READER REPORT: Metro planning stop closures in Highland Park

SUNDAY: The photo and report are from Juan:

I noticed that a number of bus stops along 16th Ave SW in Highland Park had signs stating the stops were under consideration for closure by Metro. The provide a deadline of February 29, 2024 to submit comments. I have not seen this information provided anywhere else and this came as a complete surprise.

The feedback address on the sign is We’ll be inquiring with Metro on Tuesday (since offices are closed for Presidents Day tomorrow); if you’ve seen closure alerts elsewhere, please let us know.

ADDED MONDAY: We traveled along 16th for a closer look at where the stops are posted for removal. We saw the signs on some – not all – stops from south of Donovan to south of Holden.

18 Replies to "READER REPORT: Metro planning stop closures in Highland Park"

  • Hpe family February 18, 2024 (8:25 pm)

    125 and 128 are so necessary for accessing SCC 

  • Hebs February 19, 2024 (11:03 am)

    WSB- when you contact Metro, can you get a valid e-mail address? The one posted above has been returned as “undeliverable”. Thanks! 

    • Kenny C February 19, 2024 (12:59 pm)

      Metro has obviously removed that email address to improve service.

      • Kyle February 20, 2024 (9:11 am)

        I also just tried to provide comment to Metro but also got a bounce back from the email posted on their closure signs. I’m assuming the w at the end is a mistake, but this is terribly rolled out. A two week email only comment period and they misspell the email for feedback!? WSB can you see if Metro can at least update the right email? Will they be updating the signs they posted erroneously too?

  • KB1000 February 19, 2024 (2:12 pm)

    What a joke. 128 is how many kids from HP get up to WSHS. So, there’s no school bus and now Metro is taking away a bunch of our bus stops. Great. Super cool. Totally equitable. Totally fair. 

  • Bus February 19, 2024 (6:37 pm)

    Between Henderson and a couple blocks north of Holden there are stops on literally every block.  I feel bad for those who rely on the stops that are going to be closed.  I’m a regular rider along this corridor and can tell you firsthand they all get used, but that’s probably part of the problem.  The buses have to stop on literally every block, which is a luxury/problem most other bus routes don’t endure.

    • WSB February 19, 2024 (6:50 pm)

      We went by to look and the signs are on many but not all stops from south of Donovan to south of Holden – will be updating the story above, and then we’ll see what we can find out from Metro tomorrow, as well as asking County Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda’s office what they know. – TR

      • Bus February 19, 2024 (8:26 pm)

        It looked like they were on every other stop, changing the spacing to every two blocks which is more in line with other bus routes.

  • KayK February 19, 2024 (9:08 pm)

    Unfortunately, the stops are not chosen very well that they seem to have posted. For example, Thistle has a closed sign on it or possible closure, and that is the only stop for two or three blocks that connects up the hill via pedestrian stairs to other parts of Highland Park to the east with a more dense population nearby, so I’m really hoping that you can find out some more information from Metro tomorrow. We’re very concerned about this -we should have a map of these proposed closures, and there should be actual robust period of public comment offered instead of just sort of subtle signs for a week or two on bus stops. Particularly troubling is that this is supposed to feed into the new light rail station planned at Delridge, but we know that once stops are taken away they never return – so the service to our neighborhood will just be further reduced in the future.

    • WSB February 19, 2024 (9:51 pm)

      I remembered a past case in which stops were closed with notice only posted at the stops rather than broader notification to neighborhood groups and media:
      Will publish a separate story with whatever we learn, as soon as we get a reply. Thanks again to the readers who spot things like this so wider notice can be circulated … TR

    • Dm February 27, 2024 (9:19 pm)

      Kay stated it perfectly.  It’s not just folks that live on 16th, it’s about the folks that depend on the 125 and 128  buses that live three to four blocks off of 16th, who would have to walk much further if the stops are needlessly moved. Especially bad for neighbors with mobility issues. Who would benefit from bus stop closures? 

  • DC February 20, 2024 (10:56 am)

    If done correctly, this could be a good thing. Every time I take the 125 I’m annoyed by how often it stops. Would really increase the efficiency of those routes. If done thoughtfully, looking at what stops are most used and useful.

  • WSB February 20, 2024 (7:12 pm)

    For anybody checking back, Metro promises to get me the response tomorrow (Wednesday). They also are working on the email problem and apologize for that. So we’ll have a separate followup tomorrow when the info’s available – TR

    • Hebs February 20, 2024 (8:49 pm)

      Thanks, Tracy! WSB is the best.

      • WSB February 22, 2024 (12:30 am)

        And now they’re promising the info Thursday.

  • James February 22, 2024 (5:15 am)

    The signs now have the corrected email address of
    The February 29th date remains. 

    • Hebs February 22, 2024 (1:17 pm)

      That e-mail seems to be functional now. I sent an e-mail this morning and it did not get kicked back, as previous ones had. 

      • WSB February 22, 2024 (2:04 pm)

        While I don’t have the rest of the info yet, Metro did confirm that the email originally posted should be working now. Thanks for checking.

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