CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Two charged in murder of man shot on Delridge, found on bridge; one linked to other West Seattle gunfire the same day

(July 2023 framegrab from SDOT traffic camera)

Last July, we reported on a deadly shooting with two scenes, miles apart – it happened near Delridge Library but the victim, 26-year-old Rayshawn Parker, was found in a crashed car at the eastbound West Seattle Bridge’s 4th Avenue exit. Today, the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office announced that two suspects are charged with murdering Mr. Parker — 17-year-old Tacoma resident Lederian N. Thomas and 22-year-old West Seattle resident Derrion M. Lewis, who is already in jail, charged in two other murders that happened in South King County days after this one. The charging documents also appear to solve a non-injury shooting in West Seattle earlier in the day.

The charging papers total 16 pages. Here’s the distillation: Investigators believe the Delridge murder was the result of an “orchestrate(d) … gunfight with rival gang members” at the gas station south of the library, which left behind “over fifty shell casings from three different caliber handguns” while the victim, mortally wounded, sped away in his SUV, crashed at the offramp, and collapsed to the ground. The next morning, a shot-up Chrysler was discovered in Tukwila and impounded; fingerprints found in it traced to Lewis and the vehicle’s owner, a Westwood resident with whom he was believed to be in a relationship at the time. Investigators also say that a week earlier, during a “separate investigation,” Lewis was seen driving the same vehicle to a meeting with his Department of Corrections case officer at the DOC’s office near 35th/Morgan. (Both he and Thomas have records).

The narrative details hours of taunting social-media videos Lewis allegedly recorded leading up to the gas-station shootout, apparently trying to goad rivals – he and Thomas are described as members of a different gang from the victim. And it links Lewis to the non-injury shooting that closed down 35th SW near Findlay hours before the Delridge murder (here’s our coverage of that gunfire incident). Evidence cited in the charges includes ballistics matches, cell-phone records, and social-media posts (primarily Instagram).

The KCPAO says both are in custody, charged with second-degree murder; online records show Lewis has been in jail since last August 1st, but since juvenile-detention records are not available online, we don’t know how long Thomas has been held – he is charged as an adult, though. Both are scheduled for arraignment March 25.

UPDATE: SPD says Thomas was arrested this past Tuesday.

7 Replies to "CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Two charged in murder of man shot on Delridge, found on bridge; one linked to other West Seattle gunfire the same day"

  • EVGuy March 13, 2024 (7:22 pm)

    Lock em both up for life. 

  • HS March 13, 2024 (9:06 pm)

    Wow. Really great police work in both these incidents and the video of arrests in the previous vehicle “chase” story. It does sadden me that it’s youth and gangs. They were also a problem when I was growing up in the southwest years ago, and it’s important to remember that all kids, no mater the socio-economic status, home-life, or gender, are targets for recruitment. 

  • 1994 March 13, 2024 (10:33 pm)

    A couple of lifers for Crimetown, aka prison, residency. 

  • Dog Whisperer March 14, 2024 (8:07 am)

    Nice reporting WSB. Thanks for the concise update. 

  • Bill March 14, 2024 (6:48 pm)

    Believe Derrion is spelled with an o. Crazy pattern of gas station gun violence based on a Google search.

    • WSB March 14, 2024 (7:54 pm)

      Yes, thanks, reconsulting the charging docs, I misspelled; fixed now.

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