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Neighborhood Street Fund: Your turn to ‘prioritize’ West Seattle/South Park proposals

Another city grant program is seeking your thoughts on what should get funded. This time, it’s the Neighborhood Street Fund, and more than 20 projects are being considered in this area (West Seattle/South Park) alone – here’s the city’s clickable Google Map showing them:

Starting today, the “prioritization” process is under way, and the city’s asking you to do the prioritizing, as explained here. First, take a look at details of each project via PDFs linked here; then you can rank them online by going here – or at an upcoming meeting. There are two in D-1 – in West Seattle on Saturday (10:30 am February 2 at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, 4408 Delridge Way SW) or South Park a week from tonight (6:30 pm February 4 at South Park Hall, 1253 S. Cloverdale).

The NSF is an every-three-years grant program; one of the two projects approved for West Seattle in the 2016 cycle isn’t even complete yet (the Spokane/Harbor/Avalon intersection changes – just last week we learned the bicycle-crossing signal is still about two months away). The next phase after prioritizing of this year’s proposals, by the way, will be voting this spring.

ELECTION 2019: Jesse Greene joins West Seattle/South Park City Council District 1 race

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

He’s an entrepreneur, a graduate student, and now a candidate for the Seattle City Council District 1 seat: Jesse Greene plans to file paperwork today, with a public candidacy-announcement event on Monday.

The proprietor of Uncle Woody’s Popcorn is the first of this year’s D-1 candidates to contact WSB before turning up on the city/state websites showing campaign filings. We sat down for a coffeehouse chat on Thursday.

Greene is a West Seattle resident whose popcorn business is headquartered in South Park; he also owns a construction firm based in Sumner, where he grew up (though there are other local roots in his family – he mentions a grandparent who is a West Seattle High School alum). He says his entry into politics is inspired by time he has spent serving on the State Advisory Council on Homelessness – the issue that is motivating his run.

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LOST CAT: In South Park

I live in the South Park neighborhood and wanted to report a lost cat. Wallace is a bit skittish but very friendly, he usually responds to his name. Wallace is pretty small and does not have a collar. I live in the big house on the corner of 10th Ave S and Southern. Please call me at (206) 605-5909 with any information.

ELECTION 2019: First City Council candidate campaigning for West Seattle/South Park District 1

8:05 PM TUESDAY: We’ve been watching the city’s Ethics and Elections Commission website for first indication of who’ll be running next year in City Council District 1, West Seattle and South Park, and tonight the first name is on the Campaigns page: Phillip Tavel. He is a lawyer who finished third in the 2015 primary.

We have a request out to him for comment, as well as an inquiry to incumbent Councilmember Lisa Herbold as to whether she’s yet decided on running for re-election. (2015 WSB photo)

ADDED 9:39 AM WEDNESDAY: Councilmember Herbold’s response to our question: “I’ll be answering this question soon. In the meantime, because I sincerely enjoyed campaigning with Phillip in 2015, it’s fun to think about a campaign trail reunion in 2019.”

ADDED 4:44 PM WEDNESDAY: The newly announced candidate’s statement:

First of all, thanks to the West Seattle Blog for diligently looking out for the news impacting our District.

Secondly, everyone’s focus right now, should really be on the election in 2 weeks. Remember that every vote does matter. There is no better way to give power to your voice than casting your vote. Complete your ballot today and mail it or swing by a DropBox, but PLEASE make sure you vote.

Regarding my campaign, I will be having several kick-off events throughout District 1 in late January (stay tuned for that) and my website will launch in mid-November. In the interim, if you want to talk to me you can come find me before, during or after the Trivia Night that I’ve been hosting for the past 10 years at Talarico’s from 830 – 10:30 every Wednesday night.

After the election in two weeks, I will present a full vision for D1. Some key points are a focus on restoring trust and respect between the city and the people of Seattle, working with businesses (large and small) to cooperatively tackle our most significant issues, and ensuring accessibility to city government. It’s vital to have open and inclusive processes so D1 residents know their voice is truly being heard.

Phil Tavel

South Park stop on Superintendent Denise Juneau’s listening tour

Seattle Public Schools superintendent Denise Juneau brings her listening tour to Concord International Elementary School. Discussion to be conducted in Spanish with English translation. Child care and dinner provided.

