WEEK AHEAD: Public hearing Thursday on West Seattle Stadium dog-park plan and other sites around the city

(City-provided aerial view of stadium and proposed dog-park area)

If you have something to say about the city’s proposal for a second West Seattle dog park – aka off-leash area – south of West Seattle Stadium, this Thursday (March 14) brings a formal public hearing during the next meeting of the Seattle Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners. They’re a city-convened advisory board that meets twice monthly, and you can speak either in person or remotely. Seattle Parks released its recommendation for the site – and other future off-leash areas around the city – last month (WSB coverage here; citywide info here). To sign up to speak during the hearing at Thursday’s 6:30 pm meeting (attendance info is here), email benjamin.burtzos@seattle.gov.

11 Replies to "WEEK AHEAD: Public hearing Thursday on West Seattle Stadium dog-park plan and other sites around the city"

  • Seth March 10, 2024 (3:14 pm)

    I hope this area is wood chipped similar to the new addition that they did at westcrest. 

  • NW March 10, 2024 (4:56 pm)

    Accessing this park and I realize ever dense city like Seattle no where is perfect this location will be difficult in my opinion. I walk to the bus and it’s a lot of fast heavy traffic frustrated drivers additionally buses frequently which can be tricky for pedestrians and drivers with added congestion of traffic. I share this strictly from experience. Oh and your dog as much as I like your dog you as an owner should not let it sit beside you on the seat while on the bus, for that matter anywhere on the seat. 🐶❤️

  • Jim March 11, 2024 (7:59 am)

    A good use for the old driving range.

  • cat March 11, 2024 (11:34 am)

    How do we get more of the golf course opened up to people who do not own dogs and do not play golf? It’s unfair that this huge green space is set aside for just two uses. We all should have access to parks! 

    • Adam March 11, 2024 (4:17 pm)

      You have access, Cat. You just have to use it as intended. Golf courses bring in money, and have to be cared for to continue doing so. Whether golf, pickleball, tennis, dogs, whatever, I find it laughable the people who are miffed when a park is used in a way THEY wouldn’t use it. As if there’s a shortage of parks. Should we take out baseball fields? If a soccer team is out practicing, do you butt in and start your own game on the field? This is crazy. 

      • Doesntmatter March 12, 2024 (12:02 pm)

        Oh no!  You mentioned the P word!  Cue all the p****eball haters calling for governmental studies to review the long term effects on the watershed and endangered migrant birds.  There will be a town hall in March 2034 to review the results.

    • Nothend March 11, 2024 (4:28 pm)

       Camp Long is 70 acres and connected to both the planed off leash area and the golf course. What uses were you planning?

  • Eldorado March 11, 2024 (5:49 pm)

    Can we fit in that golf driving range that got nixed years ago? And guess what… BONUS… Driving Ranges Make Money!!!!

    • VanHagar94 March 12, 2024 (9:42 pm)

      I don’t see why we can’t have the best of both worlds.  Zeus would love to chase down golf balls.  He might even hoark down a few..  Off leash dog park driving range!  Makes some money and get the neighborhood dogs a workout.

  • Nonplussed March 12, 2024 (8:42 pm)

    I hope they get rid of the encampment in the “forested slope” directly west-southwest of this planned dog park. It’s disgustingly filthy and hazardous. At least in isolation it wasn’t in proximity to families and pets as it might be if they don’t clean it out.And did someone dog whistle “pickleball,” sport’s equivalent of a strip mall? Make it stop.

    • Doesntmatter March 13, 2024 (7:07 am)

      Oh come on now, it’s slight more classy than that.  More like my stepmom: loud, trendy and tries to fit her game into something two sizes too small.  Either way, there is room enough in this town for pickleball, golf and free-range dogs!

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