2-building Sweeney Blocks project (which just finished going through Design Review in November). The photo shows the east side of the building; DogCity says Hansen will be painting the north side too.

READER REPORT: White-nationalist group resurfaces in West Seattle with mural vandalism

The photo and report are from Simon:

Woke up this morning to see the beautiful portrait of Angela Davis done by Desmond Hansen [at 30th/Barton] papered over with Patriot Front-branded “Better Dead than Red” poster. Talked with our neighbor who commissioned the piece and he is going to make a police report. We are notifying Desmond as well.

We checked back with Simon, who reports, “It’s been cleaned off. Thankfully the poster was still wet and my neighbor was able to remove it with soapy water without damaging the art.”

If this looks familiar, it’s the same thing, attributed to the same group, that appeared on flyers placed in plastic bags with small rocks and strewn in West Seattle neighborhoods almost three years ago, sparking an SPD investigation. The Anti-Defamation League‘s annual report on white-supremacist propaganda nationwide says this group is by far the most prolific.

Nino Cantu Southwest Athletic Complex scoreboard now honors namesake

If you’re going to the West Seattle High School football game tonight vs. Kent Meridian, you’ll see that new feature at Nino Cantu Southwest Athletic Complex – the stadium’s full name is now on its scoreboard. The photo is from Mr. Cantu’s friend Doree Fazio-Young, who says the signage was installed this week and that the official dedication is expected next month; she also says West Seattle muralist Desmond Hansen is painting a portrait of Mr. Cantu for his memorial garden. Mr. Cantu, the stadium’s longtime grounds manager, died in 2018 at age 51; this past spring, the School Board approved naming the complex in his honor.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 2 cases of racist vandalism

Two cases of vandalism, both against symbols of the fight for racial justice:

DIVERSITY CENTER SIGN DEFACED: From Jean Iannelli Craciun at the Diversity Center of Washington in Morgan Junction:

I am sad to report that the Black Lives Matter sign we have had out front was marked with an X across the front and thrown down. Luckily the other side was not damaged and we could re-install it on that side. We were surprised to see this and it made us sad and angry….after all, this is West Seattle!!

MURAL VANDALIZED: On the south edge of West Seattle, Desmond Hansen‘s George Floyd signal-box mural has been vandalized again, this time with green paint splattered across it and someone then scrawling Black Lives Matter across the green blotch. This is not the only one of Hansen’s box murals to be defaced – his portrait of murdered hip-hop musician JuiceTheGod at 35th/Barton and the BLM-themed box at 42nd/Alaska have been hit too.

CANCELED: West Seattle gathering Tuesday in support of ‘Prayer, Healing, and Action for Racial Solidarity’

May 23, 2021 1:47 pm
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(Delridge/Roxbury box painted by Desmond Hansen last June)

ORIGINAL SUNDAY NOTE: This Tuesday, it will be exactly one year since George Floyd‘s murder in Minnesota – which intensified the movement for racial justice, coast to coast and beyond. A citywide vigil is set for Tuesday night, with a local gathering in support, for those who can’t go. Here’s the announcement:

Prayer, Healing, and Action for Racial Solidarity on the First Anniversary of George Floyd’s Murder

All are invited to an ecumenical prayer service at St. James Cathedral on Tuesday, May 25th at 7 pm. Gather with Archbishop Etienne to commemorate the first anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, reflect on the need for repentance and healing, pray, and find ways to work together for change. South Seattle parishes will share how they will commit to working for racial justice. Limited in-person attendance is available by registering at

If you cannot make it downtown but would like to gather with others, we will livestream the event at Our Lady of Guadalupe in the church (more information here). You can also livestream the event from home on St. James’s Vimeo page.

Our Lady of Guadalupe is at 35th SW/SW Myrtle. If you know of any other West Seattle events Tuesday, please email so we can include in the Event Calendar.

11:48 AM MONDAY: Organizers at OLG say they’ve canceled this but are urging anyone interested to go downtown or watch the stream. Members/pastors of both OLG and Holy Rosary will be part of the event.

FOLLOWUP: Vandalized West Seattle Junction art restored

Following up on the West Seattle Junction public art that was defaced by racist vandalism:

(WSB photo)

Artist Desmond Hansen, commissioned by the West Seattle Junction Association to paint this box and then to fix vandalism, has repainted it with a new look. Now it’s a portrait of Dick Gregory, civil-rights activist and humorist, with a quote on the south side, and a fist – originally part of the street-facing side of the box – on its east side:

(WSB photo)

The restoration cost was $750 and donations covered the cost, WSJA executive director Lora Radford tells WSB. That same fund is covering the cost of Bob Henry‘s work restoring the Hi-Yu Parade mural on the south wall at the Junction Post Office:

(This photo and next, courtesy WSJA)

A vandal attempted to paint out Black and brown people in the crowd, as reported here last winter; Henry’s work restored them:

He also cleaned that mural and gave it a vandalism-resistant treatment. While the signal-box mural dates back to last year, the Post Office mural was one of the original West Seattle murals created ~30 years ago.