Envisioning South Park’s new Residential Small Lot Zoning

Envisioning South Park’s new Residential Small Lot Zoning (RSL)

Seattle is going to change thousands of residential lots from ‘Single Family’ to ‘Residential Small Lot’ (RSL) as part of the MHA zoning reform. The rules covering RSL have been totally rewritten and there are many questions about how it will affect our neighborhoods, including most of South Park.

First, what is RSL and what kinds of new development are we likely to see?

Second, how does RSL address displacement, affordability, density or sustainability?

Finally, how can we improve RSL so that it can be the most effective before the ordinance comes before Council?

If you live in South Park, are interested in zoning, or are a homeowner, environmentalist or neighborhood advocate, join Matt Hutchins, AIA for this informational talk.

–Matt Hutchins is an architect specializing in affordable housing, backyard cottages, infill housing and sustainable architecture. He is also a housing advocate with MOAR (More Options for Accessory Residences) and is working to reform zoning for the betterment of local communities, the city and the planet.

Rather than charging any entry fee, please donate to my friend Corina’s fundraiser here: Million Tampon Challenge

Here is a link to the event’s website to register.

PHOTOS: Fiestas Patrias 2018 parade fills South Park streets with fun and pride

(Photos by WSB’s Patrick Sand, unless otherwise credited)

It was a community-wide, continent-spanning celebration in South Park this morning as 2018 Fiestas Patrias parade participants danced, walked, rolled, and rode. The Latino Riders were on two wheels – sometimes one:

The Easy Duz It car club was a parade on its own, on four wheels and sometimes two:

The parade also featured the original kind of horsepower:

Lots of music, including Mariachi Huenachi from Wenatchee:

Joyas Mestizas, who you might have seen in the West Seattle Grand Parade, was another participating folklorico group:

Other groups represented individual Latin American nations, including El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Here’s the Grand Marshal, United States District Court Chief Judge Ricardo Martinez of the Western District:

Another dignitary – newly confirmed Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best:

In the SPD entourage accompanying the chief was Southwest Precinct commander Capt. Pierre Davis, whose jurisdiction includes South Park:

Local schools were in the parade too, including West Seattle’s own Denny International Middle School, whose principal Jeff Clark sent photos and a report:

Congratulations to all of the Denny scholars and staff who proudly represented their culture and school marching in the annual Fiestas Patrias parade in South Park today!

Thanks to Mr. Albanes, Mr. Garcia, and Ms. Olsen, the Dolphins had the chance to show great leadership and pride as they waved to family and friends lining the streets of South Park. This parade is always a highlight of the year — this year, the tradition was as strong as ever! Go Dolphins!

Our photographer spotted the principal photographing the group:

South Park’s own Concord International (Elementary) also walked the parade route. The Fiestas Patrias parade is presented by Sea Mar Community Health Centers, whose headquarters in South Park were the start of the route, which ended at South Park Community Center, site of an afternoon-long festival and health fair.

SATURDAY: 2018 Fiestas Patrias parade, festival in South Park

(WSB photo from 2017 Fiestas Patrias parade in South Park)

In case you haven’t peeked ahead to the weekend via the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar – Saturday brings a big late-summer parade: This year’s Fiestas Patrias parade in South Park. The parade and festival afterward are presented by Sea Mar Community Health Centers, which explain:

Seattle Fiestas Patrias commemorates the independence of Latin American countries, many of which celebrate their national independence day in the month of September. Sea Mar Community Health Center festivals are held at both Seattle Center and the South Park neighborhood of Seattle to celebrate the Latino community living in the Pacific Northwest.

Fiestas Patrias is an expression of Latino culture: music, dance, food, folklore and many other traditions that have accumulated over the centuries. This is a fiesta to celebrate our history while taking pride in the new generations of Latinos that now call the United States home.

The parade starts at 11 am Saturday (September 15th), with Chief United States District Judge Ricardo Martinez as Grand Marshal. See the route here (PDF), leading from Sea Mar to the South Park Community Center (8319 8th Ave. S.), where the community festival begins at 1 pm.

