FOLLOWUP: Admiral library branch reopening, and why a phone outage shut it down

As reported here, the West Seattle (Admiral) branch of the Seattle Public Library was closed on Sunday, with a phone outage cited as the reason. It’s back open today, regular Monday hours (10 am-6 pm), SPL spokesperson Laura Gentry told us when we followed up this morning. As for why the branch had to close because phone service was out, she explained: “This outage impacted phones at all locations in our Southwest service region, but the difference for the West Seattle Branch was that its emergency phone line also experienced the outage. That wasn’t an impact at the other branches. Given our significant technology outage with computers and internet access still down, we felt it was a safety concern to not have an operational emergency phone line if it was needed. That’s why we closed the branch and redeployed staff to other locations.” (As noted yesterday, SPL opened the High Point branch for the day instead.) Overall, though, Gentry says the phone trouble was “not related to our ongoing technology situation.” (Here’s the latest SPL update on that.)

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  • Nadmiral June 11, 2024 (10:15 am)

    Thanks for the additional information. That makes sense more.

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