More West Seattle Junction public art defaced by racist vandalism

(WSB photo, June 2020)

That’s our photo from June 6, 2020, when artist Desmond Hansen painted a Black Lives Matter mural on the signal box at 42nd/Alaska, same day that thousands gathered in the heart of The Junction to call for racial justice. A reader tip called our attention to recent vandalism defacing the mural – a vandal has painted out the fist and the words. The original mural was commissioned by the West Seattle Junction Association, whose executive director Lora Radford tells WSB this box has been vandalized, and repaired, before. Fixing it again will cost at least $250, and WSJA, a nonprofit, welcomes donations, either here, or via Venmo to @westseattlejunction. This follows a vandal targeting depictions of a family of color in the mural on the Junction post office; that’s undergone recent repairs as part of planned restoration work.

Verdict in George Floyd murder: Citywide moment of silence in Seattle tonight, and other notes

(Delridge/Roxbury box painted by Desmond Hansen last June)

2:57 PM: Less than an hour ago, a Minneapolis jury delivered its verdict in the trial of the former police officer who killed George Floyd last May: Guilty on all counts. Here in Seattle, this is just in from the city:

Following the guilty verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial in Minneapolis, the City of Seattle is providing an update for residents. City of Seattle department leaders have been preparing to allow residents to have the space to grieve and honor the life of George Floyd.

While the City expects community members to grieve and remember the life of Mr. Floyd, the City is also reminding businesses and residents of appropriate steps to take should demonstrations occur. The Seattle Police Department, which has made significant changes over the last year, will be on standby for any peaceful, first-amendment gatherings.

Below please find an update on City departments:

Citywide Prayer and Moment of Silence: The City of Seattle – in coordination with faith leaders – will be hosting a citywide prayer and moment of silence at 7 pm.

Seattle Parks and Recreation Department: Understanding the City is still in a pandemic and there are no permitted gatherings or events, Seattle Parks and Recreation is highlighting the City’s largest parks to grieve and remember George Floyd at the City’s largest parks including: Judkins Park, Pratt Park, Powell Barnett Park, Crown Hill Park, Maple Leaf Reservoir, Othello Park, John C. Little Park, Sam Smith Park, Jimi Hendrix Park, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park, Jefferson Park, Genesee Park, Hubbard Homestead Park, Green Lake Park, Lincoln Park, and Westcrest Park. SPR crews will ensure that parks that historically have seen gatherings will be accessible and open.

Other city departments’ preparations are listed in the full news release.

4:41 PM: Among those whose comments we’ve received, Seattle-King County NAACP president Carolyn Riley-Payne, whose statement includes;

“… this is just one verdict, and it came only after a summer of nearly non-stop mass protest, with echoes of Mr. Floyd’s last words, ‘I can’t breathe,’ filling streets from Seattle to Washington, D.C. It should not take a national movement to secure justice for a single Black man killed by a police officer. But it did, and it will.

“Because we know that our work is not done, that Black and brown people continue to be targeted, assaulted and killed by police every day, and that they rarely see justice. We see it in our backyard, in King County, where Black and Indigenous people are killed at a vastly disproportionate rate. We live in an America where white people can storm the U.S. Capitol and go home safe and unarmed, while Black and brown people are effectively sentenced to death for counterfeit dollar bills and loose cigarettes.

“It has to stop. We cannot accept the status quo. It is time to end policing in Seattle and King County as we know it and build a new system that honors Black and brown lives. As our community celebrates this rare victory tonight, we must channel our emotion into sustained action. …”

Many politicians have sent statements. This one is from the State Senate Members of Color Caucus (which includes 34th District State Sen. Joe Nguyen):

““Words cannot undo the deep wound that George Floyd’s murder left in his family, in his community, in Black communities here in our state and across the nation. They cannot undo the actions of the man who ended his life. They cannot erase the history of racism and racial violence that blinded that man to George Floyd’s humanity, and gave him such a sense of impunity that he believed he could snuff out another person’s life without consequences.

“But today: George Floyd’s killer did face consequences. We use our words now to commend this outcome – a just verdict and rare accountability, for George Floyd’s loved ones and Black Americans in our state and country – but also to reiterate our commitment to making sure that justice is not rare. That accountability is not uncertain. That another father, friend, or neighbor is not another victim. That Black Lives Matter.

“Words cannot undo what went wrong – but they can set us on the path to what is right. As the Senate Members of Color Caucus, we use our words to advocate for sustained, systemic change – for Black and brown communities, for historically marginalized communities, for every single Washingtonian. …”

4:49 PM: City and community leaders are having a media briefing right now; Seattle Channel is streaming it here.

5:53 PM: The city event is over. The first West Seattle gathering that we heard of was the regular twice-weekly BLM-supporter sign-waving at 16th/Holden, which has continued for months; a WSB crew talked with participants about today’s verdict and we’ll have that story later this evening. Meantime, a commenter says there’s a candlelight vigil happening on Alki.