South Park swearing-in ceremony Tuesday for Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best

(August 7th photo courtesy SW Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Danner)

Newly confirmed Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best was in South Park two weeks ago for Night Out, and she will return tomorrow for one of three swearing-in ceremonies around the city. Here’s the announcement from the mayor’s office:

On Tuesday, August 21, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best will participate in three swearing-in ceremonies, including a large community ceremony at the Northwest African American Museum.

Last week, City Council confirmed Chief Carmen Best, who is a 26-year member of the Seattle Police Department. Best was integral in helping the department navigate the Federal Consent Decree, eventually leading to “full and effective” compliance. She is the first African American woman to lead the Seattle Police Department in its 149-year history.

When: Tuesday, August 21 at 11:30 am
Where: Ceremony in Bertha Knight Landes at City Hall, located at 600 4th Avenue

When: Tuesday, August 21 at 1:00 pm
Where: South Park Community Center, located at 8319 8th Avenue S

When: Tuesday, August 21 at 4:30 pm (reception immediately following ceremony)
Where: Northwest African American Museum, located at 2300 S Massachusetts St

FOUND CAT: In South Park

My brother found this sweet boy in South Park. He’s currently at West Seattle Animal Hospital. No chip detected. He’s missing his canines, looks to have been outdoors for a while, but well fed. Very friendly!

Head over heels for Lucha Libre Volcánica’s South Park visit

It’s becoming a summertime tradition – a Duwamish Waterway Park exhibition by Lucha Libre Volcánica, the Renton-based troupe specializing in Mexican-style masked-wrestling – and the luchadores were there today during the Water Festival.

The performers are usually heroes or villains – during our ringside visit, we saw heroes …

And villains:

When all was said, done, thrown, and pinned …

… the heroes won. As did the Environmental Coalition of South Seattle, sponsor of the Water Festival, which continued into the evening.

FOLLOWUP: $2.2 million bail for suspect in South Park teen murder

(WSB photo from February)

The suspect in February’s South Park murder of a 16-year-old boy was arrested in the area where it happened. That’s part of what we’ve learned from the probable-cause documents made public this morning in connection with 27-year-old Juan J. Macias‘s bail hearing. As we noted in the report on his arrest, he was already wanted on a $250,000 warrant after being charged in June with assaulting his girlfriend. The new documents say officers saw him Saturday evening at the Chevron station on 14th Avenue S. in South Park – same one in our photo, above, from the night of the shooting – and recognized him from a bulletin about that warrant. He was in the driver’s seat of a red Impala that they discovered had been stolen in Kent; the report says its engine was running and that officers found two “large fixed-blade knives” and two hatchets in the car. It does not say what led police to identify Macias as a suspect in the murder, but attributes that description to detectives. He is due back in court tomorrow afternoon, by which time there may be a charging decision in the case. Meantime, he’s being held in lieu of $2,250,000 bail.

FOLLOWUP: Arrest in South Park teen murder

(WSB photo, February rally/march)

12:46 PM: Seattle Police have announced an arrest in the February murder of a 16-year-old boy in South Park. This was the deadly shooting that brought more than 100 people to a rally/march for peace days later. While the suspect is not yet charged in the murder, he is also jailed in connection with a $250,000 warrant in a case where charges have been filed, so we are publishing his name: 27-year-old Juan J. Macias. In the other case, he was charged in June with choking his girlfriend unconscious. We are checking with the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office to see if he is due for a bail hearing today; police say they arrested him in South Park on Saturday.

6:30 PM: Macias did have a bail hearing this afternoon. We don’t have documents yet but the jail register shows his bail now upped to $2,250,000.

Monthly community yoga at South Park Hall

Join Sarah Ilgenfritz the last Sunday of every month at South Park Hall from 9 am – 10 am for Community Yoga. A South Park resident herself, Sarah has taught yoga nationally and internationally. She is excited to bring yoga close to home. Community Yoga is a way for South Park residents and neighbors to come together to move and breathe in a mindful way. Sarah’s classes are designed to build strength, balance, and flexibility in body and mind. Yogis of all levels and ability are welcome. Suggested donation of $10, but all are welcome to come and pay what they can. Please bring a mat and wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. Summer dates are July 1st, July 29th, August 26th, and September 30th.

