UPDATE: 2 hurt in crash on Olson Place

1:06 PM: SFD and SPD are headed for a crash reported toward the east end of the Roxbury corridor, on the Olson Place hill, just west of Arrowhead Gardens [map]. Avoid the area for a while.

1:08 PM: First arriving crews report it’s a two-vehicle crash, including “a truck on its side.”

1:27 PM: Thanks to Collin for the photo. No word so far on injuries, but no medic unit’s been sent, which suggests no major injuries – we’ll be following up with SFD.

2:20 PM: SFD has closed the call but Collin tells us the scene hasn’t cleared yet – next step is towing.

2:29 PM: Clear now!

ADDED WEDNESDAY EVENING: SFD says two people were hurt – a 47-year-old woman who was taken to a hospital by private ambulance, and a 62-year-old woman treated at the scene.

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  • Derp February 21, 2024 (1:21 pm)

    Just a wild guess, but I would guess speed was a factor.  

  • Sam February 21, 2024 (2:02 pm)

    People constantly drive way too fast down this hill! It’s was raining very hard out and cars need to slow down!  Extremely lucky that more cars weren’t involved in this wreck because most often there are lots of cars going down this hill. I could see the smoke from the wreck going up hill and in front of me going uphill a metro bus had broken down.

    • Things may not always be as they seem February 21, 2024 (6:03 pm)

      Often when reading the blog in regards to these more frequent traffic accidents especially those that result in a car on its side or flipped you can almost bet your life that there will be someone in the comments stating speed must have been a factor. Which puts to question if they don’t get out much. Is speed really the factor? I think we would all agree that yeah speed more than likely played a roll here but taking a deeper dive into daily travels here around the sound where driving on city streets even highways anymore one will find themselves having a good day if it entailed the ability to drive at the speed limit getting anywhere. With Seattle being an extremely over populated city with congestion on our roadways so dense most of the time we spend way more time in bumper to bumper stop and go traffic on and off the freeways. At all times if the day. Leading me to believe that speeding even during off peak hours is almost impossible to accomplish. And here is why. SDOT has been very busy over the last better half of the decade reconstructing our roadways installing more traffic calming installations blocking old throughout passages with curbs so high placed all over the roads in the middle the sides they are popping up all over in very random sporadic places preventing any flow of traffic. Let alone speeding or means to switch in and around cars or back ups. Any person can take one look at these designs and see that they sit right at that perfect height that if a car was to somehow collide with one of these breaks in the road dividers arterials curbs etc etc at even a reduced speed of 25mph(which is one of the many most ridiculous stains Jenny Durkin dumbass left on our city)snail speed! That that would be enough to throw a vehicle into the air. I know it happened to me. Thankfully I somehow managed to keep a firm grip on my wheel in order to keep the tires facing straight once I came back down only to be catapulted again by a second newly high rise block of concrete just placed right dead smack into the middle of the road one I drove several times in my years not realizing this dark cold December night as the weren’t marked with signs or had any reflective stripes or paint alerting drives of their placement I was simply traveling west up Trenton going bout 30 mph well within the confines of my side of the road traveling perfectly in my lane when out of know where bam and before I even had time to think what tf did I just hit I was flying a hood foot off the ground like a dukes of hazards scene and just as I was coming back down in perfect placement I only came down to hit the second huge out of place concrete block again place right in the path of right away traffic sending me again into the air this time harder higher and faster I thought for sure I was going to fly right onto the sidewalk into the telephone pole. Thank god I was skilled enough to control my vehicle once the tires did hit the ground. I highly doubt speed is the factor in fact I’m almost 200 percent positive in saying these traffic calming solutions weren’t planned or thought out thoroughly. Do I took the time to jump down that rabbit hole and started researching these designs. And come to find out there are pros and cons and steep warnings that come with such designs that are each done so with certain traffic criteria’s in place only suitable for said environment and Seattle did not either go that far into studying these designs or didn’t even bother considering said purpose and placement of each design. Because our city is using each design all wrong in traffic conditions that with these in place can become a huge problem causing one serious accident after another where speeds or distracted careless driving are not even part of the equation even known to cause fatalities simply due to misplacement if each and every design. SDOT needs to reevaluate and undo all the hazardous traffic calming placements they have done. It’s only a matter of time before anyone with half a brain catches on and SDOT along with the city of Seattle are all of a sudden on the hook for thousands of lawsuits.

  • NW February 21, 2024 (3:20 pm)

    Related to car crashes like this. Isn’t our car insurance rates for washington drivers going to be increasing in price by some 20 percent? Even if it takes me longer by an hour using public transit I choose to because of what I observe is a lot of unsafe driving practices.

    • 1994 February 21, 2024 (10:20 pm)

      Yep, mine increased by 20% exactly. My insurer says rates increased due to more accidents, increased costs of repairs, thefts…..all adds up to higher costs. And instead of issuing an auto policy for 12 months they reduced their policies to 6 months. I am expecting another rate increase in 6 months :(

  • DRW February 22, 2024 (9:18 am)

    My guess is the white ruck was heading uphill, lost control and was broadsided by the BMW. Heading uphill on that stretch in the wet is treacherous. 

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