UPDATE: Police response on 16th SW by South Seattle College

9:49 PM: Police have closed both directions of 16th Avenue SW in front of South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) while they try to get someone out of a vehicle; as our photo shows, it’s the area with a few parked RVs, but police are asking over a loudspeaker for someone to exit a “car.” We don’t know yet exactly what this is about – we have a crew at the scene hoping to speak with an officer – but wanted to let you know to avoid the area.

9:54 PM: We just talked with a sergeant who says someone they believe is armed is in one of the RVs and that’s who they are telling to come out – no details yet on why he came to their attention in the first place, though. The sergeant warns that it’s a standoff so far and could last a few hours.

10:46 PM: Not resolved yet, per update officers just gave to dispatch.

11 PM: Another update from officers to dispatch: They’ve seen no indication anyone is actually in the trailer and have no indication that there’s an active danger to anyone, so they’re leaving. The street is reopening.

ADDED: From the SPD summary of the incident:

Officers responded to a report of a disturbance with a gun. Responding Officers established probable cause for Felony Harassment with a firearm by a known suspect. Officers contained the suspect’s trailer/residence and attempted to hail possible occupants of the trailer. During these attempts, the 6300 block of 16 Ave SW was blocked to vehicle traffic. After a sufficient amount of time, Officers were unable to determine whether the trailer was occupied. No continued threat to life or public safety was determined and Officers disengaged and cleared from the scene.

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  • Clark May 14, 2024 (10:23 pm)

    We have been dealing with these RVs for 3 years now! This is not the first violent incident related to the Rvs. 

  • LD May 14, 2024 (10:37 pm)

    The couple living in the RV have been fighting recently. SPD on loud soeaker asking “Jason” to come out and to ley Stephanie go. This was been going on for hours. SPD told him they are not leaving until he comes out. They have asked him to call 911 and ask to speak a specific SPD in command ( Captain). SPD is being very patient.  If he has a gun, why have they not evacuated homes near the scene? I hope this leads t9 permanent removal of those RVs. Can’t walk the neighborhood in peace for years now.

  • 937 May 14, 2024 (10:39 pm)

    THIS is compassion.

  • Matthew May 14, 2024 (10:40 pm)

    Kinda freaked me out as I work at the college, atleast the roads had some clear spots to pass through before security locks the gates. Thankfully made it out safe.

  • Jake May 14, 2024 (10:44 pm)

    Thank you SPD for your service! Sick of seeing this RV and all the trash this person leaves behind. They were clearly creating an unsafe environment for the people who live on that street.

  • Ryan May 14, 2024 (10:49 pm)

    Some of us are sympathetic to housing issues and understand why people choose to live in RVs. However it’s too much when the people living in them are armed, dangerous, and living feet away from houses with children and a community college attended by teenage students. These RVs need to go

    • Derek May 15, 2024 (5:51 am)

      Housed people commit crimes too. So the big crime in Magnolia over the weekend, guy was housed, should we get rid of all of them over there to be safe? No. Stop this blanket generalizing. I have houseless RV friends and they keep to themselves.

  • CN May 14, 2024 (11:03 pm)

    heard the bullhorn a bit ago. Hope this inspires permanent removal of these RVs and the trash.

  • Spooled May 15, 2024 (2:53 am)

    There is a white van with loud exhaust and red New Beetle with broken headlight associated with this particular trailer.  They have been casing the neighborhood for some weeks now.  Driving slowly down 18th & 21st then back to 16th.  The van runs very poorly and they seem to run it deliberately late at night or four in the morning.  Really sick of it.

  • K May 15, 2024 (8:27 am)

    An hours-long police standoff with an empty RV and no active danger perfectly encapsulates the city’s response to homelessness.  

  • snowskier May 15, 2024 (9:44 am)

    Ticket and tow, it’s time to go.  The neighbors and people at the college don’t need this stuff.  It’s been way too long and these people aren’t going to accept ‘services’.

  • PDiddy May 15, 2024 (8:11 pm)

    I would like to see much stricter rules on these RVs, They have been problematic and pretty much no one wants them around. Especially the overloaded dump truck with the 5th wheel. The only time they leave is when they need to get away from the mounds of garbage they accumulated and then its only across the street. Tow them! Rules are the vehicles must be licensed, current, safe to operate and insured. How come only the honest are punished here?

    • Clark May 16, 2024 (5:33 pm)

      100% agree! I can’t dump my garbage and old furniture on the street and have it picked up for free, not renew my license tabs, park in the same spot for months. The laws and rules should apply to everyone the same. Homeless/unhoused should not equal can do whatever, when ever, however you want.

      • K May 16, 2024 (5:59 pm)

        I don’t know who you guys know that are getting fined for these things, but there is no grand conspiracy to fine you but not someone else.  If you dump furniture on the corner, the city will not charge you for the pickup after your neighbor submits a find it, fix it request.  You can go months or even years without renewing your tabs if you’re not driving your car anywhere.  And the 72-hour rule isn’t really being enforced anywhere unless there are a LOT of complaints.  That’s been the case for a while now.  You are not the victim here.

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