VIDEO: West Seattle/South Park HALA upzoning recap today, before public hearing Tuesday

That’s the Seattle Channel video of this morning’s City Council meeting recapping the Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) Mandatory Housing Affordability (MHA) toplines for District 1 – West Seattle and South Park – before tomorrow’s public hearing. No new info, but if you’ve lost track of where the plan stands, it might be a helpful refresher. Here’s the slide deck they used; here’s the online map that you can use to look up how your neighborhood might change under the proposal.

Basically, the plan would upzone all commercial/multifamily property in the city – and other types, within urban-village boundaries, while also expanding some of those boundaries – while requiring developers to either include a certain percentage of “affordable housing” or pay the city a fee in lieu of that. No date is set for the council’s vote on the plan yet, and the citywide appeal of the Environmental Impact Statement remains scheduled for hearings later this month. Tuesday night’s public hearing in West Seattle is at 6 pm (speaker signups start at 5:30) in the Chief Sealth International High School auditorium, 2600 SW Thistle, as previewed here last night.

Mayor visiting South Park tomorrow for community roundtable

(WSB photo, February)

Three months after she joined the peace vigil/march in South Park, the mayor returns to SP tomorrow afternoon.

As part of her ongoing effort to bring City Hall to all Seattle communities, Mayor Jenny A. Durkan will host a roundtable with South Park community leaders to discuss ongoing and new City initiatives in South Park. Mayor Durkan will be joined by representatives of the Seattle Parks and Recreation, Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, Seattle Office of Sustainability and the Environment, and Seattle Police Department, who will be able to answer questions and provide resources to the community.

“South Park is a diverse and vibrant home to many young people, families, and small businesses, but it also demonstrates our City’s need for equitable investment in economic empowerment, public safety, and better basic services,” said Mayor Durkan. “Through collaboration with community leaders, we are going to tackle the tough challenges facing South Park and create more opportunity for our young people.”

She’s scheduled to be at the South Park Community Center (8319 8th Ave. S.) at 3 pm Thursday.

If you’re hearing the sirens: 2 South Park house fires in 2 hours

May 2, 2018 3:50 am
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(Smoke from 2nd South Park fire, seen from West Seattle, tweeted by @WestSeaWX)

3:50 AM: You might be hearing the sirens, especially from southeast West Seattle: Seattle Fire is at the scene of a fully involved house fire in the 9300 block of 7th Avenue South, less than two hours after another South Park house fire, in the 1200 block of S. Cloverdale (less than a mile apart).

4:03 AM: Per monitored radio communication, SFD has just called the 7th Avenue S. fire “defensive” – too dangerous to be inside the structure.

ADDED: Here’s the SFD wrapup about both fires.

Police search after crash between West Seattle and South Park

If you notice police activity just southwest of the 1st Avenue South Bridge, in the area between West Seattle and South Park, here’s what it’s about, according to scanner traffic: Police are looking for a suspect who is reported to have run away after crashing a vehicle near Highland Park Way SW/2nd SW. (added) A K-9 team has joined the search in the brushy areas alongside the highway.

South Park Hall hosts benefit for Forgotten Dogs Rescue

Forgotten Dogs Rescue is having a FUNdraiser at South Park Hall 4/13/2018 at 7 pm

It’s a variety show hosted by the Famous Filson Sisters of Vashon Island.

About Forgotten Dogs Rescue! We are a registered non-profit and we focus on rescuing Pit Bulls out of Washington State shelters. We pull dogs, primarily, from the Yakima Humane Society as there is a Pit Bull ban in Yakima so a bunch of great dogs end up in the shelter there and have a tough time being adopted.

We are a foster-based rescue, meaning all of our dogs go into foster homes. We work with them to become better dogs under our care including covering all medical needs. Events like this one help us raise the funds to help some of the dogs that end up in the shelter badly hurt. The Humane Society knows that we will do what it takes to mend the most broken dogs so they, often, will call us to help one in need.

We pull an average of about 100 dogs a year out of the shelters (with some owner surrenders as well). We can do more with more resources and more people involved! So, thank you!!!

