UPDATE: Emergency response for possible boat in trouble off Beach Drive

8:23 AM: Seattle Fire is reporting a caller claims they see a partly sunken boat off Beach Drive in the Jacobsen Road vicinity. They’re sending land crews to the Don Armeni/Seacrest area in case anyone is rescued and brought there. Updates to come.

8:34 AM: So far nothing confirmed. We’ve made contact with the Beach Drive responders who note that a possible location is closer to Vashon, and vessels including Coast Guard and SFD are checking that out.

8:38 PM: They’ve found what looks to be a “derelict vessel,” no sign of anyone o board in trouble, so they’re downsizing the response, canceling everyone but an SFD fireboat. The battalion chief on scene along Beach Drive confirmed that to our crew.

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  • Rhonda Porter July 10, 2024 (8:37 am)

    There appears to be something in the shipping channel southwest of the Alki rock pile (dive spot). It’s hard to tell if it’s a boat at this point. Hope everyone is okay.

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