WEST SEATTLE WEEKEND SCENE: Learning about what’s planned for part of Fauntleroy Creek

Under the canopy on the northwest corner of 45th and Wildwood is where you’ll find a Seattle Public Utilities team until 1 pm, there to answer questions and receive comments about the revived plan for a nearby underground stretch of Fauntleroy Creek.

The project will replace an old, failing culvert beneath 45th SW with a new, “dramatically wider” one – 14 feet wide. Project team member Tracey Belding said the goal is to try to replicate the creek conditions for the fish (since Fauntleroy Creek is a salmon stream), rather than just expecting them to swim into a pipe. The project includes some above-ground features for humans, too – converting a dingy paved parking pocket into an overlook:

Belding said the design for the culvert replacement is at the 60 percent stage, but design completion is still more than a year away, so this is a good time for feedback. If you can’t get to today’s pop-up, you can answer an online survey by going here. There’s a second culvert-replacement project looming in the future too, beneath public and private property near Fauntleroy Church, but Belding says there’s no timetable right now for when that will start.

5 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE WEEKEND SCENE: Learning about what's planned for part of Fauntleroy Creek"

  • penpal March 9, 2024 (12:11 pm)

    Please just fix the creek, don’t waste more money on a “overlook”  maybe use that money to clean up our parks…

    • Gibby March 9, 2024 (1:58 pm)

      They have to tear that parking lot up to replace it, so instead of putting the parking spaces back why not create something to better use the space to enjoy the green space for folks? 

      • penpal March 9, 2024 (5:46 pm)

        where do the people that park their suppose to park? just the city wasting more of our tax dollars on something we do not need…..

      • Fauntleroy Fairies March 9, 2024 (7:45 pm)

        Right on, Gibby! This will be good for our creek and the wildlife that calls it home— and for the rest of us! We’re excited to see this fish passage barrier addressed— it will also help us adapt to climate change— creating a more resilient Fauntleroy watershed. Thanks SPU for highlighting this important project!

  • Gill & Alex March 9, 2024 (12:52 pm)

    Looks like a beautiful park. We’ll have to check it out!

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