FOLLOWUP: 16-year-old South Park shooting victim has died; vigil planned tonight

(WSB photo, February 7th)

The 16-year-old boy shot in South Park almost two weeks ago has died. While police have yet to publicly announce that it’s now a murder investigation, community advocates are getting the word out. And a candlelight vigil to remember him is planned at 6 pm tonight near the shooting scene by the Chevron station at 8819 14th Avenue South, same place where more than 100 gathered after a silent march two nights after the shooting. Community advocates also have set up an online fundraiser for the family of the young man to help with funeral costs and hospital bills. Meantime, police have not disclosed any additional details of the investigation, and no arrests have been reported.

VIDEO: March for Peace spotlights hope and love for ‘the new South Park’

Tonight’s March for Peace in South Park was not a march to protest, complain, or oppose, organizers stressed as more than 100 people gathered outside the SP Library before it began. It was to envision what neighbors want South Park to be, to have.

The catalyzing event was what neighbors want South Park to NOT have … violence. Two nights ago, a 16-year-old boy was critically injured by a shooter who has yet to be caught. That was one week after a shooting that injured two men. The two incidents are unrelated, police told us, yet both left people in South Park determined not to go back to the way things were long ago. With that determination, hope, and love, “this is the new South Park,” organizers declared.

With bicycle officers riding alongside, and police at every cross-street, marchers walked on eastbound Cloverdale and southbound 14th.

They carried signs, some made outside the library minutes before the march began.

And when their silence was finally broken, as the march ended at the service station near the scene of Wednesday’s shooting at 14th/Trenton, first it was by music, some softly singing along to “Lean on Me”:

Then, there were words of support, urging the youth in the crowd to know everyone was there to support them – and there were many young participants there to hear the message:

Also there, dignitaries who took care not to hold the spotlight for long, if at all. Mayor Jenny Durkan and Police Chief Carmen Best had a few words before the march began.

City Councilmember Lisa Herbold did not take the microphone

Nor did Councilmember Lorena González:

Both councilmembers have worked to advocate for increased safety resources for South Park; Herbold wrote about it again in her weekly online update hours before the march. But first – a young man remains in the hospital, and before the gathering ended, organizers requested prayers and thoughts for his recovery.

NEIGHBORS FOR PEACE: You’re invited to march in South Park tomorrow night

February 8, 2018 9:11 pm
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No new official information tonight on last night’s shooting in South Park that left a 16-year-old boy in critical condition. No arrest reported in that case or the double shooting a week earlier. But we do know that neighbors in South Park are hoping that West Seattleites and others from around the city will join them in this quiet plea. The invitation, in English and Spanish:

In wake of the recent shootings in our neighborhood, please join your neighbors in a silent march for peace. We will meet at 7:30 pm Friday at the library [8604 8th Ave. S.] and proceed to the Chevron gas station on 14th. Bring flashlights or candles. Let’s bring the city’s attention to our neighborhood. We need additional resources. We need community engagement. We need Peace. ☮️

A raíz de los recientes tiroteos en nuestro vecindario, únase a sus vecinos en una marcha silenciosa por la paz. Nos reuniremos a las 7:30 en la biblioteca y nos dirigiremos a la estación de servicio de Chevron en la 14 avenida. Trae linternas o velas. Es importante llamar la atención de la ciudad a nuestro vecindario. Necesitamos recursos adicionales. Necesitamos trabajar como comunidad. Necesitamos LA PAZ!

UPDATE: 16-year-old boy injured in South Park shooting

7:23 PM: Seattle Police are investigating a shooting at 14th Avenue S. and S. Trenton in South Park. They say one victim has been rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, and that there is no suspect in custody yet. No other official details except that an officer who left a meeting we’re covering to go to the scene said that it involved “youth in our community.”

7:29 PM: Metro says Route 132 is rerouted off 14th Ave. S. (which is an arterial) because of this.

9:17 PM: 14th Avenue South is still blocked at the scene. SPD now says the victim is 16 years old and that he has a gunshot wound to the head, and that gang detectives are investigating, “processing the scene and interviewing potential witnesses.” If you have any information, call 911.